37 Before and After Product Photos That'll Make You Say, "Gross. I Can't Wait to Try That."

If you're squeamish, you might want to scroll on past. But if you're a weirdo like me and you enjoy all things gross, you're gonna love this list. I combed Amazon for the most useful, highly rated products that make impressive changes in people's lives. And yes, like the headline promises, these changes call for graphic before and after photos.

You won't want to miss the amazing effect of this wart remover gel, not to mention what customers dig up with their blackhead vacuums. If you're a neat freak, you might like the satisfying before and after shots of this mold and mildew remover. Go ahead, take a look at all 37 disgustingly wonderful products, and pick out the ones you can't wait to try for yourself.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

Extend the Life of Charging Cables With This Cool, Twisty Cord Protector

via: Amazon / Samantha

I admit, this particular product isn't so much "gross" as it is "incredibly useful." But I love the before and after shots so much that I figured it belongs on this list! All you do is take the tightly coiled cord protector and slip it onto any charging cable; the best spot is usually right at the end where the cord often splits and starts to fray.

Scrub Away Old, Crusty, Baked-On Grime With Bar Keepers Friend

via: Amazon / Shanalanahan

Your most disgusting pots and pans are no match for Bar Keepers Friend, a cleaning product that's been making stuff shine for decades. People use it on all kinds of things, from grills to oven windows, countertops to sinks, and more. One five-star reviewers suggests the name be changed to "Homeowner's Magician"!

Brighten, Whiten, and Prevent Mold With This Easy-to-Use Grout Pen

via: Amazon / WangYanyue

If your bathroom needs a makeover, this grout pen is an easy way to brighten things up in a flash! It comes in three shades to choose from, and is as easy to apply as drawing with a marker.  The formula even includes anti-bacterial agents that prevent mold and mildew, so grout lines will stay clean and fresh for a long time.

Clean and Brighten Car Headlights With This Headlight Restore Kit

via: Amazon / Christina

Whether you need your car to pass inspection or just want to make it look sharp, this headlight restore kit is a quick and easy way to clean headlights. The kit includes everything you need for the two-step process. First, clean the headlights with the polishing pad designed to remove haze  and road grime. Next, use the saturated microfiber wipe to leave the headlights crystal clear.

Clear Acne From Face and Body With This Indian Healing Clay Mask

via: Amazon / Clarence Balagtas

If you have breakouts over large areas of your face, chest, or back, this Indian Healing Clay Mask is a safe and effective treatment. Mix the dry clay with water or apple cider vinegar to form a smooth paste, then apply to affected skin and allow to dry. Wash away gently to reveal skin that's clean, tight, and healed.

Smooth Coarse or Frizzy Hair With This Hot Air Brush

via: Amazon / S.G.

If you're still blowdrying your hair with a heavy dryer in one hand and a round brush in the other, you owe it to yourself to give a hot air brush a try. It's easy to use, effective on most hair types, and is famous for leaving hair silky smooth and shiny. (Just promise me you'll use a thermal protection product on hair first!)

Treat Your Pup's Dirty, Smelly, Tender Ears With This Pet Ear Cleanser

via: Amazon / AmazonLurker

A favorite product among groomers and vet techs, this pet ear cleanser is safe and highly effective on even dirty, neglected ears. All you do is squirt some directly into the pet's ear, then let it work. Some people like to wipe out the ear with cotton swabs, but it's not required. One five-star reviewer said, "If you love your pets, you will keep this in your cabinet and ready for the next sore ear."

Give Your Rings Some Serious Sparkle With This Jewelry Spa

via: Amazon / Amazon Customer

I'm on my second jewelry spa, which proves how much I love this appliance. Put your rings, necklaces, and other jewelry into the basket, add water (a cleanser is optional), then turn it on. The vibrating action loosens oil and grime from jewelry, leaving them sparkling clean.

Erase Stains From Walls and Other Surfaces With This Magic Eraser

via: Amazon / LL

One of my favorite cleaning jobs is to grab a Magic Eraser and wander around the house looking for spots and stains to attack. This thing is so darned effective. Amazon customers recommend using them on walls, floors, kitchen counters, and oven doors. I also find them useful on spots that don't get cleaned often, like baseboards and light switches.

Wash Away Oil, Product Residue, and Pore-Clogging Impurities With This Makeup Brush Shampoo

via: Amazon / Denise

Look, I know it's a pain to clean your makeup brushes. I don't like doing it either. But if you don't, then all the makeup residue and oil from your skin builds up on your brushes, until you're just brushing that junk back onto your face every day! Yuck! Clean that stuff up with this highly rated makeup brush shampoo.

Shed Skin Like a Snake With These Popular Foot Peel Masks

via: Amazon / Patricia F. / Susan

Take my word for it, these foot peel masks work. My biggest piece of advice is to choose your timing carefully; if you want smooth, soft feet for a special event or vacation, make sure you use these masks at least two weeks in advance. After the treatment, your feet will slough layers of dead skin for at least a week, and you have to keep scrubbing it away. It's very satisfying and very effective.

