37 Patio & Garden Items Our Readers Are Obsessed With

Even the Garden of Eden started small. All it takes is one germinating sprout, sunlight, and water, and before you know it your patio will be bursting with life. But decorating and finding the best accessories to realize your garden's potential is another task entirely. Luckily for you, our green-thumbed readers are absolutely obsessed with these 37 garden and patio products.

From moisture meters to ivy shades, these gardening items will upgrade your outdoor living space and deliver a taste of paradise directly to your backyard. Grown your own herbs. Harvest your own tomatoes. Decorate your patio and adorn your windowsill with the best-selling indoor pots. Watering at the mouth yet? Save some for your garden. Scroll on through this best-of-Amazon list of 37 garden products you might just become obsessed with too. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the magic of photosynthesis!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Supplement That Works On Any Kind Of Plant

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Not all supplements work for all plants — except for this versatile one. Throw it into herbs, flowers, or even bushes if they need a boost. And believe it or not? It's so potent that it'll even work on dead pee spots in your yard. It's that powerful!

Triple the Catching Power with This Katchy Bug Trap

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It's that time of year again when flies, gnats and other flying creatures make their way into your house. They don't seem to have any trouble getting in, but can't find their way out for anything. This indoor bug zapper uses a UV light to attract bugs, a fan to suck them in and sticky glue boards to trap them. One review stated, "Best medieval torture device for mosquitoes ever."

These Liquid Ant Baits are Amazingly Effective

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Last summer, I had a major ant problem and tried a bunch of products before finding these Liquid Ant Baits. They were easy, clean, and worked the best by far! I'm not the only satisfied customer; they've earned over 40,000 positive ratings on Amazon.

Your garden should be bursting with life, but not the life of a bunch of ants. Stop these guys in their tracks before they reach the screen door!

Grow Your Own Herb Garden With AeroGarden

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I'm not kidding when I say that this AeroGarden does all the work for you. You don't even have to have a sunny home for it to work, as the UV lights built into the top deliver the optimal amount of sunlight for your plants to grow. And from personal experience? It works a little too well — as in, I now have way more basil than I know what to do with.

This Miniature Mushroom Farm is 100% Organic

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100% organic, and non-GMO, this miniature mushroom farm is fun for the entire family — or even just you, sitting alone in that one-bedroom apartment. And if your apartment doesn't have a ton of light? Not a problem, as the mushrooms only need indirect sunlight in order to flourish.

Nourish Plants by Sprinkling on Some Joyful Dirt

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I ordered a jar of Joyful Dirt on impulse, and I'm so impressed! It couldn't be any easier; just sprinkle onto the soil around indoor or outdoor plants. The organic formula contains fertilizer and nutrients to encourage growth.

This Garden Kneeler Makes Yard Work a Breeze

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No more sore back or knees! This Garden Kneeler is a must-have for weeding and planting and comes in handy for lots of other tasks around the house and yard. The kneeler folds flat for storage and opens to provide a padded kneeling pad or a small seat if you flip it over.

These Self Watering Pots Perform the Chore for You

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I'm always forgetting to water my plants, which is why I've started keeping them in self-watering planterslike these. The double-layer design allows excess water to sit at the bottom of each pot, letting your plants absorb it as they please. Plus, they're the perfect size to sit on your window sill.

A Tool That Yanks Out Weeds From The Root-Up

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Pulling out weeds from the stem isn't enough — you've gotta yank the roots out too if you don't want them to grow back. Not only does this tool make it easy to dig down into the dirt, but the patented blade is designed to pierce deep into any type of ground, including clay. Plus, it's made from die-cast aluminum that's rustproof, and stronger than steel.

A Set Of Terracotta Spikes That Keep Plants Hydrated

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Going away on vacation? Don't let your house plants die while you're away — use these spikes to keep them damp and hydrated. Simply insert as large or small as a bottle as you like, and the water will gradually absorb into the soil over time. You can also use them outdoors, and they're so sturdy that they can even support a full-sized wine bottle.

Grow Organic Lavender On Your Windowsill With This Kit

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Grab this kit, and you'll be able to grow your own lavender right on your windowsill. It also doubles as decor, as the Mason jar pot looks good no matter where you put it — and each order even comes with fertilizer spikes so that your lavender grows strong, not limp.

