37 On-the-Go Accessories and Gadgets

Call me over-prepared, but I believe in having the right stuff to match the outing. I've been known to check my bag three times before leaving the house because I'll be miserable if I don't have my favorite things with me. Of course, it all depends on the purpose of the outing, doesn't it? There's a big difference between running errands and a weekend trip with my kids, which means a big difference in the right accessories and gadgets.

For example, I keep a pack of these disposable toothbrushes in my purse so I can freshen up after coffee or lunch out. For day trips, I usually grab my favorite collapsible metal straw. And if I'm going away overnight, naturally I'll need a value-priced suitcase! Whatever the outing, these are my top recommendations for on-the-go accessories and gadgets to make life easier.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Reusable Straw Collapses Down to Pocket-Size


Ever since I learned what an eco-disaster plastic straws are, I've been committed to alternatives like the Final Straw. Made of stainless steel with silicone tips on both ends, this ingenious straw collapses and folds up into the included pouch for easy transport. It comes with a telescoping cleaning brush, too!

This High-Speed Power Bank Charges 40% Faster


With over 54,000 ratings, this Power Bank is a reliable product that customers depend on for high-speed charging on the go. This charger is thin and lightweight (quite a bit smaller than your phone) yet stores enough power to fully charge your device. The killer feature is its ability to detect the type of device and adjust the power flow to charge up to 1.4 times faster than other chargers.

This Dry Shampoo & Conditioner Set Is a Life-Saver for Rushed Mornings


When I need to get out the door in a hurry, I rely on dry shampoo to soak up oil and give me a burst of volume. My new favorite product is this Waterless Dry Shampoo & Conditioner Set! Not only does it freshen up my hair and buy me another day before washing, but it also smells fantastic!

This Eye Balm Brightens Skin and Disguises Dark Circles


I apply foundation and concealer in the morning, but within a couple of hours my under-eye area looks dull and dark. I've learned that reapplying concealer leads to a baked, caked look. Instead, I rely on this Eye Balm that can be swiped on all day long for a rosy, glowy, brightening effect!

This iFlex Bends Into the Shape You Need to Hold Your Phone


I've been shopping for a new phone holder, and I'm intrigued by this iFlex. Made of highly flexible silicone, it starts out flat but can be folded or shaped into various configurations depending on what you need. It's ideal for travel!

This Mini Pill Box Is a Teeny-Tiny Suitcase for Your Meds


Pack a small amount of medication in this cute little Mini Pill Box to keep them safe and organized. The box measures about 2.5 by 3 inches and features stainless steel hinges and secure snap closure. Two removable dividers help you organize pills however you like.

These Dude Bombs Prevent Embarrassing, Stinky Problems


Use them at home, work, or at other people's houses to cover your tracks! Drop a Dude Bomb into the toilet before you go, then flush it away. It creates a barrier on the surface of the water that prevents smells from escaping! After flushing, it leaves behind only natural scents of lavender, cedar, lime, and eucalyptus.

This OPI Drip Dry Dries Polish in 60 Seconds


I"m not a patient person, so doing my own manicures is tough for me. I hate sitting still to let my nail polish dry! My secret weapon is OPI Drip Dry, a miracle product that dries nails in one minute flat. The nourishing formula, enriched with Vitamin E, is also good for cuticles.

This Trendy Baseball Hat Is Perfect for Bad Hair Days

Amazon / Amazon Customer

When I head out on a walk or to run quick errands, this Baseball Hat is my go-to accessory. Not only does it protect me from the sun, but it also lets me show pride in my hometown baseball team. There are over a dozen Major League Baseball teams to choose from!

This Foot Glide Prevents Blisters


A must-have for hiking, theme parks, or any occasion that involves a lot of walking, this Foot Glide is the best way to keep your feet happy! Formulated with Vitamins A and C, the balm smooths on easily to moisturize skin and provide a barrier against rubbing and irritation.

