37 Thoughtful Gifts On Amazon For Under $25

Buying gifts can be tricky. Sometimes you'll think you've found something amazing, only to have your friend open it — and their face is like "Uh, what?" It's a bummer. It's heartbreaking. It's such a heartbreaking bummer that I set out on a mission to find a ton of affordable gifts that friends, family, and other loved ones will actually want — and would you look at that! Here they all are, assembled into a handy list. I wonder how that happened?

And even though I said these gifts are affordable (specifically under $25), you don't have to worry about them being cheap. Everything on here has tons of positive reviews from happy shoppers who've done all the shopping trial and error for you — and I even own a few of these myself, so I can guarantee they're worth the money. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading and start scrolling!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Insulated Wine Tumbler That Everybody Can Appreciate

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It doesn't matter if you even like drinking wine — this tumbler is still a great gift. Not only are the walls insulated to help keep your drinks cold, but it's also sweatproof, and shatterproof. So go ahead and drop it as many times as you like, because this stainless steel baby ain't breaking.

This Silk Pillowcase That Gives You Serious Beauty Rest

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Who wouldn't want to wake up looking better than they did the night before? That's what makes this silk pillowcase such an amazing gift. The silky material smoothes and softens hair to eliminate the dreaded bedhead. Plus, it and has natural anti-aging properties so your skin looks refreshed every morning.

This Lid Organizer Is A Practical (and Perfect) Gift

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If your giftee is anything like me, their food storage cabinet is out of control, all of the time. Finally, there's some relief - this lid organizer is the answer to our prayers for keeping things in order. It's a simple idea but makes a huge impact!

A Foot Spa With A Relaxing Vibrating Function

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Taking a bath is one thing, but letting this foot spa vibrate away soreness as your toes soak is arguably way more relaxing. It's able to keep water warm for about 10 minutes, and the non-slip bottom prevents it from shifting underneath your feet. Who wouldn't want this as a gift?!

This Socket That'll Work With Basically Any Nut Or Bolt

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Know someone who loves DIY projects? Gift them this universal socket . It's made from tough steel that won't bend or wrap with stubborn hardware — and the rods on the inside adjust to accommodate nearly any type of nut or bolt. "I disassembled a sectional sofa last week and used it on four different bolt heads," wrote one reviewer. "Didn't have to bring a socket set or size up the bolts and gather sockets that might be in the ballpark."

The Hot Sauces Sourced From Around The World

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Know someone who loves trying out different hot sauces? This set of five sourced from around the world is the perfect gift that they'll never see coming. The sauces are vegan as well as vegetarian — and each order comes with five: my Outback is burning, Rio de Janeiro, Mexican-style, Puerto Rican, and Cuban dream.

These Makeup Brushes Are Soft And Shed-Free

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Even the biggest beauty snobs are obsessed with this makeup brush set , which has over 44,000 positive reviews and counting. The shed-free design keeps them looking and performing like new year after year. Plus, the 16-piece set comes with everything your makeup guru will need for a flawless look.

A Phone Mount For The Directionally Challenged

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The mounts that clip to your air vents aren't always the most stable, but this version that sticks to your dashboard? It's not going anywhere. It's also compatible with nearly any type of phone — no matter whether you use an Android or iPhone.

A Gift Basket Loaded With Gourmet Biscotti

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Who doesn't love a good biscotti? This gift basket comes with 12 gourmet biscotti made without any preservatives, additives, or trans-fats. Each one has been hand-dipped in chocolate — and reviewers raved about how they're "delicious."

This Butter Bell Is a Customer Favorite

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Spreadable butter is always the hope but never the reality. But with this Butter Bell , you can give the gift of creamy, easy-to-spread butter that you may end up wanting to keep for yourself. It's pretty enough to keep on your countertop and makes grilled cheese sammies 100X easier.

A Rotary Tool That Does The Twisting For You

Amazon / Amazon Customer

You're not limited to solely drilling into wood with this rotary tool , as you can also use it to engrave, grind, sand, or even polish items. The speed is adjustable up to three levels, and each order comes with 42 — yes, forty-two — different heads. Plus, it all comes packaged in a neat travel case.

