37 Things with 1000+ Reviews on Amazon

Do you know how many products there are on Amazon at any given moment? Me neither, but I do know that I spend a lot of time looking through them to find the best ones then tell you all about them! I searched high and low for a wide array of products that have over 1,000 reviews so you're getting the best of the best recommendations from thousands of happy reviewers.

From guacamole containers to meat thermometers to sonic boom alarm clocks that can wake the dead, see what real people are loving with these 37 things with 1000+ reviews on Amazon.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page .

This Faucet Cover Protects Noggins

When my kids were toddlers we had a faucet cover just like this one and it was worth its weight in gold to prevent bumped heads or burned fingers if the faucet got too hot. This duck one's cute as can be and might even make bathtime more exciting for reluctant bathers! It's super easy to install with no tools, just pop it over the faucet then break out the bubble bath.

This Butter Dish Fits European Sticks

Have y'all tried European butters? If you have, you know how delicious they are. From Plugra to Kerrygold, they're just melt-in-your-mouth delicious with a better taste than American ones. Trouble is, they come in extra wide sticks that can't fit in regular butter dishes . Good thing this one's specially made to fit wide sticks or blocks of cream cheese! It gets rave reviews for thoughtful design and ease of cleaning, too.

This Shower Organizer Keeps Things Tidy

If your shower shelves are anything like mine, they're a hot mess of jumbled, crowded bottles of shampoo, body wash and shaving cream. This hanging shower organizer solves all that noise with mesh pockets that hold everything you need and more. You just hang it from your shower curtain rail, right on top of the curtain so you can easily access whatever you need.

These Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Work On Everything

I have a set of microfiber cleaning cloths and I use one at least daily - they're great for cleaning counters, bathroom and kitchen surfaces and mirrors, drying dishes and more. This set of 12 ensures you've always got one on hand when you need it. When you're done, just throw them in the washing machine! They're a great alternative to paper towels for cleaning so they're a good eco-friendly choice, too.

This Waffle Bowl Maker Is Adorable

If you're looking for a way to level up your dinner or dessert, try this waffle bowl maker . You can go sweet (waffle bowls for ice cream sundaes) or savory (pop a tortilla in for taco bowls) to mix things up. Everything's more fun to eat in an edible bowl, no? You can even do a delicious chicken and waffles super easily. This lightweight gadget's super compact so it's easy to store, too.

These Toothpaste Squeezers Get Every Last Drop

These toothpaste squeezers aren't just great for getting every bit of toothpaste out of the tube. You can also use them on hand cream and other small tubes to make sure you're getting your money's worth out of the product. Simply slip it onto the tube then push it up gradually to dispense every last bit of product.

These Heel Socks Moisturize Cracked, Unsightly Feet

My heels are a cracked, dry mess after a summer in flip flops. (Who am I kidding, they're atrocious year-round!) So I picked up these heel socks that moisturize your heels overnight while you sleep! Just apply foot cream and then slip on these fuzzy, cozy semi-socks. If you can't stand sleeping with socks on, you could also wear these around the house during the day.

This Drying Rack Works For Everyone's Bottles

This is drying rack traditionally made for drying baby bottles and sippy cups, but I've continued using ours for big kid and adult water bottles and it works like a charm. The super cute design is a lighthearted addition to your decor and it actually does work to hold and dry all the bottles you can stack on it. I love the compact design so you can dry a bunch of stuff without taking up all your counter space!

This Heated Seat Cushion Is A Dream

What's cozier than snuggling down into a heated seat cushion that gently hugs and warms you up? I'd say not much. This one just pops right onto your office chair, car seat or any chair that could use a little more comfort. You can plug it right into your car's DC outlet, or if you want to use it anywhere else, just get an inexpensive adapter to plug it into a socket. It has a built-in protector so it can't get hotter than 114 degrees so you don't have to worry about safety concerns. The only thing I'd worry about is falling asleep on the job wrapped in that buttery warm velour!

