37 of the Most Interesting Gadgets on Amazon Under $25

The greatest part about living in this advanced technological age is that new, cool gadgets are invented all the time. No matter how cool you think your stuff is, someone out there has figured out a better way for it to improve your life or made it completely obsolete! From gizmos to items that are just plain brilliant, these products are a steal at less than $25.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Shirt Collar Saver

If you have to wear a lot of collared shirts for work, you’re all too familiar with the ring of doom. This handy bar of detergent eliminates those stains as well as stubborn underarm stains and day-to-day food spills. The bar also works wonders on upholstery so you can finally get that white couch you’ve been terrified to buy.

This Scalp Massager

We all know that the best part about going to the salon is receiving a luxurious scalp massage during your wash. Now, bring that experience home with this little tool! This ergonomic brush features soft, silicone bristles that won’t damage your hair while stimulating your scalp. In addition to feeling amazing, this can also help prevent dandruff.

This Collapsible Colander

Sometimes you find out the hard way how important a colander is, but that doesn’t make them any less bulky. This cool strainer collapses down to about 1.5 inches for hassle-free storage. As an added bonus, the arms extend to fit over your sink for simple straining. The basket comes in four different, vibrant colors to match your kitchen’s vibe.

This Infinity Scarf Has a Secret

Infinity scarves are already pretty essential accessories when the weather gets cooler, but this one is a must-have. There’s a hidden pocket in the scarf! It’s big enough to stash your phone as well as other valuables like your credit cards or even your keys (if you don’t mind jingling). The scarf comes in all black or nine colors with a white quatrefoil pattern.

This Small But Mighty Trash Bin

Whether you have a tiny desk or a tiny bathroom, small spaces need creative solutions. This slender waste bin comes in several neutral colors as well as eye-catching coral, a couple of blues, and a spruce green. The bins can be easily moved around by their elegantly sloped handle and cleaning is a simple as your favorite disinfectant wipe.

This Makeup Remover Stick

Sometimes, okay, most of the time, a cat eye can just get wildly out of hand. This little pen allows to expertly correct your mistake without employing cotton fluff that soaks up the rest of your makeup with it. The compact pen is also excellent for on-the-go touch-ups for smudged mascara. The stick is highly moisturizing so you can even use it as a lip balm in a pinch.

This Bubbly Mask

Mud masks. Clay masks. Peel masks. Sheet masks. Skincare is always finding a new way to get into your pores and kick out any unwanted debris. Oxidizing bubble masks have coexisted with the sheet mask craze, but this mask is calling in a lot of the skincare darlings. This mask is clay based and also uses charcoal powder to draw impurities out of your skin. The oxidation is as fun to watch as it is to feel happening, nourishing your face all the while.

These Deodorant Wipes

Whether you’re just sweatier than most people or the shower line at your gym was too long, there are those days you end up feeling gross. These deodorant wipes are the perfect addition to any gym or work bag, and they can be a lifesaver after a yoga class or out in the wilderness. The vegan formula is approved for sensitive skin to the point where some users replaced their deodorant with these wipes!

This Rich Lip Mask

Tired of waking up with dry lips? This apple butter lip mask can help you rise and shine with beautifully moisturized lips. A blend of oils with concentrated levels of vitamins A, C, and E to nourish your lips while mint soothes any existing damage. You can also use it as a lip balm to combat blisteringly hot, dry, or cold weather.

This Travel Mug Won’t Tip Over

If you work at a desk, you’ve probably experienced that horrible moment when you forget how close your thermos is and your coffee or protein shake spills everywhere. You’ll never have to worry about that again with this mug. The base grips onto any smooth, flat surface via some top secret suction technology to resist any bumps. Despite this stable base, you can easily lift the mug up to drink out of it and it’ll keep your drinks cold for 12 hours or hot for about four hours.

This Foot Scrubbing Pad for the Shower

There’s a Twitter fervor going around about people who don’t wash their feet and if you’re not sure what the big deal is, I highly recommend this foot scrubber. It suctions to the floor of your shower so you don’t have to do any advanced yoga poses to get the bottom of your feet clean. The flexible bristles also provide a great, exfoliating massage for tired feet.

This Portable Battery Also Warms Your Hands

Whether it’s winter or you work in an excessively air-conditioned building, cold hands are an inevitable part of life. Keep your fingers warm with this little power bank that has three different heat settings and a one-hour automatic turnoff functions. The pebble-like battery can charge any phone at least 50 percent with older phones like the iPhone 7 getting a full charge.

