37 Home Gym Products and Gadgets to Keep You on Track

Tick, tock, tick, tock ... do you hear the clock moving? It may still be winter (and really, really winter for some of you), but summer bodies are coming. Short shorts, bikinis, tank tops ... and all the sun and fun that comes with them. The work you put in right now will be on full display once the weather creeps over 75 and beach trips, lake days and pool parties dot your schedule.

Oh, you're not ready? New Year's resolutions went down the drain? It's not too late to gain some positive momentum. And, we've found 37 gadgets and gears from Amazon that will transform your fitness goals. From tees to (mini) trampolines, from stretch bands to sweat bands, these home gym products and gadgets will keep you on track ... or put you back on the right one. Your updated home gym will be so great, you may never want to leave.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

You Can't Go Wrong With A Good Set Of Resistance Bands


The best part about a set of resistance bands like this one is that they're incredibly versatile. Use them for squats, bicep curls, bent-over rows — seriously, just think of a move, and you can probably modify it to work with the bands. Unlike other sets, this one comes with five bands ranging from extra-light to extra-heavy.

The Ab Machine That You Can Slide Under Your Couch


Most people don't have room in their houses for bulky exercise equipment — but this ab machine? I think you can find the space. The handles fold down when you're not using them so that you can easily slide it underneath a couch or bed, and you're not limited to just abs. You can also use it to work your back, chest, biceps, and more.

A Balance Board That Helps Tone Your Abs


All you have to do is plank on this balance board — no really, that's it. Just plank on it, and muscles all over your torso will engage in order to keep you from tipping over. It's able to support up to 265 pounds, plus the top is covered in non-slip for added safety.

Limber Up With The Stretch-Out Strap


Stretching isn't just for yogis, and this stretch-out strap is a favorite of Amazon shoppers. Highly effective for warm-ups, physical therapy, Pilates, dancers, athletes, warm-downs, and, yes, yoga, this strap will allow you to perform unassisted stretches with greater control. Your $16 purchase also includes a booklet of stretching exercises, with more than 30 ideas for back, legs, arms, shoulders, and hamstrings.

Use This Peddler During Endless Zoom Calls


There's no reason being on a Zoom call should force you to remain absolutely still. In fact, you should get in a little movement and keep your blood flowing. This pedal exerciser is a great way to be active and engaged while still sitting at your monitor. Just slide it under your desk and pedal from your office chair. The physical movement in your legs won't distract you from the call, and the increased heart rate will keep you alert and focused.

This Band Keeps The Sweat Out Of Your Eyes


A not-so-secret fact about me: I hate sweat ... and sweating ... and sweating sweat. I particularly hate sweat getting into my eyes. This four-pack of headbands, designed for both men and women, helps alleviate that and removes all (OK, most) of my excuses for not being more active. The set includes one each of black, blue, gray, and green sweatbands made of chinlon and spandex so they stay in place until your workout is over.

This Agility Ladder Will Have You Rung Out


You've seen these agility ladders used in training for athletes on football and soccer fields near and far, but have you ever considered adding one to your fitness arsenal? Collapsed, they take up very little room and can be transported outdoors or to the park quickly and easily. The agility ladder comes with 12 durable plastic rungs that take up 20 feet and help increase speed, leg strength, and balance.

Flip it, Flip It Real Good


What do you do with your keys, wallet, and smartphone when you're at the gym or headed out to walk the dog? Clutch them all in the palm of your hand? Not an option. This FlipBelt provides a convenient storage solution you can wear right around your waist. Machine washable and available in an assortment of colors and sizes, the belt has multiple pockets and no buckles to cause chafing.

A Yoga Mat With Built-In Alignment Guides


Tree pose, downward dog, sun salutations ... they're all be more enjoyable with this eco-friendly, non-slip yoga mat. My favorite feature of this quarter-inch-thick mat is its built-in alignment system that helps you adjust your hands and feet to the proper positions. Besides that, it's available in six really pretty colors (loving that purple!) and is both longer and wider than traditional yoga mats.

Headphones That'll Help You Power Through


You know the big-name players in the headphone game, but what if I told you that you didn't have to break the bank for a quality pair to get you through your workouts? Meet the $22 pair that more than 8,000 reviewers have called "light and comfy" with good sound and noise-canceling capabilities. With an ergonomic design and silicone ear hooks, these buds will stay secure through your trip to the gym, run, hike, or bike ride.

Roll The Dice For Your Next Workout


Need to shake up your workout routine? Have you ever tried rolling the dice? Not just any dice, but these six-sided exercise dice include activities like push-ups, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, crunches, and a wild card option. Whether you're in a fitness slump or just looking to add a bit of fun to your workouts, these dice provide that and take the guesswork out of "what to do next."

Pocket These Yoga Pants


What's better than yoga pants? How about yoga pants with pockets? This high-waisted option comes in sizes up to 3X and more colors and patterns than you can shake a Shake Weight at. The fabric, which offers four-way stretch and a non-see-through design, is perfect for whatever comes your way: Yoga, kickboxing, weight lifting, or even a trip to Starbucks. Hey, I'm not here to judge.

