37 Ridiculously Useful Inventions Under $25 You'll Use Every Day

One of my favorite things is discovering new inventions that'll make daily tasks easier. Even better when they're under $25 so they'll pay for themselves in just a few uses! These 37 ridiculously useful inventions will take the frustration, time and expense out of things you do every day, from washing your face to feeding the dog.

Whether you want to keep your coffee warm for whenever you remember (or get a chance) to drink it or declutter your refrigerator, you'll find something on this list that makes you so happy you shelled out pocket change for such a life-changing improvement.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Cold Brew Maker Will Keep You Duly Caffeinated

Cold brew makers can run the gamut from inexpensive and crappy to way overpriced and full of unnecessary bells and whistles, but this Takeya Deluxe Cold Brew Maker hits that sweet spot right in the middle - it's under $20 and has all the features you need, nothing you don't. The fine mesh filter works for tea or any ground coffee, the leakproof lid means you can shake the container or even store it on its side and the silicone handle won't slip out of your hands even if they're wet! Plus it has almost 3,000 glowing reviews - what's not to love?

This Wireless Charger Cuts The Cords

Managing all the cables I need to charge my devices is something I struggle with daily and it annoys me to no end. This wireless charger makes all that go away because you just place your device on top of the cute circular gadget and lo and behold it charges! Without a silly, floppy cord you have to organize or watch out for if you're a klutz like me! Over 900 reviewers gush over how fast this charging pad juices up their devices and even airpods.

This Octoclip Magnet Will Tidy Up Your Fridge

If you've got kids or like to hang a lot of stuff on your fridge, you know how out of control it gets in a hurry. This Octoclip magnet has five beefy clips that each hold a fair amount of papers, photos, whatever you got so that they hang in one section instead of spread across the whole fridge. Pretty smart!

This Bento Box Is Incredibly Cute...For Adults

I get jealous of my kids' cute lunches in bento boxes and wanted one of my own. This leak-proof grown-up bento box holds enough food in its three compartments to fill adult-sized bellies and even includes its own utensils. You can throw it in the dishwasher, microwave and freezer so it's low-maintenance too, my kind of lunch buddy!

This Knife Scrubber Keeps Your Hands Safe

This genius knife scrubber takes the cut out of cutlery if you're prone to kitchen accidents like I am. You just hold the hefty scrub brush in one hand and run the knife through the bristles without worrying about accidentally slicing your fingers off, which makes doing dishes much less of an unhappy chore!

These Bottle Emptiers Save You Money

We've all tried balancing bottles and containers on their tops to get every last drop of shampoo or ketchup out, but they always tip over and you end up just tossing the leftover product out of frustration. This bottle emptying kit lets you get every bit of product you paid for, easily! Simply replace the original top with the tripod-like cap so it'll balance and you can squeeze every drop out. The kit comes with two "Flip It" caps and adapters that fit bottles of all sizes - extra-small cosmetic to extra-large BBQ sauce!

This Wine Vacuum Sealer Keeps Your Vino Superfresh

My husband has one of these wine vacuum sealers and uses it every time he opens (and re-opens) a bottle of wine. He says this gadget keeps the wine as fresh as the first pour, which is helpful if you're not going to finish the whole bottle in one night! Simply pop the vacuum bottle stopper into the neck of the bottle and pump until you hear a click for wine that's fresher than your kid's mouth.

These Cute Dryer Balls Cut Your Drying Time

Want to save electricity, money and time? You need these dryer balls which cut up to 20% off drying time and soften your clothes with their nubby faces, not chemical fabric softeners! Anything that makes laundry more fun is a win in my book.

This Mug Warmer Keeps Your Caffeine Piping Hot

I prefer my caffeine in iced form, but if you're one of those hot beverage drinkers, you know it tastes much better when it's at the right temp. Lukewarm coffee is no one's idea of a good time. This mug warmer keeps your coffee, tea or hot chocolate the perfect drinking temp even if you get pulled into a meeting or simply forget to enjoy it right away. Now that paper fresh off the copier isn't the only source of warmth in the office!

