37 Inexpensive Gadgets You Need in Your Toolbelt

Tool belts should be like a magician's hat: a seemingly endless supply of tools that you can pull out of it. So if you're struggling to stock up on tools, gadgets, or other unique items that will serve you in life, look no further than this like of 37 inexpensive gadgets that you absolutely need in your tool belt. From all-in-one multitools to tactical LED lights, this list contains every item you need to get the job done in a portable and compact way.

Looking for gloves that double as flashlights? Check. Thinking about purchasing a first-aid kit so you can eliminate the worry of bodily injury at the job site or on the trail? We've got you covered. The diversity of products listed below are enough to make any guy wanna go out and upgrade their arsenal. Equip yourself with the best products on Amazon that every guy needs to deck out his tool belt. Did we mention this list includes a pocket chainsaw?

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

You Won't Be Afraid Of The Dark With This LED Headlamp


Premium LED lights provide a powerful beam to illuminate the darkness in front of you. Keep one of these in your tool belt, because you never know when you'll need an easy, hands-free way to shine a light. Super long-lasting and lightweight.

Customers Agree That a Slant Tip Tweezer is Better than Other Tweezers

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Who knew tweezers could stir such passions? I guess when you need to tweeze, you want a tool that works. This pair of Stainless Steel Slant Tip Tweezers make precise tweezing easy, according to over 6,800 reviewers.

Stay SOS Ready With This Survival Kit


Be prepared for anything with this massive emergency survival and first aid kit. This 200-piece set comes with a convenient carrying pouch that's easy to toss in your car or backpack in case of on-the-go mishaps.

Cut Through All Of Life's Obstacles With The Roadfare Pocket Chainsaw


Arm yourself with the pocket chainsaw and cut through thick tree limbs in seconds. Compact, versatile, and above all, sharp, you can hack through virtually any obstacle with this pocket saw with included pouch.

Stay Sharp With This Titanium Plated Knife Set


You'll be a walking iron chef with this stainless steel knife set in your tool belt. Affordably priced, rust-proof, and scratch-resistant, this 6-piece knife set definitely cuts the mustard.

The Best Part Of Waking Up Is Your Stainless Steel Thermos

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Not only does this stainless steel thermos keep liquids hot and cold, but it also doubles as a can-insulator. Say goodbye to warm beer and flat soda when you can nestle your favorite beverage in the loving arms of this incredible thermos.

Welcome To Damage-Free Decorating With These Outdoor Light Clips


The command outdoor light clip set includes 20 clips and 24 water-resistant strips. No hammer or nails required. Free up some space in your tool belt with these lightweight fixtures that will cut down on the effort it takes to hang lights outside.

Create Your Own Breeze With The Tripole Mini Handheld Fan


Handheld fans are an ingenious way to bring the breeze directly to you. No wind necessary! This compact mini handheld fan features a copper motor and two adjustable wind speeds. Includes a USB charger for easy convenient charging. Stick one in your tool belt for when you work up a sweat!

Sham Away The Scuffs With This Set Of Microfiber Cloths


Absorbent, lint-free, and scratch-free, this 50-pack of microfiber sham cloths absolutely needs to be in your tool belt. Sham away whatever scuff you encounter with a nearly bottomless supply of microfiber rags.

With Double-Sided Heavy Duty Tape, You Can Hang Anything You Want


Easy to install and stickier than ever, this double-sided heavy-duty tape rightfully deserves a spot in your tool belt. This tape will not damage surfaces and is a cinch to remove. Sticks to pretty much everything with a smooth surface!

Be Prepared For Autumn With This Leaf Scooper


Here's the thing: bagging leaves isn't fun. It's messy, hard on your back, and takes much longer than it should. Luckily, these leaf scoops are here to change the game (when it comes to yard work, at least). After raking your leaves into a neat little pile, use these babies to easily scoop and bag. Game=changed.

Don't Drop A Fortune On Wireless Earbuds


While these optimized wireless Bluetooth earbuds are ideal for your tool belt, they come with their own carrying case and charging port — so don't worry about losing them! These earbuds stay charged for up to 48 hours of music, podcast, or audiobook listening. Keep these by your side and you won't miss a beat.

