37 of the Handiest Inventions on Amazon Under $20

We all know that the best things in life are free. It seems that the next best things all cost a fortune though, doesn't it? I'm here to tell you that's not necessarily true. And to prove it, here's a list of 37 handy and helpful products that you can get right now on Amazon for under $20.

A few well conceived, clever gadgets can make all the little every day things you do a bit more convenient. From cleaning products to travel tricks to kitchen gadgets, a little innovation can go a long way towards making your life easier. And when innovation comes at a bargain price? It's a win!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Keepons are a Simple Fix For a Common Problem

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If you wear glasses then you know the annoying slip that happens constantly. You can tighten the arms so they squeeze uncomfortably, or you can adjust your glasses ten thousand times per day. It's a small annoyance which calls for a small solution. Keepons are stretchy little hook things that slide onto your frames and keep them right where you want them. They come in both clear and black, and virtually disappear once you have your glasses on.

Pack Like a Pro With These Travel Shoe Bags

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These Travel Shoe Storage Bags will protect your clothes in your suitcase by keeping your dirty shoes off of them. But they can be used for more than just travel. Store your out of season shoes in these protective bags and your shoes will be dust free and protected. In the meantime, your closet will be free of clutter and nicely organized. These handy bags come in both drawstring and zipper closure variety.

These Oven Liners Can Save You From Ever Cleaning Your Oven Again

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Cleaning an oven is arguably the worst chore ever. Also horrible is when there's some mystery thing baked onto the bottom of your oven creating a smokey disaster. Avoid all of these terrible things with a set of Oven Liners. These non-stick, reusable liners can be removed and wiped clean super easily. Use them in electric or gas ovens, in toaster ovens, or even as grill mats!

This Over the Sink Strainer Board is the Most Convenient Way to Wash and Chop Your Fresh Produce

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Some things are just messy to work with. If you have a bunch of tomatoes to chop, you can expect your cutting board to be a puddly mess of tomato seeds and juices that invariably runneth over onto your countertops creating a chaotic mess. Instead, use this handy Over the Sink Strainer Board. With non-slip grips, you can chop over your sink and let the juicy mess drain where it belongs.

Keep Your Tea Piping Hot While it Steeps With This Tea Mug with Infuser and Lid

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All tea drinkers worth their leaves know that one cannot have too many tea cups, infusers, and other tea related gizmos. The process and ceremony of tea is an integral part of the charm. This Tea Mug with Infuser and Lid comes with a fine mesh infuser for perfect brewing, and a lid that keeps your tea hot and then flips over to become a coaster for the infuser once you're ready to drink. Pair this with a set of loose leaf teas for a terrific host, teacher, or holiday gift.

Take the Glare Out of Night Driving With These Night Driving Glasses

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Driving at night never used to bother me, but I've noticed that for the last few years I feel the eye strain much more than I ever used to. The constant glare quickly fatigues your eyes, and that can lead to dangerous driving conditions. The yellow lenses of these Night Driving Glasses provide blue light polarization which cuts down on glare from bright lights, reflections, and even fog and rain. The lenses also block 100% UVA and UVB radiation, making them safe for daytime use as well.

With Two Soft Microfiber Pads These Eyeglasses Cleaners Swipe Away All the Dirt and Grime Without Leaving Any Smears or Scratches

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I don't know how it happens, but my glasses are constantly covered in smudges and fingerprints. I swear, I never touch the lenses, but they still get so grimy that it's hard to see through them. This 5-pack of Eyeglasses Cleaners costs under $7 and will keep all your shades and spectacles sparkling clean. Keep one in your car, your purse, your school bag... and never use the edge of your t-shirt again.

Turn Any Device into a Smart Device With a Smart Plug

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Your home is currently full of appliances that you can't control with your voice or smart phone. How very basic. Generally the entry price for smart home devices is well above the $20 threshold, but you can step right into the smart home scene with a set of two Smart Plugs for only about $18. Use the app or voice commands through Alexa or Google Assist to start your coffee brewing, turn on your lights, or turn off your TV.