This Defogging Sponge Helps You Drive Safer

Trying to drive with a foggy windshield is annoying and far from safe. Sure, you can use your sleeve to wipe away the condensation, but then you've got a soggy shirt and a streaky windshield. This chamois defogging sponge is just the tool for the job - it gives you fog-free, streak-free, crystal clear windows in one swipe! It's made of real New Zealand sheepskin leather wrapped around a superabsorbent sponge, so it squeegees the water off the window and has virtually no drying time.

This Portable Bluetooth Speaker Takes The Party Anywhere

Want tunes at the beach, work or hanging out by the pool? This portable bluetooth speaker will go anywhere you do and keep you entertained in style with its cool LED lightshow. It's other super-useful function is it lets you answer, reject and end phone calls hands-free with the built-in mic! This tiny treasure has a built-in rechargeable battery and 32 foot wireless range support so it'll work whether you're anywhere near an actual electrical outlet which is perfect for on-the-go.

This Hydration Reminder Keeps You Feeling Your Best

Fact: the human body functions so much better on all levels when you're well hydrated. Also fact: it's so hard to remember to drink a full eight glasses of water a day. That's why this hydration reminder is so handy - it blinks once an hour to alert you it's time to drink, making it easy to hit your daily water quota. The elastic band attaches easily to any size bottle, mug or cup and the device comes in 10 cute colors and patterns. Side effects may include clearer skin, more energy and increased metabolism, so proceed without caution!

This Laptop Privacy Screen Blocks Prying Eyes

The guy sitting next to you at the coffee shop doesn't need to know your personal business, no matter if you're "working" (i.e. scrolling through Facebook) or online banking. This laptop privacy screen keeps your online wandering underwraps, whether you're seated next to a nosy Nellie on a flight or actually need to protect corporate secrets from looky-loos. Especially helpful if you're in HR and happen to have employees' personal or financial info pulled up on your screen!

These Reusable Makeup Remover Pads Are Good For Your Face & The Environment

I love using those little round cotton pads to remove makeup or apply micellar water, but I always feel guilty when I see how much trash I'm generating. These eco-friendly, organic reusable bamboo makeup removing pads are a much smarter option and it'll save me a trip to the store since I can just do a load of laundry when I need more! They come in a set of 16 with their own laundry bag so you won't lose them in the wash - so thoughtful.

These Produce Saver Containers Save You Money With The First Use

It's maddening how fast fresh produce goes bad, especially if you forget to use it right away (or like, for two weeks - oops). These Rubbermaid Produce Saver Containers give your berries and veggies an extended lease on life with a CrispTray that lines the bottom and keeps food away from moisture and FreshVent technology that regulates the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide so stuff stays fresher, longer. This set of two containers gets unbelievable reviews - almost 3,000 of them!

These Cold Therapy Socks Ease Foot Pain

Getting cold feet isn't always a bad thing, especially when it comes with pain-relieving benefits like these cold therapy socks.  The elastic strap lets you combine compression therapy with cold to relieve aching feet and arches, swelling and chronic conditions like plantar fasciitis and arthritis. These would be an amazing gift for anyone who's on their feet a lot, like teachers!

This Balance Cushion Increases Core Strength

The best exercises are the ones you can do sitting down, and this balance cushion gives you an ab workout while you're working or shopping online! Just place it on your seat to turn any chair into an "active chair" to improve your posture, tighten your abs, or make a wiggle seat for kids that need to get some energy out. You can also use it on the floor for a meditation cushion or incorporate into floor exercises for instability to build core strength.