This Anti-Theft Bag Is a Smart Choice for Travel


For peace of mind and practicality, this Anti-Theft Bag is a smart choice for travel or public transit. The crossbody design means it's hard to snatch, and the fabric of both the bag and strap are slash-resistant. The main compartment can be locked, and there's an RFID blocking card built-in.

This Gym Bag Has a Place for Everything


For years, my "gym bag" was a canvas tote bag I got free at a conference. I hated that thing but was too lazy to find a replacement. Luckily, my husband intervened and ordered me this Gym Bag, which I now love! It has a special compartment just for shoes, a waterproof pocket, and other thoughtful details.

This Insulated Water Bottle Stays Ice-Cold All Day Long


If you prefer your water really, really cold, you need this Takeya Bottle! The double-wall design with vacuum insulation means the liquid inside stays at a steady temperature, with no condensation on the exterior. The lid is easy to open and leak-proof.

This Kate Spade Tote Bag Is Classy and Cute

Amazon / Sahar Hussei

For my birthday, my mom gifted me this Kate Spade Tote Bag, which I absolutely love. The canvas bag is sturdy and durable, and the design is super cute. I can't wait to show it off at my next book club meeting.

This Tiny Sony Speaker Is Just Four Inches Tall


Portable, rechargeable and really stinking cute, this Sony Speaker is a fantastic way to add an audio track to your on-the-go adventures. Connect via Bluetooth and play music for up to 16 hours on one charge. Pair with a second speaker for stereo sound.

These Aviator Sunglasses With Purple Lenses


I love a classic with a twist! These metal Aviator Sunglasses have a timeless shape that's flattering on everyone but are updated with purple lenses for summer-fun flair. They've earned over 12,000 ratings on Amazon, and cost under $20!

This Crossbody Phone Bag That Customers Call "Perfect"


Made of soft synthetic leather, this Crossbody Phone Bag is designed to hold just what you need for comfortable, all-day wear. Perfectly sized for a phone and a few essentials, and comes in over 40 colors!

This Bentgo Lunch Box Includes Utensils and Carrying Strap


This Bentgo stackable lunch box set is an elegant and practical way to pack a meal for work or school. The set includes two containers, a lid, utensils, and s carrying strap. Every purchase helps support the anti-hungry nonprofit organization, Feed the Children.

These Deodorant Freshies Keep You Dry and Smelling Fresh


When one dose of antiperspirant in the morning just won't cut it, these Deodorant Freshies are the solution! Tuck one in your purse or pocket to reapply all day long for comfort and a burst of subtle, clean fragrance.

These Disposable Toothbrushes Don't Need Water or Rinsing

Amazon / S. Johnson

I love these Disposable Toothbrushes! They're handy for long days at the office, traveling, or anytime you need to freshen your breath and make sure your teeth are perfectly clean. Each little brush comes pre-loaded with a drop of toothpaste that you bite to activate. You don't even need to rinse your mouth afterward.

This Travel Tray Keeps Kids Happy on Long Drives


If you have little ones, do yourself a favor and invest in this Kids Travel Tray before your next road trip. The lightweight tray provides space for drawing, eating, and balancing a screen, while side pockets organize everything they'll need. There's a strap that fits loosely around the child's waist or car seat to make sure the tray doesn't fall.

This Adulting Notepad Helps You Do All the Things


I rely on checklists and reminders to help me stay on top of my busy life. While I'm content to use a scrap of paper if that's all I can find, I'd greatly prefer this Adulting Notepad. It's funny yet practical and would make a great gift for a friend who needs a little more organization in their life.

This Multi-Stick for Subtle Color on Eyes, Cheeks, Lips


I recently cleaned out my make-up drawer and whittled it down to my most reliable products. One of my new favorites is this Elf Multi-Stick, a 3-in-1 product that has streamlined my make-up on rushed mornings. The subtle color can be used as lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow. Each multi-stick costs under $5!