Keep Your Phone At 100% With This Portable Charger


Look at that sweet carabiner? You can charge your phone on the go, wherever you go with this pastel phone charger. Features a protective case made from premium silicone. Offers maximum protection against daily wear and tear without adding any bulk to your tool belt.

Keep Your Nails Close, And Your Screws Closer With This Magnetic Wristband

Keep your nuts, bolts, screws, and nails close to you with this magnetic wristband that uses the power of our world's magnetic force to prevent you from losing all your bits and pieces. A perfect pairing to your tool belt, this wristband will enable you to swiftly attach, screw, and nail without the hassle of holding nuts and bolts between your teeth.

You Won't Have To Bend Over With This LED Magnetic Pickup Tool


Drop a screw in a dark corner? Easy fix. Use this handy-dandy LED flashlight and pickup tool to retrieve hard-to-reach metal objects. Whether you're on the job or just playing around in the garage, this trusty tool deserves a spot in your tool belt. Clip it to your belt and start picking stuff up!

Fix Any Loose Bolt With This Magnetic Ratchet Screwdriver


Simply put: this is a must-have for your tool belt. You can fix near anything with this universal sock ratchet and screwdriver set that even includes a power-tool adapter. Screw it. Fix it. You win!

Measure And Write At The Same Time With The Multi-Tech Pen


Armed with this 6-in-1 pen, you barely need your tool belt. This multi-tech pen features a ruler, Philips and flathead screwdriver, and a level. You might not believe it, but this pen is also compatible with all smart devices and touch screens.

Dock Your Phone On This Natural Walnut Wood Organizer


Hang your phone, sunglasses, keys, and anything else you don't keep in your tool belt and organize it right in front of you on your desk or workstation. This walnut wooden organizer is an eye-catching way to securely store whatever valuables you don't keep in your belt. Stylish and functional.

Your Portable Speaker Isn't On Fire, It Just Looks That Way


This outdoor, waterproof LED flame speaker shines brights like a natural fire. You never knew you wanted a speaker that also looked like it was on fire — until now. Seamlessly connect to any of your Bluetooth-compatible devices for a super-portable and atmospheric audio experience.

Just Because You're Camping Doesn't Mean You Can't Make Coffee


This combination coffee grinder and coffee-maker should be your go-to portable coffee gadget to brew freshly-made Joe – wherever you go. All you need is hot water and a mug. Simple to operate, delicious to taste.

Make All The Thorns In Your Paw Disappear With The Gardener's Friend Pruners


Are your hands tired from working all day? This unique gardening tool was designed by professional gardeners for an ergonomically friendly method of pruning bushes, hedges, plants, vegetables, or whatever greenery you encounter. Perfect for trimming, shearing, and pruning. Stick one of these in your tool belt today.

Wind Hits You From All Directions With This Portable Neck Fan


Compared to a regular handheld fan, this USB-charged portable fan does twice the work. Featuring four blades on two twin fans, you can cool yourself off no matter which way the wind blows. The ultra-quiet motor won't disturb you while you're working, hiking, or just out enjoying the sun. Hands-free and hangs around your neck.

Contour Your Way To Greatness


Ideal for measuring the shape of irregular or oblong objects, the Saker contour gauge is designed for measuring pipes, ducts, laying tiles, and more. Fixing cars, examining crown molding — you name it. This is a handy tool that should be in everyone's tool belt, because sooner or later your standard tape measure just won't cut it...(or, measure it).

Moving Furniture Is A Cinch With The Shoulder Dolly


Keep this item close to your toolbelt, because when it comes in handy...you'll be super thankful. Free your hands and arms from lugging heavy furniture, appliances, and more with the shoulder dolly moving straps. Safely lift and move heavy items without straining your back. All you need is a friend or buddy to strap on the other side!

