37 Things on Amazon I Don't Own but Really Want

I spend a LOT of time browsing the jungles of Amazon, collecting the most clever, ingenious and otherwise fascinating offerings I can, which I, in turn, collect into (what I hope are) pretty good articles for the public to read. Unsurprisingly, I find myself hitting "add to cart" more often than I -- or my wallet -- would really like.

So, I've started a master list I've labeled "stuff I want". As a mom, writer, athleisure enthusiast and inveterate homebody, my list is filled with stress-relieving crafts, cozy leggings, and fun stocking stuffers that'll keep me warm, creatively-fulfilled, and relaxed...once I actually follow through and buy 'em.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

These UGG Slippers Are The Coziest

I wear slippers indoors (ok, and out - school dropoffs and bus stop runs don't warrant "real" shoes) year-round, so I need a good pair that'll stand up to the elements and constant wear. I've tried alternatives but I always come back to these UGG slippers - the inside stays fluffy and the sole is supportive, they're just the most comfortable things ever!

This Glass Travel Cup For Iced Tea

I'm an unrepentant iced tea drinker, all day long, all year round, I'm sippin' it. I want a fancy new cup to drink it out of, especially one with a lid so one of my little cherubs doesn't spill it all over my desk. This modern glass tumbler is just the ticket, it's easy to clean and won't get stained by the constant tea. And it has a straw so my teeth won't get as stained, either! The grippy silicone sleeve is also key for clumsy peeps like me.

This Creativity Journal Is Pure Joy

This book. Oh man, it's so good. It's an interactive creativity journal with prompts and projects for an amazing guided journey. I first saw it in an Amazon brick-and-mortar store and was so enamored I almost took it home immediately, but decided to put it on my Christmas list since apparently I'm "hard to buy for".

These Ear Crawlers Are Dainty But Cool

I don't wear big jewelry much, especially earrings that can be so heavy I can feel my ears stretching. No gracias. Give me these dainty but cool ear crawlers instead, that pack a stylish punch but won't weigh you down.

This Curling Iron Set Is So Versatile

This curling iron set gets so many rave reviews, I just want to try it for myself. It comes with four types of wands to create a ton of different styles without having to store a bunch of different heat tools. And it comes with a heat-resistant glove to protect fingers, so smart!

This Joyful Alarm Clock

I want to wake up like this lady in the morning. Seriously, how happy is she? Much different than the bleary-eyed, panicked squirrel look I've got going on as I frantically smash the snooze button. This sunrise-simulating alarm clock promises a much nicer start to your morning, helping you feel more refreshed and ready to start the day. I'll take five.

This Foot Peel Is Disgustingly Awesome

I've wanted to try one of these foot peels for such a long time. What better time than winter when no one will see my feet for many months to come? You simply slip your feet into the product-filled booties, wait a bit then enjoy watching your foot skin peel off in gross strips over the next few weeks. The gift that keeps on giving, indeed.

This Giant Sweatshirt Will Lower Our Heating Bill

I can't enjoy TV in the living room once it's below freezing outside, our old drafty windows let in enough breeze to chill me to the bone. That's where this amazing giant sweatshirt comes in - this thing's generously sized enough to wrap your whole body in fuzzy warmth and is much cooler than the Snuggie, IMO.

These Affirmation Cards Are The Perfect Pick-Me-Up

I want to start being more intentional in 2020, and these daily affirmation cards are a fun way to go about it. Louise Hay's "How To Love Yourself" cards are not only super supportive and well-being promoting, they're also fabulously designed so they're a joy to put on display in your car, bathroom, kitchen, workspace - wherever you need a little reminder of the good things in life.

This Women In Science Book To Read With My Kids

This Women In Science book will be a fun read to experience with my young girls. I'll learn a lot and hopefully it'll be a STEM-based inspiration for them to learn about brave women pioneers in a traditionally patriarchal field.

