37 Things on Amazon.ca That'll Make You Say, "Dang, That's Clever!"

A little ingenuity goes a long way in transforming a mundane object into something eye catching and clever. Add some humor into the mix, and you've got yourself a conversation piece. From beauty products to tech gadgets to kitchen solutions, a little cleverness can make the difference between a meh product and your favorite product.

Generally something like a paper cup or a note pad doesn't inspire much of a reaction. But a special paper cup or lightbulb can. What can be special about these things, you ask? It's the application of ingenuity and cleverness that can revamp even the most basic object turning it into something special. We've collected 37 products and gadgets that will make you say, "Dang, that's clever!"

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Reduce Your Heating Bills, Increase Your Home's Energy Efficiency, and Eliminate Those Cold Drafts With Socket Sealers

Electrical sockets and switch plates on the exterior walls of our homes are notoriously poorly insulated. Go ahead and place your hand by a socket on a cold day and you'll see what I'm talking about. These easy to install, flame retardant Socket Sealers cleverly fix the problem. At under $7 for a package of 16 outlet sealers and 6 switch plate sealers, can you afford not to seal your sockets?

This Clever Hand Drip Brewer Produces a Surprisingly Flavorful Cup of Coffee, and Might Just Become Your Favorite Brewer

For too long tea drinkers had all the single-cup advantage, while we coffee drinkers were stuck brewing whole pots. Sure there are those single use coffee pods, but those are pretty much an environmental nightmare, and they produce meh coffee at best. But all is not lost! With this brilliant Hand Drip Brewer, we can enjoy a single cup of coffee, without destroying the planet.

Make Grilled Cheese in Your Regular Toaster With These Toaster Bags

Yes, that's right. Oooey, gooey grilled cheese from your regular old pop up toaster. What's not to love about that? These Non Stick Toaster Bags contain any melty cheese while also ensuring even toasting and melting. But wait! There's more! You can use these reusable, washable bags to reheat pizza, cook frozen chicken nuggets or patties, or really anything else that you want heated evenly and nice and crispy.

This Knife with Built-in Cutting Board Operates Like Scissors to do the Job of a Knife

It's like your knife and cutting board had an affair with your kitchen shears. This clever Knife with Built-in Cutting Board works like scissors, but cuts like a knife. How fun would it be to chop through veggies with this thing? Worried about handing your chef's knife over to your kids, or maybe even your clumsy SIL? This chopper keeps fingers well away from the blade, so even the clumsiest home chef can safely chop through fruits and veggies.

Keep This Collapsible Hair Diffuser in Your Gym Bag or Suitcase and Have Great Curls Even on the Go

Curly gals know that a diffuser is the secret weapon for great hair days. But diffusers are big and bulky and a pain to try to travel with. So, we have limp waves during our vacations. Well, ladies, you can have your trip and your curls too with this clever Collapsible Hair Diffuser. The stretchy silicone fits most dryers, so you can go ahead and use the hotel hair dryer and still have a fabulous hair day!

This Superwoman Floating Bookshelf is Maybe the Most Clever and Charming Bookshelf Ever

Why not have a superhero holding up your books? This clever and adorable Superwoman Floating Bookshelf creates the illusion that your books are held up only by the superpowers of this little lady. It's really magnets at work, but no one has to know. These also come in a male superhero version, and a cute superwoman bookend variety. I want them all and I definitely want to put one in my daughter's bedroom.

Fit All Your Plugs With This Surge Protector with Rotating Outlets and USB Ports

We all have surge protectors and power strips that are only half full because of the large plugs that don't fit in next to one another. This clever Surge Protector with Rotating Outlets eliminates that problem entirely. Not only does it have handy USB ports, saving your adapters for elsewhere, but the rotating outlets means that those giant plugs don't have to take up two outlets.

