37 of the Handiest Gadgets on Amazon Under $25

When I get the urge to shop, I like to browse Amazon's virtual shelves for the latest gadgets. Weird, wonderful, or just plain useful--I love 'em all. For today's list, I gathered a few dozen of my newest finds priced under $25. I think there's something for everyone on this list, so wallet beware!

The first to entice you might be this 22-piece set of fidget toys, which can keep even the most overactive person entertained for quite a while. If you like to cook, check out these collapsible colanders and this rapid slicer that makes it easier to cut up tomatoes or grapes. I even threw in a couple of new products for your furry friends, including a water bottle designed just for dogs. Read on for more handy gadgets at bargain prices!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Handheld Vacuum Is Tried and True, and Priced to Move

via: Amazon

If you're in the market for a small, cordless vac, you really can't go wrong with this BLACK + DECKER Handheld Vacuum. Charge it up, then use it cord-free on small messes around the house or in your car. It's earned over a thousand positive reviews on Amazon!

These Collapsible Colanders Store Flat, Then Expand When You Need Them

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A smart solution for kitchens with limited storage space, this set includes two colanders made of sturdy silicone that collapses down when not in use. Heat resistant up to 230 degrees, they're perfect for draining pasta or other daily cooking chores.

This Diffuser Hair Dryer Is a Must-Have for Curly or Wavy Hair

via: Amazon

My hair is naturally wavy, so I own two different hair dryers. A regular one for when I want to straighten my hair, and this diffuser for wavy days. It dries a lot faster than air-drying and lets me control how the waves turn out, so my hair looks beachy, not messy.

This Bundle of 22 Fidget Toys Will Keep You Entertained for Hours

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Stressed? Bored? Anxious? Life's tough, but you can take the edge off by squeezing, spinning, and playing with these fidget toys. This set of 22 toys provides lots of sensory input and healthy outlets for excess energy. Plus, they're just plain fun!

This Flight Flap Props Up Your Phone or Tablet on Airplanes

via: Amazon

A must-have on your next long flight! Lightweight and flexible, the Flight Flap bends to hold your phone or tablet for comfortable, hands-free viewing while traveling. Prop it up on your tray table or slide it into the seatback to get the angle you want.

This Fridge Fork Neatly Nabs Pickles and Olives

via: Amazon

There are two kinds of people in this world. The (terrible) ones who dip their fingers into the pickle jar, and the (correct) ones who use a fork. For those of us who prefer not to contaminate our food, there's the Fridge Fork, a handy gadget that attaches to the jar and provides a condiment fork right where you need it.

This Guacamole Serving Set Makes Me Happy (and Hungry)

via: Amazon

How cute is this guacamole serving set? It includes a 6"ceramic bowl and engraved metal spoon, both of which are ready and waiting for a delicious serving of avocado magic. Someone get me this as a gift, please?

These Heat-Resistant Spatulas Are an Affordable Upgrade for Your Kitchen

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Take a long look at your current cooking utensils, and tell me the truth. Are they Dented? Melted? Just plain sad-looking? It might be time to replace them with this set of four heat-resistant silicone spatulas.

This Portable Charger Is the Highest Rated Charger Under $20

via: Amazon

Compact and a terrific value, this portable charger has the highest rating on Amazon among all the chargers under $20. It's earned over 27,000 reviews (most of them 5-stars), with customers calling it "high quality" and "just really great."

This Silicone Holster Keeps Your Dish Brush Clean and Ready

via: Amazon

To keep dish brushes germ-free, it's important that the completely dry between uses. That's why this silicone holster is such a smart solution.  Simply slap it onto the side of the sink (the silicone sticks like magic!) to make a tidy home for your hard-working dish brush.

This Immersion Blender Does the Work of Several Kitchen Appliances

via: Amazon

If you're low on space or funds, an immersion blender is a smart investment. For a low price, you get a versatile appliance that can stand in for a blender, mixer, and ice crusher. This model from Chefman is highly rated and--bonus!--comes in a bunch of fun colors.