This Layered Necklace That's Perfect For Any Occasion

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Layering your jewelry is so on-trend right now, and this necklace does all the styling for you. It's plated with real 14-karat gold, and there's zero nickel so that it won't turn your skin green. It's so affordable you might as well grab it in two different styles — there's more than 15 to pick from.

Romance Is Hard, But This Little Journal Can Help

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If your partner has ever complained about how you aren't thoughtful enough, this little book can help. It's basically a bunch of fill-in-the-blank statements, but each one helps you put into words how you feel about your loved ones. How's that for being thoughtful?

This Lantern Dresses Up Outdoor Spaces

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I don't know what I love more about this find : The design itself or the pattern created when it's all lit up. Regardless, these lantern lights are a great addition to any outdoor space and an even better gift. These lights operate on solar power, too, which is not only convenient but saves on energy costs as well.

This Crossbody Bag That Looks Expensive (But Isn't)

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It can be intimidating buying gifts for your stylish friends and loved ones, but luckily, I've found a sneaky solution: this crossbody bag . It's the perfect size for storing on-the-go essentials, and just so happens to look WAY more expensive than it actually is. But no one needs to know that but you! Bonus: it comes in roughly a billion different colors!

This Anti-Slip Wax For Your Favorite Nerd

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Have someone in your life who's always complaining about their glasses slipping? This Nerd Wax is soon to be their favorite gift ever. It creates a layer of friction on glasses so they stay in place, no matter how much they shake their head around.

A Throw Blanket Made From Fluffy Microfiber Fleece

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There isn't a single person on this planet who doesn't enjoy curling up on the couch with a good throw blanket, and this one is so, so soft. It's also versatile — the carrying strap makes it great for camping, or you can even attach it to your carry-on so that you have a blanket on planes.

If You're Already Thoughtful, These Capsules Are A Fun Surprise

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Don't need a prompt to tell your loved ones how you feel? Each one of these capsules contains a blank sheet of paper for you to write a message. Whenever your loved one is feeling sad, they can open one of the capsules and smile — or laugh if you write something dirty.

You Can't Go Wrong With A Burt's Bees Essentials Kit

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Everybody struggles with dry skin or chapped lips — everybody . Which means you can't go wrong gifting this Burt's Bees essentials set . Each order comes with body lotion, lip balm, foot cream, hand salve, as well as a deep-cleansing cream. Or, in other words, it comes with everything you need to hydrate your body from head to toe.

These Whiskey Stones That Won't Dilute Your Cocktails

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You don't have to like whiskey to appreciate these whiskey stones . They'll keep any cocktail cold without watering them down like ice will — and each one is made from solid granite. Plus, one reviewer wrote about how they accidentally dropped one without any breakage.

This Candle That Burns Forever

Amazon / Tiffanie

Ok, not literally forever — but reviewers found that this scented candle burns for about 40 hours, if not more. It's made with eco-friendly soy wax and even comes with a lid to help preserve the smell when you aren't burning it. Choose from more than 20 scents!

These Hand Lotions That Aren't Greasy

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Few things are as gross as putting on lotion, only for it to leave your skin feeling greasy. Not only will these lotions hydrate dry skin without making them feel slick, but each set comes with six fragrances: cherry blossom, coconut, ocean, shea butter, pink sugar, and vanilla.

The Bracelet That Lets You Enjoy Essential Oils All Day Long

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Add a few drops of your preferred essential oil to this diffuser bracelet , and you'll get to enjoy it all day long. The band is made from high-quality leather, and each order comes with four oils to start with: tea tree, lemongrass, orange, and peppermint. "It looks great," wrote one reviewer. "Especially when wearing it with the double wrap around the wrist, and the smell is wonderful."

These Slippers You Can Wear Outside

Amazon / Christine

With anti-slip soles that give you extra traction, these slippers are perfect for quick trips to the mailbox in the morning — just don't go jogging in them. Not that you would go jogging in slippers, but I know the faux fur lining on these is gonna make you want to show them off around town. Choose from 10 colors, including a sleek leopard print.

