37 Genius Products Invented to Save You Time

So many gadgets, so much time saved! That's the theme of today's list, which gathers together dozens of my favorite time-saving products for sale on Amazon. Look, we're all busy. Shaving off a few minutes from several annoying daily tasks adds up to a lot of extra time for more important activities, like shopping for more cool stuff on Amazon or, I don't know, spending time with your loved ones.

Ready to save some time? In the kitchen, try the microwave egg boiler to make breakfast faster. In the bathroom, you'll save scrubbing time and energy if you install this nifty automatic toilet cleaner. You can even get out the door faster with these comfy slip-on sneakers. Read on for lots more timesavers you'll want to try for yourself!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Bowl With Integrated Colander Is a Genius 2-in-1 Kitchen Tool

via: Amazon

This bowl-colander is so simple, yet so smart. Instead of using two dishes, why not save time by using one that does both jobs? Works great with salad greens, pasta, rice, and fruit.

This Absorbing Cloth Has a Sponge-Like Pore Structure That Soaks Up a Lot More Liquid

via: Amazon

Excellent for drying cars, wiping down pets, and soaking up spills, this absorbing cloth is designed to soak up a lot more liquid than ordinary terrycloth towels or leather chamois. One five-star reviewers says, "Soaks up just about everything you throw it at!"

This Automatic Toilet Cleaner Freshens the Bowl With Every Flush

via: Amazon / The Great Reviewer

This automatic toilet cleaner is a win-win. Not only will you save time on scrubbing the toilet, but it will look cleaner and smell fresher every day! Reviewers say, "They last a long time and are much easier than scrubbing the toilet bowl" and "So much better than the tabs you drop in the tank."

These Core Sliders Let You Work Out at Home

via: Amazon

Save time on gym visits by doing the core slider workout at home. The discs are two-sided: one side works great on smooth surfaces like wood or tile, while the other is made for using on carpet. There are lots of videos online that demonstrate creative moves and how to maximize your results.

This Corn Stripper Is the Fastest Way to Process Fresh Corn

via: Amazon

Fresh corn is delicious added to salads, salsa, and other dishes. But slicing off the kernels is tedious. Enter the corn stripper, which does the job beautifully. One five-star reviewer offers this tip: "Use a bundt pan and put the base of the corn in the hole, then strip down from the top. The pan will catch the kernels and save a big cleanup."

This Dressing Whiz Blends Salad Dressing at the Push of a Button

via: Amazon

Homemade dressings are delicious and healthy, but it's tricky to properly blend them. The Dressing Whiz takes care of that problem by including a battery-operated whipping action you can control with the push of a button. The result is perfectly blended dressing with every pour!

This Exercise Peddler Gives You a Mini-Workout While Working or Watching TV

via: Amazon / April

This foldable, portable exercise peddler fits under your desk or in front of the sofa so you can pedal while doing other things. It includes a digital readout that tracks your exercise time, revolutions, and calories burned.

This Can Colander Makes It So Darned Easy to Drain Tuna, Beans, and Other Canned Food

via: Amazon

I'm ordering this can colander immediately. At this price, I might get a bunch! One five-star reviewer says, "This is one of those items you don't think you need until you try it. Then you'll wonder how you lived without it."

This Facial Steamer Keeps Skin Cleaner

via: Amazon

Taking care of your skin takes time and money--no doubt about that. A few carefully chosen tools, including this at-home facial steamer, make it easier to do more skincare at home, which saves you the time and expense of visits to the dermatologist or esthetician.

These Gel Nail Polish Foils Remove Gel Polish Effectively Without Damaging Nails

via: Amazon

Love gel polish, but dread removing it? Solve that problem with these foil wraps that soak off gel polish or acrylic nails in about 10 minutes. Reviewers call them "cost effective" and "a life changer."

This Hands-Free Soap Dispenser Makes Every Hand-Washing a Smidge Easier

via: Amazon

This hands-free soap dispenser has a lot of benefits. It looks great on the bathroom counter, cuts down on single-use plastic soap dispensers, and lets you wash your hands more cleanly and easily.

This Iced Coffee Chiller Lowers Drinks 130 Degrees in 60 Seconds

via: Amazon

Speed-chill your coffee, tea, soda, or other favorite beverages in one minute or less! Five-star reviewers say it's "excellent," "highly recommended," and "worth the price."

These Cleaning K-Cups Are the Fastest and Easiest Way to Clean Your Keurig

via: Amazon

Got a Keurig coffee maker at home or the office? If you do, you need these cleaning pods that cleanse residue and build-up from the brewer. Safe, non-toxic, and as easy to use as pushing the button on your Keurig.

This Blow-Dry Spray Cuts Hair-Drying Time by 50%

via: Amazon

This is one of my strongest product recommendations ever. If you blow dry your hair on the regular, you must try Kenra's Blow-Dry Spray, which not only smells heavenly and gives thermal protection, but cuts the time needed to dry hair way, way down.

This Makeup Removing Cloth Gently Cleans Skin With Any Cleanser or Plain Water

via: Amazon

Far more effective than just using your hands, this makeup removing cloth is a low-tech but highly effective way to clean your face better. Works with your favorite facial cleaner or even with plain water.

This Microfiber Cleaning Glove Scrubs and Dusts With the Swipe of Your Hand

via: Amazon

Cost-effective, earth-friendly, and fun to use, this microfiber cleaning glove is a time-saving tool in your housework arsenal. One five-star reviewer says, "My kids are even having fun putting them on and running around the house helping me clean lol!"

