37 Genius Inventions You Can Get For Under $15

We're all about getting the most bang for your buck, especially when it comes to buying things for your home. Here are 37 handy, genius inventions that will make your life easier without putting a strain on your wallet. Best of all, they can be delivered right to your door, thanks to the powers of Amazon.

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Sugru Can Fix Pretty Much Anything

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When you take Sugru out of its package, it's a moldable compound that can be squished into whatever shape you need. Let it dry overnight and it cures into a silicone rubber, making pretty much any fix possible.

These Travel Containers Are Totally Leakproof

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The Gotubb's genius design allows it to be opened and closed with just one hand. It's great for medicine, jewelry, snacks, or just about anything else you'd want to travel with.

These Rubber Twist Ties Have Almost Unlimited Uses

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Use them to organize cords, wrap headphones, seal food bags, anchor plant stems, or find your own use for them at your home or office.

This Beach Umbrella Anchor Makes So Much Sense

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If you enjoy sitting under an umbrella at the beach, you know what a pain it can be to try and get the umbrella to stand up in the sand. Use this anchor to provide some much-needed support — it also works for fishing poles!

This Mushroom Night Light Looks Absolutely Delightful

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This is one of the most lovely and whimsical night lights we've ever seen. Plug it into an outlet and enjoy the soft glow delivered to you by these adorable fungi.

Wash Your Favorite Lids with the Cap Washer

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Simply place your hat inside the cage and put the whole contraption on the top rack of your dishwasher (yes, dishwasher!). Its unique design allows your hat to keep its shape while also leaving it smelling fresh.

This Ironing Blanket Is Magnetic!

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Pop it on top of your washer or dryer and you instantly have an ironing surface without all the hassle of pulling out your ironing board.

Organize Your Life with This Mop and Broom Holder

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Hang one in your kitchen for your mop and broom, but you don't have to stop there! One in the garage will tidy up your lawn and gardening tools. Or, use it for sports equipment!

Replace That Bag Full of Bags with This Plastic Bag Holder

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Everyone has a bag full of bags stuffed under their kitchen sink — until they get one of these! You can stuff bags in the top and then pull them out of the dispensing slot whenever you need them.

This Toilet Bowl Light Will Light up Your Life

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It can be easily installed in seconds and emits several different colors to go with your decor (or your mood). It's a great idea for anyone who finds themselves getting up in the middle of the night and not wanting to be blinded by the overhead bathroom light.

This Tool Organizer Holds up to 10 Screwdrivers

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Of course, you could also use it in your classroom to organize your scissors, or even organize the utensils in your kitchen!

These Headrest Hangers Keep Your Car Cleaner

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Snap them onto your headrest poles and voila! The perfect place to hang your umbrella, purse, or trash bags to keep the floor of your car looking cleaner than ever!

This Shower Foot Rest Is the Smartest Thing We've Seen All Day

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It uses a powerful suction cup to attach to your shower wall and can then be used to prop your foot up as you shave. It's a simple idea that's so brilliant, we can't believe we didn't think of it first.

This Snap-On Strainer Saves All Kinds of Cupboard Space

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Use the clips to attach it to just about any pot or pan in your kitchen in seconds. Then, wash it (in the dishwasher!) and lay it flat for easy storage.

These Baggy Racks Make Meal Prep Easier Than Ever

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When you're saving leftovers or prepping meals for the whole week, it can be nice to have an extra hand in the kitchen. Simply clip in a plastic bag and let these baggy racks hold it for you while you do the pouring and portioning.

Cut the Cheese with This Cheese Slicer

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You can easily adjust the thickness of the slices using the dial on the handle. Then, a simple downward motion creates the perfect slices for your sandwich or burger!

This Whisk Folds Flat for Easy Storage

Some tasks call for a balloon whisk, while others work better if you have a flat whisk — this thing works as both! A simple twist of the knob on the handle and you can switch between the two whisk styles.

