37 Great Gifts For Mom That Won’t Break The Bank

Ahm. Mutter. Mere. Madre. No matter what language you say it in, "Mom" just means love. I mean, who else would drive you to 4,793 soccer games, wipe your sweaty brow when you're in bed with the flu, or subject herself to you practicing the tuba every single night? Moms are clutch in so many situations and seldom ask for anything in return.

That's why the one who brought you up and kept you alive beyond your teen years into adulthood deserves a little something special. Whether it's a holiday gift or "just because," the awesome thing about buying for mom is that she'll always tell you "it's the thought that matters," rather than the price on the tag. To that end, I've compiled 37 great gift ideas to show Mom just how much she means to you without showing your bank that you're broke. Grab one or two of these to solidify your spot as her No. 1 kid. (You knew Mom had a favorite, didn't you?)

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
“We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.”

Diamonds Are Forever, But So Are These Real Handmade Roses

OK, maybe not forever, forever. But, these immortal flowers, as they're called, tucked under a glass dome are said to withstand three to five years under normal conditions. Available in a variety of colors (rainbow!!) for just under $30, Mom will think of you every time she walks past this floral display. The heart atop the glass dome is a nice touch.

Wake Mom Up With This French Press

Let's face it: Mom probably started drinking coffee about the time you came along. Coincidence? Doubtful. Help her step up her coffee game with this french press coffee maker. It allows brewing up to 34 oz., and retain the beans' oils for a rich, complex flavor. The glass carafe is easy to clean, which moms everywhere will appreciate. Add some of her favorite beans and this gift is an easy win.

Watch How Mom Responds To This New Apple Watch Band

If your mom is anything like mine, she's an OG fashionista with her own sense of style and tastes. That's why she needs plenty of Apple Watch bands to coordinate with all of her outfits. These bands are a leather-rubber hybrid that are comfortable and lightweight while also sweatproof. Pick up the leopard for a mom with unmatched sass or go with a solid she can pair with anything.

Get a Handle On This Complete Acrylic Nail Art Kit

Sure, you could treat Mom to a mani ... or, you could get Mom hooked on at-home manis that she can change whenever the mood strikes. This acrylic nail art kit is stuffed full of all the things she'll need: Acrylic powder, glitter, nail glue, files, forms, and more. Remember when Mom used to deliver that tidbit of advice that starts, "Teach a man to fish...?" Now, you can teach a mom how to mani.

Help Her Blow Off Some Steam With These Luxury Shower Steamers

Sometimes, a shower is the only uninterrupted five minutes Mom will get to herself in the entire day. You can dial up that experience with these luxury shower steamers. They come in a set of six with fragrances from essential oils like citrus, jasmine, vanilla, and chamomile. You simply drop one on the floor of the shower and enjoy an at-home aromatherapy experience. They've even gift-wrapped it for you.

Protect Her Peepers With Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Whether Mom's in the workforce or just enjoys spending time on her electronic devices, chances are she's struggling with some eyestrain as a result. These blue light blocking glasses will protect her peepers while she surfs. It comes in several fashionable styles in either a two- or three-pack. Mom will have fewer headaches ... at least those not caused by her offspring.

Let Mom Flaunt Her Protective Side With These Mama Bear Slippers

There's not a creature on Earth more protective of its young than a mama bear. Now, your mama can bear her teeth and flaunt her protective side in these adorable mama bear slippers. The tartan plaid design is particularly on-brand for a Christmas gift, but there are other options including "brown frost" and "furry plaid." And, because they're made by Dearform, you know they'll be super soft and snuggly.

Mom Won't Be Salty About This Natural Himalayan Salt Scrub

Think back on all those times that Mom scrubbed you in the bath after a particularly dirty day of making mud pies and wrestling in the dirt. That's what this is for. (No, I'm not suggesting you scrub your Mom. Don't make it weird.) This natural Himalayan salt scrub will quickly become her new fave, though, because it hydrates, exfoliates, and rejuvenates the skin. Three for three.

