This pandemic is far from over and I think it's about time we all take a collective breath and de-stress. In times like these, even my daily yoga isn't enough to keep me centred and relaxed. There are not enough downward dogs in the world that could help me find my zen. It seems like every little inconvenience has me ugly crying and I desperately need to locate my chill.

Enter the 37 products that saved me from more than a couple not so cute moments. The only way I've been able to help myself is to make small adjustments that make the everyday annoyances a little more bearable. Simple products like a vacuum sealer for my wine, dryer balls and an egg timer help alleviate the daily stressors that can build up and distract you from being your most fabulous self. Don't let the daily hassles stop you from reaching #girlboss potential, let us help with some cheap, simple fixes.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Keep Your Private Information Private


If you've ever been stressed about tossing out mail, prescription bottles, or anything else with your personal info on it, you're not alone - identity theft is not a joke and is legit scary. This handy little gadget has given me some serious peace of mind; one swipe and my info is hidden forever.

Plastic Water Bottles Are SO Last Year

I have struggled so long to find a cute, reusable water bottle, that's also dishwasher safe. If you're anything like me it seems like an impossible task. Well, look no further: this one is seriously amazing. It fits perfectly into my car cup holder too, and the lid is completely spill-proof.

De-Stress With These Amazing Scents

During this pandemic, I've been washing my hands every chance I get. But ordinary soap has my hands feeling all dried out, it's gross. This soap, however, keeps my skin super soft all day long. Plus, the essential oil scents help wash away allllll of my stress.

This Will Help You Organize Your Life


If you're anything like me, your desk looks like a tornado just passed through; I have papers stacked in no particular order and finding the one I need is always a hassle. Cue this organization hack. It was a huge saviour; the removable folder pockets rescued my mess of papers and keeps me oh so organized.

Never Have A Bad Hair Day Again


If I let my hair air dry, I literally never know what I'm gonna get. I've been on the hunt for years for a tool that would prevent me from ever having another bad hair day, and I think I finally found it! This diffuser keeps my curls intact and is so easy to use. The best part? It won't damage your hair as much as other tools, so your locks will stay healthy.

Your Beauty Routine Is About To Get Easier


This is seriously the mirror you didn't know you needed. If you've been stuck DIYing your eyebrows during the pandemic, this mirror will help you ensure you get all those tiny hairs and that your shape is on point. I bought it on a whim, and haven't looked back since.

Calling All Wine Enthusiasts!


In normal times, me and the girls could easily finish a bottle of wine in one night, but with virtual girls' nights, I find myself with leftover wine and no idea how to store it. This vacuum sealer has been super helpful - it keeps my wine tasting amazing for so much longer after opening it.

Make Meal Planning Fun


I'll be the first to admit I'm guilty of never knowing what to make for dinner, and all my Uber Eats orders are seriously breaking the bank. This notepad has seriously helped me plan my meals and my grocery lists. Don't wait - this belongs in your cart ASAP.

This Gadget Is Small But Powerful


I have so many clothing items that are such a pain to iron, and most of them were just hanging all wrinkly in the back of my closet because seriously who is ironing? This tiny, powerful steamer has made getting rid of creases and wrinkles a quick, easy task.

Do Your Workouts In Style


Having cute workout gear on is usually what motivates me to hit the gym, but your typical athleticwear stores can be so expensive. I personally LOVE these leggings - the quality is top-notch, but the price is something my wallet loves too.

Turn Your Phone Into A Mini TV


I love Netflix as much as the next girl, but watching my favourite shows and movies on my phone is *not* it. This item is the best: big screen, but lightweight, and hassle-free. It's perfect for whenever I have to travel again but also if I want to watch a show in bed.

This Is A Spring Cleaning Must-Have


My tiles were in serious need of some TLC, and I thought a toothbrush would do the job. Boy, was I wrong. These brushes have the strongest bristles I've ever seen, perfect for getting rid of serious dirt build-up. If your home is in need o a deep clean, look no further than these brushes.

Keep Your Kitchen Gear Organized


I spend a ton of time cooking and baking, so I'm always on the hunt for super practical kitchen items. My measuring spoons are normally all over the place, so I was in serious need of a way to keep them all together and in one place. These magnetic ones stick together, so no more hunting for the right size in the back of my drawers.

Get Comfy With This Set


I've been working from home for the past year, and I must say, comfy PJs make my workday go by so much quicker. These pyjama sets are oh so soft, and perfect for sitting at my desk all day. They don't look toooo much like PJs though, so if I need to hop on a quick Zoom call, I don't even have to change. Winning.

Pack Your Essentials Neatly


While I won't be doing much international travelling this summer, I'm super excited to go on some hiking and camping trips. I always struggle to pack cutlery and usually end up tossing my forks into my bag. This set has been a lifesaver: it doesn't take up too much space and keeps all my things clean and organized.

Get Rid Of Those Pimples, ASAP

Maskne is no joke: I would be lying if I said my chin, jaw, and cheeks haven't been breaking out more than usual this past year from wearing masks. These little patches are a miracle; they literally make my pimples disappear overnight. Your skin will thank you, I promise.

You Need This Laundry Gadget

If you get annoyed by long dry times, clothes coming out of the dryer static-y, or clothes coming out still wet, this item is calling your name. Dryer balls have seriously helped me cut down on my laundry time, and these little hedgehog ones are so cute that they almost make doing laundry fun.

Keep All Your Rings On Your Fingers

I've been ordering tons of jewellery online lately, and I've definitely been a victim of ordering rings in the wrong size - usually, they're so big they fall off. Getting them resized can be pricey, but this little gadget can make your rings slip-proof in seconds.

