37 Must-Have Pieces That Will Transform Your Bathroom Into an Oasis

Let's settle the Great Debate once and for all: Bath people are better than shower people. There. I said it. Phew, that's a load off my mind. Say what? You're a shower person. Well, let me retract my statement. Honestly, it's all about the ambiance to me. A bath or a shower after a long day, with the right bathroom accessories, lighting and luxe products, is heaven — regardless of whether you're soaking or standing under a steady stream of steamy water.

With those thoughts in mind, I've pulled together 37 must-have pieces that will transform your bathroom into an oasis. Missing your spa days? No problem. Something in here will transport you there, without ever having to set foot outside your house. Longing for that garden tub in that last hotel you stayed in? Guess what? You can recreate that moment in your own tub with some of these fab finds. This list is all about "treat yo' self," bathroom edition. So peruse these pieces, click "Add to Cart" and prepare for an otherworldly bathroom transformation.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Shower Yourself With A Color-Changing Shower Head


This is just a fun one. This showerhead has five different settings — power rain, pulsating massage, hydro-mist, economy rain, and water-saving pause — and three color-changing effects based on your water temperature. The large four-inch chrome face ensures you get a rain-like drenching, and the whole thing runs off the use of water, meaning no batteries necessary.

Treat Your Nether Regions To A Bidet


Call it a weird side effect of a pandemic or the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020, but bidet sales are up all around the United States. Folks in Europe have known what's up for years and years. In typical American fashion, it's taken us a while to catch on. Regardless, you can get in on the bidet trend for less than $40 with this highly-raved-about attachment for your existing toilet.

Increase Your Storage Space Even In A Tight Place


I think I speak for most of us when I say we could all do with a little more storage space in the bathroom, right? This skinny storage cabinet will fit just about anywhere, even in the smallest bathrooms, without occupying a huge footprint. It's available in white only but has a top compartment for a small plant (or your smartphone), a built-in toilet paper dispenser, and a hidden cabinet with room for bathroom necessities.

A Phone Or Toilet Paper Holder? You Decide


Which came first in the bathroom: Toilet paper or your smartphone? (Don't even act like you don't scroll through social media while sitting on the potty.) Luckily, you don't have to choose with this holder that does double duty: Dispenses your paper and provides a shelf for your most prized possession. Now, if we could only get public restrooms to be so accommodating.

A Shower Caddy To Hold All Your Bath Products


Let's be clear: No shower is complete without an inordinate amount of bath products. From slathering yourself with in-shower lotion to sudsing up your legs to shave, it seems like there's never enough room for all your potions and creams. This shower caddy solves that problem five times over. The shelf can hold up to 20 pounds of goodies, and the movable hooks are a great spot to stash your loofah, razor, and more.

These Shower Curtain Hooks Are So Convenient


Know how you have to painstakingly remove the shower curtain and liner both when really, you just want to wash the curtain? No more with these shower curtain hooks! Now you can remove just the liner or just the curtain when it's time to wash, which is a billion times more convenient.

This Shower Curtain Liner Is Antimicrobial


Chances are, your current shower curtain liner is all mildewy (guilty) or just gross and in need of a refresh. Try this one with over 28,000 rave reviews. Sure, it might not be as fancy as some of the other things on this list, but you'd be amazed at what a difference a new shower liner can make.

Always Have A Towel Within Reach With This Towel Rack


How often do you wash and change bath towels? Wait ... don't answer that. You can always have a fresh towel handy with this six-towel holding rack. It also makes for a nice presentation, especially if you have a good assortment of towel colors that match your decor. Or, hey, use it to store wine bottles, as shown in one of the photos, for those days when a wine-less bath is just not an option.

Shower Shoes That Are Like Clouds On Your Feet


​A little-known fact about me: I hate stepping on a wet bathroom floor. I have no issue with wet feet at, say, the beach or the pool, but wet feet in a bathroom? Ewww. These ultra-soft slippers are a good solution for that problem, and with a name like CloudFeet, you know it has to be good. They're soft and flexible and, perhaps best for the bathroom, safe for slippery surfaces.

People Swear That This Tub Shroom is the Best Shower Drain Protector Ever


How can the unassuming TubShroom cause such a stir? With 13,765, mostly 4 and 5-star reviews, this little drain stopper is the best at catching hair while being easy to clean. Sure, you might not associate a drain protector with an "oasis", but taking a shower without dealing with a clogged drain might just change your mind.

This Toothpaste Cap Stops Messes


If your bathroom looks anything like mine, then it'll feature lovely displays of goopy toothpaste on the counters and generally in places it really shouldn't be, thanks to kids brushing teeth unsupervised. This toothpaste cap stops those messes before they start since it has only a small slit where a reasonable amount of toothpaste can come out and not be squirted all over the place. It just pops onto any tube, even the little sample ones you get from the dentist!