These Clothes Hangers Fold up for Travel

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It's nice to hang up your clothes whenever you get to your travel destination, but you can't always count on there being hangers waiting for you. These ones fold up extra small to easily fit in your suitcase and bring a slice of home with you wherever you go.

Use This Citrus Juicer To Make Your Water More Interesting

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A twist of lemon or lime takes a bottle of water to the next level. This citrus juicer attaches directly to the top of a standard plastic bottle so the juice goes directly into the water. Easy peasy!

The Cableyoyo Keeps Cords in Line

via: Amazon

Use it to organize phone chargers or keep your headphones from becoming tangled whenever you're not wearing them.

The Miracle TimeCube Will Make You More Productive

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As soon as you flip the TimeCube, the built-in timer begins counting down whatever length of time is on the top face. use it to help you study, focus on work, clean your home, or set limits on your Netflix time.

This Mini Ice Cube Tray Makes 160 Ice Cubes at Once

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Miniature ice cubes are great for smoothies, or simply for cooling your drink! You can also use this mold to create chocolates or hard candies.

This Wine Aeroator Can Make Any Wine Taste Better

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For less than 10 bucks, you can make your cheap, bottom-shelf wine taste like it cost you way more money. Just put the aerator into the bottleneck and pour. Its smart design aerates the wine as you pour, giving it a much more sophisticated flavor.

Prevent Injuries with This Cutlery Scrubber

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Add a drop of dish soap to this scrubber and use it to safely clean the entire blade of your knife. Safety first!

This Garlic Chopper Is Fun and Functional

Place a couple cloves of garlic in the top then roll the entire gadget back and forth on your countertop. Within seconds, you can open the lid and use the freshly chopped garlic.

This Overflow Drain Cover Makes Baths More Luxurious

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Deeper baths are better baths. This drain cover uses suction to block the overflow drain on your tub, allowing you to fill it up so the water covers your shoulder and knees at the same time.

These Dip Clips Keep Your Dips Handy

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Forget having to chase puddles of Ranch dressing around your plate with a carrot stick. These cups clip right to the edge of your plate for easy dipping.

This Outlet Shelf Gives You Extra Counter Space

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Easily install this shelf over any standard outlet and enjoy the benefits! Use it to keep your phone off the counter or floor while it charges, or give your Amazon Echo a home of its own.

These Sand Coasters Keep Your Beach Drinks Upright

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Place these coasters on the beach (or in your yard) and rest assured knowing they won't be tipped over. You can also use them for snacks or for holding your various gadgets!

This Slicer Works Like a Pair of Scissors

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But it makes a bunch of slices all at once! It's great for hard-boiled eggs, small fruits, or peeled avocadoes.

These Drain Snakes Are as Satisfying as They Are Disgusting

Nobody wants to deal with a slimy clump of hair, but you have to admit it's satisfying pulling them out of your drains and unclogging them in one fell swoop!

This Surge Protector Swivels!

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The discreet design is easily hidden behind furniture and appliances and is much more aesthetically pleasing than the power strips you're currently using.

This Braided Lightning Cable Lasts Longer Than the One That Came with Your Phone

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You know how your Lightning cable has started fraying right at the end where you plug in your phone? Yeah. This one doesn't do that.

This Power Bank Has a Built-In Flashlight

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Ensure you're never caught unaware with a dead phone battery by keeping one of these power banks charged and at the ready in your car or office. This one also has a built-in flashlight for added convenience and safety.

The Tapi Turns Your Faucet into a Drinking Fountain!

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Simply pinch the bottom of the Tapi and you (or your kids) can easily drink from the faucet.

This Soap Dispenser Has a Genius Design

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Its special C-shaped pump means you can easily dispense soap even when your hands are covered in grime or other messy material.

The Ove Glove Is a Must for Every Kitchen

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Oven mitts are fine, but they don't offer nearly as much flexibility as the Ove Glove. Use it to easily grab baking sheets from a blistering hot oven without worrying about losing your grip.