37 Problem Solving Products Every Grown Woman Needs In Their Life Right Now

My life is busy, which is why every little time-saving trick, styling shortcut, and household hack helps. Running a house, running after kids, taking care of babies, taking care of business…it can get pretty chaotic.

Luckily, when you’re an Amazon addict like me, a solution can be delivered to your door in just a few clicks.

Laundry tools that cut cleaning time in half: I need them all. Grooming products that save me a trip to the salon (because let’s be real, who can find the time?): Take my money! Makeup cheats to give me a perfect winged liner in seconds: It’s in my cart quicker than you can say ‘cat-eye’. Who thinks of this stuff?

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Bonus: they all make great gifts, too!

We hope you find these useful products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

These Drain Snakes Are A Must Have For Post Baby Hair Loss

Hair loss: one of those fun post-baby side effects no one seems to warn you about. A side effect of THAT side effect? Clogged shower drains. It’s all so glam, isn’t it? No need to call a plumber (because the fewer strangers in our houses right now, the better, frankly) with this simple little gadget. “View

These COSRX Acne Patches Are Great To Combat 'Maskne'

Who else is suffering from skin flare-ups these days? Yep, ‘maskne’ is now a part of our vocab (thanks 2020!) To target a breakout, I’ve been popping on these hydrocolloid patches to heal pimples faster. No squeezing, no redness, no scarring. You can even wear them in public under your mask and no one will ever know! Our little secret. “View

These Debrox Drops Will Safely Remove Your Ear Gunk

My husband says I have selective hearing. Maybe. Actually, ear wax build-up could also be the culprit. Sexy! Get rid of the excess safely and gently with these micro foaming drops. Warning: Your children’s whining may appear louder after using this product. “View

These Magic Back Stretcher Will Provide You With Instant Relief

Carrying babies and picking up toddlers all day is a pain in the neck. And shoulders. And mostly for me? Back. Nothing feels better than lying down over this back stretcher for just a few minutes at night after the kids’ bedtime. “View

These Dryer Balls Will Cut Your Drying Time by 25%

Are you still drying your clothing sans balls? Why? These shorten drying time by up to 25%, are an environmentally friendly, chemical-free alternative to liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets, as well as reducing wrinkles in fabric - less need for ironing. I mean, time-saving, money-saving... have you clicked ‘add to cart’ yet? “View

This Spatula Is Flipping Genius

It’s a spatula, it’s a cutting tool, it’s two spoons in one, it’s a food flipper… it’s flipping genius! Cut down on those clunky utensils jamming kitchen drawers with this clever all-in-one tool. “View

Lash Princess Mascara Is An Amazon Best Seller And Rates 4.4 Stars By Almost 70,000 Buyers!

I love the false lash look, but don’t have time for the maintenance of infills at the salon every few weeks. This mascara adds some glamor to my five-minute makeup routine, and for an absolute steal. Over 48,000 five star reviews on Amazon can’t be wrong! “View

These Fabulous False Eyelashes Are Magic

These fabulous falsies are perfect for when I really want to up the drama but don’t have time for messy glue. A sweep of the magnetic liquid liner and these magic lashes adhere to the lash line, no stress or mess! “View

This Winged Eyeliner Stamp Is Next Level Time Saving Genius

OK, I thought the magnetic falsies were amazing, but this winged eyeliner stamp is taking time-saving makeup to a new level of genius. My liner used to take me a good 10 minutes to perfect, and this just stamps the perfect flick on in a second! It was in my cart quicker than you can say cat-eye. “View

These Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties Give You No More Knots, No More Tears

If you have a child who shrieks at the slightest pull of the hairbrush, let alone tangle, you need to know about these spiral hair ties. No more knots, no more tears. “View

This Groove Cleaning Tool Gets Into The Nooks And Crannies

Dust, dirt, and dead bugs be gone! This handy little brush gets into the nooks and crannies of sliding door tracks, windows, and even sinks. “View