This Instant Espresso Proves You Can Have Excellent Coffee Faster

via: Amazon

I love coffee. I need coffee. And sometimes, I literally can't wait for coffee. That's when these single-serve instant espresso packs are a lifesaver. They taste pretty damn good and could not be any faster or easier to use.

These Silicone Mats Are the Key to No-Stick Baking

via: Amazon

Skip the cooking spray, butter, and parchment paper. Line pans with these affordable silicone baking mats instead for easy, nonstick baking. Perfect for cookies of all kinds!

This Microwave Egg Boiler Cooks Eggs in 4-8 Minutes

via: Amazon

This is a game-changer when it comes to cooking breakfast faster. The microwave egg boiler lets you make soft-boiled eggs in 4-6 minutes, or hard-boiled in 8. Easy to use and clean.

This Mounting Putty Sticks Stuff to Your Wall Instantly

via: Amazon / Madison Terwilliger

Faster than nails, more secure than tape. Removable. Reusable. Decorate your walls instantly by using this mounting putty.

This Neck Massager Gives a Deep Massage Anytime You Need It

via: Amazon

Professional massages are the best, but also time-consuming and expensive. Loosen muscles and relieve tension with this neck massager you can do yourself, anytime and any place.

This Hair Brush/Dryer/Volumizer Cuts Styling Time Way Down

via: Amazon

This one-step hair tool streamlines your morning routine so you can get ready faster without sacrificing fabulous-looking hair. Thousands of 4- and 5-star reviews swear by it!

This Pet Grooming Tool Removes 95% of Tangled, Dead Hair in 10 Minutes

via: Amazon / Alexandra Smith

Reduce shedding and make your furry friend look their best with this super-effective pet grooming tool. It's designed to be safe, gentle, and effective enough to remove 95% of dead hair in 10 minutes of brushing.

This Self-Watering System Keeps Plants Alive With Less Fuss

via: Amazon

Once you set up this self-watering system, you can basically ignore your plants for long stretches at a time. Whether you're away on vacation or just too busy/distracted to remember to water, this system will save your plants' lives!

This PlayBag Is the Fastest, Easiest Way to Clean Up a Pile of Toys Fast

via: Amazon

Parents, somewhere in your house right now is a pile of LEGO, ponies, trucks, or other small toys that are just begging to be stepped on. Clean up with this PlayBag, so easy to use that you might even be able to trick your kids into cleaning up their own messes!

This Pot-Stirring Robot Basically Does the Cooking for You

This product had me at robot. The Robo-Stir sits in any pot of food and stirs automatically, so you can take a little break to chop veggies or pour wine. One five-star reviewer says it's like having an assistant in the kitchen!

These Quick-Dry Beach Towels Dry Three Times Faster Than Regular Towels

via: Amazon

An amazing addition to your beach bag or pool supplies! These quick-dry beach towels are made of a special smooth, highly absorbent fabric that dries incredibly fast. Bonus: sand doesn't stick!

This Quick-Fix Recipe Book Is for Hangry Athletes Who Need to Eat Right Now

via: Amazon

You work out, you eat healthy, but you need help to get it all done. Enter this awesome new cookbook, Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow. With recipes developed by a champion marathoner, this book helps you learn to make healthy food more quickly.

This Scraper Tool Vanquishes Labels, Grime, and Other Annoying Stuff

via: Amazon

Peeling price tags off new stuff is the worst. Solve that annoying problem with this neat little scraper tool. Check out the Amazon reviews for lots more suggestions on how to use this product!

These Silicone Suction Lids Create a Strong, Airtight Seal

via: Amazon

These suction lids are nothing short of amazing. The set of five lids (in varying sizes) are designed to seal onto any bowl or pan to create a watertight, airtight, super-strong seal.

These Slip-On Sneakers Are Fast and Furiously Cute

via: Amazon

There's nothing like a pair of comfortable slip-on sneakers, especially when they're affordable and cute! Choose from eight colors (I'm liking the olive green best).

These Snail Jelly Face Masks Moisturize and Heal Skin

via: Amazon

Treat yourself to a Korean snail jelly face mask. Each convenient single-use packet contains a disposable mask infused with snail secretion filtrate (proven to heal and deeply hydrate skin).

This Natural Stain Remover Uses Plant-Based Enzymes to Remove Stains Safely

via: Amazon / MsSunshine

This stain removing spray is especially popular with new parents concerned about exposing their babies to harsh chemical detergents, but the product is strong enough to be good for a variety of uses. Reviewers say, "This stuff is awesome" and "It's like magic."

This Two-Tier Food Steamer Cooks an Entire Meal at Once

via: Amazon

Well-designed, easy to use, and affordable too! The two-tier food steamer is perfect for healthy meals that don't require a lot of fussing or tending. Steam fish or chicken at the same time as rice or veggies. When the timer dings, your complete meal is ready!

This USB Rapid Charger Powers Up Devices 45% Faster

via: Amazon

You need power and you need it fast. Don't mess around--get a rapid charger so every plug-in powers up your devices faster. One five-star reviewer says, "The performance outshines many of its competitors."

This Wrinkle Release Spray Refreshes Fabric With No Ironing Needed

via: Amazon / Keith Larkcom

This wrinkle release spray isn't glamorous, but it sure saves time and trouble! Mist any fabric with the spray, let it dry, and presto--wrinkles are reduced or eliminated. Try it on curtains, too.

This Silicone Utensil Rest Keeps Counters Clean and Organized While You Cook

via: Amazon

Made of nonslip, heat-safe silicone, this handy utensil rest is designed with special slots to hold up to four utensils at a time. No more drips on the counter! Contain messes and keep your favorite tongs, spoons, and spatulas close at hand while you cook.