37 Outdoor Furniture Pieces Perfect for Hanging Outside In Warm Weather

It's that time of year again: The nights are longer, the fireflies are out and the popsicles have to be eaten quickly before they melt. I'm talking about those late spring, summer and early fall days when you want to be outside from sun up to sun down, whether it's weeding the flowerbeds or reading a book. Come to think of it, reading a book, working on a tan or just leisurely taking in the sunshine sounds like a lot more fun than weeding, mowing or any other outdoor chore.

With that in mind, let's talk about hanging out, well, outside. If you're going to do it, you need to be comfortable and this list is all about sweet seats, incredible inflatables and cool kid options. Your littles will never be more adorable than in the mini-chaise lounger right at No. 1. No. 10 is going to blow your mind and I have no words for No. 22 other than "jealous." Whether you've got a small balcony or a giant backyard, something here is going to add value to your outdoor space as you laze away these warm days ahead.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

You May Be Cool, But You're Not Kiddie Chaise Lounger Cool

Amazon / Jessica

If this isn't the cutest thing you've seen in a minute, you need to take a walk around the block and think about things before we go any further. This double chaise lounger is the perfect spot for your littles to chill this summer, complete with a three-sided canopy and a pair of cup holders. Weather-resistant construction means it'll still be cute next summer, too.

Your New Side (Table) Piece

Amazon / JStew69

Show them all that you're the hostess with the mostest using this side table that converts to just a serving tray by lifting the top off. Imagine their surprise when you bring drinks out on this tray that then sits on top of its base to transform into a functional side table. And, if you're short on space, the whole thing folds up out of the way until you need it again.

Backpack Your Own Seat


Let's talk about your last beach trip, O.K.? You probably had bags, chairs, floats, an umbrella, snacks, toys, and who knows what else. You also only have two arms (I'm guessing). Eliminate one more thing to carry by snagging this chair that you can literally strap on your back. It's also packed with useful features like built-in cup holders, a pillow, and five adjustable positions.

A Hammock Hangout


Speaking of hammocks, how about one for the over-100-pounds set? This striped number supports adults up to 450 pounds and is the perfect accessory for summer, backyards, and even camping trips. I love the whimsical stripes on these, which should match just about any décor. Now all you have to worry about is finding just the right spot to hang it.

Inflategate Strikes Again


Sometimes you have more people than space for them all to hang out comfortably; I get it. This inflatable sofa chair (and footstool!) will give you additional seats without the expense of "real" furniture or the hassle of finding a place to keep them forever. Inflate these pieces in just a few minutes and then deflate them to stash them away until their next use.

You Can Sit Under Your Umbrella


We all know that patio tables are great for umbrellas, but sometimes you don't need a full dining set-up to enjoy some quality under-umbrella time. This side table has an umbrella hole design so you can use your existing patio umbrella in a multitude of ways, including having it made in the shade all summer. The rattan finish is lightweight and eco-friendly, too.

One Blanket For All

Amazon / Suzy Smith

O.K., so it's not really "furniture," per se, but the uses for this sandproof oversized outdoor blanket are seemingly endless and that's good enough for me. Throw it in your beach bag for the perfect on-the-sand accompaniment or toss it out in your backyard to enjoy a night of star-gazing. Not only is it waterproof, but it also has included anchors to keep your blanket from blowing away.

Lounge Around In Style


There are lounge chairs and then there are lounge chairs like this one that are not only functional but insanely chic. This chaise lounge chair comes in two shades of gray with a faux rattan design and folds up to make it simpler to move around the pool or put in storage during those (sniff!) colder months of the year. Or hey, leave it out year-round, you're grown and I'm not your boss.

This Inflatable Couch Is About To Blow Up


I'm not kidding when I say I saw one of these on the beach a couple of weeks ago and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. Lay? On sand? Like a peasant? I think not, not with this inflatable lounger that goes anywhere to ensure you're at "maximum comfort levels" at all times. The best part is you don't even really have to inflate it; just whisk it through the air and you're done.

It's An Ottoman! It's A Seat! It's A Stool!


I know what you're thinking: "Hey, uh, these don't look like outdoor anythings." I beg to differ. These storage ottomans can transition from indoors to out and back again any time you want. When not in use, the smaller one nests inside of the larger one like efficient Russian nesting dolls. When in play, they offer a sly way to stash cushions, towels and more, and can be used as additional seats with the lids in place.

These Cushions Are The Epitome of Form and Function


Last year, you bought patio furniture. Congrats! You are a full-fledged adult. This year, you need to style that furniture a little and help refresh your space. These outdoor all-weather chair pads are a small investment that will give you a big bang for your buck. Available in a set of two or four with active ties and invisible zippers, grab them in a host of fun patterns like coral or palm leaves.