Wipe Away the Day With These Gentle, Reusable Makeup Remover Cloths

via: Amazon / Xiomara Diaz

Perfect for sensitive skin, these soft microfiber makeup remover cloths work great with any facial cleanser (or even plain water). At about a dollar each, they're an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to disposable wipes (and yes, they're machine washable!). One five-star reviewer said, "pretty sure they're what Mulan's outfit was made of when she wiped her makeup off on her sleeve in the movie."

Make All Kinds of Stuff Oh-So-Shiny With These Metal Polishing Cloths

via: Amazon / v_vela

Wherever you are right now, look around. I bet you see at least one metal thing that could use a polish. Try these pre-moistened wipes on your watch, car chrome, bathroom fixtures, knick-knacks, and all the other metal stuff in your life.

Fight Disgusting Bathroom Mold With This Highly Rated Mold and Mildew Remover

via: Amazon / NMBR

If mold and mildew are creeping into your bathroom, this easy-to-use gel cleaner is the solution you need right this minute. Simply squeeze it directly onto moldy areas, wait a few hours, then rinse with warm water. Five-star reviewers call it "amazing" and "simply awesome."

Try an Alternative to Benzoyl Peroxide With This Clay-Based Cystic Acne Spot Treatment

via: Amazon / Renae

If you have cystic acne, you've probably already tried Benzoyl peroxide as a spot treatment. It can be effective, but also drying. An alternative is this cystic acne spot treatment made with bentonite clay, which draws impurities from pores while soothing sensitive skin. One five-star reviewer calls it a "miracle cure" for her stubborn acne.

Finally Grow Longer, Healthier Nails By Applying This Bitter-Tasting Nail Biting Polish

via: Amazon / Staci Winkler

If you or someone you care about has a nail biting habit, this bitter nail polish can really help. The polish looks like any clear nail polish, but it has a bitter (yet nontoxic) flavor. It's really effective at discouraging nail biting, and is safe to use on adults or kids ages 4 and up.

Protect Your Pet's Tender Paws from Icy or Hot Surfaces With This Paw Protection Wax

via: Amazon / Sabrina

Daily walks are crucial for dogs, but harsh weather can be painful or even damaging to their paws. Hot asphalt, icy sidewalks, salted roads, and other potentially dangerous surfaces all pose a risk. But! Treat paws with this paw protection wax, and not only will old wounds heal faster, but paws will be protected from future injuries.

Clean Even OLD Stains With This Red Wine Stain Remover That's Basically a Miracle

via: Amazon / PersianTess

This stain removing spray is basically magic. Not only does it work on red wine (the gold standard of tough stains), but you can also use it on coffee, blood, ink, tomato sauce, fruit punch, and other hideous stains. One reviewer called it, "Something that really does what it claims--imagine that!"

How Much Gunk Will Come Out of YOUR Ears With These Ear Wax Removal Drops? Only One Way to Find Out!

via: Amazon / ccarc / Carol

You probably know by now that q-tips aren't the most effective way to clean your ears. In fact, every time you shove a cotton swab in, you are likely packing the ear wax in more tightly. Instead, you should use these ear wax removal drops, which do the job right (and provide such satisfying results).

No Scrubbing Necessary With This Powerful Rust Stain Remover

via: Amazon / L. Ficks

I'm no stranger to elbow grease, but I must admit I love the idea of a powerful cleaning product that requires zero scrubbing. Just spray this rust removing gel onto the stain, wait, then rinse away the evidence. Reviewers swear by it for toilet rings, bathtub stains, and even on floors and carpets.

This Rechargeable Blackhead Vacuum Unclogs Pores for Cleaner Skin

via: Amazon / Anastasia Farrell

Whether you buy it for the gross factor or because you want clearer skin, the blackhead vacuum will leave you satisfied! With four changeable heads and three adjustable strength settings, you can customize the vacuum to your skin's needs. One five-star reviewer raved, "This makes my skin finally feel so clean and not oily and clogged!"

Clean Your Kicks With This Shoe Cleaning Kit

via: Amazon / J.W.

This shoe cleaner has been around for more than 30 years, and for good reason. The highly concentrated formula dissolves dirt and leaves shoes clean and conditioned. Use the included brush to scrub stubborn areas. Works great on cloth, leather, vinyl, nubuck, suede, and canvas shoes.

Regenerate and Renew Scarred or Wrinkled Skin With This Popular Korean Snail Repair Cream

via: Amazon / Skittles

Korean beauty products have just about taken over the beauty shelves, with snail mucus products leading the way to fresher, healthier skin. This repair cream is excellent for all skin types, and is particularly effective on acne-scarred or wrinkled skin. One five-star reviewer calls it the "best cream ever."

Clean and Deodorize Carpets, Upholstery, and Mattresses With This Stain Solution

via: Amazon / BL

They call this product Carpet Miracle for a reason! This stain fighter works on all water-safe surfaces, including carpets, furniture, and auto upholstery. Reviewers swear by it for everything from smelly pet stains to old, filthy carpets.