This Alarm Clock Will Wake The Dead

Do you sleep like the dead? Me too. Which is why I'm planning to get this Sonic Boom alarm clock that I definitely won't be able to sleep through because it basically sounds like the world is ending when it goes off. Good thing my husband gets up before me. This is great for lazy teenagers and people who are hard of hearing - it's impossible to sleep through and you can set multiple alarms just in case you overuse the snooze button. #itme

This Aquapaw Lets You Wash Your Dog With Ease

We're getting a puppy soon, and I can't imagine the dumpster fire of a time we're going to have giving him his first bath. But after seeing this Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool , I'm a little less worried. It comes with both a shower adapter or a garden hose adapter so you can bathe your buddy inside or out, and all it feels like is a gentle massage as you work the suds out of their fur. This little gadget has over 2,300 stellar ratings for being a "game changer" in washing your pet.

This Pet Fur Broom Really Gets Up In There

If your house is sporting more pet fur than your actual pet, check this out: it's a FURemover Broom that has rubber bristles to grab each little tiny hair that's covering all your home surfaces. It attracts fur "like a magnet" on tiles, carpet, wood floors and more. It's super easy to clean, too, just rinse it! Nearly 27,000 happy reviewers rave about how well this works and some have posted the furry before and after photos to back it up.

These Drill Brush Attachments Clean All The Things

Every few months, I notice that our tub and shower are starting to get a little funky and may or may not look like a mold-growing science experiment. That's when I bust out the big guns and use these drill brush attachments to super power my scrubbing! This is the complete package - it comes with 22 pieces, including eight all-purpose scrub brush heads with different bristle stiffness, scouring pads and an extended reach brush for hard-to-reach areas. If you want to know your bathroom or kitchen is deep cleaned, get this and commence the scrubbing!

This Neck Heating Pad Is So Comforting

Do you like warm hugs as much as Olaf? I sure do, but it'd be weird if someone hugged you for as long as this neck heating pad does. This weighted, comforting heating pad wraps around your neck and shoulders to target pain areas from strains or you know, constantly hunching over your computer? It even gives off a relaxing scent since the pad's filled with a mix of flaxseeds, wheat, and nice smelling herbs like lavender, chamomile, peppermint, spearmint, lemon grass, rosemary and cinnamon. It's like being at a spa, but in the comfort of your home!

This Blind Spot Mirror Keeps You Extra Safe

I always double-check my rearview mirror when backing up and everything else, but a more than a few times I've been caught in an almost-accident when a car zooms up in my blind spot. Especially daunting when changing lanes at 80 mph on the highway. This blind spot mirror gives you peace of mind that you won't get any unpleasant surprises. Just attach it to your regular side mirrors and you're good to go!

This Guacamole Container Keeps It Fresh

We know that guac is extra, so keep yours fresh a lot longer with this guacamole storage container . It's just the right size to hold a batch of guac, and the lid's specially designed to get all the air out and seal it completely so no air gets in. Your guac stays fresh for days with no discoloration or needing to add extra lemon juice to prevent browning, which messes with the flavor anyway. You can also use it for other kinds of dips, but it's the best thing I've found for guac-keeping.

This Electric Wine Opener Is A Reviewer Favorite

This futuristic-looking electric wine opener has over 11,000 (!) reviews for being easy to use and reliably working every time. Happy customers report it's a good weight, well-madeĀ  and looks a lot more expensive than it is, so perfect for gifting. It can open 30 bottles on a single charge, then just place it on the included base to juice it up again. It also comes with a foil cutter to make happy hour that much happier.

This Personal Blender Makes Just The Right Amount

I'm the only one in the house who drinks smoothies, and it seems silly to use a big blender to make one serving. When I picked up this personal blender I was so happy at how compact it was so it doesn't take up a ton of counter space, but still makes a full 20 oz smoothie at a time. The best part is you can just grab the mixing bottle and go after you've made your drink, so no messy pouring between containers!