Are You Ready To Rock?


Let's dispel a myth about rocking chairs right here and now: They are not just for the over-65 crowd, especially when they're as beautiful and timeless as this acacia wood version. Guests will enjoy sitting in this rocking chair, which is perfect for outdoor use and only gets better-looking with an occasional teak oil treatment. Grab an interesting throw pillow to add instant charm to all of your outdoor spaces.

Couch Inside, Couch Outside


I'm trying to get comfortable if I'm hanging outside, aren't you? Sometimes a chair just isn't enough. Cue this sectional sofa that's big enough for two to relax comfortably. Included in the box is one loveseat, one lounge sofa, table, and even cushions to complete the look. Wherever you put this rattan set is certain to become your new favorite hangout spot this summer.

Chaise Your Dreams


Maybe you're a straightforward kind of person: "Just give me a basic chair for lounging by the pool." Ask and you shall receive. This chaise lounger is a workhorse, offering max comfort in an easy-care, rust-free package. Spread out your towel and adjust the reclining back into one of five positions. The material is made of UV-resistant fabric and dries quickly ... in the event that you get doused by a water balloon.

A Deck Box With A Built-In Seat


I love products that do double-duty like this small deck box that also has a seat on top. With a 22-gallon capacity in a weatherproof resin design, you can hide away all those unsightly outdoor necessities, which frees up more space for other things, plus it provides an additional seat when the lid is flipped down. It's a perfect addition to a patio, deck, porch, or garage.

The Mamas And The Papasans


I'd always wanted a Papasan chair so I broke down a few years ago and bought this one. The overstuffed design is equal parts plush and comfortable and the material is fade-resistant and water-repellant. Choose from two different cushion-and-base color combos.

An Adorable Bistro Set That Goes Anywhere


This bistro set screams "quaint little brunch outside," and is small enough for even the smallest spaces or a corner of your backyard that needs that "something." With two folding chairs and a table, it has everything you need to build a cozy space where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. And, I mean, if you're going to buy it, do it right and buy it in red, which is just the pop of color you need in your life.

Pouf, The Magic Dragon


You need a pouf in your life because A. It's called a pouf! What more reason do you need? And B. It's extremely versatile. Use it as a seat, a lounger, or a footrest in a great assortment of colors from wine to teal. Since this is knit, I don't think I'd throw it outside when the weather is suspect, but you should totally drag it out on your deck or balcony when you're spending time outdoors.

Swing Low, Swing High


Some of my best childhood memories involve a porch swing so I just had to include one on this list of outdoor things. This option is large, 45 inches in width, which will comfortably seat you and up to two other people. Coated in rust-resistant powder-coated iron, the swing features a sunburst pattern on the backrest and a set of mounting chains to hang it wherever your heart desires.

A Saucer Swing To Keep Them Entertained


Get ready to surge to the top of the "Best Parents Ever" award. This saucer tree swing is everything for the summer months and is wide enough at 43 inches to accommodate more than one kiddo. (Fights? What fights?) Hang this saucer swing literally anywhere, from a sturdy tree to an existing swing set, giving your small ones a place to play, relax or recharge while playing video games.

This 10-Foot Patio Umbrella Gives You Full Sun Protection While You Enjoy Your Yard


It's hard to say what's more appealing about this 10-foot patio umbrella -- the sun protection it provides, or how good it looks in the yard! It comes in eight colors and has a thick double-coated fabric that protects against UV rays. It's also fade-resistant and, of course, waterproof. It's got a smooth crank lift that's easy to open and close.

A Portable Chair Like You've Never Seen


I had to include this portable chair in the list just because it's so unusual looking. Is it a Transformer? It is a car part? Nobody will know. What it definitely is, is a folding portable stool with an adjustable height that you can perch on anywhere. Weighing in at only 1.9 pounds, it's truly one you can easily move wherever you need it, even if that's a soccer field on a Saturday morning.

Be The Cool One With This Cool Bar


You can instantly elevate your house to the "one that everyone wants to hang out at" this summer by purchasing this cool bar. Not only does it have a 7.5-gallon drink storage cooler, but it also has an expanding pop-up tabletop for those people who don't want to venture too far from the booze or, um, water. There are so many great places to place this, including near the grill or hot tub.

Relax in Style and Comfort in This Two-Piece Set of Zero-Gravity Lounge Chairs


If you haven't tried one of these zero-gravity lounge chairs, it's time you got one! They lean back effortlessly, giving you a smooth, gentle recline that removes strain from your aching muscles and allows you to drift off into daydreams. This set of two is an Amazon bestseller, earning 4.5-star ratings on nearly 25,000 reviews. Choose from more than a dozen colors to suit your decor.