Buying This Kitchen Gadget Is Long Overdue

Nothing is worse than picking up a soggy sponge when you're about to start doing the dishes - so gross. This sink caddy solves that problem, and it doesn't take up any precious counter space. Say goodbye to moisture buildup!

Every Dog Owner Needs This Pet Hair Detailer


Okay, so I'll be the first to admit that I'm obsessed with my dog. But when it comes to pet hair on my furniture or clothes, I'm not a fan. If you know the feeling, you need this, it will make life so much better and a lot less fluffy - you can thank me later.

The Kitchen Hack That Actually Works


I seriously don't know how I lived without this strainer for so long; this is just one of those kitchen hacks that everyone needs. Now you can drain your canned fruit, veggies and salmon without worrying about the annoying mess.

Calling All Science Lovers

Carry your lab with you while you're on the go and inspect your favourite plants or objects up close. The clarity, magnification, and lighting on this compact, pocket-sized microscope are absolutely unreal. Who said microscopes were only for lab experiments? Guaranteed you'll have fun with this.

Get Your Kitchen Cutlery Sparkling Clean


I'm sure many of us can agree there is nothing more satisfying than cleaning. And what better way to clean your cutlery than with this genius cutlery brush? It is sure to get those tough specs that never seem to come off no matter how many times you put them into the dishwasher. Clean, sparkling kitchenware? We love to see it.

You Never Have to Worry About Overcooking Your Eggs Again


If you just breathed a sigh of relief reading that title, you're not alone. Remove the guesswork out of boiling eggs; this is a gadget that totally works. Hard-boiled, soft boiled, whichever you prefer you can now say hello to the perfect eggs every time.

Give Your Floors the Deep Scrub They Need


If you love cleaning but hate the hassle, you need this scrubber. Simply pop in your AirPods, select your favourite podcast, and scrub away for the perfect deep clean in every one of your corners and hard-to-reach nooks. Your home will be effortlessly spotless in no time.

The Cute Shower Hooks That Are Having A Moment Right Now


If you're giving your bathroom an upgrade, it's impossible to pass on these shower hooks. These ones are so cute and so easy to hang your curtains from. The true definition of utility meets style and we're so here for it.

The Pillow That Feels Like A Giant Marshmallow


Say hello to the fluffiest, dreamiest pillows. Drift into a blissful night's rest or afternoon snooze and awaken feeling refreshed, without the neck ache. Amazon's choice, this product is everyone's favourite for a reason. Wishing you sweet dreams.

The Cutlery Organizer That Checks All The Boxes


Messy drawers are a major no for me. Embrace spring cleaning and make your cutlery drawers your next re-organization project. Keeping your cutlery organized is so satisfying and what better way to do it, than with this compact and convenient organizer tray?

This Lamp Matches Every Vibe


Different moods call for different coloured lighting and we totally get that - sometimes you're just feeling purple lighting. Not to mention, colour definitely can affect your mood. Best of all? You can control brightness, mode, and colour! A true gem of a find.

The Knife Sharpener I've Been Loving Right Now


Ugh. I'm sure you can all back me up here, there is little that is more annoying than a dull kitchen knife. I always know my knives need sharpening when I can barely slice and tomato. Sharpen and polish your knives with this incredibly compact sharpener; a must-have for any kitchen.

The Matching Towel Set I've Been Dreaming Of

2021 is the year of matching sweatsuits, matching sweat sets and now...matching towel sets! I've been lusting after a towel set like this for ages and I'm so glad I finally caved. These will single-handedly transform your bathroom aesthetic, I promise.

The Heavenly Duvet Set Everyone is Obsessing Over


Let me tell you, this duvet set lives up to the hype. Amazon's Choice for a reason, this duvet set is a clear winner and the glowing reviews definitely stand by that. One reviewer wrote, "I had one of the best nights sleep last night in a long time due to this comforter and I cannot be happier." Run, don't walk before this set sells out!

The Affordable Dishcloths I Can't Get Enough Of

Honestly, I'm obsessed with everything neutral this season, including the colour brown. These dishcloths are so trendy and fit my kitchen vibe so well. Trust me, when dishcloths are this cute, you gotta grab them - it truly makes all the difference for your kitchen.

The Gadget All Coffee Lovers Swear By


We've all been there: You've made a great cup of hot coffee but maybe you spend too long answering emails or you get swept up in an unexpected phone call - and suddenly your coffee isn't so hot anymore. This gadget is the perfect quick fix so you never have to drink your coffee cold again. It's so good it'll leave you wondering how you lived without it so long.

Make the Smoothest and Creamiest Mashed Potatoes


​One of my most favourite foods is mashed potatoes and the best mashed potatoes are two things, creamy and silky smooth. If you're struggling to get that perfect steakhouse-like consistency, you need this potato masher. Seriously, this makes mashing potatoes so easy and the end result is top-notch.

The Chargeable Lighter That Has Got Us Hooked

Hands down, this might be my favourite sping buy so far. No longer do I need to worry about burning my hand as I try and light my candles, this lighter reaches in for you. Say goodbye to matches and welcome this rechargeable lighter into your home. It will make cozy that much easier.

Keep the Bugs Out This Summer


I'm sure we can all relate to the annoyingness of trying to fall asleep and hearing the buzzing of a fly zooming about. If you love fresh air in your home but hate the bugs that accompany the breeze, this product is a must. Breathe in the fresh air without the uninvited visitors.