37 Low-Key Popular Products Perfect for any Grown Lady Life

You're a grown lady, so obviously, you need some grown-lady things. Here are some of our favorites.

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These Glass Terrariums Are Super Chic

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Fill them with small plants, candles, or any other lovely, decorative thing your heart desires. They're sure to class up whatever place you're living in.

These Expanding File Folders Will Bring Some Much-Needed Organization to Your Life

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Each folder has five expandable pockets with tabs for labels. Get a few of them to get all of your important papers in order.

This Fancy Candle Smells Even Better Than It Looks

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Which is saying something because it looks super fab. This rosewood and patchouli candle from Paddywax is made from soy wax and is also hand-poured in America.

This Tissue Box Cover May Just Be the Cutest Thing We've Ever Seen

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Do the floral tissue boxes you're bringing into your house not quite blend in with your decor? No prob. Just pop one of these adorable tiny houses over your tissue box and get ready for the most whimsical tissue experience of your life.

This Cactus Zippered Pouch Is an Cute Storage Solution

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As a grown lady, you know this already: You can never have too many places to put things. This adorable zippered pouch would be a great place to keep loose change, tampons, or travel-size accouterments.

This Water Bottle Has More Than 3,000 Amazon Reviews

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It has an ergonomic design, a leak-proof lid, and is also shatterproof so you don't have to worry about breaking it while you're doing all those sports. Or yoga. Or just walking around feeling thirsty.

This Retro Wax Warmer Will Make Your House Smell Cozy

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Get all the benefits of candles without any of the danger of flames! Just pop a couple scented wax cubes in this awesome warmer and enjoy as the scent wafts throughout your entire home.

This Shower Shelf Is Exactly What Your Bathroom Needs

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It's just a fact: Showers are never built with enough storage. This tension rod shelf adds more shelving to your shower so you can store all your shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and whatever else you need.

These Coasters Are the Classiest Way to Protect Against Water Stains

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You've got grown-lady furniture, so you've got to protect them from water damage! Obviously, these constellations coasters are the solution you're looking for.

This Charcoal Powder Will Whiten Your Teeth!


Life is all about trying new things to get results, right? Well, rubbing this black charcoal powder on your teeth with a toothbrush will actually make your teeth whiter! Seems bizarre, right? But it apparently works!

This Narhwal Tea Steeper Is a Must for Tea Lovers

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Tea tastes better when you share it with a buddy. In the event that all your friends are busy, this cute little guy will keep you company — and even make your tea for you!

These Makeup Brushes Have More than 2,000 Amazon Reviews

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The set includes five big Kabuki brushes and nine more precise eye makeup brushes. They're soft, silky, and expertly made so the bristles won't fall out while you're putting on your face.

This Glass Nail File Looks Like it Came from the Future

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Did you even know they made glass nail files? They do! Apparently, they're better for the nail and result in less damage to your fingernails. Sounds like a win.

This Tiny Cactus Diffuser Would Look Great on Your Kitchen Windowsill

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Add up to 60 ml of fragrance (or a few drops of essential oils) and let this tiny cactus do its thing. It doesn't require any electricity so is safe for anyone to use.

Make Your Workspace More Ergonomic with This Adjustable Laptop Stand

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It's ventilated (meaning it will keep your computer from overheating) and can be adjusted to whatever angle is most comfortable for you. Life's too short to spend your workday with a crick in your neck.

Every Grown Lady Needs a Comfy Throw Blanket

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This one is made of supersoft microfiber and Sherpa and comes in 15 different colors. (It's also available in both Twin and Queen sizes if you're looking to get extra cozy.)

Wow Your Friends with This Electric Wine Bottle Opener

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(Or wow yourself with it. You don't have to share that wine, after all.) It does all the cork-removing work for you in a matter of seconds. You can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge. And speaking of wine...

You Could Also Pick up This Wine Cooler Bucket

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The double-walled insulation keeps your wine at the perfect drinking temperature. It also prevents condensation from forming and getting your table wet. In a pinch, you could even use it as an ice bucket!

This Mail Organizer Solves Two Problems at Once

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It keeps mail from becoming piled up on your countertop and is the perfect place to hang your keys when you come home. Keeping your home tidy is so much easier when you practice the "a place for everything and everything in its place" mentality.

