The only thing I love more than shopping on Amazon is window shopping on Amazon. I know what you're thinking, "Window shopping on Amazon is impossible." Au contraire! Have you taken a look at Amazon's Hot New Releases category? That bad boy is jam-packed with some of the coolest new products on the website. And, yeah, sure, some may be duds, but an overwhelming majority? Très Magnifique! (Insert chef's kiss here.) So, I thought, why not turn my window-shopping expedition into a list of some of the coolest new things I discovered so that you can check them out? These are the things I feel are destined for greatness — everything from nail strips that give you the look of a professional mani at home to a giant pop-it toy you'll want to steal from your kids to color-changing cups that beat Starbucks at their own game. Be the first of your friends to try out some of these new gadgets. You can even claim them as your own finds — I won't tell a soul.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Tag, You're It

Apple is back with another new "Air" product. This time, they're trying to best the likes of Tile and others by introducing their own tracking device. And, of course, new Apple products mean new Apple accessories, like this leather key ring. Available in colors from Baltic Blue to California Poppy, these rings are designed to hold the AirTag (sold separately) so you can keep it attached to your keys.

Charmed, I'm Sure


Shoe charms must be on the list of up-and-coming trends and this 25-piece set will get you off to a good start decorating your clogs, sandals and more. Choose from one of four options with butterflies, crystals, love or colorful charms as the theme. Buttons glued onto the back of each charm make it simple to pop into holes on your existing shoes — or pop off to change your look.

Make Mine Mat


Doormats are tricky. The coir versions shed and wear quickly. The foam versions lose their shape. This durable mat might be the ideal solution, with its low-profile design and non-slip grip. This one is embossed with the word, "Hello," to add cheer or greet your guests (if you're into that sort of thing). When it's time to give it a cleaning, just spray it with a hose or vacuum for a deep clean.

Throwing Shade


I can't buy expensive sunglasses. Why? Because as soon as I do, I manage to lose or break them. This pair of polarized shades from Amazon are relatively inexpensive as far as sunglasses go and have a ton of features. They have UV protective coating, soft nose pads and adjustable height to help prevent fogging. They also come in a ton of colors giving me all the 80s baby vibes.

A Tabletop Terrarium


Test tubes aren't just for science experiments any longer, unless you consider growing flowers a science experiment. This tabletop terrarium comes in one-, three- and five-tube designs, situated in a solid wood stand. This unusual planter is the perfect addition to an area where you might not normally have room for a touch of greenery, like your work-from-home desk.

No More Wallet Woes

I hate bulky wallets and I'm sure I'm not alone in this. If you're a dude or someone who prefers to not carry a handbag, the size of your wallet matters. This slim bifold wallet has plenty of space for all your ID, debit and credit cards (it'll hold 15 in total) and is equipped with RFID blocking technology. The interior of the wallet also has a money clip if you're still into toting cash around.

Disney Dreaming

For many, the allure of Disney never dies, whether you're 8 or 88. If you're a fan of "the mouse" or you have a trip scheduled to the "happiest place on earth" sometime soon, you need these mouse ear scrunchies. Available in pink or red, this four-pack of hair accessories will have everyone in the family looking Disney-ready. The scrunchies also have a smattering of sequins for added glitz.

Take A Hike


You don't have to be a hiker to want a pair of these lightweight hiking shorts, the perfect antidote to steamy summer days. Made of quick-dry material, these cargo shorts are packed with pockets and are water-resistant to keep you cool whether you're scaling a mountain or just trying to get through the grocery store. The dusty purple shade pictured is unique, but these also come in a dozen other colors.

Beard Mess, Be Gone


If anyone in your house has a beard, you've probably wanted to kick them out post-trim. That beard hair goes everywhere. This beard bib eliminates clippings by trapping them in the cloth that wraps around the neck and has suction cups that attach to the bathroom mirror. Simply ball up the bib when you're finished and toss the clippings effortlessly into the trash. Voila! No mess.

Simplify Your Mani With Gel Strips

Things sure have come a long way in the manicure world. Where you only used to be able to choose from various shades of nail polish, now you can choose from polish, dip powder, press-on nails or nail strips like these from NAILOG. These semi-cured strips are made from real gel liquids and can last up to 14 days. It's all the beauty of a professional mani for less than $16.

Don't Be So Callous


Serious callouses require serious tools, like this rechargeable electric foot file that has five different roller heads. This callus remover has two speeds and a digital battery display so you can easily see how much battery life is left. This water-resistant tool can also be rinsed clean or used in the shower so you can get the baby-soft feet you really deserve without an expensive trip to the spa.

