37 Things That'll Make You Say, "There's an Invention For That?"

Sometimes you need just the right tool for the job. When a job is extremely specific or extremely weird, you might assume that there is no such tool. But, it turns out, a lot of people do specific and weird tasks and some of them must be inventors because there are some surprising gadgets out there!

A little ingenuity goes a long way in transforming a standard gadget into something surprising. Add some humor into the mix, and you've got yourself a conversation piece. From kitchen gadgets to home improvement solutions, a little cleverness can make the difference between a meh product and your favorite product.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

We've collected 37 clever inventions that you had no idea existed.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

The Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool Literally Sucks the Life Out of Insect Bites

Bee stings hurt and mosquito bites drive you crazy with itchiness. Instead of trying to numb the pain or itchiness, remove it entirely! The Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool uses no chemicals or medications. It simply sucks the irritant out of the bite. Once the venom, saliva, or other gross insect irritants are gone, so are your symptoms! This would be perfect for kids or anyone who is extra reactive to bug bites.

Cut Brushing Time Down Significantly With This Surround Toothbrush

Brush all surfaces at one time with a Surround Toothbrush and you'll have perfectly clean teeth in no time. Not only does this sound great for super busy and impatient people, but it's ideal for babies and toddlers, people with sensory issues, kids (and adults) on the autism spectrum, and for caregivers to those with special needs. If getting 2 full minutes of tooth brushing is an issue in your household, a toothbrush that does the job in a fraction of the time is a win!

Forget Remembering Combinations With This Fingerprint Padlock

It always hurts a little to throw away a perfectly good padlock just because you can't remember the combination or you've lost the key. Also, have you ever tried to teach a kid to use a combination lock? Sure, it's a life skill, but let them learn it from someone else because it is a frustrating process at best. But fear not! Some genius invented a Fingerprint Padlock! This lock can store up to 10 fingerprints, so your whole family can use it. Such a great idea!

Yup. You Can Buy Wolf Urine

Don't worry. This isn't some wimpy vegan wolf urine. No, Wolf Urine Pest Repellent promises that it is 100% pure meat fed. Is it unappealing? Yup. That's pretty much the whole point. Imagine how unappealing it would be to animals who regularly get eaten by meat eaters! One whiff of that meaty urine and your backyard pests are outta there. Probably not how it's done, but I like the image of a line of wolves with little collection cups waiting their turn in a doctor's office.

The Tick Twister Gets The Whole Tick Out With One Simple Twist

Sorry to bring your attention to tick removal. It's super gross and entirely unpleasant, but it is a fact of life, especially for dog owners. When you have to deal with one of those disgusting, disease bearing, parasitic jerks, you want to dispatch with it as quickly as possible. The Tick Twister helps you do just that. Plus, it was invented by a French veterinarian, so it's fancy.

Be an Gardening Animal With These Garden Genie Gloves

I just love that someone invented gloves that let you be like Wolverine in your garden. It makes sense. Ever see how quickly a dog can dig a hole? It's pretty amazing. And here we are with our lame hands. Sure, we've got pretty cool thumbs, but when it comes to digging in the dirt, claws are better. The claws on the Garden Genie Gloves are removable so you can use them like regular old gardening gloves too. But it's a lot more fun to use them like Wolverine gardening gloves!

You Can Make Grilled Cheese in Your Regular Toaster With These Non Stick Toaster Bags

Yes, that's right. Oooey, gooey grilled cheese from your regular old pop up toaster. What's not to love about that? The Non Stick Toaster Bags contain any melty cheese while also ensuring even toasting and melting. But wait! There's more! You can use these reusable bags to reheat pizza, cook frozen chicken nuggets or patties, or really anything else that you want heated evenly and nice and crispy.

The Dog Paw Washer Gets All the Mud off Without All the Struggle

Wash your good boy's feet thoroughly, easily, and freaking adorably with this Dog Paw Washer. Selected Review:
Where has this been all my life?! I ordered this product because my back yard is constantly muddy and my dogs come in with their paws black a lot of the time...THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING. My dogs both don’t mind their paws being put in it and it gets their paws squeaky clean...It’s super easy and I HIGHLY recommend. - Kelly