The Joy Of Watercolor As Stress-Relief

Last year, I devoured adult coloring books to destress. This year, I want something a little more interactive like this Joy Of Watercolor book by illustrator Emma Block. It has a bunch of cute, on-trend watercolor doodles to practice in your free time, no pressure, just fun!

These Colorful Cozy Socks To Warm My Frozen Feet

My feet are always freezing, like supernaturally cold even under down comforters. These cozy socks are a colorful way to warm up my icicle toes inside the house and in my boots on the rare occasions I venture into the artic New England weather!

This Bubble Wrap Suit Is My Dream Come True

I love the therapeutic benefits of popping bubble wrap to destress, imagine being wrapped in a suit of pure popping goodness. Well, the future is now my friends - look at this guy living his best life in the most fun suit ever. I want to be him.

These Heated Typing Gloves Are Pure Genius

As we speak, I've got the space heater blasting under my desk and fingerless gloves on so my hands don't get frozen in clawed typing shapes. They only do a so-so job though, a much nicer alternative are these USB heated mittens that keep your fingers nice and warm! Simply plug into your computer's USB outlet then enjoy toasty fingers as you type. And there's a cute little house embroidered on them which makes me love them even more.

This Stylish Bag Is Anti-Theft

This stylish backpack has a sneaky secret - it guards against pickpockets since the zippered opening is hidden in the back, making it harder to access without alerting you! It comes in a bunch of good neutrals - navy's my fave - and has a jaunty little pom-pom that adds a perfect finishing touch.

This 40oz Water Bottle Ensures Peak Hydration

While way different from the "40s" I would drink in my younger days, this insulated Takeya water bottle offers better hydration benefits since it'll keep my daily water intake icy cold for hours. I have a smaller version of this bottle but it'd be so much easier to only have to fill it up once for the day. Increased bathroom trips, here I come!

This Jewelry Stand Can Hold Everything

I need a good-looking way to keep my accessories organized, and this rustic-cool jewelry stand is just the thing. The wooden drawers hold rings and stud earrings, and there's room for bracelets, necklaces, dangling earrings and more on the stand. The perfect mix of modern and industrial farmhouse style I love!

This Lip Tint Is So Much Better Than Lipgloss

I hate wearing tacky lipgloss, especially in the winter when windy weather blows my hair right onto my sticky lips. But sometimes you need a little color to look alive, especially without a summer glow. These gel lip stains are a K-beauty invention that get rave reviews for a believable shot of color and amazing staying power!

This Pour Over Kettle Is Sleek Perfection

I love a good cup of tea in the winter, and this sleek stovetop pour over kettle is the perfect hot water vehicle. It comes in copper, matte black, white or stainless steel and I honestly can't choose my fave. I think the matte black might take the cake though, since it won't show fingerprints and just looks so darn cool.

This Small Vase Is Perfect For Herbs

I'll use this charismatic small vase to hold blooms in warmer weather, but for winter it's perfect for keeping fresh herbs alive on the windowsill. It comes in a few bold patterns - I just love the graphic punch of the lively blue and white color scheme.

These Outlet Stickers Make Me Smile

I'm all for making mundane things cuter when there's so much anthropomorphic potential, like this outlet face. These outlet stickers are a witty nod to the fantastical while blending in with their surroundings. The idea of shocked/slightly outraged little mustachioed men all over the house tickles me to no end.

This Pasta Grannies Cookbook Really Hits Home

This darling Italian cookbook is filled with real grannies and their favorite pasta recipes, with simple instructions and real, whole foods. My own pasta granny passed away a few years ago and I miss her cooking, so this is a sweet little way to honor her memory and make delicious food for my own family.

These Fleece Lined Leggings Have Got My Number

If it's not athleisure, it's probably not going on my body. These fleece-lined yoga leggings are the answer to my cold-weather prayers. They're high-waisted so they'll hold everything in place while still feeling like you're wearing cozy jammies all day long. All the colors, please!