This Drawstring Cosmetic Bag Allows You to Easily See All of Your Things at Once

How much time do women spend digging through the dark abyss of our purses and cosmetic bags? It's frustrating, time consuming, and, it turns out, unnecessary. At least for cosmetic bags. This clever Drawstring Cosmetic Bag is your toiletry kit reinvented. It opens all the way up so that brow pencil, eye cream, or concealer has nowhere to hide. No matter where you are, open this cosmetic case and you've got a clean, dry surface to work from. And it holds a ton.

Say Goodbye to Fighting Over the Lone Car Charger With This 5-Port Car Charger

Here's one of those why didn't I think of that? products. With two USB ports on the plug itself, and a five foot cord ending in three additional ports, this Car Charger makes all other car chargers look foolish. Of course you need to charge up the kids' devices on those long rides. With up to 2.4 amps per port, the RapidX charges up to twice the speed of typical car chargers. This thing is brilliant!

This Giant Cupcake Pan Will Definitely Amaze and Delight at Every Party

You know what's not clever? Children. Did you know that some kids don't like cake, but they do like cupcakes. Yes, this defies all logic and reason, but it's true nonetheless. Even without that tidbit of childish insanity, a giant cupcake is about 1000 times more fun and exciting than a regular old cake. This Giant Cupcake Pan not only makes a mega sized cupcake, practically guaranteed to delight and impress, it also lets you make Food TV worthy magic center cakes which will up your cake game a lot. Now that's clever!

Keepons are a Clever Fix For a Common Problem

If you wear glasses then you know the annoying slip that happens constantly. You can tighten the arms so they squeeze uncomfortably, or you can adjust your glasses ten thousand times per day. It's a small annoyance which calls for a small solution. Keepons are stretchy little hook things that slide onto your frames and keep them right where you want them. They come in both clear and black, and virtually disappear once you have your glasses on.

Take Better Pics of Your Pooch With the Dog Selfie Stick

Your dog looks up at you with those cute perky ears and bright eyes. Naturally, you want to take a picture of the cutest dog ever, but as soon as you get the phone out your dogs ears get less perky and one eye sort of squints and your photographs never capture how truly adorable your pooch is. Well, if it's perky ears and bright eyes you want, look no further than the Dog Selfie Stick. Don't take my word for it. Take a minute to look at the customer images in the Amazon reviews. This thing makes great dog pics a cinch!

These Nose Paper Cups Will Have Everyone Giggling

Whether you go for the animal noses or the various human noses, there is nobody who is too grown up or too serious for these delightful Nose Paper Cups. OK, there might be some people, but you don't want to be serving them beverages anyway. Use these for a kids party, a picnic, or an office gathering and watch the people you know become their silliest selves.

With Just Water This Makeup Remover Cloth Cleans Away All Your Makeup

Some nights the very idea of washing off the day's makeup seems too exhausting to even contemplate. It's OK. There is an easier way to condense your nighttime skincare regimen. This Makeup Remover Cloth wipes away makeup, dirt, and sunscreen with just water, making it the easiest choice ever for those nights when you just can't. Take a few of these cloths when you travel and leave your messy, hard to transport facial cleansers at home.

This Dimmable, Color Changing, Voice Controlled WiFi Smart Light Bulb Does So Much More Than Your Current Lightbulbs

This lightbulb can do amazing things and you can control it with your smart phone. Want to dim the lights? Just ask Alexa or Google Home and the MagicLight dims. Want to change your ambiance? These bulbs can glow in a full spectrum of colors, plus they can sync with your music, and mimic a sunrise or sunset! You can completely change the atmosphere in your room depending on your mood.

Fill Up Hundreds of Water Balloons in No Time With These Self-Sealing Water Balloons

If you've ever been in charge of creating the magical fun of a water balloon fight, then you know the struggle to get those tiny balloons onto a hose or sink tap, fill them each one by one, and then tie those little, slippery things. It is not easy and you'll end up soaked, and with more broken balloons than not. Instead, these ingenious Self-Sealing Water Balloons come in bunches of 100, screw onto your hose easily, and then pop off fully sealed when they're full. It takes about a minute. Welcome to the water balloon fight of the future.