This Universal Socket Is My Dad's Fave

My dad's a total handyman, from carpentry work around the house to car repairs. He loves this universal socket tool that you just attach to your power drill or ratchet wrench. The self-adjusting head works with nuts, bolts, screws and hooks and other hardware of various sizes - it's so convenient because you don't need a million different tool sizes, this one does it all. Over 4,000 handy people are in love with this little gadget!

This Ice Cream Scoop Is Professional-Level

I know a thing or two about scooping ice cream since spent my summers slinging cones at Dairy Queen way back in high school. This ice cream scooper has to be the most effective one I've ever used, maybe because the handle is filled with heat-conductive liquid that makes scooping so easy? It also creates better scoops since it eliminates compression, giving you 20% more volume per gallon of ice cream.

This Egg Rack Is Genius

We use this Instant Pot egg rack insert weekly to cook up a whole batch of hard-boiled eggs. If you've never made hard-boiled eggs in an Instant Pot, please do - they're so much easier to peel and cook evenly with no cracking or splitting! Just place the eggs into the rack, add some water and set the timer for about 7 minutes. Couldn't be easier or more delicious.

This Zojirushi Travel Mug Is A Best Seller For A Reason

This Zojirushi travel mug has been a long-time best seller for very good reason - it keeps your bevvie hot or cold for hours, is leakproof, easy to clean and made of high-quality stainless steel and BPA-free plastic so it's made to last. It comes in two sizes, 12 or 16 oz, depending on your preferred caffeine intake and has over 12,000 glowing reviews! Don't mess around with unknown brands - buy it nice so you don't have to buy it twice if you're in the market for a new travel mug.

This Butter Keeper Is So Fancy

I've always wanted a butter bell , so European, no? Besides the fact that I could live on bread and butter every day for the rest of my life, it's nice to have easily spreadable, soft butter on hand. The kids eat so much toast and I hate trying to spread crumbly, cold butter on it - this makes things go so much smoother. Some people can find it intimidating because food safety, but if you just change the water out every few days your butter stays fresh for a really long time.

This Bearclaw Tumbler Is Your All-Day Companion

If you need a large amount of caffeine to keep you going, check out this 30 oz Bearclaw mug . I love it because it comes with all the accessories other brands make you pay extra for, like two screw on leakproof lids for cold or hot drinks, a tumbler handle, stainless steel reusable metal tumbler straw and straw cleaning brush. It'll keep ice frozen for 24 hours which is ideal for me since I'm drinking iced tea out of it year round.

These Exercise Sliders Give You An Intense Workout

These exercise floor sliders may look like nothing much, but tell that to your quads after doing lunges using them! I first encountered them during a Barre class and my legs haven't been the same since! They're so easy to use and take up no storage space at all, just hide 'em under the couch or in a drawer since they're just thin disks. You can get a full-body workout right in your living room which is fantastic since going to the actual gym is an iffy situation these days.

These Car Air Fresheners Use Aromatherapy

I like my car to smell nice, but not like a lemon or pine or whatever "new car smell" is. These car vent air fresheners allow you to use any essential oils you like to scent your car as the air flows over the felt pads inside. You could even use your favorite perfume, just spritz a little on the pads! They simply clip onto your car air vents, no hardware or installation required. I'm thinking a nice lavender scent to calm the backseat squabbling, yes?

This Shiatsu Massager Works Like A Charm

I love a good massage since my shoulders are so tight from slouching at the computer daily, but it's not really in my budget to have a masseuse on call. That's ok, because this shiatsu massager is the next best thing! It's heated, which helps during the deep tissue massage to soothe all your aches and pains away. I love that you can position it in multiple places since it's attached to a pillow. It's great on my lower back, too, and fits right on my desk chair for a massage while I work.

This Meat Thermometer Is Super Accurate

If you've ever been burned by food poisoning, you're probably gun shy like I am about cooking meat. I was overcooking mine to avoid the problem, but tough, stringy chicken gets old real fast. This meat thermometer made a world of difference in my cooking since I get a super accurate read out of the temp whether I'm grilling, broiling or baking. Easy to use and easy to clean, I highly recommend it (along with 7,000+ happy reviewers.