This Pruning Saw Cuts Through Branches Up to Six Inches Diameter

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Trim the trees and whack the weeds with this Pruning Saw. It comes in three sizes, with the largest blade handling branches up to 6 inches in diameter. It's earned a rare 4.8 out of 5-star average among Amazon customers.

Life Would Succ Without These Pots

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Tiny plants call for tiny pots. Whether you're a succulents lover or a wannabe green thumb, this set of six mini-pots is perfectly sized to hold your succulents, cacti, herbs, and other small plants and flowers. Made of ceramic, they come in a variety of neutral, yet coordinating colors, and a bamboo saucer to sit them on. It's the perfect addition to your work cubicle or a windowsill in your home.

This Weeder Tool Has Been a Gardening Favorite Since 1913

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Invented in Seattle in 1913, this Weeder Tool features a 45-inch bamboo handle and 4-claw steel head designed to remove weeds at the root. It earns consistently high ratings on Amazon, with customers calling it "the best weeding tool ever" and "the ultimate weapon against weeds."

These Fertilizer Spikes Nourish Fruit Trees

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I'm the proud owner of a lemon tree, and I've been researching how to care for it. These Fertilizer Spikes are an easy way to nourish apple, citrus, and other fruit trees. Each spike contains a slow-release formula, including nitrogen, phosphate, potash, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur.

Attract Some Wildlife to Your Garden With This Feeder and Bath

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I love bird watching and this sunflower-shaped feeder and birdbath looks like the perfect addition to an outdoor space. (It's also just an attractive piece by itself!) Easily assemble this set, which includes a feeder tray, artificial leaf, insert the plug, and connecting tube. Then, sit back and wait for a variety of feathered friends to visit you.

These Hanging Flower Pots are Just So Pretty

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One look at this rainbow set of 10 Hanging Flower Pots, and I'm trying to decide where best to show them off. Each metal pot has a curved hook, making them ideal for hanging on fences, balcony railings, and window sills. Customers appreciate that they include pre-drilled drainage holes. It makes growing plants a breeze, especially because you can hang the outside even in a small apartment.

This Thumb Knife for Picking Tomatoes and Strawberries

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I grew tomatoes on my patio last summer. Picking ripe tomatoes every day made me feel like an urban farmer, but I kept accidentally pulling off an entire branch. Oops. I clearly needed this genius little gadget, the Thumb Knife.

This Flexi Hose Expands to Three Times Its Length

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This is not your mother's old garden hose! The Flexi Hose is designed to be lightweight, flexible, and easy to maneuver. It resists kinking and knotting, and when water flows through it, the hose expands to three times its dry length. The hose includes an 8-function nozzle.

This Moisture Meter Keeps Plants Alive

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Between two young kids and a puppy, I'm kind of at my limit of how many things I can keep alive in a day so unfortunately plants get the short end of the stick. But the answer to my brown thumb is this moisture meter that lets me know exactly which plants need attention! Just stick it in the pot and watch the dial - couldn't be easier.

This Raised Planter Bed is an Inexpensive Way to Grow Veggies

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If you want to try growing your own vegetables or herbs, this Raised Planter Bed is an excellent way to try it out. Each bed is made of flexible, durable plastic divided into four compartments and can be placed on any surface you have space, such as your deck, patio, or yard.

This Soil Meter Measures Moisture, pH, and Light

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Find out how each patch of soil is doing with this Soil Meter, which provides readings on moisture, pH levels, and sunlight. No batteries needed; just stick it in the soil and check the results! It's earned nearly 20,000 ratings from Amazon customers, and the reviews include lots of tips for getting the most out of your meter.

This Skeeter Screen Patio Egg Uses Natural Oils to Repel Mosquitos

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Hang this Skeeter Screen Patio Egg to repel mosquitos and other flying insects naturally. The secret is the included bottle of natural oil, which smells nice to humans but terrible to bugs! One customer gave the product five stars and wrote this review: "Natural mosquito repellant that actually works! Works within a 20-foot radius and works best within 10 feet. So if you have a small patio, this is the ideal product."

These Heavy-Duty Hand Tools Are Built to Last

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To prepare for spring gardening, I'm investing in this set of Heavy-Duty Hand Tools. They're moderately priced and earn high ratings from customers for being sturdy and high-quality.