Bump Up Your Shower Space With A Curved Curtain Rod


​I know what you're thinking: Is a curved shower rod really going to enhance your shower experience that much? The answer is yes. Compared with straight towel rods, this rod adds 10 inches of vertical space. In short, it expands your shower area, giving you an extended range for movement inside the shower, typically a small and cramped space. It's available in black, silver and white.

This Waterfall Incense Burner Is Totally Zen


There's nothing better than the smell of incense. It's one of the best ways to get your home smelling good all day without having to burn overly sweet candles. This waterfall incense burner not only burns the incense, but it also does in a waterfall shape. As it burns, the smoke trickles down the waterfall shape, giving the appearance of water. Enjoy it during a bubble bath for maximum treat-yo-self time.

Style A Small Space With This Vanity Organizer


If you're short on space but not on stuff, this vanity organizer might be the ticket. It offers space for your toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, lotion, and more in one streamlined package. Made of resin, it's heavy enough not to slide around your vanity and has built-in holes for drainage and ventilation. If you're a minimalist when it comes to things like this, you'll love having everything in one compact space.

A Marble Effect Masterpiece For Your Vanity

The first thing you need are fabulous accessories, and this marble-look collection gives you all the luxury vibes without the luxury price tag. This three- or four-piece set includes a soap dish, tumbler, and pump and is made from ceramic with a marble-effect look with streaks of gold throughout. You can grab it in white or black for an instant vanity upgrade in any bathroom.

Organize Your Liquids With This In-Shower Dispenser


​Shower caddy not your thing? Streamline your shampoo, conditioner and body wash with this hotel-esque three-chamber dispenser. Available in gray, gold, and chrome with a push-button design, it's the ultimate organizational tool for a clean in-shower experience. You can either attach it to the wall with the included screws or grab some type of adhesive tape for a less permanent solution.

Herd Up Your Hair Tools With This Storage Solution


I always lust after this hair tool organizer every time I encounter it on Amazon. Like many women, I have more hair tools than space to put them — hairdryer, curling iron, straightener, hot airbrush, the list goes on. This storage tray, available in black or white, will get your hair tools out of your vanity drawers, freeing them up for other bathroom essentials or, hey, more hair tools. No judgment here.

A Bath Pillow So Good You'll Never Want To Leave The Tub


File this under "Necessary Indulgences," but if you're a bath queen like I am, you need a non-slip pillow for the ultimate relaxation. This one, both soft to the touch and large in size, goes a step beyond just a place to rest your head by offering additional support for your neck, shoulders, and back. It fits any tub, so no worries there, and includes four large suction cups to ensure it has plenty of staying power.

Add Tunes To Your Tub With A Waterproof Speaker


I don't like to go too far without access to my favorite tunes. Music has the power to uplift you or settle you, depending on your mood and your selection. The shower is a great place to incorporate music, even if you're already a shower singing superstar. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker will let you connect to your phone so you can have your own little naked concert.

Enhance Your Bath Space With This Bamboo Mat


There's something supremely satisfying about this bamboo mat. Maybe it's the minimalist design or its clean lines, but I'm digging it. Made of eco-friendly bamboo, it is anti-slip, smooth, and vented, which speeds drying and enhances airflow around it. It comes in both black and natural shades that will match any decor, as well as various sizes to accommodate your space and budget.

Stash Your Stuff In An Acrylic Organizer


I've long been a fan of acrylic organizers for a couple of reasons. First, they go with any decor. Whether you have roosters or seashells in your bathroom theme, you can transition acrylic pieces seamlessly between them. Second, it's easy to see everything from a bird's-eye view. Looking for your favorite mascara? No problem. Can't find a cotton swab? It won't be an issue here—this organizer tons of compartments and drawers, with a place for everything you need to keep handy.

Drinking In The Shower — Wine Not?


Someone brought one of these to our white elephant gift exchange at work this past Christmas, and you would've thought it was a bar of gold wrapped in hundred dollar bills. But, alas, it's just a wine glass holder for your shower or bath. I mean, not just a wine glass holder, but a tool to make it easier to unwind with a favorite beverage after a long day. Grab one; it'll only set you back $14.

This Multi-Use Bamboo Bathtub Tray Has Room For Everything


The one design flaw of a traditional bathtub is that there's no room on either side for anything of substance. A bottle of shampoo, a razor ... and that's about it. This bamboo bathtub tray solves that problem because it puts anything your heart desires at your fingertips: An iPad or book, candles, your smartphone, soap, a beverage, the sky's the limit. It's water-resistant and even comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.​

Fill Your Tub To The Brim With An Overflow Drain Cover


Here's my biggest complaint about taking a bath: I want more water. That overflow drain is great for what it does (preventing you from a sloppy mess on your bathroom floor), but it also blocks about an extra three to four inches of water that I desperately need to sink beneath. For 10 bucks, you can block the overflow drain with this cover, creating a more luxurious bath experience.

Treat Your Feet In The Shower


Whether you're a shower snob or a bathing beauty, it seems our feet — our poor, overworked feet — always get the short end of the stick. This foot massager and scrubber is designed to be used in the shower to get your feet squeaky clean and improve your circulation. My favorite feature of this simulated foot spa experience is the minimal amount of cleanup required after the fact, unlike a portable foot spa.