This Concealing Pencil Works Wonders

I love beauty products that multitask since it cuts down on things I have to buy and things I have to store. This NYX Wonder Pencil is just that since it can basically do the work of three products in one! It works as a spot concealer for zits, an eye brightener when you line your bottom waterline and a reverse lipliner that you can use with any lipstick to stop color from bleeding. And it's less than a cup of cheap coffee, yesss!

This Glass Travel Mug Proves Style And Eco-Friendliness Aren't Mutually Exclusive

Picture a Venn diagram of stylish and eco-friendly, and you'll find this glass travel mug smack in the middle. The thick glass feels good in the hand and the cork or plastic grip keeps your fingers from getting burned or frozen by your tasty beverage. You can feel altruistic about saving the earth and looking cool doing it, everyone wins!

These Dual-Sided Measuring Spoons Stick Together

All of my current measuring spoons are on one of those rings which keeps them together but I'm too lazy to remove the one I want to use, so they all get dirty in the process. These magnetic measuring spoons are so much smarter since they still stay together but can easily be separated with one hand if you're other one's all slimy with raw chicken juice or caked in dough. Plus it comes with a free leveler so you don't accidentally over-season whatever you're cookin' up.

This Reusable Shopping Bag Is Cute Enough To Use Every Day

Sure, my trunk's packed with reusable shopping bags that I sometimes remember to actually take into the store with me, but if I had one as stylish as this Baggu number, I'd wear it on the daily as a regular bag! It's large enough to fit a ton of groceries but packs down teeny tiny so you can toss it in your purse and always have it on you (instead of forgetting it in the car, ahem).

This Lip Exfoliator Gives You A Baby-Soft Pout

This double-sided lip exfoliator brush does wonders for rough, chapped lips and is so much better than using an old toothbrush to slough off dead skin cells. You apply lip scrub with the thin bristle side, then use the round bristle side to increase circulation and plump up your lips. Now you're ready for that close-up, no duck-face required!

This Multitool Is Crabtastically Cute

Multitools are awesome enough in their own right, but if you can get one shaped like a crab? Psshyeah, kind of a no-brainer! This little guy packs six tools into his compact little body including scissors, a bottle opener, flat head screwdriver, a can opener, mini knife and a rope saw so you'll be ready for anything life throws at you with him in your pocket.

This Smart Plug Lets You Manage Your Home Remotely

This Alexa-enabled smart plug lets you run your home remotely - turn on appliances, lights and even your Christmas tree from your phone, wherever you are! Imagine coming home at the end of a busy day to a well-lit home with the oven already pre-heated for dinner. The future is now!

These Eyeglasses Retainers Keep Your Specs On Your Face

It's incredibly annoying when you bend over and your glasses slip off your face, even more so if you're so blind without them that you then can't locate your dropped glasses! Solve that problem right quick with these eyewear retainers that keep glasses on your face where they belong. The soft silicone sleeves slip right over the arms of glasses and come in a pack of five so you have extra for your sunglasses, too!

This Pet Slow Feeder Prevents Doggy Belly Aches

If your pet gulps down his food superfast then gets a bellyache from too much ingested air, this pet slow feeder dish can help. The strategic geometric design is not only pretty to look at, it makes your pet slow down and enjoy his food since he has to eat more carefully, therefore stopping the bloat. The bowl comes in a few sizes to match your breed of dog and has an anti-slip base so it won't go careening across your floor during an enthusiastic mealtime!

This Finger Guard Is A Must For Kitchen Klutzes

It's inevitable, whenever I'm using a knife in the kitchen my kids know to get the Band-Aids ready 'cuz mom's gonna have an accident. This knife guard would help a whole lot since it protects your fingers from sharp blades, especially if you're trying to chop real fast like a professional you saw on your fave cooking show. Learn from my mistake and get this, stat!

This Expandable Pan Rack Custom-Fits Your Space

If you're just starting out your cookware collection, or want to customize your storage, this adjustable pan rack is a smart buy to get exactly the configuration you need to fit your space. It's a pain in the butt when you need the pan that's on the bottom of a pile of cookware, so I love the idea of horizontal storage that lets you easily grab what you need without rearranging the whole cabinet. It expands to fit seven pans and has a full five-stars across the board, amazing!

