37 Products Basically Necessary For Grown Lady Life

Grown ladies have a lot on their plates. They've got to be financially savvy, professionally put-together and time management superstars to accomplish all the things they need to on any given day.

If you still have some learning to do, don't worry. We've got products that'll help you gain work-life balance, how to pack a healthy lunch, and how to sneak a few more minutes of sleep while shortening your morning routine. Grow!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

These Wine Charms Are Darling

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These flower wine charms are a much better way to claim your glass than trying to decipher whose lipstick marks those are. These super-cute silicone markers easily adjust to fit many sizes of stemware, and come in a set of 12 different designs so everyone can choose their fave.

This Mesh Beach Tote Holds All Your Sunny Day Essentials

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Whether you're a thorough packer or braving the beach with kids, you'll need this oversized mesh tote to carry all your must-haves. It comes in 12 cool color combos and has eight large pockets to hold everything from insulated water bottles to sunscreen to beach toys. The mesh is key for the beach since it'll let the sand filter right out and it's waterproof!

This Glass Tumbler Is Classy Hydration

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It's hard to remember to drink a full eight glasses of water a day but it helps your body function so much better on a cellular level, plus your skin will look amazing. This classy 20 oz glass tumbler will help you get your hydration on in style - the silicone grip comes in eight pretty colors that'll look great on your desk. Your coworkers are about to be so jelly.

This Fun Soap Screams Quirky-Cuteness

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I love home decor that doesn't take itself too seriously, like this pineapple soap dispenser with tropical-scented suds. It's the perfect touch to add a little summer to your space and easy (and cheap!) to switch out when the seasons change. Think of it as a pineapple pick-me-up that'll make you smile every time you wash your hands!

This Refrigerator Deodorizer Is Brr-fect

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Sure you could just use an open box of baking soda to keep scary fridge odors at bay, but why would you when this penguin refrigerator deodorizer exists? You simply fill Chill Bill, as he likes to be called, with baking soda and the ventilation holes on his back let the air circulate to deodorize stanky leftovers or that stuff hanging out at the back of the fridge since the last presidency.

This Funny Mug Keeps Coworkers On Their Toes

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Look, you're a nice person, but if Bob from Accounting comes by one more time to ask for your expense report receipts, there will be blood. Give everyone fair warning of your fierceness with this oversized mug that proclaims "Blood of My Enemies (JK It's Coffee)". It'll hold 15 oz of your favorite caffeine while keeping your coworkers guessing about your capacity for violence: win/win!

These Dish Washing Cloths Are Stink-Free

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Dish washing is nobody's idea of a good time (if it is, maybe rethink your life choices?), but these net dish washing cloths make it a little less gross. They don't hold on to food particles like traditional sponges do, and won't incubate stinky bacteria since they rinse clean and dry superfast. Plus, they pack scrubbing power thanks to the net design that scours off even burnt-on food. Bye, sponges!

This Pet Odor Eliminator Keeps It So Fresh & So Clean

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You might be finally living your dream of rescuing all the animals or proudly consider yourself a crazy cat lady, but your house doesn't have to smell like it. This Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator has over 3,400 rave reviews for its destinkifying power. It'll clean carpets, tile, pet beds, chicken coops, litter boxes - you name it. And even though it's a near industrial-strength cleaner, it's made from cold pressing orange peels and is biodegradable and non-toxic.

This Bra Strap Holder Stops The Slip

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Life's too short to keep constantly retrieving your bra straps when they've yet again slipped off your shoulders. For under $8, you can change your life with this set of stretchy, adjustable bra strap holders that keep straps in place. Save yourself aggravation and walk confidently into any situation looking your best with everything in its place!

These Organizer Hangers Free Up So Much Space

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As an unrepentant athleisure enthusiast, my drawers are packed so full of tanks and leggings that I don't even know what I own anymore. I need these organizer hangers, stat, to neatly hang my workout tops and leggings so I can see everything at once and also free up so much drawer space, since I share both a dresser and a small closet with my husband. I know. #firstworldproblems

This Bento Box Set Is The Best Adult Lunchbox

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Not only is this bento box set incredibly handy it's very easy on the eyes and makes me look forward to desk lunch, which I can't say about a lot of things. It comes with a sleek leak-proof, four compartment bento box, pretty mint green lunchbag with mesh pocket for the slim icepack and even includes a BPA-free spoon! People are raving about the ease of use and cleanup, plus the fact that what you put in the separate containers stays that way, no mixing or leaking here.