This Charging Station Juices Up Electronics Fast

We usually have a mess of plugs taking up all the sockets to charge phones, tablets, iPods and whatever else, but this charging station is a much better idea. It quickly charges up to six devices at a time and only takes up one socket! This thing could be a life-changer I tell you. The compact size makes it perfect for traveling, too, whether for work or pleasure you can always make sure your family's devices are charged and ready to go.

This Egg Mold Is Great For Breakfast Sammies

If you want to make your own Egg McMuffin type breakfast sandwich at home, this funny little gadget will help you get perfectly round eggs. These egg molds simply go right into the pan, then you break the eggs into them to create a tidy shape that looks great on it's own or works exceptionally well in sandwiches and on burgers. The handle makes them easy to pick up out of the pan without getting. your fingers dirty. I bet you could even use 'em for pancakes too!

This Indoor Grill Pan Produces Great Results

I like grilled food year-round, but when it's cold or rainy my husband doesn't like to use the BBQ (he claims it's too hard to regulate the temp, I think that's a lame excuse!) Problem solved with this indoor grill plate . It has a double-coated nonstick surface that you can use on electric or gas stoves, just place it on the burner and start cooking. The best feature is the integrated drip pan so you don't get grease and spatters everywhere while you're cooking, since stove tops are a bear to clean.

These Cheese Storage Bags Prolong Your Cheese's Life

We've got so much cheese that it pretty much has its own drawer assigned in the fridge. But what do we store it in? It's all bound up in plastic wrap, which is neither good for the cheese nor the environment. A much better idea are these cheese bags that lets the cheese breathe to prevent mold and spoilage. The wax-coated paper regulates humidity so your cheese doesn't get too wet or dried out, plus the bags have space where you can write the name of the cheese and the date - no more sniff test!

This Couch Coaster Stops Spills

Yes, we do own side tables in the living room, but they're often too covered in the kids' toys and junks to fit anything else on top. We've been using these couch coasters to hold hot and cold drinks while we're kicking back and plowing through our Netflix queue. They just pop right on over the arm of your couch and hold your drink securely in place - there's even a cut out for a mug handle if you're having a spot of tea or coffee.

These Under Bed Motion Lights Are A Knee Saver

I get up multiple times during the night, whether it's for a bio break or to check on the kids if they've had a bad dream. Our bedroom is pretty dark, so often as I'm coming back in I whack my knees painfully on the footboard and wake up my husband as I'm trying to make my way around the bed. These under bed motion lights are the perfect solution - they're not overly bright so won't disturb sleep and only come on when your feet hit the floor. Much better than having a nightlight that only illuminates a tiny spot!

This Water Bottle Organizer Is So Handy

Our cupboards are overflowing with kids' (and grownups') water bottles, they take up so much space and all fall out whenever I try to get just one! So I got this water bottle organizer and it's made such a difference. I keep it in the pantry so it doesn't take up too much counter space and it works perfectly. We have so much more space back in our cupboards now, and I can easily see when it's time to wash the bottles again based on how many are left.

This LED Lighted Hat Is Great For Nighttime Exercising

We're getting a puppy this winter and since dogs need to go out daily for walks and other business, we're going to be spending a lot of time outside in the dark as the sun goes down at about 4PM. This LED lighted cap is an ideal solution, especially since there are no streetlights in my neighborhood and it's quite possible that I could run into a stray deer or coyote since we're in the sticks. It'd also be good for wherever you happen to be if you walk or run at night. Great for visibility and safety!

This Corn Zipper Is So Fast

I spent the summer painstakingly cutting corn off the cob for my kid (braces) and me (veneers) since we're not supposed to bite directly off the cob. What would've been a much faster and more efficient way would be this corn stripping tool that basically works to "shave" complete rows of corn off at a time. The teeth easily cut the corn kernels off without digging in the cob. I'm also planning to use it for freezing sweet summer corn for the long winter ahead since I'll be able to fill up freezer bags in a snap.