37 Outdoor Gadgets For Anyone Who Loves Yardwork

My daily walks have an ulterior purpose: I'm low-key spying on my neighbors' gardens, hoping to get ideas for what to do with my own yard. I have yellowing grass, overgrown shrubs, and sad flower beds. I'm ready to get to work, but I need help! That's why I'm shopping Amazon for outdoor gadgets perfect for anyone who loves yardwork--or in my case, someone who's trying to keep up with the neighbors.

I dearly love fun gadgets and shortcuts, so I'm excited about my new finds. I've found clawed gloves for digging in the dirt, a soil testing kit that measures 13 factors, and a portable speaker so I can listen to my favorite podcasts while weeding. Those are just for starters, since my list has dozens of products to help anyone achieve a more beautiful yard this season. Let's get gardening!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Gardening Gloves Are Made of Breathable Bamboo


I just threw out last year's canvas gloves in favor of this new pair of Bamboo Gloves. I love them! They're thin enough that I can feel what I'm doing (and operate the touchscreen of my phone), but they're sturdy enough to protect my skin from dirt and scratches.

This Beesential Soap Uses Beeswax and Coffee Grounds to Scrub Away Dirt


Whenever I re-pot a plant or weed my vegetable patch, I end up with dirt under my nails. Regular liquid soap isn't strong enough. Instead, I rely on a bar of Beesential Soap for a textured lather that cuts through the toughest grease and grime.

This MySoil Test Kit Measures 13 Factors for a Healthier Garden


Why aren't my tomatoes thriving? Does this dirt have the right pH level for hydrangeas? I have questions, and this MySoil Test Kit is going to provide answers! The kit includes everything for scooping, packing, and mailing a soil sample to the lab, where it will be tested for 13 nutrients. The customized report contains recommendations for amending soil to improve productivity.

This Copper Watering Can for a Cottagecore Aesthetic


This Copper Watering Can is a pretty and practical tool for indoor or outdoor gardening. Made of stainless steel, it has a copper-colored finish and a long, angled spout for easy watering. It's leak-proof, rust-resistant, and holds just over one liter of water at a time.

These Hanging Flower Pots Are Just So Pretty


One look at this rainbow set of 10 Hanging Flower Pots, and I'm trying to decide where best to show them off. Each metal pot has a curved hook, making them ideal for hanging on fences, balcony railings, and window sills. Customers appreciate that they include pre-drilled drainage holes.

These Rose Pruning Gloves Are Thorn-Proof


Made of buttery soft goatskin leather, these Rose Pruning Gloves are the best choice for dealing with rosebushes or other prickly gardening jobs. The gloves are pliable and flexible enough for fine-motor work yet tough enough to prevent cuts and scratches. Natural lanolin keeps the gloves supple and moisturizes hands during use.

This 8-Piece Gardening Set Is Great for Beginners


When I moved into my house, a friend gifted me this 8-Piece Gardening Set. It's the perfect set for beginners or anyone wanting a fresh start on yardwork! The value-priced set includes a sturdy tote bag, five metal tools with wooden handles, a spray bottle, and gloves.

These 3M WorkTunes Headphones Protect Your Hearing


If you're operating a lawnmower or other loud machinery, it's a smart idea to protect your hearing. This pair of 3M WorkTunes Headphones not only provides noise-reducing protection for your hearing but also lets you stream audio via Bluetooth. These headphones even have a built-in microphone for phone calls or voice commands.

This Electric Lawn Mower Is as Easy to Use as a Vacuum Cleaner

I'm a little intimidated by full-sized, gas-powered lawnmowers. But I like the look of this Electric Lawn Mower! It's lightweight and can be used to mow, trim, and edge small lawns. Customers report that it's easy to use straight out of the box.

These Bamboo Plant Labels Are the Finishing Touch Your Garden Needs


Don't ruin the aesthetics of your vegetable patch with ugly labels. Use these Bamboo Plant Tags instead! The pack of 60 natural bamboo labels includes a marker, though many customers report success using a wood-burning tool to engrave theirs.