This Acrylic Shelf Attaches Instantly to Any Window

via: Amazon

Add a versatile shelf to your window! This clear acrylic window shelf attaches securely to glass or mirror with suction cups, providing a sturdy spot for a plant, photo frame, or other decor. Comes in five sizes (including a clever corner design) to suit any space.

This Scrap Trap Makes Kitchen Clean-Up So Much Easier

via: Amazon

Chopping and prepping food just got easier, thanks to the new Scrap Trap. The plastic bin attaches to the countertop to hold up to 2 quarts of food waste. A handy scraper is included in its own pocket to make cleaning up easier than ever.

This Knife Sharpener Has Earned Thousands of 5-Star Reviews

This knife sharpener is the most highly rated model I could find at this price point. The two-stage system--first a diamond-coated wheel followed by a ceramic honing wheel--results in super-sharp blades.

These Leaf Scoops Give You Giant Hands for Yard Work

via: Amazon

Admit it: The moment you saw these leaf scoops, you wanted to try them!  Picking up leaves and other yard waste will be a lot more fun and efficient with these on.

This Protective Case Keeps Make-Up Sponges Clean and Dry

via: Amazon

I have a couple of make-up sponges, but I never knew where to put them after rinsing. I was resorting to a washcloth in a cabinet until I found this protective case. It has vents so sponges can dry out, but it keeps them from getting dirty or lost in the meantime.

This Onion Chopper Promises No More Tears

via: Amazon

Chop onions (and other veggies) quickly and uniformly with this cleverly designed chopper. Change the cutting grate to customize the size you want, then press down to force the onion through. The chopped bits end up in a sealed container that won't release onion fumes to your sensitive eyes.

This Towel Bar Requires Zero Installation

via: Amazon

Need a spot for a hand towel in your kitchen or bathroom? Have a phobia of nails and screws? Then this over-the-cabinet towel bar is perfect for you! Just plop it onto the top of any cabinet door and you have an instant towel rack. So easy.

This Soto Paint Touch-Up Is Like White-Out for Your Walls

via: Amazon

Cover up scuffs and scrapes all over your house with this brilliant little bottle of touch-up paint. It comes in nine light shades, so you should be able to find a match for most wall and trim colors.

This Personal Groomer Gets High Marks From Both Men and Women

via: Amazon

Affordable and highly rated, this personal groomer from Philips is the right tool for tackling nose hair, ear hair, or unruly eyebrows. Includes a battery and interchangeable trimming elements.

This Portable Coffee Maker Only Needs Hot Water and K-Cups

The MyJo coffee maker might be the easiest way to brew a fresh cup of coffee on the go. Load any K-cup coffee pod, add hot water, then push down to brew the coffee directly into your mug. Amazon reviewers love this thing!

This Alarm Clock Projects the Time Onto the Wall or Ceiling

via: Amazon

This alarm clock has a lot of handy features that make it a smart buy. It has a dual alarm, plays music, and shows the temperature. But the best part is the projection feature, which can be tilted 180 degrees to project the time onto the wall or ceiling.

This Rapid Slicer Lets You Slice Food at Lightning Speed

via: Amazon

Tomatoes for salad. Olives for tacos. Grapes for toddlers. Seem like I'm always slicing something in half that takes forever to do one at a time. But with the Rapid Slicer, you can easily slice through a whole bunch of  tomatoes or grapes or whatever, all at once! I love a time-saving gadget, and this one certainly qualifies.

These Remote Control Outlets Let You Control Three Appliances from a Distance

via: Amazon

Once you've installed a few of these remote control outlets, you'll wonder how you ever lived without! All you do is plug one into the outlet, then plug in a lamp or other appliance. From that moment on, you can control the power from the included remote control.

This Rotary Grater Lets You Add Freshly Grated Cheese to Dishes Like a Pro

via: Amazon

Is there anything better than freshly grated Parmesan cheese? We've come a long way from shaker cheese in a green can, baby! Do dinner right with this rotary grater that customers describe as "effortless" and "a must have."

