37 Practical Items To Put On Your Amazon Wishlist

We all need to purchase practical items sometimes; it's just a part of adulting. But they don't have to be boring! I've found 37 practical items you're going to want to put on your Amazon wish list immediately that do a great job of helping with everyday annoyances or problems. For instance, you want to grill dinner but it's getting dark? No prob, try these magnetic grill lights. Aches and pains got you down? Fill up the tub and soak in these magical bath salts!

From underwear drawer organizers to an easy way to get to sleep fast, you'll never regret adding these goodies to your cart. They're all so helpful for everyday life it's a wonder I don't own them all already. In fact, I asked myself that very question - how did I get this far in adult life without these things?! It's a miracle. If you need practical purchases to make life go more smoothly, read on, dear Reader.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Scrapers That Get Rid Of Gunk Without Leaving Behind Scratches


Who knew something so darn simple would be so handy? Scraping gum off the floor, grabbing dust out of corners... it even moonlights as a can opener and label scraper. This is one hard-working little tool your kitchen will never be without again.

This Treat Pod Is So Handy For Dog Owners


We're potty training our puppy right now, and it takes a lot of pockets to hold the poop bags and treats to reward her each time she goes. This Treat Pod solves those problems since it incorporates a bag holder with a compartment for treats in the bottom that just screws off for easy access. Hopefully, this will make housebreaking a little easier!

These Bike Lights Are Safe Fun


How fun are these LED bike lights that light up the night, making for safer riding for kids and adults? They come in a rainbow of colors, and they fit all sizes of tires exactly. Plus, they come with silicone bands to hold them in place, no slipping!

This Electrolyte Powder Hydrates You So Well

Amazon / Tz

For those of us that aren't drinking the recommended 8 oz per day, or could just use a little more intense hydration - try this electrolyte powder to get an extra kick. Just add it to your next glass or bottle of water, and it'll help prevent dehydration by quickly replacing electrolytes! One of my friends drinks a glass after a night of imbibing adult beverages to prevent a hangover. Just sayin' that might be another important benefit for you.

These Tissues Are Key For Allergy Season


Fellow allergy sufferers, the dreaded season is upon us once again. Prevent further distress of running out of tissues when you stock up on this set of 18 boxes. You'll get 2,880 tissues, which is probably enough to last until things stop blooming.

This Grain-Free Cat Food Is Meow-Worthy

Amazon / Jessica

If you want to feed your kitty a tasty meal that's grain-free, try this Kitzy dry cat food. It's made with turkey and peas, no added grains, wheat, corn, soy, artificial colors or flavors, or poultry by-products. 1,200 reviewers report even their pickiest kitties dived right into a bowl of this!

This Hands-Free Soap Pump Is So Handy


When I go to wash my hands, they're obviously dirty, so everything I touch is therefore going to get dirty. That's why the top of soap dispensers squick me out - just think of all the germs living there! This touchless soap dispenser is a genius idea - you don't actually have to make contact with the pump; it just senses the motion of your hand there and automatically dispenses!

This Melatonin Sends You Off To Dreamland

Amazon / Jonathan R

If you have trouble falling asleep like I do, you've probably tried everything from OTC to prescription meds. I take both, but the thing that's really helped me is this melatonin. It's gentler than most sleep aids but really does the job of getting you to sleep fast without being habit-forming.

These Resistance Bands Bring The Gym To You


Too tired to go to the germy gym? I hear that. This is why I picked up these resistance bands last year when quarantine started and the gym was closed. They've been so easy to use and take up virtually no storage space so they're easy to keep anywhere you need a workout!

This Eye Cream Works Wonders

Amazon / Lisa

If your under-eyes need some help, this Belei Triple-Peptide eye cream to the rescue! It works to improve firmness, erase fine lines and puffiness around the eye area, and best of all, it dries down to a matte finish so it's great under makeup. And it has over 1,500 stellar reviews because it's so effective and a little goes a long way!