Replace Your Boring Non-Laser Measuring Tape For This Much Cooler Laser Measure

When was the last time your tape measure did math for you? Or stored measurements? Or shot out a super cool laser? Never, that's when. Ditch the tape measure for a Laser Measure and never look back. Selected Review:
This Tacklife unit is one of the best that I found and works great! I'm a professional painter and use this unit daily. Love how it does the square footage for me and will save it so I can blow through a house in short order. Great unit, well built, priced right! - dyurkosr

You Don't Need to Pay a Professional to Bring Your Bathroom Up to Date With This Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit

Before you pay a fortune to remodel your outdated bathroom, check out this incredible DIY Tub and Tile Refinishing 2-Part Kit. Selected Review:
Can't overstate how much I love these kits! After having done my bathroom, then my husbands bathroom and next up will be the kitchen tile. For such a great price and a little elbow grease you can totally makeover your outdated bathroom tile, tub, etc. easily and quickly. - Cassie

This Double Electric Skillet is a Major Multitasker

What's better and faster than a hot pan under your food? A hot pan over your food too. This Double Electric Skillet ensures fast even cooking from all sides. I'm not saying you have to make a giant cookie, but you can make a giant cookie! Use the double skillet open and you have two griddles, closed and you have a compact, super fast oven. Try it for pizzas, quesadillas, burgers, or any kind of panini sandwich you can think up!

These Left Handed Pens Lets Lefties Write in a More Natural, Comfortable Position

If you're left handed then you are keenly aware that it's a right handed world out there. Some lefty was fed up with it and invented this Left Handed Pen. The uniquely curved barrel allows left handers to see what they're writing, something that right handers certainly take for granted. Lefties don't have to hook their wrists around, which is uncomfortable and ends up smearing their ink.

Magically Rid Your Hands of Lingering Garlic and Other Cooking Smells With the Rub-a-Way Bar

The Rub-a-Way Bar works on more than just garlicy hands. Reviewers swear by it to get rid of armpit odor and even dead mouse smells! Selected Review:
Works like a charm. Even gets dead mouse smell off your hands...Nobody likes smelly hands from working in the kitchen. And I have a volunteer job that involves working with animals that eat mouse and quail. There is nothing like the smell of mouse on your hand when you're trying to eat lunch...It has been working very well...I highly recommend this product! - CamilleElise

The Serrated Edges on This Jalapeno Corer Make Coring Veggies a Cinch

Insert the Jalapeno Chili Pepper Corer, twist, and easily extract the entire core of seeds. Then stuff that pepper with your filling of choice and impress everyone around with your master skills. This corer is great for other jobs too. Use it to core out other veggies like zucchini, cucumber, potato, and even apples. Selected Review:
Five Stars. great so far for stuffing zucchini/cucumbers. - NOMOREFEES

For When You Just Don't Want to Share, There's This Ice Cream Pint Combination Lock

I love that someone got so fed up with people stealing their ice cream that they invented a Ice Cream Pint Combination Lock. If you have roommates or coworkers who won't keep their spoons out of your pints, this will do the trick! Selected Review:
Keeps the boyfriend out of my ice cream. Everyone laughs when they see this but they don't eat my ice cream. - Franfarm2

This Wearable Nail Polish Holder is the Funny Looking Answer to Your At-Home Nails Problems

Painting your own nails is a task requiring a surprising amount of dexterity and coordination. And when you're completely and hopeless uncoordinated (like me), it can be downright dreadful. One wrong move and your carpet could be a goner! This Wearable Nail Polish Holder helps you hold your polish upright and conveniently nearby. You'll wonder how you ever painted your nails without it. I sure do!

These Pizza Scissors Cut Through Your Pie and Lift Out Your Slice Perfectly

Pizza doesn't slice and lift like cake or lasagna, so it deserves its own special tool. Selected Review: It is insane how happy I feel every time I use these scissors because not only do they make pizza dividing easier, they are also just fun to use. Even if you only cook a pizza twice a year I still say buy these scissors... These scissors are my FAVORITE product in the kitchen. - Lisa

This Decorative Self-Adhesive Marble Will Transform Your Living Space

Ugly bathrooms, fireplaces, and tables are no match for this awesome Decorative Self-Adhesive Marble. Selected Review:
I used this marble contact paper as part of a makeover on two ikea dressers. I was hopeful yet skeptical, so I was thrilled at the quality and the results! It looks amazingly real! Everyone who sees it has thought that it was real - I only know this because I proudly announce, "DUDEEEEEEE THIS IS CONTACT PAPER!" to anyone that sees them, whether they care to know or not. - Blair T.