These Reusable Straws Are So Cheerful

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I like a sleek metal straw as much as the next lady, but there's just something about these rainbow reusable straws that looks so festive and happy. You get 24 straws in a variety of eight pretty colors ranging from aqua to hot pink and everything in between! And clean-ups a breeze since the durable hard plastic straws are dishwasher safe. The best part is that they're long enough to use with 20 oz Yeti tumblers, so they'll fit even your tallest cups!

These Drawer Organizers Are Kondo-riffic

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The state of my sock and underwear drawers is quite frankly, atrocious. What I need are these drawer organizers that have neat little compartments for all my unmentionables and beyond. The set comes with four bins - one for bras, underwear/ties, socks and small accessories and has almost 3,000 stellar reviews on Amazon.

These Head Wrap Hair Bands Slay Bad Hair Days

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Frizzy hair, flat strands, greasy roots? Never fear, these head wrap hair bands let you laugh in the face of bad hair days and look really good doing it! This pack of four supersoft, stretchy headbands comes in a bunch of pretty floral patterns that'll match everything in your closet.

This Makeup Brush Drying Rack Is Incredibly Useful

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Washing makeup brushes is an annoying chore, but this makeup brush drying rack makes the process so much less painful since it contains all your brushes in a compact space and helps them air dry a lot faster. This collapsible rack holds 28 brushes and folds flat when not in use - gotta love insanely helpful gadgets with a small storage footprint!

This Phone Wallet Holds Everything You Need

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Just think of this phone wallet as the command center of your bag - it holds your phone (obvs), cards, cash and ID so all your essentials are right at your fingertips. The magnetic closure keeps your goods safely sealed and there's a cutout so you can use the camera without removing your phone from the case. Choose from pretty rose gold, warm brown or chic black - or get all three since the price is amazing.

This Fancy Room Spray Is Gol-Darn Delicious

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All grown-ass ladies should have a signature scent, and this light and lovely Pear Blossom Agave room spray could be yours.  This isn't some cloying air freshener we're talking about - I imagine it probably smells like a fancy lady's NYC apartment in springtime. The best part is it's a hard-working multitasker - you can use it to freshen laundry, as a pre-iron spray and a bed linen mist in addition to a room spray. Get your spritz on, woman!

These Luxe Pens Upgrade Your Office Supplies

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Forget boring Bic ballpoints when you upgrade to these luxe metallic pens - they come in gold, silver or rose gold and you can choose from blue or black ink. These sleek little numbers come in a set of six, which is good since you're going to have a hard time keeping your coworkers' mitts off these beauties.

This Blowdry Primer Spray Speeds Up Your Morning Routine

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Grown-ass ladies show up on time to work, looking calm, cool and collected. Keep up professional appearances while also snagging a few more minutes of shut-eye with this blowdry primer spray that cuts your hair drying time and protects from heat damage. Some of the 500 happy reviewers claim it cuts their drying time in half for long, thick locks. That's at least three hits of the snooze button - worth it.

These Makeup Remover Pens Are A Quick Fix

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We've all been there - you've got your makeup juuust right and are putting the finishing touches on your mascara when all of a sudden...big smudge right in the middle of your perfectly-applied undereye concealer. Dry your tears and whip out one of these makeup remover pens to quickly clean up any stray makeup without starting all over. These come in a set of three so you can keep one in your purse for on-the-go touchups, too!

This Curling Iron Set Is A Hair Game-Changer

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If you want maximum versatility in a curling iron with the ability to create any styles from spiral curls to beach waves, look no further than this 4-in-1 curling iron set. You get four tourmaline ceramic curling wand attachments, a heat-resistant glove so you don't burn your fingers when wrapping hair around the wand and customizable heat controls so you don't fry your hair.

This Hair Minimizing Lotion Cuts Shave Frequency

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Grown-ass ladies choose beauty products that work smarter, like this hair-minimizing body butter that reduces how often you need to shave because you are a very busy lady with more important things to do. Simply apply to legs after shaving and enjoy slowed hair growth so you can knock daily shaving off your to-do list. One happy reviewer says after less than a month of use, she only has to shave 2 times a week now!

This Chapstick Holder Ensures Smooth Lips

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I can't count the number of times I've bought a new lip balm because I can't find the one I know is hiding somewhere at the bottom of my bag. Now I own more chapstick than I could ever use in this lifetime. Stop the madness with this ingenious chapstick holder that keeps soft lips at your fingertips since it clips on to your bag so it's always handy. It comes in five pretty colors so you can coordinate with all your bags. Seriously, reviewers LOVE this thing.

This Sports Bra Set Is Great For All Sizes

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If there's one thing grown ladies know, it's the need for a supportive sports bra. But good quality doesn't always need to break the bank - case in point: this sports bra set that has lifelong fans of all bra sizes. The set of three bras come in sizes to fit 28A through 44DDD and offer plenty of support for larger busts, which is often a problem in less-expensive bras. The removable pads, ventilation panels, wide straps and body-wick fabric keep you cool and contained whether you're running a marathon or doing gentle yoga. Don't just take my word for it, check out some of the 4,500+ rave reviews!

