37 Things on Amazon PERFECT For Your She Shed

In case you haven't heard (or haven't been on Pinterest or Instagram in the last several months), She Sheds are all the rage these days. Basically, they're a feminine spin on a Man Cave, and, depending on your unique interests, tend to be filled with cozy furnishings, cute accents, and everything you need to finally relax and enjoy some much-needed "me" time.

The following 37 products are She Shed essentials, from sweet throw pillows to a mid-century modern futon to faux-fur slippers to a wine rack that holds three full-sized bottles and four glasses.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Because wine is a She Shed necessity.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Throw Blanket That's Ridiculously Soft

First and foremost, your She Shed should be all about coziness. And this throw blanket is the ultimate cozy essential. With a faux-fur design and comforting weight, you'll want to wrap yourself up in this thing and never get up again. This may make it difficult to get stuff done, but work isn't allowed in your She Shed anyway, right?

This Letterboard That Adds Cute Style

If you've been on Pinterest or Instagram at all in the last couple of years, you might have noticed that letterboards are all over the place. They're the perfect way to add a dose of fun style to your space that you can completely customize to show off your unique sense of humor and personality. So basically, a She Shed must.

This Wall Storage Grid That's Both Fun And Functional

I don't know about you, but I tend to feel much more at peace in a space that's neat, tidy, and beautifully decorated versus one that's messy and drag. That's why this wall storage grid would be such a perfect addition to your She Shed. It's easy to hang with just a few nails and is a great way to display photos, cards, and notes. It even has spots for potted plants!

These String Lights That Add Major Ambience

Good lighting is so important when it comes to your mental state. I, personally, hate florescent lighting so much that I have pretty much made it my life mission to never step foot inside an office again. These string lights can be hung anywhere you need a bit of mood lighting and make you feel instantly happier. Trust me, these are a game-changer.

This Cute Mat That Welcomes Visitors

Okay, so this is welcome mat is obviously something that should sit in front of the entrance to every She Shed. It's pretty, it's practical, and it forces your guests to wipe their filthy shoes off before entering your pristine She Shed and tracking mud all over the place. Because cleaning up muddy footprints is the last thing you should be worrying about while relaxing in your She Shed. (Can you tell that I love using the term "She Shed"?)

This Sweet Shelf That Keeps Your Space Neat

There's something so satisfying about your space being perfectly organized with a spot for everything and everything in its place. These adorable shelves make that happen while adding a major dose of sweet style. The white color matches any decor scheme, while the cut-out design kicks things up a notch in the cuteness department. They're a must-have for your She Shed desk.

This Rug That's Ridiculously Plush

Remember what I said about the importance of coziness in a She Shed? Don't you think your toes deserve to get in on the action too? This amazing rug is just the ticket. With a plush construction and versatile gray color, this rug seems like it should be much more expensive than it actually is. Amazon, what would we do without you?!

These Himalayan Sea Salt Candles That Help You Relax

Your time off is precious, so don't you want to spend it as relaxed as possible? These Himalayan Sea Salt candles will help you achieve that. The salt releases ions into the air that instantly elevate your mood, so you can release the stresses of the day, kick back, and take it easy. Sounds pretty good right about now, doesn't it?

This Handy Cart That Adds A Pop Of Color

This little cart is so versatile that you'll want to get one for both your She Shed and your actual home. The possibilities are endless: Fill it with mani/pedi essentials, like lotions, nail clippers, and an assortment of polishes, or turn it into a portable coffee bar. Or, you could always fill it up with chocolate so a sweet fix is never out of reach. See what I mean? So many options.

This Chic Desk That Helps You Get Down To Business

Before you start to get instantly stressed out at the sight of this desk, don't worry: You are in no way required to do any type of actual work while in your She Shed. But wouldn't it be nice to have a space all to yourself where you can work on your passion projects? Plus, how chic is this desk?!

This Desk Chair That's Cool And Comfy

Obviously you'll need a chair to go with that new desk, but why choose a stiff, boring office chair when you can pick this one, which somehow happens to be both cool and comfortable? While it comes in a variety of colors to choose from, I think this white hue adds a pop of freshness to your She Shed, don't you?