You Know at Least One Person Who Needs This Fart Cushion

I like to think about what experiences the inventors of this Fart Cushion had that prompted the invention. Were they the farters? Or the fartees? Either way, this charcoal filled cushion is as effective as it is awkward and hilarious. Give it as a gag gift or buy it for real. Reviewers swear by it for both purposes. How many people can you think of offhand that would benefit from having this cushion?

The Ground Meat Chopper is the Better Way to Mix, Chop, and Move Your Cooking Ground Meat

While smashing your ground meat with your wooden spoon over and over again while it cooks works, there is a much better way. The Ground Meat Chopper easily breaks up and stirs your ground meat as it cooks. The chopper is safe for non-stick surfaces, and is strong enough to even break up partially frozen meat for those times when you didn't give yourself quite enough defrosting time.

Keep Your Fresh Herbs For Next Time With the Chef'n Herbcicle

It happens every time: You buy fresh herbs for a recipe and then the rest of the bunch spoils before you use it. It's a waste of food and money! Some kitchen genius invented the Chef'n Herbcicle so you can preserve your fresh herbs in your freezer for easy use another time. Fill the top with fresh, leafy herbs, crank the handle to compress, and place it in your freezer. Next time you need fresh herbs you can grate your herbsicle!

Use Fearless Tape and Never Worry About Wardrobe Malfunctions

Whether it's holding a plunging neckline securely in place or preventing a gap between your buttons, you can trust Fearless Tape to keep wardrobe malfunctions at bay. Selected Review:
My lifeline for my brother’s wedding! My dress gapped under my arms a bit and this tape held it down all day and night! Danced the night away with no problems. I ended up sharing some with others in the bridal party and everyone had success with it! - Thunderboltga

Up Your Pool Day Game With This Waterproof Floating Bluetooth Speaker

People love using this Waterproof Floating Bluetooth Speaker on boats, in the bath, and in the pool. Selected Review:
I purchased this to be able to listen to audiobooks in the pool + shower. I assumed that because it's waterproof the sound quality would suffer. Impressively it sounds great. Syncing to my phone is super easy and fast. The LED and sound effects to notify when the speaker is on / off is super user friendly. Not often do products exceed my expectation but this one certainly has! 5 stars. - CJ

The Boyfriend Pillow Gives Lonely Sleepers All the Advantages of a Boyfriend With None of the Risks

Sick of sleeping alone? You don't have to anymore thanks to The Boyfriend Pillow. If you're on a man hiatus for whatever reason, but love falling asleep in someone's arms, this pillow is just what you need. Selected Review:
Better than your cheating boyfriend. This is a great pillow! Boyfriend left me for his ex and i needed something to cuddle with while binge watching True Blood and Game of Thrones...Highly recommend! - rebekah bolton

Brew Your Coffee or Tea on the Go With This Travel Coffee & Tea Press

Skip the expensive take out coffee. Even on the road or in a rush, you can have fresh pressed coffee with this ingenious Travel Coffee & Tea Press. Selected Review:
I've had this for ~6 months now and wanted to wait for robust testing before writing a review. The rubber seal on the press is excellent and zero coffee grinds get through. It maintains temperature superbly and the volume of the container is great. This is also perfect for road trips. - D.C.E

Prevent the Dreaded Boil Over With These Pot Covers and Spill Stoppers

These Boil Over Safeguards will prevent those messy boiling overflows. With a steam release vent and easy to grip, stay cool silicone handle, these lids will keep your cooking surface clean and splatter free. But you can use them for more than just boil over prevention. These lids can go from the stove top, to the microwave, to the fridge. They can even be used as over pot steamers.

For Perfect Pictures of Your Pooch, You Need FlexyPaw

Dogs are adorable. When they look up at you with those bright eyes and perky ears you just want to capture that look in a picture. But they don't hold still or say cheese. As soon as your camera or phone comes out they look away. Some frustrated dog owner invented FlexyPaw to solve this problem. Put your dog's favorite food in the clip and you'll get attentive looks and perky ears for days!