This Work-Life Planner Brings Balance

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Finding that ever-elusive work/life balance isn't easy, but this handy planner is here to help! It has spaces for work to-dos, personal to-dos and a section on mind, body, relationships and gratitude intentions to focus on for the week. Each day even has eight little water glass icons so you make sure to stay hydrated. Stay zen and get $hit done, my grown lady friends.

These Anti-Chafe Thigh Bands Stop The Burn

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Wearing dresses and skirts is awesome, but the resulting thigh chafing is not. Grab yourself a pair of these indispensable anti-chafe thigh bands to wear seamlessly under all your pretties. They come in 13 designs and six sizes to fit all shapes and sizes of beautiful bodies. And they have thousands of enthusiastic reviews!

This All-Occasion Card Set Covers All Your Bases

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You won't be running to the store to find the perfect card for life's occasions when you stock up on this pretty greeting card set. You'll get 40 unique designs - no repeats - for all your correspondence needs from birthdays to sympathies to new babies, plus friendship and encouragement and a few blank ones for those times that don't fall into neat categories.

These Extra Sharp Tweezers Do It All

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You know what else grown ladies have? Eyebrows on point. Get yours with these extra-sharp tweezers that find every last stray hair threatening to ruin your perfect arch. You can also use them for less pleasant tasks, like removing splinters or ticks in case you were wondering. With over 2,700 rave reviews and under $10, this is one of the smartest purchases you can make!

These Luggage Poms Quickly Identify Your Bags

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No one likes waiting at the baggage carousel, wondering which of the 9,000 identical black wheeled bag is might be theirs. Identify your suitcase right out of the gate with these colorful luggage markers. Choose from a ton of color combos - match your school or favorite sports team's colors or just pick your fave (I'm partial to Mermaid).

This Personal Alarm Keeps You Safe

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Grown ladies take charge of their safety. If you're a fan of a certain true crime podcast, you're familiar with the tagline "Stay sexy and don't get murdered". And that's exactly what this personal alarm will help you do with its 120 decibel piercingly LOUD sound. It's small enough to clip on to any bag or carry in your pocket so you never need to leave home without it.

These Hair Bands Tame The Thickest Locks

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Elastics meant for little girls' hair just can't hold up to a full, thick mane of grown lady hair. These ultra-stretchy Burly Bands can handle whatever your heavy, thick or curly locks can dish out. They come in black, blonde, two brown tones and two gray colors to match many hair colors and get amazing reviews for their no-droop hold that lasts all day.

This Wine Stain Remover Keeps Your Place Nice

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Sophisticated ladies can't have red wine stains messing up their clothing or home decor - that's why they use Wine Away for fresh or dried party fouls. This wildly popular cleaning spray is made in the USA from a women-owned company, and it can remove latex paint, graffiti and grease, too. What can't it do, I ask you?

This Hem Tape Is A Quick Wardrobe Fix

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Temporarily need your pants a little shorter to wear with flats but don't want to spend time or money permanently altering them? Just use this hem tape for a quick fix to shorten hemlines on dresses, skirts, pants or jeans. It's especially useful if you're using one of those Rent The Dress type services where you can't actually alter the clothing!

This Special Healing Powder Solves Your Skin Woes

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Want a way to sop up face grease and stop breakouts in their tracks? I gotchu, fam. This Mario Badesco Special Healing Powder uses sulfur, kaolin clay and zinc oxide to reduce redness and clear up skin problems lightning fast. It helps with everything from the occasional pimple to stubborn cystic acne and really works.

This Literary Cocktail Book Is Book Club Must-Have

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Any literary fans will be immediately charmed by this witty cocktail book, Are You There God? It's Me, Margarita. With recipes such as Fifty Shades of Grey Goose, The Handmaid's Ale and Goodnight Moonshine you're sure to find a favorite drink with a (questionably) intellectual spin.

This Financial Book Is For Badass Grown-Ladies

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You Are A Badass At Making Money is the book grown ladies need to get their finances in order. In their review, the "Black Girls Think & Grow Rich Bookclub" says it's full of "aha nuggets" and incredibly fun. Make it rain, ladies!

These Resistance Bands Take Your Workout Anywhere

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Grown ladies are well-aware that strength training as we get older is important for bone density and overall good health. This resistance band set makes it annoyingly easy to take your workout anywhere - no excuses! They'll fold up small enough to fit in your bag, are great travelers and take up no storage space at home but will give you a tough workout anytime, anywhere.