37 of the Handiest Gadgets on Amazon Under $25

No person's an island - we all get by with a little help from our friends. And if your friends happen to include any of these 37 super handy gadgets under $25, things are gonna go a lot smoother for you!

Whether you want to squash your pesky gnat problem or find a simple ironing hack to make that chore suck a whole lot less, you'll find your perfect everyday helper on this list of amazingly useful products.

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This Airpod Watchband Holder Is Genius

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If you're the type of person who's always misplacing things, especially of the tiny, important and expensive variety, this airpod watchband holder is for you. Simply slide the silicone gadget onto your smartwatch band and pop your airpods in so you never have to go searching all over creation for them again.

This Houseplant Insect Trap Works Disgustingly Well

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Houseplants are affordable, clean the air, add a little life to your space - an all-around great idea for your home. Except for that pesky little gnat infestation problem. Nip it in the bud with these houseplant insect traps that do such an effective, gross job. Just stab the sticky paper traps into the plant, maybe hidden behind some leaves, and let the magic happen.

This Pizza Tool Helps You Get Perfect Dough

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Here's a handy tip home pizza cooks might not know - you need to "dock" the dough in order to get it to rise correctly without giant air bubbles. This pizza docker tool makes the process go so much faster than if you used a fork, it just rolls along the dough and is hefty enough to work on even deep-dish pie. Mangiare!

This Silicone Drain Protector Saves Your Plumbing

via: Amazon / Anna Jones

With two long-haired girls in the house who shed more than a St. Bernard, these drain protectors are a must-have. They let water drain freely while catching stray hair that might otherwise clog up the pipes, resulting in a backed up shower and expensive visit from the plumber. You can use them on pop-up or flat drains, and they're weighted to keep them in place. Avoid a hairy situation and pop one of these over your shower drain - you'll be surprised how much you'll catch! Like the grossest game ever.

These Post-It Highlighters Are An Office MVP

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If you're slogging through a wordy contract or tedious report and you need to mark important sections, this highlighter with built-in Post-It flags is going to be your new bestie. Streamline your office supplies and look like the smartest person in the room. Highlighters don't often inspire passionate love letters of Amazon reviews, but everyone from realtors to theater people to students are waxing poetic about these wundersupplies.

These Magnetic Hooks Put Arnold To Shame

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If you've got something heavy to hang but don't want to put holes in the wall or install racks, try these superstrong magnetic hooks instead. These tiny-but-mighty hooks can hold over 100 pounds, so the sky's the limit for their uses. They're incredibly popular with cruisers to organize their cabins. They also turn a metal door into an instant entryway organizer since they can hold heavily loaded backpacks and winter jackets with ease.

This Desk Organizer Covers All The Bases

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On my desk I've got a calendar, a pen holder, a phone stand and a million other things to help me stay organized but in reality, just add to the clutter. This all-in-one desk organizer solves that problem since it streamlines everything you need into one attractive package. There's a perpetual calendar, a dial for the month, and two large compartments to hold everything from your keys and phone to office supplies.

This USB Charging Station Keeps You Connected

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How smart is your charger? Well, this USB charging station can handle up to six devices at a time, automatically detects connected devices and adjusts the output to ensure the right voltage for fastest charging times. Next-level genius, I tell you.

This Underbed Organizer Is A Total Space-Saver

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We live in a small farmhouse with teensy closets and no linen closets to speak of, which presents a problem for storing bulky off-season blankets and extra sheets. These underbed rolling carts are such a smart solution since they give you a ton of hidden storage space that'd be otherwise wasted. Use them to corral kids' toys, extra towels or anything else you want to store inconspicuously.

This Jar Scraper Gets Every Last Bit

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I'm a person who loves their peanut butter and will spend way too much time futilely trying to scrape the dregs from the bottom of the jar, getting my hands so dirty in the process. This jar scraper is a much better solution - the extra long handle of the mini ergonomic spatula is the perfect length to reach every last bit of yummy jelly, peanut butter or Nutella. Plus it's a lot easier to wash out the jars for recycling when they're not still all gunked up!

This Ironing Assistant Makes You Look Like A Pro

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Ironing is just literally the worst, which is why I avoid it at all costs - if it's not athleisure, get it off my body! My poor husband has to wear suits to work though, so he spends a lot of time trying to get his shirts and pants perfectly ironed. It'd be so much easier with this ironing assistant that holds shirt sleeves or pant legs flat so you get professional results with minimal effort.

This Car Escape Tool Is A Lifesaver

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This compact keychain car escape tool packs powerful life-savers into one tiny device. You hope you'll never need them, but in an emergency you'll be glad to have a seatbelt cutter tool and car window breaker at your fingertips - this little tool has over 3,000 outstanding reviews on Amazon from people who've been first on the scene of a bad crash or have had to use the tool themselves.