This Blind Cleaner Is the Best Tool for Your Dusty Blinds

Blinds are a pain to clean. Well, they were until someone invented a specific tool for the job. Selected Review:
Where has this blind cleaner been for the past 50 years???? I have struggled to keep my blinds clean for so many years, and happily found this item. It WORKS!!! And I love that it comes with extra sleeves, and the sleeves are machine washable. The handle is plastic, but I feel confident it won't break any time soon. - marionvgt

Keep Your Brown Sugar Soft and Fresh With a Brown Sugar Bear

On the spectrum of life's potential headaches, hardened brown sugar isn't a major one. But it is inconvenient and frustrating, so why not make it go away? This ridiculously adorable Brown Sugar Bear lives right in the sugar, keeping it soft, fresh, and usable. The way I see it, eradicate all the small annoyances and you'll always be less annoyed. This little bear is a win.

Guys Aren't the Only Ones Who Can Pee On Trees Thanks to the GoGirl Female Urination Device

Yes, this Female Urination Device is a real thing and does exactly what you think it does. Don't let dudes have all the fun. Selected Review:
I peed everywhere. That bush? Yep. Peed on it! That tree? Uh huh. Peed on it. Those tiny woodland creatures? Screw you, b*tches! Peed on them. I peed in the sun. I peed in the rain. I peed just for fun. I peed down a drain. I peed in the light. I peed in the dark. I peed left and right. I peed in the park. - Dawn Elizabeth

Make Your Lunch Less Appealing to Thieves With These Bug Sandwich Bags

Selected Review:
These are so fun and funny! Some are flies and some are roaches. They are AMAZINGLY realistic....I obviously know they're just pictures but they still startle me sometimes. I bought some for my sister to use when she takes her lunch to work. Someone kept eating her food out of the shared refrigerator and this stopped them....for a while at least. Also makes a fun gag gift. - Jack

You Can Put Your Taco Down if You Have This Stainless Steel Taco Stand

The ONLY downside to tacos is that after carefully making the perfect taco, all the fillings fall out when you set it on your plate. That why you need these a href="https://amazon.com/o/ASIN/B07BCHZ6PS/febinvent-20/ref=nosim/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Stainless Steel Taco Stands. Selected Review:
Every time we had tacos out we talked about how great the stands they serve them in were. We finally ordered some and we are delighted! They work great, look good, are easy to store and I can put them in the dishwasher. We fixed tacos the day we got the stands and it was a nice change to have all the fillings in the shell instead of on the counter. - Amazon Customer

This Toilet Bowl Light Makes Middle of the Night Bathroom Trips More Fun

Selected Review:
LumiLux makes peeing fun again! The LumiLux has a photocell and a motion detector, so it only comes on when it's dark and when it senses motion...you've also got oodles of colors to choose from. You can either let all of the light colors cycle thorough or you can choose your favorite. Personally, I've chosen the blue as it reminds me of the inside of a nuclear reactor. Who doesn't want to pretend they're Godzilla taking a middle of the night whiz in a bowlful of Cherenkov radiation? - Ann Onymous

The FridgeFork is a Must For the Pickle Lover in Your Life

How clever is this thing? The FridgeFork comes in a little holster (a pickle fork holster!) that attaches right to your jar, so you always have a pickle fetcher right where you need one. Keep your fingers out of the jar! Selected Review:
Just buy it, seriously. For real, any one who would consider themselves even vaguely a fan of pickles needs at least one set of these. - Elle

Go Ahead and Play With Your Food With These Bear Paws Shredder Claws

If you ever prepare meat in that wonderful, tender, shreddable way that is perfect for tacos and sandwiches, you are going to want a set of these Bear Paws Shredder Claws. Sure, using forks to pull apart your pork or chicken works, but it takes time and it's not fun. Why not tear it apart the way a bear would? These claws will neatly and easily shred your meat in no time, and you'll feel like a kid when you use them.

A Corn Stripper is the ONLY Way to Get Your Corn Off the Cob

Sure, you could use a knife to cut all the kernels off of the cob, but then you'll have a corny mess everywhere. Corn juice and kernels all over the place! That's exactly why some genius invented the Corn Stripper. No kernel left behind as you twist the corn stripper along your ear of corn. With the strong blades inside, this thing can handle both raw and cooked corn.

The Bagel Guillotine Makes Guillotines Fashionable Again

Selected Review:
Picked this up because my heart could no longer take the stress of watching our 11 year old daughter slice bagels...with a serrated bread knife. I was going to have a heart attack and she was going to slice into her hand so... I had high hopes and, regardless of the overwhelmingly positive reviews, some concerns about how well the Hoan Bagel Guillotine would work. My concerns were unwarranted...I highly recommend. - Christopher RS