This Microfiber Hair Towel Absorbs 10 Times It's Weight In Water

Who has time for blow-drying hair from dripping wet when you’re rushing for the school run? Not me! This moisture-wicking towel absorbs 10 times its weight in water. I leave it on while I serve up the kids’ breakfast, and the drying is half done. “View

This Hair Dryer Gives You Salon Worthy Style With Speed

...followed up by a speedy style with this Hot Air Brush. Serious time saving with volume and a smooth shiny finish that is salon-worthy. Better than a blowout! “View

These Color-Coded Tabbed Sticky Notes Are So Handy

I used to have appointments, shopping lists, children’s schedules, and ‘to do’ lists all over the place: the note section on my phone, the calendar, sticky notes on the fridge, in the depths of my frazzled brain… Color-coded, tabbed sticky notes are so handy for keeping family life in order. “View

These Cable Clips Are Magic

I’m forever fumbling around in the dark for my phone charger cable after a late-night social media scroll. After sticking one of these simple cable clips to my bedside table, I always have it to hand. And don't stop there they are dual-purpose so you can even use them for your kids' toothbrushes. “View

You Won't Believe What This Callus Remover Can Do

When professional pedicures went on hold this year, I started practicing a little podiatry DIY. A quick soak in warm water and then slathering on this gel completely cures cracked, callused feet. If you’re the type of person who gets a kick of out squeezing blackheads, you’ll love scrubbing off all that dead skin. So gross, so satisfying. “View

This Seoul Ceuticals Day Glow Serum Is Pure Luxury And Delivers Results

This Korean beauty serum contains the same ingredients as luxury brand Skinceuticals’ iconic $160 serum... for only $16.99. It brightens the complexion, fades sunspots, clears acne, and reduces fine lines and crow’s feet. Faking a good night’s sleep for a tenth of the price as the high-end brands? No brainer. “View

This Coconut Oil Cream Is Super Rich and Multi-Tasking Too!

All this extra hand sanitizing has left my hands feeling drier than the Sahara. I keep a pot of this super-rich cream next to the kitchen sink to slather on throughout the day. Also works on your face AND hair! I love a multi-tasking product. “View

This Nail and Cuticle Cream Revives Your Nails And Strengthens As Well

... and likewise, this nail and cuticle strengthening cream is a wonder worker for weakened nails. I use this product as my nails get really weak, and or peel after I have had shellac or acrylics on for a long period. “View

This Iconic O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream Is The Solution For Cracked Winter Hands

Meanwhile, keep a jar of this iconic cream in your car for soft hands on the go. When the kids have gone to bed and I have time I like to lather my hands in it and put some gloves over my hands for intensive treatment - especially during the winter months. Finish off with a face washer warmed up with warm water for a minute or two. “View

These Fur Zappers Take The Pain Of Pet Hair Removal Away For You

Anyone with fur babies knows that you can start resembling your four-legged friends yourself for all the shed hair that ends up on your clothes. Rather than spending ages trying to brush the fur off your fabric before laundering, simply throw these gadgets into your washer and marvel as your clothes emerge fur-free! “View

This Silicone Bottle Brush Has A Long Reach For The Hard To Clean Spots

I’ve found that the dishwasher just doesn’t clean baby bottles as well as a bottle brush can - the long reach design ensures I can clean milk residue from around the neck. But every brush I’ve tried ends up with disgusting mold and grime build-up at the base of the bristles. This silicone version is so much more hygienic. “View

This Magnetic Car Phone Mount Snaps In Place In A Second

Personally, I prefer my phone’s sat-nav map over my car’s in-built system. This magnetic mount for the car lets me snap my phone in place in a second, and get going. I have even moved it to my rear-seat air vents so my kids can watch a movie on their mini tablet on road trips! “View

These Non-Stick Oven Liners Will Save You Cleaning With Heavy Chemicals

Cleaning the oven is without a doubt my MOST hated chore, so my life improved exponentially when I discovered oven liners. Just rinse and throw in the dishwasher! What to do with all that extra time? “View