Purify Your Shower With This Water Filter

Amazon / Andria Niecohl

I know you probably haven't thought much about filtering the water that comes out of your shower head, but hear me out. This shower filter is unobtrusive and reduces chlorine, impurities, bacteria, heavy metals, and unpleasant smells from your water supply. The effects? Reduced skin aging, better nail condition, stronger, healthier hair, and the list goes on. It's compatible with any showerhead and easy to install.

Step On The Most Luxurious Bath Mats Ever


Full disclosure: I bought these exact bath mats, but at a significantly higher price from another retailer. My learning experience is your gain. You can grab these in a variety of sizes, and I'm here to tell you that you definitely should. They are thick, so cozy, and machine washable. I have one in front of my shower and another in front of my sink. There's simply nothing out there that will feel better on your feet.

This Hotel-Quality Shower Curtain Will Go With Anything


Shower curtains are a dime a dozen; I get it. And, this one doesn't have pineapples or sloths or whatever trendy design of the month is out there. But, it's a great, traditional, hotel-quality shower curtain that will blend nicely with anything else you have going on. Reviewers rave about the perfect length, that it's not see-through, and its "simple, modern and classy look." Isn't it time you upgraded?

Bath Bombs To Complete Your Relaxing Soak


It doesn't seem right to discuss a "spa-quality oasis" without throwing in some fab bath products. Bath bombs are one of my favorite indulgences. I love how pretty they are, for starters, and the addition of skin-loving ingredients once they dissolve. This set of seven includes fragrances like coconut and lavender and boasts the addition of shea butter, cocoa butter, and essential oils. Ooh, la la!

Give Yourself An At-Home Facial With This Steamer

Amazon / Amazon Customer

Most skin experts would tell you that steam is a perfect "weapon" in the war on aging skin and angry skin. But, who has time to schedule regular facials? Now you don't have to. (Thank me later.) This at-home facial steamer will moisturize your skin and open up your pores, which aids in the rest of your beauty routine (creams, lotions, and the like), absorbing and working better for you.

Set The Mood With The Right Lighting


This is Spa Relaxation 102. You've successfully navigated Bubble Bath101, and you've graduated to a full-fledged spa oasis. The only textbook requires for this class is this set of flameless candles to set the mood. You'll get nine of these babies in real wax and a shade of ivory that will complement any decor. Got in the tub and forget to turn them on? No sweat, because you're getting a remote, too. Bliss.​

Heat Up Your Space


Space heaters are great, but they're kind of bulky, and I'm always afraid of mixing them in around water sources. This plug-and-play space heater is not only programmable but is also takes up very little space since it plugs right into the wall — no messy cords to worry about or trip over. Set the temperature anywhere from 60 to 90 degrees and see where you stand with the large LCD. You can even cart it to another room when it's not in use.

Add A Convenient Bamboo Stool To Your Space


If you have enough room in your bathroom for a bamboo stool, I hate you. No, seriously. This folding stool is seriously chic and has a ton of uses. It's perfect for a large shower, sauna, or spa, for sitting on or propping up your feet. It gives you a place to sit while shaving or, say, to clip your toenails and could be particularly useful for people with mobility issues. It folds up, so it's out of your way when not in use, too.

A Chic Laundry Hamper Is What You're Missing


Laundry hampers do not have to be ugly. Repeat: Laundry hampers do not have to be ugly. This woven laundry basket is so pretty; you might not want to relegate it to the bathroom. Those socks your husband or boyfriend leaves on the floor? Not anymore. That trip to the laundry room you just don't want to make after a relaxing bath? Scratch it off your list. Stash one of these in the corner, and you've got chic and organized under control.

Create Endless Opportunities With These Submergible Lights


We've already discussed lights in the form of candles, but this submerged set takes mood lighting to a whole new level. A four-pack of waterproof lights with a remote means your bath water can be purple or red or whatever color you want because you're grown. You might even consider a set for a hot tub if you're lucky enough to have one of those: cheap investment, miles of possibility.

The Perfect Accessory If You Just Can't Part With Your Smartphone

Amazon / Yong Park

Before you laugh at loud at the absurdity of taking your phone in the shower, consider this: Do you enjoy watching movies or listening to music on your device? Why let something as pesky as a shower get in your way! Now you can take your phone into the shower with you, place it in this protective phone holder and let the good times continue to roll. It's compatible with most devices of a certain size so be sure to check that before pulling the trigger on your purchase.

Get A Close-Up With Your Shave Using This Mirror


I've known guys who managed to shave in the shower throughout my life, and I never understood how. (Seriously, I can barely even shave my legs in the shower.) Now I know your secret. You have one of these new-fangled shower mirrors with built-in slots for your razors! Genius, I tell you. You can get this in two sizes plus an additional option for when you're traveling. Meet your new fogless BFF.