A Massage Gun You Can Use All Over Your Body

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I give the woooorst massages, which is why I bought this massage gun for my boyfriend last year. Now he gets to massage himself, and I don't have to listen to him constantly tell me to press harder. The intensity is adjustable depending on how deep of a massage you prefer — and each order comes with three attachments for shiatsu, acupoint, and head massages.

A Gift Box That Turns Any Day Into Spa Day

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Not only does this gift box come with everything you need to turn a lazy day at home into a spa day, but each item is made with moisturizing coconut and shea butter. Vitamin E and aloe vera help soften your skin — and each order also comes with a reusable drawstring travel bag.

A Blanket That Looks Like A Warm, Toasty Burrito

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Who doesn't love Mexican food? This blanket not only looks like a real burrito, but it's made from soft, cozy flannel that's perfect for all seasons. "What a great blanket," wrote one reviewer. "I bought it as a gift for my adult nephew, and he loved it...it's very soft and lightweight, and it actually looks like a real tortilla, even has 'burn marks.'"

These Bath Bombs That Are Totally Organic

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For just $25, you can get 24 of these organic bath bombs — that's less than $2 per bomb. Each set comes with six scents: morning rose, summer dream, ocean pearl, good night, rainforest, and lovely cupid. They're made with hydrating cocoa butter so that your skin doesn't dry out while you soak, and they won't leave stains in your tub.

A Cheese Board Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

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Why is bamboo eco-friendly? Bamboo regrows quickly once harvested, making it a sustainable resource. So not only does this cheese board look good, but it's also gentle on the environment. Each order comes with serving knives made from stainless steel, along with a unique stand to put them on display.

This Tea Sampler With A Variety Of Indulgent Flavors

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Not only does this tea sampler come packaged in a gorgeous gift box, but the satin ribbon on top means you don't even have to wrap it yourself. Choose from flavors ranging from cherry blossom to pumpkin spice — and there's even an assorted option that gives you the best of everything.

This Bartending Kit That's Perfect For Beginners

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You don't have to be a pro bartender to make delicious cocktails, but you do need the proper gear — and this kit comes with all the essentials. Each piece is made from stainless steel that'll never rust, and they even look great just sitting out on the top of your bar.

The Soft Hoodie That Feels Like A Warm Blanket

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Unlike other blanket sweatshirts, this one has a big zipper running down the middle so that it's easy to take on and off — or you can even leave it open to get a breeze rolling through. The hood is great for keeping your ears warm, while the big pockets are great for phones and remotes.

These Grilling Spices For Every Taste

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It doesn't matter whether you like savory or spicy — these grilling spices cover all the bases. Flavors range from lemon pepper to pepper habanero, and they taste great on everything from veggies to burgers. "Gave this to a friend as a birthday gift because she loves spicy, she only uses organic, she is a foodie, and she loves cooking," explained one reviewer. "She loved this. I was impressed by the presentation. Didn't need wrapping, just put it in a gift bag."

This Insulated Backpack For Bottles Of Wine

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Ever wish you could stealthily carry a bottle of wine with you? This insulated backpack is specially designed to hold two bottles of wine — and the interior is leakproof to help keep you clear from spills. But if that isn't enough? It's also got 95% positive four- and five-star review feedback.

A Gift Box Filled With Delicious Sausage And Cheese

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Who doesn't love a fat sausage? This gift box comes with 10 ounces of farmhouse summer sausage, as well as a sharp blend of cheddar. You also get toasted crackers with a variety of delicious toppings — and it's all shelf-stable in case you like to savor your foods.

This Carry-On Bag That's Seriously Versatile

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You can use this tote as a gym bag or even as a carry-on — the strap on the back makes it easy to balance on top of any rolling luggage you might have. It's made from tough nylon that won't rip, and you have the choice of three colors: pink, grey, or black.

This Bathrobe With Thousands Of Positive Reviews

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I could go on and on about how soft this fluffy bathrobe is — but why listen to me when the reviewers have already done such a good job? "The color looks exactly like the photo online; it's really soft and plush. I love the long length, and I think the hoodie gives it a cute touch," wrote one reviewer. Choose from seven colors, including a rich shade of plum.