This Flexi Hose Expands to Three Times Its Length


This is not your mother's old garden hose! The Flexi Hose is designed to be lightweight, flexible, and easy to maneuver. It resists kinking and knotting, and when water flows through it, the hose expands to three times its dry length. The hose includes an 8-function nozzle.

These Garden Clogs That Customers Call "Extremely Comfortable"

Amazon / KT Johns

Light-weight and low-priced, these Garden Clogs are the easiest shoes to slip on for light yardwork or quick trips to the mailbox. They're made of waterproof rubber and come in 11 colors. Customers say that they're a great alternative to Crocs.

This Garden Kneeler Makes Yardwork More Comfortable


No more sore back or knees! This Garden Kneeler is a must-have for weeding and planting and comes in handy for lots of other tasks around the house and yard. The kneeler folds flat for storage and opens to provide a padded kneeling pad or a small seat if you flip it over.

This Sun Hat Provides UV Protection


Protect your skin and stay shaded with this Sun Hat made of recycled paper. The flexible, wide-brimmed hat includes a chin strap and comes in eight neutral shades (the cream white is my favorite).

These Leaf Scoops Make Clean-Up Easier


If you're the type to drop the rake and pick up leaf litter by hand, this is the gadget for you! The pair of Leaf Scoops are made of lightweight plastic designed to capture a big clump of garden waste. Customers report that they're also efficient at picking up pine needles and grass clippings.

This Wood Plant Stand Can Be Used Indoors or Out

Amazon / MeikaMayhem

Display potted plants and ornaments on this Plant Stand, which is made of natural wood treated with a transparent coating to withstand sun and rain. It's earning high ratings from Amazon customers, who write that it's "beautiful" and "easy to put together."

This Soil Meter Measures Moisture, pH, and Light


Find out how each patch of soil is doing with this Soil Meter, which provides readings on moisture, pH levels, and sunlight. No batteries needed; just stick it in the soil and check the results! It's earned nearly 20,000 ratings from Amazon customers, and the reviews include lots of tips for getting the most out of your meter.

This Pooper Scooper Collects Waste Directly Into Trash Bags

Amazon / Alex

If you have dogs, you already know that yardwork includes poop clean-up. Make that unpleasant job easier with this Pooper Scooper, which has earned over 45,000 ratings from Amazon customers. Not only does it save you from bending down, but it also collects waste directly into trash bags for easy disposal.

These Whiskey Barrel Planters Are Actually Made of Light-Weight Resin

Amazon / Cristy Melgar

With a distressed oak look, these resin Whiskey Barrel Planters are a practical and beautiful way to dress up your patio. The UV-coated finish resists fading, and there are pre-drilled drainage holes on the bottom. These earn top marks from Amazon customers; one writes, "Just as pictured and a great price!"

This 10-Piece Tool Set Includes a Sturdy Case


I love the pretty floral handles on these garden tools! This 10-Piece Tool Set includes a sturdy plastic case, spray bottle, and a nice selection of metal hand tools for a wide range of gardening tasks. This would make a great gift!

This Classic Watering Can Holds One Gallon of Water


I had a cheap plastic watering can for years before deciding to upgrade to this classic metal Watering Can. It's handsome enough to display prominently on my patio, which reminds me to water my potted plants more often. It comes in five colors, all of which are made of galvanized steel with a detachable sprinkler spout.

These Fertilizer Spikes Nourish Fruit Trees


I'm the proud owner of a lemon tree, and I've been researching how to care for it. These Fertilizer Spikes are an easy way to nourish apple, citrus, and other fruit trees. Each spike contains a slow-release formula, including nitrogen, phosphate, potash, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur.

This Drawstring Tarp Is the Easiest Way to Clean Up the Yard


After raking leaves or grass clippings, make clean-up easier with this Drawstring Tarp. The nine by 9-foot tarp includes corner handles and a drawstring, letting you cinch it up into a bag. Customers call it a lifesaver!