This Silicone Phone Holder Sticks Securely to the Car Dashboard

via: Amazon

Position your phone safely and securely with this silicone phone mount. It attaches to the dash with five sticky silicone gel spots (but can be removed and repositioned as needed). One five-star reviewer says, "This is the first cell phone holder that really works for me."

This Smart Scale Has a 4.5-star Average With Over 11,000 Ratings

via: Amazon

This smart bathroom scale is not only affordable and highly rated, but comes with a bunch of features that make it one of the best buys I've seen in a while. In addition to an accurate digital weight, it also displays BMI and body fat percentage, and sends data to your phone and syncs with Apple Health, Samsung Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, and other health apps.

This Space Pen Is Every Bit as Cool as It Looks

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A unique gift (or something fun to get for yourself), this bullet-shaped space pen is constructed of brass and steel, and finished with a super-reflective chrome coating. It's designed to work in extremely low and high temperatures, and to write smoothly at any angle, including upside down.

These Squeeze Pod Toiletries Are TSA-Approved for Your Carry-On

via: Amazon

For convenience and neatness, these Squeeze Pods can't be beat. The Sh*t-Shower-Shave set includes 18 single-use toiletries: 2 shampoo, 2 conditioner, 2 body wash, 3 hair gel, 3 shave cream, 3 moisturizing lotion, and 3 toilet odor eliminator.

This Bakeware Rack Has Adjustable Dividers to Neatly Stow Awkward Pans

via: Amazon

Cookie sheets, pizza pan, muffin tins...they don't stack up neatly, you know? That's why this bakeware rack is so incredibly handy. It makes better use of cabinet space by holding pans vertically, and the dividers are moveable so you can get a customized rack for your particular pans.

This Tactical Gadget Belt Pack Keeps Phone and Other Accessories Safe and Easily Accessible

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(Confidential to my lady readers: This is basically a purse for men.) To my gentlemen readers: This is basically a tactical gear pack that MacGyver wishes he'd had! This manly holster is designed to hold a phone, pen, keychain, tools, and other small items. One reviewer (a literal Eagle Scout) calls it "a game changer," and another reviewer wonders, "Why don't more people have this?" Maybe now they will!

This Pick-Up Tool Telescopes to 30 Inches Long

via: Amazon

Affordable and pretty darned fun to use, this pick-up tool has a strong magnet at the end and a telescoping handle that extends to 30 inches in length. Keep it in your toolbox or junk drawer, and whip it out to retrieve dropped nails, screws, bobby pins, or other metal objects.

These Are the Most Affordable Wireless Headphones You're Going to Find

via: Amazon / Terrylynn Dupree

These wireless over-ear headphones are a total deal. Not only are they foldable, rechargeable, and include a built-in mic, but they have also earned thousands of 5-star ratings from Amazon customers.

This Timer Cube Couldn't Be Any Easier to Use

via: Amazon

The Timer Cube not only looks fun and appealing, but it's super-easy for even little kids to use. Just turn it so the time you want is on top, and the timer automatically begins. When the timer goes off, turn the cube back over to stop the sound. Amazon customers use it for cooking, homework, interval work-outs, time management, and lots of other tasks!

This Treat Digger Gives Your Cat Something Fun to Do

via: Amazon

If you feel bad about leaving your kitty alone too much (or if you just want to witness super-cuteness), get this Treat Digger. It includes five tubes of various heights in a sturdy base. Drop food or treats into the tubes, and your cat uses natural digging instincts to "hunt" and retrieve the snacks.

This Water Bottle for Dogs Lets Your Pup Drink Water on the Go

via: Amazon / Catherine Hou

The design of this water bottle for dogs is sheer genius. The 18-ounce bottle has a flexible silicone cap that folds over the top of the bottle. When your dog needs a drink, unfold that flap to form a little bowl that you can squeeze the water into. When done, fold it back, tighten the lid, and you're ready to go.

This Wi-Fi Range Extender Brings Dead Spots Back to Life

via: Amazon

Need better wi-fi in certain rooms or areas of your house? Plug this sleek, affordable wi-fi range extender into any electrical outlet between your router and the area where you need more coverage. Amazon reviewers call it "great for the price" and "the best wi-fi extender I have ever used."