Keep Your Jewelry Tangle Free When You Travel With This Travel Jewelry Roll

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If your current modus operandi is to throw all your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings into some kind of a pouch together every time you travel, then you are no doubt familiar with the vacation struggle of detangling all of that. This takes at least 20-30 minutes and no less than 77 creative cusses. There is a better way! Use a Travel Jewelry Roll instead and swear less on your vacations.

This Makeup Sponge Set Works as Well as Much More Expensive Brands, for a Fraction of the Cost

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If you wear makeup, especially any kind of liquid makeup, then a good beauty blender is a must. One of these sponges, dampened with water, will give you a flawless finish to your foundation or CC cream application. Use a dry sponge for powders, or to help remove or blend in any areas where there's a bit too much. This Makeup Sponge Set comes with 5 sponges. With proper care, and normal daily use, a sponge can last you a few weeks. So this affordable set can give you months of flawless makeup applications!

Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner Might Seem Weird, But You'll Love it Anyway

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I've got some upsetting news for you: your tongue is gross. There's just no getting around it. Everyone's is. Except for the nearly 3,000 people who use and swear by this game changer. I've spared you the before/after pictures that reviewers submit after using Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner, but if you've never used a tongue cleaner, believe me when I tell you that it really works and that your tongue will be a lovely, clean pink when you're done.

The Scrigit Scraper Can Scrape Just About Any Mess Off of Just About Any Surface

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How annoying is it when you buy a new picture frame and the price tag, always placed right on the glass, leaves behind a sticky residue that you cannot get rid of? Sticky adhesives on glass or plastics, hard water stains, and dried paint on your windows or switch plates are no match for the Scrigit Scraper. This handy cleaning tool can also reach into otherwise unreachable places.

Keep All Your Luggage Together With the Bag Bungee

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Traveling can be a lot of work, especially if you have an assortment of stuff with you. With hours long layovers and airport gate transfers that are miles apart, anything that can ease the burden is welcome. This handy Bag Bungee hooks onto the handle of your luggage and then securely attaches all your other belongings to it, giving you one easy to maneuver suitcase rather than a bunch of bulky bags and jackets to haul around.

Make Sure Your Makeup Stays Put With This Makeup Setting Spray

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Infused with skin loving ingredients, this Makeup Setting Spray is a perfect last step for your morning makeup routine. The fine mist is fast drying and never sticky, and will make sure your makeup looks the same at the end of the day as it does first thing. You can also use this green tea spray throughout the day for a refreshing boost of extra hydration.

These Baggy Racks are the Next Best Thing to Having Four Hands

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Have you ever tried pouring liquids into a ziplock bag? If so, then you already see how awesomely helpful it would be to be able to clip your bags securely into Baggy Racks for the task. These clever racks hold your bags upright and open so you can cook and freeze all the sauces, all the soups, and all the meatballs. Go ahead, be amazing.

This Digital Kitchen Scale is a Steal at Only $10

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A kitchen scale is a must for any serious baker. Precision is key for baking, and measuring in grams and ounces is much more precise than volume measurements like cups and tablespoons. A Digital Kitchen Scale is also handy for anyone who is tracking what they eat. You might just be able to eat one or two more almonds if you're measuring weight instead of volume. Of course, the risk is that you also might need to eat one or two less.

If You Have a Body, You Should Also Have a High-Density Foam Roller

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Nothing attacks sore muscles as thoroughly, and sometimes painfully, as a good High-Density Foam Roller. Even if you're not into that hurts so good type of self torture, rolling out your back is the best feeling in the world. Foam rollers are great for balance, strengthening, flexibility, soothing sore muscles, and rehab exercises. This foam roller from Amazon Basics is a bargain starting at just $10.

This Police Strength Pepper Spray Works From Up to 10 Feet Away

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If self defense is a concern of yours, and unfortunately, it probably should be, then you might want to consider carrying Pepper Spray. The best encounter with a would-be attacker is no encounter, and this pepper spray will stop an attacker in his tracks, from some distance away, giving you time to get to safety. At just $7, you can carry the pepper spray carried by the New York and Chicago Police, the Los Angeles County Sheriffs and the U.S. Marshals.