This Spoon Transforms into a Ladle

This cooking utensil is a bit of an overachiever. At first, it seems like an unassuming scraping spoon, but then you notice the measuring lines in the bowl (up to a ½ cup). The edge of the spoon is like a squeegee for more scraping power. The bent handle allows you to rest it on a counter without making a mess and twists to turn the spoon into a ladle.

This Anti-Friction Balm

If your favorite shoes are murder on your feet, try out this preventative balm. You can rub it on your toes or the back of your heel to reduce friction while you walk around town. This dermatologist-approved balm uses natural ingredients to protect your feet from blisters or chafed skin for up to six hours.

This Hair Tie Bracelet

Wearing a hair tie or scrunchie as a bracelet is an age-old trick, in case you need to put your hair up. Scrunchies were soft and colorful, but they’ve mostly fallen out of style in exchange for sleeker, thin, constrictive hair ties. Now, you can still use these hair ties with this bracelet.  The stainless steel band has a groove for hair ties that expands them so you get a more attractive, comfortable way to stay prepared.

This Makeup Brush Cleaning Kit

Do you clean your makeup brushes as often as you should? It can be a pain to thoroughly clean them and wait for them to dry, especially if you use them every day. This little kit simplifies the process thanks to an adapter that can attach to any brush. You can spin the brushes in cleaning solution in the bowl and then pull it towards the top to dry them faster. The spinner runs on two included AAA batteries, so you can start cleaning immediately.

This Citrus Sectioner for Rind-Free Wedges

This tool requires a bit of technique, but people who follow the tutorial video succeed out of the gate. You simply halve the fruit and use the blade to carve out sections. Technically, this means you’ll get half-wedges, but they’ll all be completely ready to eat without any stringy pith attached. Though intended for grapefruits, this kitchen gadget can also work well for oranges.

This Portable Foot Rest

Elevating your feet can aid in blood circulation, reducing swelling and health risks. Unfortunately, foot rests are hard to come by outside of the home, but now there’s one you can take with you. This inflatable footrest has three different levels: low, medium, and the highest level should sit at the same height as most standard chairs as a seat extension. Whether you’re traveling or just need a break at work, it takes less than two minutes to get a little relief.

This Two-Tiered Lazy Susan

From your kitchen cabinets to your desk, certain areas hold many small items that become hard to access when you need them. Whether you want to organize some of your smaller office supplies or get your spices in order, this spinning storage will help. The surfaces are lined with a non-skid material so nothing falls while you spin the turntable. Both tiers have a foot long diameter, plenty of room for your odds and ends.

This Bike Rack for Your Home

While biking around is great for your health and the environment, storing a bike can be a space-consuming nightmare. This rack installs easily via a couple of screws in your drywall and can hold up to 65 pounds. The hook ends are covered with foam so the rims of the bike don’t get scratched. The tracks fit most bike tires, ranging from 1.75 to 2.5 inches in width.

These Brilliant Kitchen Towel Hooks

Wherever you have your kitchen towels right now, I bet they’re an inconvenience at least some of the time. They drag on the floor when you open the oven or fall off cabinet doors as well as wall hooks you install so they can stop falling off the cabinets. These hooks aren’t hooks at all; they grab onto the end of the towel, securing it in place. You can stick them wherever makes the most sense for your kitchen (or bathroom) or you have to option to install them with screws.

This Dermaplaning Tool Also Shapes Eyebrows

Now, you only need one tool to bend any facial hair to your whim. This pack of three blades can expertly smooth skin without breaking it, taking fine, unwanted hairs in the process. They also have a blade guard to allow for more precision when eyebrow shaping. The slim razors are small enough to take with you for touch-ups while you’re out and about or on vacation.

This Hair-Drying Turban

Instead of using a towel that definitely won’t dry anytime soon or a shirt, let this wrap soak up water from your freshly clean hair. The microfiber material comes in a few different colors, is gentle on your hair, and also absorbs water more efficiently. The wrap is secured with a snap button, so it won’t fall off while you get dressed and it lacks the weight of a full towel for more comfort while you wait.

A Mini Vacuum for Your Desk

Say goodbye to all those crumbs and dust bunnies at your desk with this adorable vacuum. This owl (there’s a frog version too) can do the casual cleanup of the desk surface itself while also having the suction power to clean keyboards. The battery operated gadget looks like a desk toy when it's not in use and makes quick work of tidying up when you need it.