This Cooking Utensil Holder Keeps Things Clean

Whenever I'm cooking, I never know where to put the spoon or ladle I'm using. I eventually just lay it down on the stovetop or counter, making a mess. Not so anymore with this cooking utensil holder that keeps things clean and gives you a spot to rest your kitchen tools when they're not in use!

These Epsom Salts Make A Heavenly Bath

Amazon / Erica G

If you want to level up your next bath, try these Epsom bath salts from Solimo. They dissolve in your bath to soothe aches, pains, and strains and leave you totally relaxed. These bad boys have over 24,000 rave reviews, and they're an excellent buy since you receive three packs for a total of 24 pounds of soaking salts!

This Digestive Enzyme Complex Makes Tummies Happy


Got tummy troubles when it comes to digestion? Fear not, Revly digestive enzyme complex is here to help. For starters, it's vegetarian and gluten-free, and it's made with natural bromelain and papain which are enzymes found in pineapple and papaya. Nearly 5,000 reviewers say this has made a world of difference in their digestive troubles!

This Bluetooth Speaker Loves The Outdoors


Everyone needs a Bluetooth speaker in their lives, and this little guy fits the bill perfectly. It can go pretty much anywhere, and the small size makes it extremely portable. It's great for outdoors since it's water-resistant, surprisingly loud, and works within a 100-foot wireless range. And it comes in a plethora of punchy colors (or basic black)!

This Coconut Oil Cream is the Perfect Body Lotion and it Smells Amazing


​I love this little tub of Coconut Oil Cream. I use it daily to keep dry, itchy skin at bay. It doesn't have a strong, lingering, perfumey smell and it will leave your skin baby soft. Bonus: it comes in a pack of two, so you get more bang for your buck!

These Gallon Water Bottles Are So Motivating


If you need the motivation to drink water, try these gallon-sized water bottles that have a built-in cheerleader to keep you going all day long. You won't have to refill your bottle multiple times throughout the day since it's an actual gallon you'll be drinking. And it comes in a bunch of pretty colors, so you'll love seeing it on your desk or counter to keep you company throughout the day and evening.

This Broom Holder Works Anywhere


We keep our cleaning tools on the basement stairwell wall, and these broom holders have been a great addition. Simply stick 'em on the wall and insert the handle of your broom, mop, plunger, or what have you, and it'll actually stay where you put it! It's super grippy, so there's not a chance things will fall out.

These Erasable Gel Pens Are So Cheerful


We all need pens, so why not choose these fun erasable gel pens in a rainbow of colors? They write smooth as butta and erase cleanly so you can easily clean up any oopsies. They're great for kids, too - math homework suddenly got a lot more fun!

This Luggage Scale Prevents Surprise Fees


No one likes surprise fees, especially at the airport. Use this luggage scale to find out exactly how much your bags weigh. It'll measure up to 110 pounds, so you'll know if you packed too much to check your bag for free!

This Grater Works For Everything


Our lesser-quality grater just broke, so this one's getting added to my cart immediately. You can use it for anything from cheese to citrus to ginger to get a finely grated end result. And it comes with a sturdy, grippy handle so it won't slip out of your sweaty little hands!

These Cold & Flu Meds Work For Day And Night


Without fail, whenever I get a cold or the flu, I only have daytime or nighttime meds but never both. Until now - this dual pack of cold and flu medicine keeps you covered all day and night long with maximum strength pills that relieve pain, reduce fever, unstuff your nose and soothe coughs around the clock. These have the same ingredients as a popular brand, so they work just as well at a fraction of the price!

This Turkish Towel Is Super Thin

Amazon / SLOCA

Sure, I like big, fluffy towels, but I don't love how they get mildewy and stinky since they take so long to dry. I bought this Turkish towel and haven't looked back since. It's super absorbent and lightweight, so it dries quickly, but it also dries you off quickly and efficiently.

This Under Sink Organizer Is So Handy


If your under-sink area looks anything like mine, you're going to want this under-sink organizer like yesterday. It adjusts vertically and horizontally so you get a custom fit to your area. And it'll hold pretty much everything you need to be stored, from cleaning products to garbage bags.