This Coffee Maker That Has A Built-In Thermos

Coffee is a no-brainer when it comes to your She Shed, but what's the best way to incorporate it into your space? You won't really need a full-sized coffee maker since you'll mostly be using your She Shed to get away from everyone and enjoy some alone time. This single-serving coffee maker is perfect for when you need a quick pick-me-up. Plus, it brews into an insulated mug!

This Mini Fridge That Keeps Your Drinks Frosty

You'll most likely be enjoying quite a few frosty cold beverages while lounging in your She Shed, but I'm guessing there isn't enough room in your budget to add a full-sized refrigerator, correct? This portable mini fridge is the perfect solution! It's small enough to fit on your desk, yet spacious enough to fit a few cans of sodas, some beer, white wine, or whatever other chilly treats you've got a hankering for.

This Wine Rack With Built-In Glass Holders

Speaking of beverages, if you're a wine drinker, what better place is there to sip on your favorite glass of red or white than in your very own She Shed? It's delicious, relaxing, and you can choose whatever type you've been craving without having to share it with anyone else. This wine rack mounts directly onto your wall and holds five bottles of wine and four wine glasses. Perfection!

These Wine Glasses That Are Classic And Cheap

Now that you have your wine rack, you need some glasses to add to it! There's nothing fancy about this set of four wine glasses from Amazon Basics. In fact, that's the whole point. They're made of clear glass that's not too delicate yet not too clunky and are perfect for both white and red wines. What more could you ask for?

These Flowy Curtains That Add Dreamy Flair

I don't know about you, but I love to be surrounded by natural light. It instantly makes me feel better if I'm feeling down, and I like my window treatments to be sheer enough to let as much light through as possible. Needless to say, I'm not a big fan of blackout curtains. These curtains are gauzy, dreamy, and oh-so pretty.

These Fuzzy Slippers That Keep Your Feet Happy

So, I may or may not be completely obsessed with these slippers. Okay, I'll admit it. I totally am. I found them while browsing Amazon, ordered them immediately, and have pretty much been wearing them constantly since they arrived two days later. They're the perfect combo of warm, cozy, and ridiculously cute. You simply have to have these in your She Shed.

This Planter That Has A Rustic-Meets-Modern Vibe

This on-trend planter is an extremely versatile product, which makes it perfect for any respectable She Shed. It can be hung from windows to serve as a lovely exterior decoration, or placed on a table or countertop inside for some interior decor. I like to fill mine with succulents, since they're hard to kill, and I'm notoriously bad at keeping house plants alive.

This Woven Basket That Keeps Things Tidy

My favorite types of home decor pieces are ones that not only make my house looks more stylish but more organized at the same time. That's where this woven basket comes in. Sure, it adds a laid-back, boho vibe to my space while also providing a perfectly sized receptacle for throw blankets, dog toys, kid's stuff, or anything else that needs to be put away.

This Bright Pouf That Adds Seating

Let's face it: Every so often, you will most likely be forced to welcome visitors into your She Shed. I know, I know...this is supposed to be your own private space in which to get away from people, but alas, your friends and family members will be dying to come check it out. So offer them a place to sit with this bright and convenient little pouf.

These Throw Pillows That Keep Things Cozy

Who doesn't love a good throw pillow? Maybe it's just me, but a couch just doesn't look complete without a set of these babies. And I love the fringe and tassel details on this fun cover. Just zip this one over one you already own and voila! Your couch is instantly upgraded! It also comes in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on your pillow preferences.

These Wall Decals That Are Super Easy To Use

Wall decals are having a big moment right now. And for good reason, too. They're easier to apply than wallpaper, can be removed whenever you want to, and they allow you to achieve that coveted accent wall look that's everywhere on Pinterest. These distressed barn wood decals would look perfect behind your couch. Just peel, stick, and enjoy your chic new space!

This Futon That Comes In A Variety Of Fun Colors

Oh, and speaking of couches... This futon not only features a mid-century modern look that's totally hot right now, but it also folds down to convert into a twin-sized bed! Perfect for the nights where you're hanging out in your She Shed and just can't bring yourself to walk the 10 feet back into your house and sleep in your own bed.

This Flat-Screen TV That's Surprisingly Inexpensive

Think adding a huge flat-screen TV to your She Shed will break the bank? Think again! TVs are much cheaper than you might imagine these days and this one features a 32-inch screen with a "smart" design, meaning it has a built-in Roku which allows you to stream shows and movies at the touch of a button. The future is NOW.