This Laundry Hamper Will Put an End to Your "Floordrobe"

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It also looks nice — like the kind of hamper a grownup would use, right? There's a detachable mesh bag on the inside that makes moving clothes into the laundry room super easy and convenient.

This Journal Is the Holy Grail for Bullet Journalers

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If you've spent any time on the Internet over the past few years, you've certainly heard of Bullet Journaling. It's a method for planning out your year, month, week, and really your whole entire life. This notebook is perfect for BuJo-ers. Or for anyone who just needs a nice book for their notes.

These Fineliner Pens Are Another Must for Journalers

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This pack includes 10 different colors that won't bleed through your thin journal pages. They're an ideal way to add some color to your pages.

This Mermaid Sequin Pillow Is the Most Fun Pillow Ever

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Simply run your fingers up and down the sequins on the pillowcase to create fun designs (or write messages for your friends). It's seriously addictive.

This Set of Nesting Mixing Bowls Saves Space While Also Making Your Kitchen More Grown-Up

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The set includes two mixing bowls, a colander, a steel sieve, and four measuring cups — but it only takes up the space of a single bowl! It's great if your kitchen is limited on space but you still love cooking and baking.

Keep Your Cables Organized with This Cable Arranger

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It has four slots (each of which can hold multiple cables if needed). Its weighted base keeps it from slipping off your table or desktop, finally putting an end to having to scrabble around on the ground to grab your various cables.

Admit it: You Need a Lint Roller

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If you have pets, you know how important it is to have a lint roller. But even if your home is animal-free, you'd still be amazed at the stuff these things can pick up.

This Journal Will Teach You a Very Important Lesson in Letting Go

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Every page in this journal requires you to "ruin" it in a different way. One page says to burn it. One says to spill something on it. One says to put a bug on the paper and trace its path. By the end of your journaling experience, you'll be left with a pile of wrecked papers that hardly stay together — but it'll be among your most prized possessions.

Get These Glass Coffee Cups for Your Morning Joe

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(Or afternoon or evening joe — we don't judge.) They're double-walled, so they'll keep your hot coffee hot (or cold coffee cold) while you drink it. They also just look super classy and great, don't they?

This Tiny Fan Is Adorable and Functional

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It has a super sleek design, two different speeds, and a manual swivel base. Stay cool at your desk — and look cool while you're doin' it.

These Throw Pillowcases Are Surprisingly Affordable

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They're made from a high-quality linen blend that is comfortable to the touch but looks super polished on your couch or armchair. 8 bucks for a 18"x18" pillowcase is pretty darn doable (but you do have to buy the pillow inserts separately!).

These Stainless Steel Drinking Straws Are Great for the Environment!

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Drinking from straws is way more fun than drinking straight from the glass, but plastic straws have become a huge environmental problem. These stainless steel straws are a brilliant replacement. They even come with a little brush to clean them.

This Exfoliation Brush Will Get Your Face Extra Clean and Smooth

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Unless your fingers have built-in silicone scrubbers, rubbing your face with your hands just isn't cutting it. This handy brush cleans deep down into pores and feels great, too.

These Air Purifying Bags Can Be Used Just About Anywhere

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Tuck 'em in your shoes to eliminate odors, hang 'em in your closet to freshen the air, or place them in your car to keep your vehicle smelling brand-new. The activated charcoal inside absorbs all the stinky stuff in your life.

Treat Yourself to a Spa Day with This Eye Gel

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It eliminates dark undereye circles, puffiness, and wrinkles, and it feels dang good on your skin to boot. This particular eye gel has more than 12,000 Amazon reviews, so it's clearly doing something right.

This 5-Year Journal Is Ideal for People Who Are Crunched for Time

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Maybe you've been wanting to keep a journal but find yourself unable to commit to long stretches of time writing. If so, this is the journal for you. All you have to do is write one line each day! Each page is split by days of the year, so you can glance back and see what you were doing up to 5 years ago as you continue to fill out the journal.

This Sticky Note Roller Is the Only Way We're Leaving Notes from Now On

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The sticky notepaper is dispensed with a paintroller device! How fun is that?? So fun.

These Stylish Sunglasses Will Protect Your Grown-Lady Eyes

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They have a stylish retro design that suitable for just about any face shape. Also, they're polarized which is a great plus when it comes to sunglasses.