These Gel Shoe Inserts Actually Make Heels Comfortable

If you wear heels, you know the pain that comes from being on your feet for more than three minutes in them. These gel heel cushion inserts actually make wearing them a whole lot more tolerable since they pad the back of the shoe and part of the footbed so it doesn't slip with each step and rub skin off the back of your heel! You'll get a pack of eight reusable gel inserts that stick right into your heels - if they ever lose their stickiness, just wash them to reactivate the adhesive.

This Password Logbook Is For Disorganized Individuals

Raise your hand if your Internet passwords consist of the same word plus a few numbers because you can't remember anything more complicated? Me too. We need this "Shit I Need To Remember" Logbook and Journal for disorganized, scatterbrained people. Each entry has space for the website, username, password and PIN so you've got everything in one place. Just make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands! Maybe don't take it out of your house.

This Mini Steamer Is SO Much Better Than Ironing

No matter how much I've practiced ironing (which isn't very much, TBH), I'll never be any good at it but I can get much better results with this mini steamer! It's so much easier (and more fun) to use and wrinkles disappear before your very eyes. Seems like the Internet agrees - this easily packable/storable travel steamer has almost 800 glowing reviews on Amazon!

This Flint Lint Roller Is The Bomb

The best part about this Flint lint roller besides it's ultra-stylish appearance is that it's retractable, so the adhesive sticky sheets stay that way! It comes with 30 sheets to keep you defuzzed for a while and is available in 15 colors and patterns like "arctic wind" and metallic cool mint. The super-convenient size means you can throw it in your bag or desk to keep on hand so you don't walk into that big meeting with a suit full of pet hair, yeah? #adulting

This Bracelet Fastening Tool Is Great For All Ages

I have full use of my hands and don't have arthritis or other debilitating condition that affects my hands, but I'll be darned if I can fasten a bracelet on the first (or fourth) tries! Something about that tiny clasp just trips me up every time. This rose gold bracelet fastening tool is the answer for people that do have trouble with their hands and also for the uncoordinated, like me. You can also use it to help fasten watches and zip clothes too, hello back zipper that's impossible to do without help - until now!

This Dish Drying Rack Takes Up Virtually No Room

I spent forever trawling home stores for an affordable modern dish rack that wasn't totally heinous and wouldn't take over my whole countertop, and finally came across this one on Amazon. It incorporates a folding drying mat into the design, so it takes up virtually no space once it's packed away when it's not in use. I have the gray one, which basically blends into our counters like a chameleon - the best dishrack is the one you don't see, and this one's as low-profile as it gets!

This Mini Electric Griddle Makes Gourmet Breakfast For One

If it's just you eating breakfast, you're probably going to pour a bowl of cereal rather than pull out all the stops so you don't have to wash a whole lot of cookware. Now you can treat yo'self to a nice breakfast with this mini electric griddle - it'll make eggs, individual pancakes, omelets and easy snacks, too, like grilled cheese and...giant cookies. Move over mug cake, there's a new sheriff in town.

This Reusable Wraps Are Eco-Friendly Saran Wrap

I love these Beeswrap reusable wax food wrappers - not only are they eco-friendly and save you money over time, but they're scented faintly of sweet honey! They're made with actual bees' wax and can be used to keep any food fresh, from cut fruit to cheese and more. You can even origami-fold a sandwich wrap out of them! This set of three sizes covers food storage jobs large to small.

This In-Ground Safe Is Genius

By now, everyone knows about those "secret" rocks, so you need a new hiding place for spare keys. Enter this in-ground safe, which is made to look like a sprinkler head and so unassuming thieves would never think to look there. (If you're a burglar, stop reading this immediately and forget I said anything). Happy hiding!