Keep Your Rugs in Place With This Area Rug Gripper Pad

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Whether your area rug is on hardwood, tile, or even carpet, it likely moves around and you likely move it back to where you want it constantly. If you have little kids or dogs running around, then the problem is even worse as they inadvertently rug surf across your floors. Stop the madness. This Area Rug Gripper Pad comes in a number of sizes and shapes and will keep your rug right where you put it.

Boil Water in No Time With This Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

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Are you using an old fashioned kettle on your stove, and waiting forever for it to boil? Or are you microwaving a cup of water when you want a hot drink? It's time for a serious upgrade. This Stainless Steel Electric Kettle is priced ridiculously low, and it will revolutionize your water boiling life. Find out why electric kettles are a mainstay in households all over the world.

Keep the Heat in and the Cold Out With a Window Insulator Kit

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As the temperatures drop outside and we all resign ourselves to finally turning on the heat, it's the perfect time to think about how to keep our homes warmer without spending a fortune on our gas, oil, and electric bills. This Window Insulator Kit is a simple and effective way to cut down your energy expenditures. The clear film stays in place over your windows all season and keeps cold drafts out while holding your precious heat in.

The Customer Images For This Healthy Feet Foot Cream are Both Impressive and Gross

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This budget friendly foot cream beats out much more expensive brands. Over 7,000 happy customers swear that Healthy Feet Foot Cream works miracles. Do yourself a favor and don't scroll through the images that these happy customers included with their reviews. Just trust that they're not lying about how bad their feet were to start out. At about $8 a tub, this foot cream is a great buy.

This Gel Bead Full Facial Mask Can Be Used Hot or Cold

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Place it in the refrigerator, the freezer, or even your microwave to get the effect you want from this Gel Bead Full Facial Mask. Whether you're trying to relieve puffiness and inflammation, a headache, or sinus pressure, you will look awesome in this mask. Users swear this mask helps with migraines and head colds, in addition to being great for puffy eyes. The gel beads conform to your face for a perfect fit.

What is it About the Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler That Creates Such a Cult Following?

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Apparently, not all eyelash curlers are created equal. Even though many are much more expensive, the Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler is a cult favorite, garnering over 4,000 glowing reviews. The most common theme is: this eyelash curler is better than any other eyelash curler. Who knew? This lash curler costs only about $10, making it a steal compared to what you might find in your favorite beauty store.

Keep Your Dirty Hands Off Your Clean Soap Dispenser With This Single-Handed Soap Dispenser

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Well, this is a brilliant idea! The back of your hand is generally a much cleaner place than the front of your hand. Especially immediately before washing your hands, when you need to dispense some soap. This Single-Handed Soap Dispenser makes regular dispensers look stupid. With a press of the back of your hand, it dispenses soap without getting covered in whatever nasty germs are lingering on your fingertips. Whether you've been handling raw meat, blowing your nose, riding the subway, or using the restroom, your palms and fingertips are gross.

Get Pet Hair Out of Any Carpet or Upholstery With a Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover

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Sure, a lint roller might get your pet's fur off of your clothes, but what about the stuff deep in your carpets, your couch's upholstery, or even your car? You will be amazed, and maybe grossed out, when you see how much hair comes up with one swipe of the Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover. The customer image above really says it all. Check out the pile of fur next to that cat!

Keep Your Phone Where You Can Easily Reach it With This Windshield Long Arm Car Phone Mount

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With it's 8 inch long arm, this universal phone mount brings your phone closer to you while you drive. If your car's dashboard isn't flat enough to mount a phone holder, this Windshield Phone Mount is what you're looking for. The grip is universal so it will hold any phone and it rotates for both horizontal and vertical orientations. It even comes with a little suction cup support for extra stability.