Don't Wait — Buy These Ankle Weights


Want the secret to leaner, more toned legs? Would you believe these 1.5-pound ankle weights can get you there? For less than $20, you can add a compact piece of fitness equipment that gets results. These weights work by targeting your legs, thighs, calves, ankles, and glutes for extra strength and resistance and can be worn while doing any type of cardio or strength training.

Step Up Your Workout Game


Get to stepping! With this mini stepper with resistance bands, you can take your workout just about anywhere. The LCD monitor measures steps, time total, and calories burned. The addition of the removable resistance bands means you can tighten more than 20 different core muscles using low-impact aerobic exercise. Don't worry about slipping, either. The large textured footplates will keep you on solid footing.

Add The Cutest Sports Bras To Your Wardrobe


No one likes wearing a bra, and if you say you do, you're either lying or an alien lifeform. With that said, they are a necessary evil, particularly when working out. This three-pack of sports bras offers medium support (yay!) in a wire-free (more yay!) design with removable padding. What I like the most about them is the sassy straps in a variety of colors, so even if a bit peeks out, you'll still look pulled together.

Lock It Up With These Laces


Raise your hand if you've been walking or running and had to stop at least once to re-tie your shoes? I think we've all been there. These lock laces will stop all of that, whether you're 8 or 80. These elastic, no-tie laces come in a variety of colors and fit any type of sneakers. Originally designed for triathletes to decrease transition time, these will transform your tennies into slip-on sneaks.

Roll Out Sore Muscles


This Amazon find is more about "after your workout" than in the midst of it. This foam roller functions as a deep-tissue massager and myofascial trigger point release tool. Made of lightweight but rugged material, this roller is effective at penetrating the soft tissue layer of tired muscles but is soft enough to use on those days when you're more "oww" than "wow."

This Pilates Accessory Has A Nice Ring To It


Are you a Pilates pro? Whether you are or aren't, this Pilates ring will tone stubborn areas of the body like the inner and outer thighs, upper arms, hips, butt, and neck. The description calls it "like a thigh master, but better." (Watch out, Suzanne Somers!) This must-have Pilates accessory is lightweight and portable and includes a convenient carrying pouch that is available in pink, purple, blue, or yellow.

The Cordless Jump Rope You Didn't Know You Needed


I've never been good at jumping rope, probably because I don't have great hand-eye coordination. And, to be honest, at forty-something, I'm unlikely to start. But! This cordless jump rope, which I never even knew existed, eliminates any hand-eye coordination issues. It rotates 360 degrees and offers a fast-rotating, tangle-free workout option. Built-in ball bearings add a weighted element that also creates smooth jump exercises.

Keep Cool With This Sports Towel


Cooling down is the best part of working out, and you can fight me if you disagree. This cooling sports towel is handy to have around, whether you're a gym rat, pool princess, or beach bum. Made of a silky, soft, pliable material, it easily folds up to fit in a gym bag and stayed chilled for up to three hours. At 33 inches wide and 11 inches long, this towel can easily drape around your neck.

Pull Up To The Workout Party


Many people have had to find unique ways to get their sweat on with the emergence of self-imposed lockdowns and mandated quarantines. One of the easiest options is to turn your door frame into a pull-up station with this pull-up bar. This fitness bar is perfect for a variety of exercises, including pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, sit-ups, crunches, and more. You can install it without hardware or mount it with screws for added stability.

Bag It Up And Tote Your Gear In Style

Amazon / CW

This gym bag has many of the features of more expensive models with a much more doable price tag. Available in colors from black to pink, it has numerous multifunctional pockets, including spaces for shoes and wet towels or clothes. It's made of breathable, waterproof material and features an adjustable shoulder strap. One reviewer raved that it offers "plenty of room without being too bulky."

Give Your Wrists Support With These Weight-Lifting Gloves


If you've ever done much weight lifting, you know it can be a pain — literally. These ventilated weight-lifting gloves offer built-in wrist wraps for support as well as full palm protection and enhanced grip. Torn hands and calluses will be a thing of the past. One Amazon customer reviewed them this way: "Great solution for a heavy lifter's abused hands." How can I argue with that?

Hydrate Anywhere With A Hydro Flask


I know you've seen these cult-favorite water bottles, and you've probably considered buying one (or three). But, now is the time to buy, complete with Amazon Prime's lightning-fast shipping. This listing offers 18- to 24-oz. size options and various colors from pineapple to olive to graphite. The best part comes after you get it, though, when you can add all those stickers you've been saving.

Outfit Your Fitbit With A Bevy of Bands


You'll be "Charge"d up over this one! This 10-pack of replacement bands for the Fitbit Charge includes every color of the rainbow in two sizes and two color options. Made of soft silicone, they're waterproof, sweat-resistant, and durable, perfect for wearing before, during, and after workouts. The buckle closure makes it easy to take on and off and swap out daily to match your gear — if you're into that sort of thing.