She'll Have Plenty Of Room For Activities With This Oversized Exercise Mat

Whether she's a yogi, a Crossfitter, or a Jazzerciser, Mom will appreciate this oversized exercise mat that gives her more room to move. Coming in at 72 inches by 32 inches, it exceeds a traditional yoga mat's size by as much as eight inches in width, particularly important if you're lunging or attempting the one-handed tree pose. There are plenty of color choices available, too.

Give Mom Your Heart With A Colorful Love Heart Necklace

I don't like "Mom" jewelry, as a general rule, but I'll make an exception for this colorful love heart necklace. There are several styles to choose from with corresponding colored stones to represent Mom's birth month or your own so she can remember the excruciating pain of childbirth, perhaps? It's a sentimental gift that Mom will love ... for at little as $13.

For All The Times Mom Told You To "Turn That Down," Here's The Perfect Portable Mini Speaker For Her

I know, Mom is probably more "Marie Osmond" than "Megadeth," but that doesn't mean she can't rock out with this itty-bitty portable speaker. Small enough to fit in the palm of a hand, this speaker delivers impressive volume and bass, according to reviewers. It also comes with a carrying case so you can take it on the go. The black one is $9 and some change at the time of this writing.

Stock Her Kitchen With This 39-Piece Set

This gift might be just as much for you as it is for Mom since her kitchen is probably a neverending supply of bread, cake, and Instant Pot treasures. She'll have everything she needs to get the job done, in a matching 39-piece set of kitchen utensils. My mom's kitchen is a collection of spoons from my childhood and newer pieces she's picked up along the way. This set could replace it all.

Grab The Perfect Banded Shorts For A Fit Mom

Your mom wouldn't be unusual if she refuses to buy clothing for herself. There's always "something else" that needs to be done first, right? Fix that, pronto! These banded fitness shorts with phone-deep pockets are the perfect solution, whether she's a jogger, a hiker, or just always on the go. They come in a wide range of sizes (S to XXXL) in a host of colors, and all of them are raved about by reviewers as being crazy comfortable.

Silk Satin Pajamas Will Give Mom Sweet Dreams

Silk pajamas are one of those things that seem indulgent but don't have to break the bank. This silk satin pajama set from Amazon is living proof. Available in 10 colors that all hover around $25 a set, these PJs are both comfortable and appropriate to wear when walking around the house. Pro tip: If you don't know Mom's size, go smaller. Amazon's returns are simple and she'll appreciate the morale boost.

You Could Write This Mini-Book On Mom

Can't you just hear the "ahhs" now? This is one of those sentimental gifts that doesn't cost much, but she'll treasure forever. And, when I say treasure, I mean she'll pull it out to show everyone at the most random times. Titled "What I Love About Mom," this mini-book has places for you to fill in your own answers about why you love your Mom. (As if it isn't already obvious.)

Charge Mom Up With This Wireless Gadget Charger

2020 Mom almost assuredly has gadgets that 1980 Mom could have only dreamed of. My mom has everything pictured above — an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and AirPods Pro (courtesy of me last Christmas, thank you very much). Finding available space to plug all of these in is a challenge. This three-in-one wireless charger streamlines the clutter and pours power into all her devices at once.

Bring Nature Indoors With A Window Bird Feeder

There aren't many things more peaceful than watching nature. This window feeder will give Mom a bird's eye view of the great outdoors while inside. Mom can feast her eyes on birds of all sizes thanks to this suction-cup feeder that includes two food holders and a water bowl. You can easily refill the food and water inside with the detachable three-compartment tray.

Mom Can Enjoy A Tune From This Personalized Music Box

My mom is a retired music teacher so gifts like this are a no-brainer for her. But, moms of all types will appreciate the intricacy and detail of this personalized music box. Once cranked, it plays the tune, "You Are My Sunshine," no batteries required. This not only makes a thoughtful gift, but its design makes it a fun piece for Mom to display anywhere.