This Personal Ceramic Portable-Mini Heater is Perfect to Keep on Your Desk to Keep the Chill at Bay

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What's six inches tall, costs about $20, and will keep you toasty warm? This adorably helpful Personal Ceramic Mini Heater. If you're one of those people who is always just a little colder than everyone else, make yourself comfortable without sacrificing space. This little guy can stand on your desk, or under it - hello, warm feet! - and it will quietly warm you up. Ready to make everyone else in the office jealous?

See What You're Doing From the Comfort of Not Bending Over With This Angled Measuring Cup

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We all know the drill. Pour liquid into measuring cup. Stop pouring. Bend over to look at volume markings at eye level. Stand up. Pour more. Bend over again. Etc. Who designed these things? Obviously not the genius over at OXO who came up with this Angled Measuring Cup, which allows you to read the volume measurements as you pour from your comfortable position of standing upright. Brilliant!

Take the Elbow Grease Out of Tough Cleaning Jobs With a Drill Brush

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OK, I might be unreasonably excited about this one. The Drill Brush is actually a set of three different nylon brushes that attach to your power drill. That means you get to harness your drill's power to scrub away at your shower, grout, or sinks. All you have to do is hold on and enjoy the sight of gleaming surfaces. Keep in mind, the drill is not included.

This Electric Wine Bottle Opener Removes Corks in Seconds Flat

Don't struggle with your wine corks, or select bottles with screw caps just because they're easier. Instead, get yourself a surprisingly affordable but still super fancy Electric Wine Bottle Opener. This rechargeable opener can open up to 30 wine bottles on a single charge, which is probably a whole lot more than you need. This would make a great and unexpected host gift for your sister who always hosts Thanksgiving!

Keep Your Fitted Sheet in Place With Bed Bands

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Nothing is worse than baggy fitted sheets. Actually, that's not entirely true. Fitted sheets that have come off the corner of your bed creating a confusing mess of things in the middle of the night are worse. You can keep both horrible situations from ever happening again with Bed Bands which hold your sheets tightly in place. A pack of Bed Bands will ensure your sheets stay taught and smooth no matter how much tossing and turning you do.

Switch Out Your Switch Plate For an Outlet Shelf and Create More Counter Space Out of Thin Air

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Once you see an Outlet Shelf you begin to wonder why no one thought of this before. These days we all have a million and one gadgets and devices that need to be plugged in and need a place to live. This shelf is perfectly sized for a small speaker, baby monitor, or smart home device like an Echo. Save your counter space for other things.

Get Allllllll of the Toothpaste With a Toothbrush Roller

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This clever little gadget will save you money in the long run. The end of a tube of toothpaste is annoying to manage, but you struggle with it anyway because toothpaste is expensive and there's still totally a ton in there! Instead of fighting with your tube, simply insert it into this little Toothbrush Roller that stands on your sink. With a turn of the handle a perfect amount of toothpaste is dispensed while the bottom of the tube is slowly and effortlessly rolled up.

Keep Your Junk Drawer Neat and Tidy With a Battery Organizer

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Picture 82 batteries of various sizes and types rolling around in your drawer. It's bad. Now take a look at the awesomely tidy Battery Organizer and realize how in control you can be. With a detachable battery tester, this organizer will help you see what you have, battery-wise, and save you from changing out some toy's batteries for a new set of dead batteries that someone put back in your drawer.

Get These Smart Phone Camera Lenses to Take Amazing Pictures of Your Dog

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Seriously, pictures of your dog through the fisheye lens is reason enough to spring for this set of Smart Phone Camera Lenses. For only $15, you'll get a Super Wide Angle Lens, a 10x Macro Lens, and the dog loving 180° Fisheye Lens. The lenses easily clip onto and off of any smart phone, and will take your photography to the next level. I mean, look at this dog!

Keep Your Cords and Cables Exactly Where You Want Them With These https://amazon.com/o/ASIN/B01NBDSCTL/octu20-20/ref=nosim/

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Constantly having to search the floor of your car or by your bedside table to retrieve your fallen charging cable is for amateurs. You're better than that. Charge like a boss by keeping your cords exactly where you want them. These Magnetic Cable Clips come with a stick on magnetic docking station. The little clips attach to and stay on your cables. When they're not in use simply park them at their home base.