This Scarf Organizer

Stop expecting so much of that one hook or hanger you use to store your scarves. This beautiful, metal organizer fits neatly in your closet or even on that overwhelmed hook. The smooth metal lacks any rough edges that might snag at more delicate scarves and the 14 triangular openings are big enough to fit most chunky, winter scarves.

This Curling Wand Creates Perfect Spirals

Love rocking bouncy ringlets? You can finally get them without the hassle with this bubble curling wand. The ceramic base is fused with coconut oil to keep your tresses from drying out from the heat. The perfectly spaced sections make wrapping your hair effortless for everything from tight spirals to beachy waves.

This Handheld Sewing Machine

Maybe you’re not going to sign up for “Project Runway" tomorrow, but you know your way around a sewing machine. For casual fixes like hems and minor tears, have a sewing machine on hand can save you from going to a tailor or getting rid of an item altogether. Most of these machines are on the large side, so limited use is more suited to this handheld model. It comes with 16 pieces, most of which are various bobbin colors to get you started on your mending journey.

This Travel Jewelry Box

There are tons of tricks and tips out there about traveling with jewelry, but the easiest way is to just use a jewelry box. This small box has removable sections so you can fit your larger pieces as well as a ring roll. With several colors to choose from, you can find a box that fits your style and holds onto a few of your favorite pieces on your next trip.

This Essential Baking Tool

This measuring cup holds exactly one cup of flour when leveled off and its scoop design makes getting that flour less clumsy. A double layer or mesh keeps the flour from spilling all over your counters as you transfer it the bowl. Then, you just tap the side to sift the flour out, getting rid of any lumps. The scoop also works well with cocoa powder and confectioner’s sugar.

This Baking Mat

While you’re improving your baking arsenal, pick up one of these mats. The food-grade silicone is non-stick and stain resistant. You can use it outside of the oven to knead pastry and bread dough with the added benefit of the border also being a ruler. The non-stick material makes greasing pans a distant memory and all of your baked goods slide right off when they’re done.

This Garbage Disposal Cleaner

When was the last time you cleaned your garbage disposal? Get that mysterious, helpful appliance sparkling clean with this foaming cleanser. The biodegradable packet goes into the garbage disposal as is and its active ingredients foam up to wipe away grime and odors from the blades and the pipes. The lemon trick might cover up bad smells, but this simple packet offers a much deeper clean!

These Collapsible, Reusable Straws

If you’ve ditched plastic straws, but haven’t been able to find a truly portable option, look no further! This pack of four straws can be individually bent down into a little capsule and they all come with a special cleaning brush. The capsule can fit in your pocket or purse so you can use the silicone straw whenever you need to.

This Ring Size Adjuster

If you recently lost some weight and it’s showing in your fingers, your rings probably don’t fit right anymore. The time and money it takes to have your rings resized might be too much for you, especially if some of the pieces are fashion jewelry. Keep wearing your favorite rings with this innocuous set of adjusters. The clear, plastic coils can be cut to wrap around the bottom of the ring with more loops creating a tighter fit.

This Pet Washing Attachment

Get a handle on washing your furry friend with this gentle hose. It comes with adapters for your shower and an outdoor hose, so you can scrub down your pet wherever you choose. The spigot fits over your hand and is surrounded by soft bristles that help you clean while also creating a petting sensation. If there are sudden movements and you need to stop the water ASAP, the power button is in the center of the spigot brush. Make bath time less stressful for all involved parties with this brilliant little tool.

This After Sun Lotion

Whether you didn’t put on enough sunscreen or any at all, a long day in the sun can have some serious consequences. Soothe your skin with this after sun lotion and get ahead of a sunburn or any discomfort. A blend of aloe and coconut oil moisturizes while providing relief from any sun-related pain. Most reviewers saw a major reduction in redness and irritation overnight!

These Zippered Bags Look Like Mason Jars

If you want to get into the lunch/snack mason jar game but you aren’t interested in getting broken glass all over your bag, try these fun plastic baggies. The translucent bags come in a few different sizes so you can stow sandwiches, snacks, and little candy treats. The bags zip closed creating a leakproof seal and you can throw them in the dishwasher after each use.

This Sand-Free Beach Towel

This is basically the perfect beach towel. As an actual towel, it dries you and itself very quickly. As a blanket, sand won’t stick to the material so you won’t carry as much of the beach home with you. It comes in several, brightly striped colors as well as in a round design for a more fun layout. If that wasn’t enough, it folds down much smaller than the average beach towel or picnic blanket, so you can fit more snacks in your beach tote!