This Cast Iron Pan Cleaner Has More Than 10,000 Five Star Reviews

I have a confession... I have been scrubbing away the flavor from my cast-iron casserole with soap for years. Grandma would be shaking her fist! No more, after stumbling upon The Ringer stainless steel cleaner. This iconic product has more than 10,000 five star ratings on Amazon. “View

These Magnetic Measuring Spoons Are An Elegant And Efficient Space Saver

No more hunting for the 1/2 tsp at the back of the drawer. This measuring set sticks together in a neat stack, saving on space too. I love the handy leveler to boot. “View

Say Goodbye To Mangled Bra's With This Laundry Science Premium Wash Bag

Gone are my days of pulling out a load of mixed items to find my bra has elegantly tangled itself across half the items in the wash. Protect your delicate bras with these cleverly designed wash bags. More recently, they’ve come in handy for washing face masks too. “View

These Multi-purpose Scrapers Are The Hardest Working Tool In My Cleaning Arsenal

Who knew something so darn simple would be so handy? Scraping gum off the floor, grabbing dust out of corners... it even moonlights as a can opener and label scraper. A hard-working little tool my kitchen I will never be without again. “View

This Dream Genius Make Up Organizer Ensures My Makeup Is Easy To Reach

The ‘drawer of shame’. We all have one somewhere in the house. Mine is my makeup drawer: expired cosmetics, crushed bronzer staining the bottom, rogue false eyelashes... it’s a mess. Enter this 360-degree rotating storage stand, ensuring all my makeup is easy to see and reach. So cute I don’t mind having it on display on my vanity. “View

With More Than 6,000 Reviewers This Migrastil Migrane Stick Helps Take The Edge Off

Who has time to be out of action with a migraine? Rolling this therapeutic-grade mix of peppermint, lavender, spearmint, and coconut oils at the first signs of an incoming migraine promises to take the edge off symptoms. More than 6,000 Amazon reviewers agree it works! “View

These Monkey Hook Picture Hangers Are Tool-Free

Don’t feel comfortable wielding a hammer but also don’t want to wait for the handyman (or your other half) to get around to all those little tasks like hanging pictures? Even the least handy (me) can use these tool-free hooks. “View

These Lil' Scrubbies Reusable Exfoliating Face Pads Leave You Looking Radiant

Getting blasted with steam when you open the dishwasher mid-cycle is the closest most of us get to a facial these days, but these reusable exfoliating scrubbers can give your skin a really deep clean, leaving it looking radiant. “View

This Charging Station Has Saved An Argument Or Two In My House

‘I only have 7% left! You have 30!’ Arguments over who can use the phone charger is a regular occurrence in my house. Problem solved with this charging station that has room for four devices at once. And it looks tidy on my kitchen bench more importantly. “View

This Slimline Laundry Basket Is A Space Saver Solution

I’m *trying* to teach my kids to sort their laundry by lights, darks, and colors and these baskets are perfect for the job. They’re slimline, so I have room for three, and can wheel them from the bedroom to bedroom to collect my family’s clothes… because let’s be real, no one is listening to my laundry lessons! “View

This Sneaker Wash Bag Protects Your Machine

My Mom always told me putting sneakers in the dryer damages the machine. Have you ever tried waiting for shoes to dry on their own? The kids will have grown out of them by the time they’re ready to wear again! This wash bag attaches to your dryer door so you can dry them while protecting your machine, clothes, and shoes. “View

Stock Up On These Fridge Bins And Marie Kondo Your Fridge

I’ve been binge-watching all those home organization shows lately, so obviously, I’m stocking up on this fab set of six stackable storage bins for the fridge. I find that they are helpful in making the fridge look a little less messy but I can better see at a glance what I need to grab from the store. “View

This Hilife Clothes Steamer Is Great For Travel Or When You Are In A Rush

My clothes spend more time sitting in the ironing pile than they ever do actually hanging in my wardrobe. I grab this lightweight, portable steamer to give dresses and shirts a quick once over when I’m in a rush. It is also small enough to throw in your suitcase when you are traveling. “View