Be A Rocker At Any Age


We've already established that you don't have to be a part of the geriatric population to see the beauty of a rocking chair. This one is a bit different than the wooden one from before, made of metal and available in fun summer colors like the blue pictured or even yellow. Affixed with a breathable soft cushion that can be removed to wash, the rocker itself is spacious and has a mesh design to avoid a sweaty backside.

It's So Much More Than A Table


Tell me you're classy without saying it. This ceramic garden stool that functions as both a small table and an extra seat is all you have to say. Classic knotted rings in colors from blue-green to white to red add an immediate upgrade to any outdoor space in a compact 13x13x17 size. Imagine this sitting on your deck, sunroom, or patio. Promising review: "It is perfect in every way and is a nice place to place a drink. You cannot beat the quality and price!"

Water You Sitting On?


Can you even have too many pool floats? I don't think you can, but even if you're unsure, this pool lounge chair is a must-buy. There's no unsightly climbing on or falling off, this piece will let you sit fully upright or completely recline dependent upon your mood. And, if you're sitting up, you can stay semi-submerged so you're cool as a cucumber the whole time.

Get Benched


There are spaces and places in your backyard where only a bench will do. But, don't buy one of those hideous versions from Walmart that everyone has, try out this rustic farmhouse-style bench that combines industrial steel and warm wood for a look that not just everyone will have. You can use this bench with or without the back to change up the look at a moment's notice.

Baby Needs A Boost


Let's not forget the littlest members of the family! It can be a pain hauling a bulky high chair outside where the rest of the family is so why not invest in a portable booster seat? For children from six months up to four years old, this high-back booster offers an easy pop-and-fold design with a tray in a carrying bag so you can tote it literally anywhere. I love that green for summer, but it also comes in blue, pink, and white.

Hammock + Chair = The Best Of Both Worlds


It's me again, back with more hammock things. Hammocks really are the unofficial seat of summer, aren't they? But, you don't always want to lay completely prone, which is where this hammock chair comes into the picture. It has a folding leg extension so you can sit or recline, whatever mood you're in, and is extremely durable with two layers of fabric in dual tones. Peep the pocket, too, which is great for stashing your phone or sunglasses.

Gliding Into The Weekend Like...


O.K., O.K., you're not a fan of hammocks and you really don't have the right set-up for a porch swing. What about a smooth-gliding patio bench? This option gives you just a little bit of motion in a more structured design, while also accommodating someone else you might want to sit close to. The mesh fabric is breathable and works well in an outdoor setting ... with ergonomic support, of course.

Take It Old School With These Classic Folding Chairs


Do you consider yourself a "classic" kind of person? Then, you're going to need at least one of these old-school lawn chairs with the traditional checkboard webbing. Whether you're just hanging out in the backyard around a fire pit or heading out to the ballfields over the weekend, this lightweight chair will get the job done. It comes in just about every color imaginable and some combos perfect for tailgating at your favorite university.

The Perfect Set For Any Nook


You won't find a better deal on a three-piece outdoor furniture set than this one, which includes two rattan chairs and a coffee table to place in between. Designed in sleek black rattan, maybe the best part of these sets is the eye-popping cushion color choices you get, from turquoise to red. The styling is both modern and relaxed and is easy to keep clean year-round.

Pop A Squat Anywhere With This Tri-Leg Stool


You just never know when and where you might need to take a load off. That's the idea behind this tri-leg stool that folds into a compact design but pops out easily to give you a quick seat. It's perfect for camping, of course, but think of its myriad other uses: Theme parks, sporting events, grocery stores. O.K., maybe not that last one, but lines are long and I get tired.

The 60s Called, They Want This Side Table Back


​There's something so mod, yet so vintage about this steel patio side table, and I kind of want it in every color. Add a splash of color to any of your outdoor spaces with options from this powder blue to sunny yellow. One reviewer said: "Omg this is cute and super easy to assemble. I got the red and kinda wish I had gotten the blue ... oh, but all the colors are so cute!!"

Throw This Pillow Anywhere


Contrary to what the insurance commercial says, you can't honestly have too many pillows. That includes a floor pillow option like this bohemian floor pillow cover from Amazon. It comes in a large 35-by-35 size and can be filled with hobby, bean bag or pillow fill upon receipt. These are great for everything from a pet bed to a yoga practice to a quiet spot for meditation.

There's No Better Way to Enjoy the Springtime Than in a Bench Swing Like This One


This lovely bench swing with a canopy can seat two adults comfortably. It's got a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame that can support up to 450 pounds at once. It's got heavy springs connecting the swing to the frame, and the seat and canopy material is sturdy polyester that can be removed and replaced as needed.