These Noise-Canceling Headphones Have Over 73,000 Ratings on Amazon


These are the bestselling Noise-Canceling Headphones you can get for under $50 on Amazon! They feature active noise-canceling technology and can be used either wired or wireless. A built-in microphone means they're also suitable for phone calls or online meetings.

This Packable Down Jacket Folds Up Into a Little Pouch


Handy for travel, this Packable Down Jacket takes up very little space, yet provides a layer of dependable warmth when needed. Comes in 16 colors. Check out the customer reviews for lots of tips on sizing.

This Portable Blender for Smoothies and Protein Shakes on the Go


I love my Vitamix, but it's not like I can take it with me on vacations or work. For blending and juicing on the go, there's nothing better than this Portable Blender, which charges via USB cord. Customers appreciate the handy accessories and the low price!

These Sink Suds for Hotel Sink Laundry


Handy for travel, dorm rooms, or quick laundry jobs anytime, these Sink Suds packets make hand-washing clothes a heck of a lot easier. Each packet provides just enough detergent for 2-3 garments and works with any temperature of water.

This Scavenger Hunt Travel Game Keeps Kids Happy on Long Drives


I'm ordering this Scavenger Hunt Travel Game to have ready for my family's next road trip. The set of 54 cards names objects to spot, like a red car, a license plate with the letter Z, a stop sign, and more. It's earning great ratings, with one customer writing, "We all end up laughing and being silly...it truly creates some wonderful family memories."

This Is the Bestselling Luggage Set Under $50


An outstanding value, this two-piece Luggage Set costs under $50 and has earned over 33,000 ratings from Amazon customers. The set includes an upright 21" suitcase with inline wheels, and a matching 14" tote bag with a shoulder strap.

These Disposable Drink Pouches Are Handy for Smoothies and So Much More


I was shopping for paper cups when I came across these Disposable Drink Pouches, and wow! These things are incredibly handy! The set includes 50 high-quality plastic drink containers, colorful straws, and a funnel. Use them for parties, trips, or batch-preparing smoothies.

This Echo Auto Puts the Power of Alexa in Your Car


Control music, phone calls, and navigation hands-free with the Echo Auto! It connects your Alexa app on your phone with your car speakers. It has too many cool features to list here, so do yourself a favor and click through to learn more!

This Laptop Backpack Is a Customer Favorite


I used a messenger bag for years to tote my computer around but finally switched to this highly-rated Laptop Backpack. I love it so much! It's comfortable to carry and has enough compartments and zippered pockets to keep all my stuff neatly organized.

This Hands-Free Dog Leash for Running or Hiking With Your Best Friend


You and your dog will both love this Hands-Free Dog Leash, which attaches around your waist so your arms are free while running or hiking. The strap also has a built-in zippered pouch for holding small necessities.

These Panasonic Earbuds Cost Under $20


I've bought a least five sets of these Panasonic Earbuds, which have earned well over 100,000 ratings on Amazon. They're high-value, durable, and include changeable ear pads for a custom fit. I also appreciate that they come in a bunch of fun colors!

This Steering Wheel Desk for Eating and Working in the Car


I made a joke to a real estate agent friend about living in her car, and she sent me a link to her latest find: this Steering Wheel Desk, which she says she uses every day! It pops onto the steering wheel to provide a stable surface for writing, using a laptop or eating lunch.

These Transparent Pouches Keep Me Organized


I bought a set of these Transparent Pouches last year, and I've found so many uses for them that I'm ordering a second set. I use them in my purse and work bag to organize makeup and other small things, and I also keep one in my car for odds and ends.

This Is the Most Popular Travel Mug on Amazon


Dependable and reasonably priced, this Contigo Travel Mug keeps drinks piping hot for up to 7 hours. It's earned over 100,000 ratings on Amazon, with a solid 4.7 out of 5-star average. Customers appreciate that it's dishwasher safe and basically indestructible.