Streamline Your Weights With This 5-In-1 Option

Amazon / Kdog

Who needs a whole rack of dumbbells when you can grab this single dumbbell that does the job of five? This adjustable dumbbell comes with removable bars that allow you to choose your desired weight, easily added or removed from the ends of the device. The result? One set of dumbbells will carry you through many exercises and numerous sets without needing to buy — or store — more.

Trampolines Aren't Just For The Kiddos


This may be the most fun workout you've ever tried. Grab a mini trampoline on Amazon for right around $40 and you'll enjoy three guided workouts with your purchase and an LCD monitor that tracks your workout metrics. One reviewer said it was "very secure" with a "good bounce." Don't think a trampoline can get your heart pumping? Send your kids outside on their own for 20 minutes and see what happens.

Workout Tank Tops You'll Want To Wear Everywhere

Amazon / Gina McKeown

You won't find a better deal on workout tanks anywhere — or more color options to choose from. Lightweight and stretchy with moisture-wicking power fabric to keep you cool and dry, these tanks come in a pack of three in sizes up to XXL. They're ideal for yoga or any type of exercise or just for running errands when the temperature makes you want to post up inside with a popsicle.

Try This Bar At Home


Belly up to the bar — the weighted workout bar, that is. What good does just a bar do? I'm glad you asked. Exercising with a weighted bar helps you burn more calories, strengthen your arms and legs, increase balance and flexibility and build core stabilization. It's available in weights from five pounds to 30 pounds for feeling moderate to a substantial burn. Now you can tell people you have a bar in your house — and mean it.

This Waist Trimmer Has A Cult Following

Amazon / Johanna Lopez

We've already discussed how I hate to sweat, remember? Well, imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this Sweet Sweat waist trimmer on Amazon. Do people pay to sweat more? Who are you sickos? Nearly 43,000 people have tried — and loved — this neoprene waist trainer, designed for an "enhanced sweating experience." What? One reviewer even went so far as to call it the "holy grail."

Have A Ball ... Literally


One of my colleagues had an exercise ball similar to this one that she used as her office desk chair. (Not so many backbends in the office, you know.) This one can function as an office chair or as an exercise tool in Pilates, yoga, or even pregnancy gymnastics. If low-impact exercises are your speed, this ball is your answer. It's anti-burst, heavy-duty, and non-slip in colors from black to turquoise.

Here Comes The High Stepper

Amazon / Sherri W

Aerobic steppers have been around for a long time and for good reason. This stepper improves coordination and cardiovascular fitness with three settings, for more strenuous exercise, muscle building, and toning. Supporting up to 550 pounds, this step is lightweight, easy to carry, and convenient to store. All that's missing is your favorite internet workout routine so get to steppin'!

These Vinyl-Coated Kettlebells Are A Ball


Kettlebells can be used exactly like dumbbells, but with some added benefits. For example, your body must work harder to stabilize and adapt to a changing center of gravity with every swing of a kettlebell. But, you can press, pump or curl them just like dumbbells. These kettlebells are vinyl-coated and feature a wide, smooth handle and flat bottom for stability. Buy them in weights from five to 50 pounds.

Achieve Perfect Crunches Anywhere

Amazon / Luiza Angeli

I love crunches ... those little crispy bits coated in milk chocolate ... wait, that's a Crunch bar. Never mind. But, enough Crunch bars will lead you to need one of these crunch assistants. You can check out the photo above to see how truly portable this gadget is and how it can be used anywhere (even in the living room floor surrounded by kids' toys). When you're finished with crunches, flip it over to perform push-ups and dips.

Coax Out Your Inner Gymnast With These Rings


If there's one thing I missed from the crazy year that was 2020, it was seeing the Summer Olympics — and the gymnastics competitions specifically. There's something so graceful about watching athletes perform on the mat, the uneven bars, and the rings. I'm not saying you'll be Olympics-ready if you buy these gymnastics rings, but you're guaranteed a killer full-body workout that'll have you groaning (in a good way) the next day.

Get Carded For Your Dumbbell Routine


Many people have had to fend for their workout lives over the past year with gyms closed, social distancing enforced, and reduced hours and capacity. If it were me, I'd need all the help I could get, and these exercise cards offer a great starting point. Billed as the "most complete workout deck on the market," this set contains 50 of the most effective dumbbell exercises, seven workouts, and goals and guide cards.

Defy Gravity With Your Own Yoga Swing


I saved this one for last, not because it was the best, but because it was the most terrifying. I mean, just look at that picture. It is graceful ... it is amazing ... it is, well, terrifying. If you're not terrified, then this is the perfect fitness addition for you — an anti-gravity yoga hammock swing. Made of high-quality parachute fabric, it's great for practicing backbends, splits, inversions, stretching, and yoga postures.