This Bagless Stick Vacuum is Seriously Light


With the exception of clearing up broken glass, there's not much a broom can do that a vacuum can't do better. I love using this stick vacuum on hard floors and my low pile area rug. It can also easily get into little nooks and on stairs with the two handheld modes.

This Laptop Stand Prevents Strain


Laptops are great, I use one every day. But what I don't love is how my neck hurts after looking down at the screen for so long. Fix posture and pains with this laptop stand that adjusts to your perfect height. You can even use it while standing if you want to get out of your chair for a while.

These Furniture Pads Are Anti-Slip


Whenever the kids are jumping on the couch, it inevitably gets pushed back over the floor vent, blocking our heating or cooling system. I'm investing in these anti-slip furniture pads ASAP to prevent that issue since asking them not to abuse the furniture isn't working. They also help prevent scratches on wood floors from chairs, tables, or other furniture moving.

This Emergency Radio Is A Lifesaver


You hope you'll never end up in a situation where you need an emergency radio, but if you do, this is the one you want on hand. It's powered by a hand crank, so you don't need batteries or electricity to run it. There's also a built-in flashlight for extra safety.

This Popcorn Maker Is So Effective


Everyone knows homemade popcorn tastes so much better than the microwaveable kind, but it can be a pain to make on the stovetop and so easy to burn. Until now - this silicone popcorn maker goes in the microwave and gives you the perfect pop every time, with no burnt or unpopped kernels. It's got over 21,000 rave reviews for a reason!

This Drawer Organizer Keeps Things So Tidy

Amazon / Ali Al-Faraj

Right now, my sock and underwear drawers are a hot mess, with things just thrown in and jumbled up. What would make me much happier is this drawer organizer that has a place for everything. You get a set of four organizers for everything from bras to underwear to socks.

This Meat Thermometer Prevents Food Poisoning


Food poisoning is no joke, and unfortunately, our family has gotten it from undercooked meat. This is why we then promptly went out and got this exact meat thermometer so that it never happens again! My favorite part is they list proper cooking temps right on the thermometer, so you're not Googling around when cooking.

This Slim Shelf Goes Anywhere


This slim shelf on wheels is the handiest thing ever. We have one in our laundry closet to hold detergent and other laundry needs, and it's perfect for that. It'd also be super useful in a kitchen pantry or other small space to hold essentials but keep them out of sight.

This Pack Of Silicone Spirals Helps Keep Your Cables From Fraying


Tired of discovering your cables have started to fray at the connector? I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me. Pro tip: use these silicone spirals to help keep them intact. They're designed to work on nearly any type of wire — not just lightning cables.

This Food Scale Is Hyper-Accurate


Whether you're on a diet or trying to get the exact measurement for a bread baking recipe, this food scale is going to be your bestie. It's especially helpful for measuring dry goods for baking, so you get the perfect result every time. It's also got over 60,000 glowing reviews since it works so well and is so accurate!

This Nutrition Shake Tastes Great


Need a quick boost of nutrients without taking the time to eat a full meal (mornings, I'm looking at you)? Try these NutriShakes that come in delicious chocolate or vanilla flavors. Each one has 9 grams of protein to help you feel fuller, plus 50% of your daily value of vitamin D for healthy bones!

These Grocery Bags Are So Cute

Amazon / Cody M

I always forget my reusable grocery bags when I go shopping, but if they were as cute as these, I bet I wouldn't! You get a set of five bags that fold up super small, so they're easy to store away or carry in your purse when you're shopping. They come in all sorts of patterns and even plain gray if you're not a pattern person.

These Grill Lights Make Nighttime Cooking Safer


My husband likes to grill for dinner, but sometimes it gets dark while he's still cooking. It's really hard to gauge meat done-ness in the dark or see what you're doing basically, so these grill lights are a handy safety tool. The pair of lights comes with a magnetic base, so they'll stick right onto your grill, no installation required!

These Lids Make Mason Jars More Useful

Amazon / HelloKata

What could make mason jars even more useful, you ask? Well, I'll tell ya! These mason jar lids let you transport liquids, salads, or snacks easily since they won't leak or spill. Now you can take your favorite kitchen workhorse on the go!