Light Up Her Life With Colorful Tin Soy Candles

Are candles ever the wrong gift? I contend they are not. You could give me a candle for literally any holiday — even Groundhog's Day — and I would be thrilled. This four-pack of soy candles comes in delicious scents like lemon and Mediterranean fig. But, even better, they are housed in the cutest, most colorful tins. They're a No. 1 best seller in aromatherapy candles on Amazon.

This Inspirational Bracelet Will Remind Her She's Loved

I appreciate jewelry with a message, particularly super-sweet messages like this one: "You are loved. You are valued. You are beautiful." I think Mom will appreciate it, too. Stamped onto a silver plate and looped with brown leather, it's neutral enough to go with anything. Mom will feel the love whether you're near or far and she's at home or standing in line in the grocery store.

Keep Mom's Gear Handy With A Convenient Running Belt

My mom is a runner and swears by this sleek running belt, where she can stash her phone and her keys, among other things. Lightweight and durable, it comes in a rainbow of colors and has some cool features I haven't seen in other similar styles, such as a water bottle holster and an earphone hole. The reflective strip is a nice touch for early morning or late night runs.

This Lightweight Crossbody Will Become Her New Fave

I know what you're thinking: "Beth, I don't want to pick out a purse for my Mom." Well, for starters, I've picked it out for you. Secondly, this isn't her purse, but an additional option for her. And, it's a good one at that. It's a medium dome crossbody, which may or may not mean anything to you. Long story short: This is the purse she'll reach for when she's running a quick errand or going somewhere that she only needs the essentials. You'll have to pick the color, though.

Plan The Best Gift With This Organizing Weekly/Monthly Planner

One Christmas, I bought my mom a planner with all the bells and whistles and she used it religiously. This planner is a bit more simplified, but that cover is breathtaking. Offering space for both weekly and monthly planning, this 2021 planner has a flexible hardcover, luxurious paper, and an elastic band to keep it closed. Here's hoping there's more to plan for in 2021 than 2020 provided.

Give Mom A Roomy Tote For Everyone Else's Gear

Anyone who's had kids knows that most of what's in your bag ... doesn't actually belong to you. With this tote, she can snicker at "mom life" by advertising the fact. The tote is roomy and has a zippered top, as well as an inner pocket for even better organization. The best part, though, is the snarky text on the side, which moms everywhere will appreciate ... and agree with.

Turn Your Mom Into A Gearhead With This Fault Code Reader

No, this gift did not mistakenly find its way onto this list. Who says moms can't be gearheads ... or, at the very least, in tune with what's going on with their ride? This is for every Mom who swears she heard a noise that went, "chooga-beep-fluke," but it mysteriously disappears by the time she gets it to the garage. This fault code reader will let her diagnose her car's problems in seconds.

I Spy An Anti-Aging Gift In These 24K Gold Eye Masks

Think of this gift as a nice way of saying, "Mom, you need to be sleeping more." Reviewers on Amazon rave about these 24K gold eye masks for helping with puffy eyes and dark undereye circles, to the tune of more than 3,000 nearly five-star reviews. These are infused with collagen and hyaluronic acid and work for any skin type from dry to oily. Take 10 years off Mom's appearance with these little gems.

This Oil Diffusing Bracelet Is Essential

Not only is this bracelet delicate and adorable, but it's also functional with a hidden essential oil diffusing feature. Available with a pink or gold band, this essential oil diffuser bracelet includes eight felt pads in different colors that soak up the essential oil of her choice and can also be color-coordinated for the day's outfit. Throw in a starter pack of oils and you've got a great gift on your hands.