This Shower Basket Caddy Hold So Much Stuff

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I like to switch it up with shampoos, conditioners and body washes since I get bored quickly using the same ones daily. Girl's gotta have options, know what I mean? Problem is, the tiny built-in shelves are overflowing with products. I need a heavy-duty but sleek three-tiered shower basket caddy like this one that can hold an unbelievable number of bottles. And it's self-draining so no moldy bottle bottoms like you get on damp shelves!

This Tortilla Warmer Is A Taco-Tuesday All-Star

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Our family loves Taco Tuesdays, but our tortillas always get cold before the kids finish their first taco. This tortilla warmer is going to up our game so much since it'll keep them toasty until the last bit of taco filling's gone. We'll also use it for Saturday morning pancakes since I'm usually the last one downstairs and it'd be nice to have a warm breakfast!

These Car Washing Mitts Are Gently Effective

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We live in an area with so many pine trees, so I'm constantly waging war against sticky sap that falls on the car that even the drive-thru car wash can't remove. These car wash mitts seem like they'd do the trick, since they're gentle on the paint finish but tough on dirt. They can absorb 6x their weight in water and are washable so you can use them over and over again. Also great for drying the windows so you don't get water spots!

This Lunch Thermos Revamps Desk Lunch

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It's hard to look forward to a soggy PB&J sandwich come lunchtime, so make desk lunch great again with this colorful leakproof lunch thermos. Doesn't warm lentil soup or butternut squash ravioli with sage butter sound so much more appetizing? It's a great size for kids to use, too, because one can only eat so many cafeteria chicken nuggs.

This Headphone Organizer Is So Practical

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The bright, cheery color acts like a beacon in the depths of a messy handbag or backpack so you can easily find your headphones without having to endure a train commute or waiting room stay without your favorite podcast or tunes. Not into yellow? No problem, this sleek headphone organizer comes in 10 colors from brights to neutrals. Also great for keeping any type of charging cord neat and tidy.

This Smartwatch Charging Stand Fits Anywhere

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I like my Apple watch's minimalistic charger, but it's a little bit too sleekly designed and always slipping off my nightstand. This compact little smartwatch dock is not only adorable but so useful - just slip the charging cord into the silicone stand and it creates a nice little home for your watch to rest. Plus it's more convenient to use your watch as a bedside clock since it stays upright!

This Travel Wallet Keeps You Sane

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I'm pretty much a perpetual yard sale when going through airport security - my passport, phone and wallet are all over the place even when I have designated pockets, causing mini panic attacks every five minutes when I misplace something. This handy travel wallet helps you stay calm, cool and collected in the airport and abroad, just think of it as your command center to hold all ID, tickets, boarding passes and any other important documents, all in one place. It'd make an awesome gift for any globetrotters you love.

This Pasta Measurer Takes The Guesswork Out Of Portion Control

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I'm always trying to guess the right amount of pasta to cook - half the box? three quarters? - so I don't end up with tons of leftovers that'll go to waste. This cheeky pasta measuring tool makes it easy to cook just the right portion of spaghetti whether you've got a pint-sized appetite or you're hungry as a horse. It ranges from a recommended kid-sized portion to a four-person serving (i.e. the horse).

This Stainless Steel Travel Mug Is Completely Leakproof

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If you're looking for a unique, camping-inspired enamel travel mug, this is right in your wheelhouse. The BPA-free stainless steel mug has a comfy carry handle and fits perfectly into your car cupholder for the ideal commuting buddy. It comes in five gorgeous colors and is surprisingly affordable!

This Dish Drying Mat Isn't An Eyesore

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Dishracks are the blight of many an otherwise attractive kitchen countertop, functional but annoyingly bulky and unsightly. Until now - check out this oversized microfiber dish drying mat with handy rack that folds away when you're done, leaving your countertops clear!

These Plastic Mason Jar Lids Will Never Rust

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I love using mason jars to store dry pasta, rice and other goodies but I don't love the two-part metal lids since I'm always losing the loose inside piece. These colorful plastic mason jar lids solve that problem, and the bonus is you can store wet stuff like sauces and salads in them without worrying about the lid rusting! They come in two sizes in a pack of 12 so all your storage needs are covered. And they've got over 1,000 rave reviews that say they're as awesome as they look!

This Toilet Plunger Works In One Step

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The only thing worse than a clogged toilet is a bulky plunger that's ineffective and a pain to store, especially after it's covered in dirty toilet water. This innovative unclogger is your new bathroom bestie - meet the Toilet Shroom. It works by pushing out the clog in one step and doubles as a squeegee to clean your toilet at the same time. Plus it has a handy caddy to hold it, no dripping on the floor!

This Soap Dish Drains Itself

Bar soap is handy but gets so gross and gummy from sitting in water, even if you use a soap dish. Problem solved - this unique soap lift made from bioplastic drains itself so your soap's never sitting in a puddle of water. Plus it's easy to clean since you can just run it under water and squeeze!