This End Table That Adds Simple Elegance

Nothing pulls a room together like a set of handsome end tables. I love the two-tone design of this round one, which is large enough to hold a lamp, a book, a vase, and a mug filled with coffee (or whiskey, depending on your mood) while still being small enough not to overwhelm your space. Get one for each side of your couch and marvel at your brilliant decorating skills.

This Electric Kettle That Heats Up Water In Seconds

There's something about a hot, steaming mug of tea on a rainy day that instantly makes you forget about your worries. But if you've got a hankering for some oolong and don't want to have to wait an "oo-long" time for your water to heat up, this electric kettle is the answer. Just flip the switch and your water will be boiling in seconds.

This Tea Set That Comes With A Vintage-Inspired Tray

You can't have tea time without a tea set! This 6-piece set includes everything you need to enjoy the perfect cup: four mugs with fun dot accents, a teapot with handle, and a tray with a handle on each side for easy carrying. This set is so pretty that you might actually want to invite people over to share a cup with!

These Table Lamps That Have On-Trend Accents

Looking for a way to make your space look professionally decorated? It's all about symmetry. Two end tables on either side of a couch make a room look cohesive, and a pair of table lamps distribute light evenly so your room is well lit and stylish. These lamps with cylindrical shades are a great choice for your She Shed.

This Craft Cannister That Keeps Your Essentials Organized

Calling all crafters! If your idea of a perfect She Shed involves a comfy, quiet place in which to catch up on your favorite craft projects, this organizer is a must. It features nine separate canisters so you have a spot for all your essentials. Not a crafter? It's also great for baking equipment or even for keeping a variety of snacks fresh.

This Mirror That Adds Major Glam

Mirrors have a way of opening up a space and making a small room look twice as large. This makes them the perfect piece of decor for a tiny She Shed, since they not only give you a way to check out your hair, but they also make your room feel much more open while adding understated elegance.

This Set Of Trays That You Can Set Your Hot And Cold Beverages On

Let's face it: Since your She Shed is probably just a re-purposed garden shed, it most likely won't have a ton of space for you to work with. This means that a dining room table is probably not going to fit. So these trays are a great way to be able to enjoy meals without making a mess of your couch.

These Noise-Cancelling Headphones That Help You Finally Get Some Peace And Quiet

The first time I experienced the amazingness of noise-canceling headphones, I was on a 10-hour plane to England and was seated behind a 2-year-old who had been whining for the past four hours. I put these on, flipped the switch, and suddenly, everything just melted away. When you want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, these headphones help you tune it all out.

This Back Massager That's Soon To Become Your New Obsession

My dad has had a bad back for as long as I can remember. He's constantly going to the chiropractor to try to get some relief, but nothing seems to work. For his birthday this year, I decided to buy him this back massager, and every time I've seen him since he's been using this thing. Apparently, it works wonders, and you need one for your She Shed.

This Cricut That Has A Million Different Uses

What does a "Cricut" do, you may be wondering? A better question might be, what doesn't a Cricut do?! Known as "your personal DIY cutting machine", this thing can make vinyl stickers, amazing homemade greeting cards, decoration for scrapbooks, and so many other things that there simply isn't room to list them all. You'll simply have to look it up yourself to learn more about it.

This Plush Robe That You'll Never Want To Take Off

There are a few things in my house that I would grab in case it was burning down, and while it may sound silly, this robe is one of those things. I seriously can't imagine my life without this thing. I wear it basically all day long (along with those faux-fur slippers) and the feel of it against my skin is next-level coziness.

This Ottoman That Has Built-In Storage

When you're decorating a smaller space, you have to choose items that have multiple uses and hidden features. Take this ottoman, for example. Not only does it add classic style to your She Shed, but it also has built-in storage and a tray on the underside of the cushion. Oh, and you can use it to put your feet on. Brilliant, right?

This Magnetic Board That Lets You Display Your Favorite Pics

Even though your She Shed will be used as a means to escape your family members and loved ones and attempt to regain your sanity, you'd still like to be reminded of their existence every now and then. This magnetic board allows you to hang a few pics so you can remember why you made this She Shed in the first place.