This Fuzzy Jacket Is Coziness Personified

Anything that makes winter more appealing is a win, and this fuzzy jacket is like a warm hug you can wear all day. It comes in a bunch of colors and a few styles, but this Fozzy Bear brown one is my favorite. Just add a blanket scarf and flip up the collar on a frigid day for efforlessly stylish warmth.

This Haribo Gummy Advent Calendar Isn't Just For Kids

Forget traditional chocolate advent calendars, I want this Haribo advent calendar filled with delicious gummy candies! It has my favorite Happy Cola ones, plus a bunch of other gummies and licorice including special holiday flavors. It gets amazing reviews for freshness and quality, too.

This Illustrated 2020 Calendar Is Gorgeous

Calendars are something I look at every day of the year to keep track of our busy schedules, so it's such a bonus when it's also a work of art. This gorgeously illustrated 2020 calendar would be amazing to see on a regular basis and it doubles as a piece of wall (or desk) art for your workspace.

This Barr Co Perfume Is Delicious

I can't get over how delicious the scent of Barr & Co original perfume is. It's a unique blend of milk, oatmeal, and vetiver that manages to be incredibly familiar and cozy but intriguing at the same time. It's kind of indescribable, but it's all I want to wrap myself in all winter long.

This Lacy Tunic Is Besties With Leggings

This lacy tunic tee is what I'd wear with those fleece-lined leggings until the last frost (and beyond) since it's a great medium-weight fabric that's comfy year round. It comes in a million colors - I love the little touch of lace at the hem that dresses it up just enough to look like you put some effort in.

This Luxe Perfume Cream Is Heavenly

I'm in love with the whole line of small-batch Library of Flowers brand scents. This luxe perfume cream smells heavenly of fresh spring flowers - but not in a cloying way, just refreshing - so it's the perfect thing to spark hope during a long, dark winter season!

This Capri Blue Candle Is A Fancypants Gift

I like fancy things, especially fancy candles, but I feel guilty buying them for myself. Which is why they make the perfect gift! This gorgeous Capri Blue candle in "modern mint" scent definitely fits the bill, even better that I can reuse the pretty holder to corral loose change or office supplies on my desk after I've enjoyed the candle. It's a two-fer!

This Succulent Bowl Adds A Touch Of Green

Succulents and air plants are basically the only green things I can keep alive on a long-term basis, which is why I'd love this modern succulent bowl to display on my desk or countertop to add a little bit of life to gray days.

This Mermaid Mousepad Is So Supportive

I've been using a flat mousepad for way too long now, and my wrist is definitely feeling the pain. This slow-release gel mousepad is much more supportive and it has a pretty pattern to dress up my desktop.

This Tech Stand Keeps Everything In One Place

I have trouble keeping track of my tech, especially as it gets smaller and more lose-able, so this tech charging stand is an amazing gift for scatterbrains like me. It'll remind me to keep my phone and watch charged at my bedside so I'm ready to go the next morning, no scrambling and searching required.

This Sensory Dough Is For Grownups

I love tactile stress relief toys, and this sensory dough for grown ups is amazing. Not only does it smell like heaven on earth, it has a squishy kinetic sand-like consistency that's just so darn fun to play with. This gift tops my list! The beach scent is delectable but the soothing spa version is my fave.

This Diaper Bag, But Not For Diapers

My kids are thankfully long past diapers, but I still love buying stylish diaper bags because they make excellent laptop and travel bags! There are so many pockets for all the little things I carry around, like charging cords, earbuds and other gadgets, plus there's always a large padded pocket in the back that's perfect for keeping my laptop safe.

This Reading Pillow Is Fantastically Comfortable

What's better than quiet time to read without interruption? A oversized reading pillow with a headrest to support you! An unbelievably cozy velour fabric covers the pillow, and it's filled with a memory foam blend that's comfy to snuggle into.

This Bookmark Pen Holder Fits

This bookmark with pen holder is a genius invention - it's made of an elastic material that stretches to fit even the biggest Harry Potter novels, and it keeps track of pens and highlighters if you need to mark any passages. Perfect for studying or leisure reading!