Gift These Bitty (Ear)Buds To Your Best Mom

Some earbuds these days are more complicated than they need to be, am I right? Whether it's pairing them, carrying them, or getting them to fit properly in your ear, it's probably not something you want to force on dear ol' Mom. These are a bit different in every regard. These super-small earbuds connect in one step, are housed in a case that snaps open easily, and fit securely inside the ear. Now, Mom can rock out wherever she finds herself, even while gardening.

Mom Will Enjoy The Sweet Message On This Ceramic Trinket Plate

What could be more heartwarming than slipping on your earrings for the day and finding a message underneath that says, "Remember I love you, Mom?" Not much. Everyone has a good use for small trinket plates like this one, including Mom. Whether she's stashing her ring near the kitchen sink or dropping her keys in it at the end of the day, it's a sweet reminder of your love for her.

This Tech Tote Is Turning Up Roses

Most moms tote a lot of gear around with them. That might include a computer or tablet (or two). This floral messenger bag will help her stay organized. Available in various colorful prints for two different sizes of devices, it includes a handy shoulder strap and exterior pockets for pens, business cards, or a smartphone. Mom can look chic with this no matter where she's off to.

A Flavor Assortment That Fits Mom To A Tea

Tea is soothing no matter what time of the day or what the occasion may be. This Vahdam tea assortment has been featured by the likes of "Reader's Digest," "Forbes" and "Good Morning America" for its flavor assortment and stylish packaging. Flavors include masala chai, sweet cinnamon, turmeric spice, hibiscus rush, spiced vanilla, and maharaja breakfast.

She'll Have Her Coffee With A Side of Sass In This Snarky Coffee Mug

You know it. I know it. Even the dog knows it. You don't try Mom ... and you especially don't try Mom before she's had her coffee. This clever coffee mug delivers a warning to everyone around her, "Thou shall not try me - Mom 24:7," crafted to be reminiscent of a Bible verse. Mom will get a good laugh over this one, though the message is still 100% on point.

Put Your Name On This Personalized Family Pillow Cover

Can you ever have too many pillows? I mean, honestly, the more, the merrier. This one is extra special because you can personalize it with the names of Mom's kids and even her grandkids. A pillow cover only (insert sold separately), it has room for anywhere from one to 15 names, which you can customize before checking out. Mom will be proud to have the whole family together in one place, even when you're scattered.

You Can't Go Wrong With A Luxurious Robe

It's true; a comfy bathrobe is never the wrong choice. Slip it on after a shower? Check. Reach for it before that morning cup of coffee? Check. Bundle up in it to run out and grab the mail? Check. In fact, it might become Mom's new favorite wardrobe staple. This velour textured number comes in 10 colors and eight sizes to make gift-giving simple. The matching belt and knee-length design were favorites of reviewers.

This Recipe Book Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Last year, I embarked on a major project that involved sorting and organizing my grandmother's recipes from her more than 50 years in the kitchen. I gathered them all and put them in a book as a gift to the women in my family. This recipe keepsake book is a nod to that but in a more streamlined fashion. It allows your Mom to collect her favorites in one place that she can later share with you. She'll appreciate that you've asked and you'll appreciate it for years to come.

A Weighted Blanket That Won't Keep Mom Down

If you've been thinking about gifting a weighted blanket, but hesitated because of the price, I've got you covered. This weighted blanket is a good size, with great reviews, and comes in at just less than $20. Weighted blankets have skyrocketed in popularity lately, thanks to the pressure they apply that aids in getting a good night's sleep. Chances are, Mom's had her eye on one. You can be the gift hero here.

Mom Will Thank You For Massages Anytime With This Heated Massager

Neck pains? Backaches? Tension in the shoulders? Poor Mom probably has them all. This heated shiatsu massager will deliver instant relief with no appointment required. It features eight modes and both adjustable speed and on/off temperature controls. The hand pockets will help Mom adjust the massager to target her aching neck, back, and shoulder areas. Equipped with both home and car chargers, it's truly a take-anywhere gift.