Hair Clips That Look Like They're Straight Out of the 80s


There are unlimited uses for this 10-pack of neon hair clips I found in Amazon's Hot New Releases category. I use them to section my hair when I'm drying or styling it, but you could also use them to keep your hair out of your face when applying makeup or when washing your face. These are designed to avoid leaving creases or marks in your hair so all you see is your stunning style.

The Biggest Beach Blanket


I've never once been to the beach and thought, "Boy, I wish this blanket were smaller." I've only wished it were bigger. They don't come much larger than this 79-in. by 83-in. beach blanket that's large enough to accommodate up to seven adults. (It also comes in a mammoth 108-in. by 120-in. size.) This blanket is lightweight and windproof and comes with its own storage bag.

Retinol to the Rescue

I'm always on the lookout for new (and inexpensive) skincare treatments. The LilyAna Naturals brand on Amazon is highly touted and this retinol serum, which treats dark spots and acne scars, promises to be no different. Made from all-natural, vegan ingredients, this serum reduces inflammation and promotes your skin's natural collagen production, leaving you with a more radiant complexion.

Hydrate In Style


I might have a tiny huge addiction to water bottles. Seriously, there's no room in my cabinets for actual glasses or cups as a result. This 32-oz. water bottle might have a new home with me, thanks to its numerous features including multiple lids, a built-in straw and motivational markings to keep you on track. I love the ombre look of the one pictured, but it also comes in clear and black if you prefer something more neutral.

The Best Way to Budget


Sometimes the old ways of budgeting (envelopes and binders) are better than the new ways (spreadsheets and smartphone apps). This budgeting system from Soul Mama harkens to the old way of budgeting that involves distributing cash into 10 envelopes to spend on various categories. The cash envelopes fit into a ringed binder that's small enough to stash in your bag.

A Feline Fountain


Pets are hard work, O.K.? So, you need every resource at your disposal to make taking care of them simpler. This pet fountain is an automatic waterer for your pets with a triple-filtration system, a 95-ounce capacity and two drinking modes. It's the perfect addition to your home that your cats will probably ignore while looking at your disdainfully from across the room.

Check Your Fitness Circle


When I first saw this photo, I was like, "Uh..." Then, I started reading about this smart weighted fitness hoop and decided it was pretty cool. The manufacturer claims you can burn up to 800 calories each workout, just 30 minutes a day, five days a week. Think of it like a more purposeful hula hoop that you don't have to worry about falling down around your feet.

Puppy Sips on the Go


If you spend much time outside with your pets, you know the need for quick and easy access to fresh water — and not just for yourself. This collapsible dog bowl takes up very little room, making it an easy addition to your outdoor routine. The attached carabiner clip attaches to a pet leash, belt or backpack with ease. Simply pop it out and fill with water (or food) as needed.

No Games, Just a Gaming Mousepad


I'm not a gamer. I've never been a gamer and at 43 years old, I'm not likely to turn into one. I do, however, appreciate an oversized mouse pad that gives me plenty of room for movement on my desktop. This RGB gaming mouse pad is made from anti-fray cloth and is waterproof and has a non-slip backing. The coolest part is the 13 lighting modes that put on their own light show while you're gaming the day away.

I Love It When a Planner Comes Together


Depending on where you live, you're only a few short weeks away from the start of another school year. Keeping tasks and assignments organized is critical, which is why this student planner is a must-have for students of all ages. Dated July 2021 to June 2022, it encompasses the entire school year and offers both monthly and weekly views to stay on top of tasks. And like any good planner, it comes with cool stickers.

Laser Focus


​You know who laser pointers are fun for? Cats. You know who else laser pointers are fun for? People who actually need them for a presentation. This laser pointer is an equal opportunity tool that works equally as well for presentations as it does for annoying your cat. It charges via USB and includes a flashlight and a built-in anti-drop clip.

You Pop and You Don't Stop

Remember a couple of years back when fidget toys were all the rage? They're baaaack, this time in a supersized form known, appropriately, as "big pop-it toys." (Hey, don't hate me, I didn't name them.) This one is available in round and square sizes with all the bubble-popping action you can handle. Buy one for yourself and one for the kids ... or just one for yourself.

Try This Clip-On Collander


I don't know why it took someone so long to come up with a clip-on colander, but I feel like this might have been my million-dollar idea before someone beat me to it. Available in large and XXL sizes, this strainer doesn't require any additional pans to clean. Just pop it on the pan that needs drained and then throw it in the dishwasher when you're finished.