Always Cut a Straight Line With These Laser Scissors

The future is now. Laser Scissors is a thing. Not only do you get to say, "This is a job for laser scissors!" which is awesome, but these are actually helpful as well. No more wonky edges on your wrapping paper. The laser makes a straight line dead ahead and you just follow along with the scissors. I'd like a laser attached to all my hand held tools. More lasers!

Spool Huggers Keep All Your Thread Neat and Tidy

These clever little Spool Huggers wrap snugly around any size spool of thread to keep the end securely locked in place and the thread neatly coiled. Whether you're an avid sewer (sewist?), a needlework hobbyist, or just know how to re-attach a button, you likely have a box of threads and needles somewhere in your house. And chances are all that thread is tangled up and partially unravelled because you don't have spool huggers.

This Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Will Trick Your Kids Into Picking Up Their Toys

The Stuff 'n Sit is a fun comfy seat your child will love. But, more importantly, it's also the most brilliant way to store your child's 12,987 stuffed animals. This thing was definitely invented by a parent who was sick and tired of living in a veritable stuffed animal zoo. And how clever is it? "Oh, Honey, you want a comfy place to watch TV? Why don't you go stuff your beanbag?" <-- Best ploy to get a kid to clean up EVER!

Every Oven Should Be Equipped With Oven Rack Guards

One day we are protected children who are not really expected to be able to do anything. Suddenly, we move into our first apartment and we are people who are supposed to be fully competent at maneuvering heavy and extremely hot dishes while awkwardly bent over with our face in a hot oven. There are no training wheels for this. Or are there? If you've ever accidentally bumped into the edge of an oven rack, you're going to want to get a set of these Oven Rack Guards.

Keep Your Dirty Hands Off Your Clean Soap Dispenser With This Single-Handed Soap Dispenser

The back of your hand is generally a much cleaner place than the front of your hand. Especially immediately before washing your hands, when you need to dispense some soap. This Single-Handed Soap Dispenser is so clever it makes regular dispensers look stupid. With a press of the back of your hand, it dispenses soap without getting covered in whatever nasty germs are lingering on your fingertips.

This Slide Out Storage Tower is Such a Brilliant Idea You'll be Mad You Didn't Invent it

You know all those narrow gaps that are just dead space in your home - between your fridge and the counter, or between your washer and dryer? The Slide Out Storage Tower laughs at the concept of dead space. This narrow little shelf slips into impossible places and gives you actual useful storage! At $25, this is a storage solution to love. Check out the reviews (over 1,000). This thing rocks!

The Flip-It Saves You Money by Eliminating Food Waste

Manufacturers are FINALLY designing bottles that stand with the dispensing end down, but most condiments still come in senseless, dispensing side UP bottles. This means that we need to shake and shake and shake them, trying to get our dressing or ketchup to the dispensing end. Invariably, we give up and buy a new one while there is still plenty of stuff left in the bottle. The Flip-It turns any bottle into a smart, dispensing side down bottle. It's genius and everyone needs one.

Keep a Note Pad in Your Shower Because That's Where You Get All Your Best Ideas

Everyone should have a note pad in the shower. There's something about the shower that gives writers the best ideas, makes us remember the super important phone call we keep forgetting to make, and reminds us that we're out of conditioner. These clever waterproof note pad will ensure that your brilliant ideas don't disappear the moment you step out of the shower.

The FakeTV Burglar Deterrent Makes it Look Like Someone is in Your House, Watching TV

Would be thieves generally target homes where they can get in and out easily without encountering a homeowner. If it looks like you're home, they'll pick a different house. Make your home a less attractive mark with this clever FakeTV Burglar Deterrent. Simply set the timer before heading out of town, and it will look like you're home catching up on Netflix even if you're off on some fabulous vacation. The flashing color lights mimic a TV screen surprisingly well.