These Fiskars Gardening Shears for Precision Trimming


These Fiskars Gardening Shears are ideal for small yards, planter boxes, and anytime you want to trim plants precisely. These shears have many thoughtful features, including rotating blades so you can cut at any angle.

This Gardening Apron That Customers Call "Charming"


I believe in dressing the part, so I hope this Gardening Apron inspires me to get out into the yard more often! Made of cotton and linen, the apron is soft yet durable, with two roomy pockets and a waist tie. Bonus: it comes in nine lovely colors.

These Gardening Claws Protect Fingernails From Breaking


Whenever I repot a plant, I find myself wishing for a better way to loosen the soil. I think these Gardening Claws are the answer! The natural latex rubber gloves include built-in plastic claws that dig into dirt effectively while protecting hands and fingernails.

These Knee Pads Are Like Pillows for Your Knees


Your next yard project can get a whole lot easier with this set of Knee Pads. They feature a soft gel core and foam padding, along with sturdy straps to provide ergonomic support for long stretches of kneeling on the ground.

This Hand Cream for Gardeners Replenishes Lost Moisture


A lovely gift or treat for yourself, this Hand Cream by Crabtree & Evelyn is specially formulated to relieve and replenish hands after the rigors of yardwork and frequent washing. This thick cream features Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides and has a wonderful herbal scent.

Wear These Lawn Aerator Shoes to Improve Grass by Simply Walking


Lawns need to be aerated to look their best, and these Lawn Aerator Shoes are a fun and easy way to accomplish this necessary task. The contraptions strap on over your regular shoes with adjustable Velcro straps.

This Raised Planter Bed Is an Inexpensive Way to Grow Veggies


If you want to try growing your own vegetables or herbs, this Raised Planter Bed is an excellent way to try it out. Each bed is made of flexible, durable plastic divided into four compartments and can be placed on any surface you have space, such as your deck, patio, or yard.

This Portable Waterproof Speaker Plays 24 Hours on One Charge


Listen to music or podcasts while you do yardwork or enjoy your backyard! This Portable Waterproof Speaker is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. It measures 6 inches tall and comes in eight fun colors. It's highly rated by Amazon customers!

This Reusable Garden Bag Is Basically a Giant-Sized Dust Pan


Raking grass clippings and leaves isn't a lot of fun, but at least the job is easier with these Reusable Garden Bags. Each bag holds 53 gallons of yard waste and is designed with a flat side and carrying strap to make filling easier.

This Seeding Square Is a Template for Spacing Vegetables


I appreciate any gadget that helps me do a better job in the garden! This Seeding Square takes the guesswork out of spacing by providing a template for planting seeds in a square foot of soil. It's earning extremely high ratings from Amazon customers. Check out the user reviews for lots of handy tips!

This Set of Matching Planters Look Like Stone


These Planter Pots look like real stoneware with the convenience (and low price) of plastic. The secret is a natural stone powder coating applied to the exterior of the pots! Customers report that they are beautiful, durable, and look more expensive than they are.

These Stackable Planters Are Lovely for Strawberries, Herbs, or Flowers

Amazon / Amazon Customer

Make the most of limited space and create an eye-catching display with these Stackable Planters. The set of five planters can be stacked up to make a tower that's 28 inches tall, with a total of 20 compartments for planting. They're ideal for strawberries and work well for herbs and flowers, too.

This Telescoping Rake Collapses Down for Compact Storage


Perfect for fitting into tight spaces, this Telescoping Rake has a handle that adjusts from 37 to 68 inches long and tough steel tines that adjust from 7.5 inches to over 21 inches wide. It works great under hedges and in flower beds.

This Weeder Tool Has Been a Gardening Favorite Since 1913


Invented in Seattle in 1913, this Weeder Tool features a 45-inch bamboo handle and 4-claw steel head designed to remove weeds at the root. It earns consistently high ratings on Amazon, with customers calling it "the best weeding tool ever" and "the ultimate weapon against weeds."