Time Out For Toothbrushes


Whip all your toothbrushes into line with this seven-slot toothbrush holder from Gorilla Grip. There's room for the whole family to stash their toothbrushes here, with room left over for your favorite pastes. It also comes in a smaller size that's appropriate for four brushes. These are popular as a few colors are waiting to come back in stock, but you can grab black, bronze or white right now.

Tote A Meal — Hot Or Cold


One thing I've always hated about lunch totes is how ridiculously small they are ... or, maybe I just choose all the wrong things. Either way, someone heard my cries and finally developed a portable lunch organizer that's large enough to cram full of stuff. This one is also insulated to keep your food hot or cold for up to six hours. The pockets on the outside are pretty handy, too.

You Mist Try This Sprayer


Someone in my house has an obsession with the spray oils you can buy at the store and omg, I find those to be so gross and full of chemicals. With this oil sprayer (which can also double as a vinegar sprayer or a sprayer of whatever things you want to spray), you can control precisely what ingredients you're consuming in a large and wide mist format.

Stash Your Phone On The Dash


The dashboard in my car is — I don't know — weird. There are zero places I can put a traditional phone holder, which means it ends up in my cup holder every. single. time. This phone holder is designed with an especially long arm so that you can place it anywhere and still keep it safely within reach. The gooseneck features a 360-degree rotation for your best viewing angle at all times.

Get (Everything) Lit


Speaking of goosenecks (how's that for a transition?), this electric candle lighter is the bee's knees. It features a windproof design with an electric arc ignition in a completely USB-rechargeable format. Worried about your kiddos getting their hands on this? Stop, because it also has a safety lock design for just that reason. There are no more empty lighters in your future with this bad boy.

Pay Tribute to Black Mamba


It's hard to believe it's been a year-and-a-half since the basketball world said goodbye to Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. I haven't loved all the tribute pieces I've seen, but this Black Mamba jersey with a subtle snakeskin pattern is an awesome remembrance piece for the shooting guard. Grab it in either of Bryant's Lakers numbers — No. 8 or No. 24.

A Utility Cart With Endless Uses


Imagine the possible uses of this three-tier rolling cart, would you? It would be perfect for an artist a la the photo above, as additional pantry space, as a rolling wet bar or as extra storage in the garage. You can literally use it for all the things. And, because it's less than $35, you can afford to buy more than one to put them in all the spaces you've always needing "something," but never knew what.

I Scream, You Scream — It's Homemade Ice Cream Containers


As a kid, I can plainly remember my parents making homemade ice cream on our back patio. But, I don't remember them having these cool reusable homemade ice cream containers. Maybe that's because we never had leftovers or maybe it's because it was the 1980s and no one had dreamed up such a convenient gadget. Either way, you can buy a set of two now from Amazon for less than 18 bucks.

The Best Pillowcase for Your Hair and Face


My hair and skin have never looked better than they have since I started sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Who knew?! These 100% mulberry silk pillowcases are great for eliminating frizzy hair and face wrinkles and also stay cool throughout the night to keep you cool. You can snag these in standard, queen and king sizes, and a hidden zipper helps keep them in place.

Snug as a Bug on This Rug


It doesn't take much to transform a space; sometimes a nice rug is all you need. But, rugs are expensive! I hear you. This shaggy rug style isn't, though, at just $32 for the largest size in a variety of fashion colors. Reviewers rave about how soft and plush it is, with one adding: "This rug just looks like it was expensive." Except it wasn't, which will be our little secret.

Watch What This Band Can Do


You don't have to pay $50, $40 or even $30 for a stylish band to update your Apple Watch. These sport replacement straps are cheap at just $7 apiece and come in a plethora of colors from blue and pink to purple and neon yellow (my personal fave). They're also available in whatever size Apple Watch you have, from 38 to 44mm. At this price, you can change up your look every day.

Check These Spice Girls


If the farmhouse decor style is your thing, you have to make room for this salt and pepper shaker duo. Made out of glass with stainless steel lids, this set will look great perched on your kitchen table. They can be refilled easily, too, thanks to the included mini funnel. The set also includes a small brush you can use for keeping the interiors of the jars sparkling clean.

Cool Color-Changing Cups


I probably don't have to tell you about the cup craze that Starbucks has started across the country, but I do have to let you in on a little secret: Other places have the same color-changing cup style without the inflated price tag or the need to hunt down every Starbucks in a 60-mile radius. These color-changing cups include two solids and two confetti cups and they'll come right to your mailbox for less than $20.