This Wood Plant Stand Can Be Used Indoors or Out

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Display potted plants and ornaments on this Plant Stand, which is made of natural wood treated with a transparent coating to withstand sun and rain. It's earning high ratings from Amazon customers, who write that it's "beautiful" and "easy to put together."

This MySoil Test Kit Measures 13 Factors for a Healthier Garden

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Why aren't my tomatoes thriving? Does this dirt have the right pH level for hydrangeas? I have questions, and this MySoil Test Kit is going to provide answers! The kit includes everything for scooping, packing, and mailing a soil sample to the lab, where it will be tested for 13 nutrients. The customized report contains recommendations for amending soil to improve productivity.

Wear These Lawn Aerator Shoes to Improve Grass by Simply Walking

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Lawns need to be aerated to look their best, and these Lawn Aerator Shoes are a fun and easy way to accomplish this necessary task. The contraptions strap on over your regular shoes with adjustable Velcro straps.

A Greenhouse For Those Of Us Who Don't Like Dirt

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I'm not the biggest fan of digging around in dirt, which is why I've got this simple greenhouse set up in my backyard. The shelves give you tons of space to store plants, or you can even use it as a cheap storage shed in a real pinch. And just like real greenhouses, this one lets you grow plants in all seasons.

Grow Your Own Cherry Tomatoes With This Windowsill Jar

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Organic and non-GMO, this cherry tomato growing kit is the perfect size to sit on your windowsill. It's designed to work all year round, even if it's cold AF where you are. "Easy instructions and everything is included," wrote one reviewer. "I already have 2-inch sprouts after a couple of weeks. It's perfect and I love it. Highly recommend this, great company and beautifully produced!"

This Monarch Rescue Seed Mix Helps You Save Butterflies

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My daughter's school planted a butterfly garden using this Monarch Rescue Seed Mix. The blend of milkweed and nectar-rich flowers create the perfect environment to invite and nourish monarchs and other butterflies.

These Self-Watering Spikes Shaped Like Cute Birds

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Fill up these little birds with water, and they'll keep your plants hydrated for up to a full week. Why buy these over other self-watering stakes? I mean, just look at how cute those birds are. Not only do they add color to your garden, but the leakproof rubber rings ensure that they don't empty out too quickly into your pots.

Stay in the Shade With Adorable Umbrella

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Remember how I said that I'm all for trying to turn my backyard into a literal getaway? Well, this umbrella was another item that I added that has helped make my home feel like a resort. You want as much shade as possible when it comes to Arizona, so this was an obvious purchase. It helps that it's also cute too. It has paired with my inflatable pool and tiki torches perfectly.

This Adorable Wagon Planter Will be a Focal Point in the Garden

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I need more decorative planters in my garden, but I'm tired of plain round pots. Instead, I'm ordering this Wagon Planter, which is super-cute and more affordable than it looks. Check out the customer reviews for inspirational photos!

This Copper Watering Can for a Cottagecore Aesthetic

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This Copper Watering Can is a pretty and practical tool for indoor or outdoor gardening. Made of stainless steel, it has a copper-colored finish and a long, angled spout for easy watering. It's leak-proof, rust-resistant, and holds just over one liter of water at a time.

Shield Yourself From The Sun

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Florida, where I live, averages nearly 240 days of sunshine each year. And, don't get me wrong, I love sunshine. But, sometimes you just need to sit in a bit of shade with a cool breeze blowing. This sun shade works great for patios and backyards where you need a respite from the unlimited UV rays. These covers come in a zillion sizes and colors from cream to terra cotta.

You Can Grow Wheatgrass for Your Cat to Nibble On

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If you have a pet who likes nibbling plants, you MUST try this. Fast-growing wheatgrass is safe for cats, dogs, and other animals to nibble on. Check the customer reviews for growing tips and photos of adorable cats enjoying their mini-gardens.

Add A Little Privacy Just About Anywhere

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Not all of us live in multiple acres where our nearest neighbor is football fields away. In fact, some of us live way too close to our neighbors and, while that might be nice sometimes, sometimes we also just want our own space. This artificial ivy privacy screen lets you keep prying out off of your porch or balcony and gives you some secluded space you can truly call all your own.