Carry Over 600 Pounds With These Heavy Duty Furniture Rollers


Kiss your back pain goodbye with these easy-to-use furniture rollers that rightfully deserve a home in your tool belt. These rollers make moving heavy furniture a piece of cake. Attach to the bottom of whatever you need to move, then just push!

There's Plenty Of Fish In The Sea With This Portable Sonar Fish Finder


Eliminate the guesswork from your fishing trip. The LUCKY portable fish finder uses sonar to detect and display underwater contours, water temperature, and fish size. Comes with a USB charger and a rechargeable fish lamp.

Let The Sun Charge Your Phone


For when you just can't find an outlet. Outdoors for a long period of time? Equip your tool belt with this solar charging bank and keep your phone's battery from running on empty. If you thought that wasn't enough, this charger also doubles as a flashlight and compass, making it the perfect companion for adventures in the wild.

Light Up Your Hands With These Flashlight Gloves


Why weren't these around twenty years ago? What a brilliant idea: flashlight on your gloves. Now you don't need to carry around a bulky flashlight to illuminate the pitch-black night, because these fingerless flashlight gloves can light up your surroundings just by wearing them.

Twelve Tools In One With This Pocket Multitool


While most Swiss army knives or multitools feature 5-6 tools, this incredible stainless steel multitool fits twelve. Includes a hammer, saw, wine opener, screwdriver, and more. You won't even need what's left in your tool belt once you equip yourself with this bad boy.

Keep An Eye On Your Ears With This Wax Removal Camera


Designed to pair with your tablet, Mac, or PC, this earwax removal camera gives you an up-close and personal look at your ear wax build-up — and the tools to clean it from your ear.

Communicate Anywhere With This Pocket Translator


Confidently communicate different languages with this pocket translator that you can stow in your tool belt for easy access. Any phrase or word you need to translate, the Pockettalk has you covered in real-time. Don't leave the country without it!

You Really Knee-d These Gel Knee Pads


Featuring thick gel and high-density foam cushioning, these gel knee pads are the ideal support system you need for construction, labor, or any other task that requires you to get down on your knees. Give your body the protection it deserves.

Baste Your BBQ On The Go With The Cuisinart Sauce Pot


Made from durable stainless steel, the Cuisinart saucepot is a portable and handy way to sauce up your favorite dishes in one compact pot. Holds up to 16 ounces of liquid. Features an integrated brush-lid design that prevents your sauces from spilling while also giving you the ability to baste at your convenience.

Organize Your Toiletries With This Compact Hanging Toiletry Bag


Hold bottles upright and keep everything nice and organized with this compact hanging toiletry bag. The spacious main compartment is designed to carry full-size bottles, so if you're traveling soon, no need to rush out and pick up a bunch of trial-sized bottles. You can keep everything nicely arranged in this portable bag!

You Can Clamp Anything With The Can-Do Clamp


The Can-Do Clamp really can...do it all! Whether you need to clamp or use a vice grip, this portable gadget is the construction hardware you never knew you needed. Perfect for framing, drilling, doweling, or any task that requires things to be kept in place with minimal movement.

Don't Get It Twisted: Keep Your Cords And Wires In This Pocket Pouch


Simply put...this is THE ideal travel accessory bag. Easily store your chargers, cords, outlets, headphones, and more with this pocket pouch organizer. Stop wasting your time untangling wires and scouring every pocket for a plug you think you forget. Keep everything neatly organized in one place.

This First Aid Kit Will Come In Handy Eventually


You might think you can stave off bodily injuries, cuts, scrapes, and burns forever, but chances are, you'll eventually need a first aid kit. This versatile first aid kit is perfect for work, school, the car, or your own home. Includes all the first aid items you need to stay healthy when it hits the fan. Meets OSHA standards, so you know it's good!

Upgrade Your Tool Belt With This Tactical Belt


Made from sturdy nylon, this KingMoore tactical belt features a military-style belt buckle with quick release push-button. Carry your tool belt on a belt that can compete! Pairs with all types of clothing including overalls, work jeans, or even shorts. Use for work or other outdoor activities like climbing, hiking, and fishing.