This Silicone Bib Set is Perfect For Babies and Toddlers Who are Sitting Up and Eating Solid Foods

Pick up this adorable Silicone Bib Set as a baby shower gift and you will win the day. Not only are they cleverly adorable, but the silicone is super easy to wipe clean, and the always open pocket works to catch all the debris that misses that baby's mouth.

Take Control of the Mess With Cable Management Sleeves

These neoprene Cable Management Sleeves make taming your home's mass of cables easy. You can customize the fit to accommodate any configuration of cables, and can even cut slits for cables to enter or exit the sleeve at any point. Don't let a tangle of wires and cables detract from your sweet TV set up. These clever sleeves might be the easiest and most customizable solution to loose cords.

Keep Your Sweaters Looking Like New With a Fabric Shaver

We all have a favorite sweater that looks ratty after a wear or two because of pills and bumps. Or how about when you put perfectly good leggings into the wash the first time only to extract clean but pill covered leggings afterwards? This clever Fabric Shaver quickly shaves off all those unsightly pills and bumps from your clothes. It has a protective and adjustable spacer which ensures that your delicate fabrics don't get snagged in process.

Switch Out Your Switch Plate For This Outlet Shelf and Create More Counter Space Out of Thin Air

Once you see an Outlet Shelf you begin to wonder why no one thought of this before. These days we all have a million and one gadgets and devices that need to be plugged in and need a place to live. This shelf is perfectly sized for a small speaker, baby monitor, or smart home device like an Echo. Save your counter space for other things.

Starbucks VIA is the Instant Coffee You Always Wished For but Believed was Impossible

Life is difficult enough without trying to do it under-caffeinated, but sometimes making or picking up a cup of coffee isn't an option. If you keep a sachet of Starbucks VIA on hand, this is not a problem. This is instant coffee that redefines the entire concept of instant coffee. There's no need to settle even when you're camping or traveling or in the middle of a traffic jam.

Conquer the Fluff With These Pet Grooming Gloves

If you have a cat or a dog, then you have a fur problem. So much fur! These Pet Grooming Gloves take brushing your fluffy friend to the next level. Your dog or cat will fall at your feet in anticipation when you don your magical petting gloves. Don't be alarmed if you remove enough hair to build a whole new pet after a few swipes with these mitts. Be the boss of the fur.

This Brush Color Removal Sponge Allows You to Switch Colors Without Muddying Your Makeup

When it comes to makeup application, a clean brush is key. If you like to use a few different shadows, blushes, bronzers, and other powders, that could mean a large and expensive collection of brushes, with many duplicates. Or it means mixing your colors which leads to less than ideal results. This handy Brush Color Removal Sponge cleans your dry makeup brush in between colors, so you can use the same brush for all your shadows, and still achieve the look you're going for. Problem solved!

These Mitten Ice Tongs are Just Plain Fun

Get it? The ice tongs are wearing mittens? Come on. It's cute. These Mitten Ice Tongs would make the most perfect little addition to a host gift. How about pairing them with the ingredients for your host's favorite cocktail? They're sure to please and will make any bar set up more fun. Made of food grade silicone, these tongs are as useful as they are adorable.

These Natural Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags Are Like Little Pouches of Odor Slaying Magic

Harness the power of charcoal to tackle even the smelliest odors and areas of your house. The bamboo charcoal in these Air Purifying Bags neutralizes odors and removes harmful pollutants, allergens, and moisture from the air, preventing mold, mildew, and bacteria that thrive in humid environments. Gym shoes, litter boxes, teenagers, and damp basements are no match for these handy, all natural, chemical free deodorizers. This four pack will absorb and eliminate odors, making your entire house nose friendly.

Keep Your Boots Looking Great With These Boot Shaper Stands

If you're like me, then your closet is full of flopped over boots. All spring and summer my boots sit unworn and wilted. This is no way to store those expensive tall boots! The much more clever way to store them is by using a Boot Shaper. These adorable shapers fits into your boots to keep the shaft's shape in your closet.