Brighten Your Smile Any Time, Any Place With This Portable Teeth Whitening Pen

via: Amazon / Emma Smith

There are plenty of options when it comes to teeth whitening, from expensive dentist-chair treatments to those uncomfortable strips, but this teeth whitening pen has got to be the most convenient method possible. It's as easy to use as you think it is: just swipe it on and...well, that's it! Whiter teeth in no time!

Heal Razor Bumps and Ingrown Hairs With the Highly Rated Tend Skin Solution

via: Amazon / Abby Graeter

If your skin flares up every time you shave, you really need to order a bottle of Tend Skin. It's been around forever, it seems like, and for good reason. This stuff works. Smooth on after every shave, and razor bumps and ingrown hairs will be a problem of the past.

Polish Away Stubborn Water Stains With This Water Mark Remover

via: Amazon / Roberta Kentspeth

I have two wood coffee tables, and no matter how many coasters and napkins I artfully display, someone always ends up leaving a sweaty glass out. Argh, water marks! But I shall fear no more, now that I know this water mark remover exists. The pre-treated cloth polishes away water marks, along with surface scratches, ink, and other blemishes.

Microplane Away Dry, Dead Skin With This Low-Tech Foot File

via: Amazon / Claire

There are a lot of fancy feet treatments out there (in face, there's one on this list!), but sometimes a basic tool does the job just fine. This foot file is exactly what it sounds like: a metal file you scrape over your feet to microplane away dry, dead skin. One 5-star reviewer loves this file so much he said it should win an award!

Clean Upholstery Better With the Specially Designed Nozzle on This Pet Hair Vacuum

via: Amazon / Stephanie

My big dog Rosie is a lover and a shedder. I have to vacuum and lint-roll my house constantly, but I'm thinking the job might be a little bit easier with this pet hair vacuum. It's designed specifically for pet hair with a specially shaped nozzle and multi-layer filter.

Finally Make Your Toilet Look Presentable With This Toilet Bowl Ring Remover

via: Amazon / SeymourButts

If you have an older house or hard water, you know the pain and embarrassment of unsightly toilet rings. The worst part is, even if you clean and bleach your toilet, that ring can still be there! That's when you need to use this toilet bowl pumice. It will finally banish that ring and leave your toilet looking actually clean.

Safely Remove Annoying, Bad-Breath-Causing Gunk With This Lighted Tonsil Stone Remover

via: Amazon / Amazon Customer

I've been looking at a lot of weird products, but this tonsil stone remover wins the blue ribbon for grossest. Apparently, some people get stinky globs of gunk lodged in their tonsils. And this long, flexible, lighted tool can scoop them right out. And then, people like to take photos and share them online. I am learning so much.

Prevent Clogged Shower Drains With the Ingenious Tub Shroom

via: Amazon / Sharon J Loftus

This is a smart little product that prevents a lot of misery. Simply plop the Tub Shroom into your shower drain, then pull it out periodically to clean off any hair or gunk. That's it! You'll avoid annoying clogs, slow-moving water and expensive plumber visits with one nifty little gadget.

Heal Plantar and Common Warts Quickly and Safely With This Highly Rated Wart Remover Gel

via: Amazon / Maria Efting

If you're here for the before-and-after photos, this is the product for you. People love to photograph their warts, treat them with this wart gel, and then photograph the happy results. Go ahead and take a look at the user photos for more gross-yet-wonderful wart journeys.

Dissolve Ugly, Odor-Causing Residue With These Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets

via: Amazon / princesita

I almost passed these washing machine cleaning tablets on by, thinking they weren't exciting enough for this list. But then I remembered how gross that rubber flap around the top of the washer gets. Have you looked under there?? Apparently, these tablets dissolve even that gunk, which makes me really want to try these.

Clear the Hairy Clogs From Shower and Sink Drains With This FlexiSnake Drain Tool

via: Amazon / Sabrina

As anyone with long hair will tell you, every shower and sink drain in the house eventually gets gummed up with hairy, soap-scummy clogs. When the water backs up, it's time to break out the FlexiSnake Drain Tool and clean that mess up!

Clean Travel Mugs, Vases, Water Bottles, and More With These Bottle Bright Cleaning Tablets

via: Amazon / Sabrina

This is one of the most satisfying cleaning products I've ever used. Take any stained bottle or container, fill with hot water, plop in a tablet, and wait. Before long, the magic formula fizzes away old coffee, mineral stains from hard water, or whatever else is plaguing your vessels.

Bring New Life to Dry, Stained Wood With This Beeswax Wood Polish

via: Amazon / Pantera1014

Safe for antiques and wood of all kinds, this rich beeswax polish conditions wood and leaves behind a smooth, shiny surface. One five-star reviewer said, "I used this on my grandma's antique dresser to get rid of some water marks, and was absolutely shocked and thrilled at the same time! Worth every penny!"