This Meat Thermometer Tells You When Food's Safe

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It's always a crapshoot trying to judge when meat's done, and one bout of food poisoning is enough to make you turn vegan. Don't play Russian roulette with your stomach - use this super accurate digital meat thermometer instead. The superfast readout shows the temp in just four seconds and can measure a range from -58°F ~ 572°F.

This Smartphone And Tablet Mount Lets You Go Hands-Free Anywhere

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I'm always wishing for extra hands whether I'm looking up a recipe on my phone or trying to watch an exercise video on the tablet. That's where these handy phone and tablet mounts come in! They clip onto any surface and hold your tech device at just the right angle for you to watch movies, video chat or even work. The flexible gooseneck adjusts to any position and the bracket swivels 360 degrees to totally customize your view.

This Inverted Umbrella Never Drips

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Not only does this stylish umbrella have a colorful secret interior, its innovative double-layer design means it'll never drip all over the floor or you since the wet top layer folds into the second dry layer! Easily open and close it with a single click and if yours ever breaks, they'll send you a new one with no questions asked. Choose from 45(!) gorgeous patterns paired with a sleek black exterior.

These Grill Mats Mean No More Scraping

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Grilled meals are amazing - cleaning the grill afterward, not so much. Take the mess out of cooking with these reusable grill mats that allow you to get the perfect grill marks but keep the grates clean so you don't have to spend time scraping. Simply rinse these durable mats clean when you're done cooking, then they're ready to use again and again!

This Pan Organizer Is Life-Changing

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I can personally attest to the life-changing benefits of this pan organizer. It used to drive me crazy trying to sift through all the cumbersome cookware to find just the right skillet I was looking for, then having to put everything back in a messy jumble. This pan rack keeps my cabinet so much cleaner and makes it simple to find what I'm looking for and grab it right away.

This Memory Stick Works With All Your Devices

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I've got SO MANY pics on my phone I had to upgrade my storage, but a much simpler and cheaper option would've been to get this handy 128 GB memory stick instead! It has multiple ports so you can use it with iPhones, Android phones and regular USB ports on your computer to transfer pictures, movies, music and other files easily. You can also take photos or record videos directly onto the drive so your phone storage never gets full!

These BBQ Gloves Can Handle The Heat

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Streamline your kitchen accessories and protect your hands from temps up to 425 degrees with these grippy BBQ gloves. And use them for more than just grilling - they make amazing potholders for transfering foods from the oven, allow you to grab lobsters directly out of boiling water and are super useful in canning when you're working with hot steam. The grippy surface means you get a secure hold so no dangerous spills or unfortunate accidents - no one wants to eat a Thanksgiving turkey that's gathered some crunchy floor debris for extra flavor.

This LED Neck Light Never Needs Batteries

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You can use and reuse this LED neck light forever and it never requires batteries since it charges fully in a few hours then provides up to 10 hours of brightness. Now you can read in bed without disturbing your sleeping partner, use it for camping, nighttime runs, walking the dog or knitting. It has three settings - flood light, spotlight and extra-bright light for all your illumination needs.

This Fast Drying Towel Is Your New Gym Partner

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I take a supersweaty spin class a few times a week and carry a little cotton towel with me to mop off my face and the bike. Problem is, cotton stays wet and after a few wipes it loses effectiveness and gets pretty stinky. This compact antimicrobial microfiber towel doesn't have that problem - it absorbs up to 5x its weight and dries 10 times faster than other quick drying towels! And the oversized 24x48" design packs into a teensy carrying case so you can easily throw it in your gym bag without worrying about getting everything dirty. Perfect for swimming, the gym, camping, festivals and travel.

This Luggage Recovery Tag Finds Your Stuff, Fast

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In case of lost luggage, theft or misplaced bags, you're going to want this luggage recovery tag that'll save the day. They work anywhere with the internet and automatically email you your stuff's location when you check the website. You can enter custom info for whoever finds it too, they just scan the tag or visit the website to see your message letting them know how to reach you to return your items - if you're traveling abroad, translate it into a few languages to cover all your bases.

This Bench Scraper Is The Best Kitchen Helper

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Meet the best kitchen helper you don't own yet - the super-useful bench scraper that helps you easily scoop and transfer chopped foods with no spilling. Plus it's a great tool to clean off cutting boards and your counter when you're done cooking to get every last crumb like the waiters do in fancy restaurants.

These Flexible Outlet Sealers That Save You Big Bucks On Energy Bills

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I recently bought a house that's nearly 100 years old, and every day we find more nooks and crannies that let in outdoor air and send our energy bills sky-high. These outlet sealers fit snugly behind your existing outlet covers but keep outside air out. Oh, and did I mention that you can get a pack of 24 for under $3 bucks? Why would you not buy them?!

This Wine Stopper And Charms Set Is A Must-Have Party Accessory

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Want a cute way to keep wine fresh and make sure no one swigs the wrong glass at your next get-together? This pineapple wine stopper and charms set is an adorably effective way to do so! You get six colorful charms to mark everyone's glass - also available in palm tree with toucans or cute cactuses to shake things up a little bit!