37 Home Improvement Gadgets You Might Not Know You Needed

As a kid, I was fascinated by technology; the kind that seemed like it could only exist in the Marvel universe. I'm talking about asking Jarvis to start your coffee maker while you're still in bed, hitting snooze for the third time. Even clapping lights and touch lamps were impressive. It's kind of crazy to think how commonplace those gadgets are nowadays and a single click of the mouse away from arriving on your doorstep. Now that I've decluttered my space, I was finally able to fulfil my childhood dream of having voice-activated light bulbs. Check out what I found on Amazon and see which ones could change the way you interact with your home.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon as we publish it!

This Sleek Thermal Laminator For Your New Labeling Hobby


I have a love of making personalized calendars every month, just because I juggle so many things for work and life. What I don't like is seeing the paper start curling in on itself or getting crumpled after a few days of being up on the wall. Having a laminator on hand actually made a huge difference in my quality of life. I can also now use dry erase markers instead of having to print a new sheet all the time. Perfect for you and for the environment.

This Amazon Basics Adjustable Stand For Your Phone Or Tablet


A handy piece I picked up so I could put my phone down (pun intended, so sorry), and not lose it. It has a sleek, minimalist design that comes in black and silver, and is adjustable 270 degrees. I actually two, for my bedside table to prop up my tablet. Because of how light it is, you can also move it around as you need.

This Portable Electric Kettle From Amazon Basics

I don't know about you guys, but a hot cup of tea in the afternoon and evening is key to a peaceful mind after a full day of work and life. I love this kettle because of its stainless steel design, and that I can bring it with me to my desk for easy refilling.

This Adorable Robo-Vac That Keeps Your Floors Clean For You


You know what movie I watched the other day: Wall-E. I don't think there's a single person in the world who didn't immediately fall in love with that adorable little robot. It reminded me of the little round vacuums, and I desperately wanted one for my home. This cutie has helped so much when it comes to cleaning the house. It saves time and effort as well; I can use that same time to meal prep or do laundry, while my own Wall-E takes care of the vacuuming.

This Alexa Voice-Controlled Light Dimmer


Another Alexa-compatible device, this light dimmer switch has been a lovely addition to my bedroom. Sometimes, I like to read before bed or play with the dogs, and I don't need my lights to be on full force for these activities. Adding a dimmer was such a great decision, and I was so used to using voice activation, that I got one for my living room, too.

This Video Doorbell Allows You To See Exactly Who Is At The Door

During the height of the pandemic, there were very few people knocking at my door. Now that the vaccines are rolling out and we're starting to interact in person again, I decided to pick up this video doorbell that allows me to see right away if the mysterious visitor is wearing a face mask. Still gotta stay vigilant!

This Remote Control Shutter For Your dSLR So You Can Take Better Selfies, Easier


I use the same dSLR camera for webcam and for taking photos of my two gorgeous dogs. But it was getting to be annoying when every time I wanted to take a selfie, I had to set up the self-timer and get into position. I'm not sure if you know this, but getting any animal (or child) to stay still for a length of time so that you can get the perfect picture is not an easy feat. Sometimes, you need to capture a moment, in the moment. For that, I needed this remote control shutter. It's made it easier (or rather, possible) now to take a candid selfie with the puppers.

These Installable Speakers So You Can Set Mood Music That Envelopes You

There's something very classy and new-age about having speakers set directly into your ceiling. I invested in a couple of these Amazon Basics speakers, in preparation for the eventual return of cocktail parties with my super chic friends (basically, girls' night with wine, cheese, and musical goodness raining down on us from above).

This Rotating 6-Outlet Wall Mount With Surge Protector

Now that my life is more technologically-advanced, I've noticed that only having one outlet in some rooms presents quite the logistical challenge. I picked up this 6-outlet surge protector to increase the number of outlets I have. With an on/off button that integrates with a 15 amp overload resettable circuit breaker, I don't have to worry about my computer losing power- and with it, any unsaved work.

This 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector Can Accommodate All Your Electronics

Another surge protector? Surely one is enough. Of course, with different applications requiring different amounts of electricity, it's very likely you'll want to pick up one of these 12-outlet power strips. I learned that the hard way one summer when I literally couldn't have the A/C running for longer than five minutes at a time because it would blow the power in the whole apartment. I can attest to the difference one these power strips has made, and definitely recommend you grab one. Unless, of course, you want to recreate the experiment for yourself first.

This Stylish Bamboo Charging Port For All Your Gadgets


The perfect pairing with the AmazonBasics 6-port charger, this bamboo charging station added an elegant touch to my living room. It also has a place for the charger to sit, so everything is nice and neat. I feel so much better looking at my myriad of screens all lined up, like they've been put to bed and tucked in, then when they were scattered around the room.

This Classic Echo Dot 4th Generation That Pairs With Any Alexa

The Echo Dot is Amazon's most popular smart speaker. I love the shape and that it can take commands in both English and French (fellow Canadians, this is for you!) It's become all too easy to have a specific song played or podcast turned on- all, of course, with my hands full of grocery bags. I think I need a bigger Echo to help me put all this away.

This Tiny, Cute Surveillance Camera Lets You See Who's Knocking On Your Door


A compact, super cute indoor plugin security camera with motion detection and two way audio lets me monitor any room in my house. I get alerts on my smartphone whenever it detects motion, which lets me keep an eye on my beautiful, codependent dogs when I'm out running an errand.

This Extra-Large Mousepad Means Your Mouse Won't Snag Anymore


I recently started playing some co-op games online with friends. Before I blessed myself with an extra-large mousepad, I was suffering the sadness of having my mouse constantly bumping into the side of the pad, or going off of it altogether. This giant version makes everything so much better and easier and legitimately made my workspace more usable.

These Chic, Thermal Curtains That Black Out All Light For Your Movie Sesh


Just as we need sunlight during the day, for the sake of good sleep hygiene, we should be blocking out the light pollution at night. Especially f you live in a city or near a main road, you'll love these blackout curtains as much as I do. I also love them for watching movies, as they make sure absolutely no light can get in and cast a nasty glare on Anna Kendrick's face.

This Dual Monitor Mount With Swivel And Height Adjustment


With multiple monitors comes multiple… responsibilities? If such is the case, one responsibility would be to keep your desk as uncluttered as possible, because our space reflects our mind. I opted for this dual monitor mount for two of my screens. The other benefit is that with its swivel functionalities and height-adjustable feature, it helps reduce strain on your back, eyes, and neck.

This Minimalist Smart Clock Let's You Set A Timer With Your Voice


I love trying new recipes to keep dinner exciting. This can mean setting multiple timers, especially when baking. The frustrating part was always getting flour or oil on my phone. With the Echo wall clock, I keep my phone clear from debris, and my hands free by using the voice control feature.

This Echo Show Smart Display Gives You A Clear Picture Of Any Room


I wanted another smart speaker for my home, specifically the bedroom. This one has a beautiful alarm display that has night light settings so the bright screen doesn't keep you awake. The Echo Show 5 is also bilingual! Perfect for Canadians, you can tell Alexa to take commands in both English and French.

This Expandable File Organizer Is The Perfect Home Office Solution


As much as I wish everything was digital, the unfortunate reality is that that just isn't the case (yet). I have various forms and statements for both me and my dogs that need a place to go. This handy, expandable file organizer is just the thing to tide me over until the day finally comes that I can put them all through the shredder.

This Alexa Activated Remote Control Means You Will Never Have To Find The Remote Again


I don't think there will ever come a time in my life when I won't lose the remote. It just isn't a realistic goal for me to work towards. That's why this voice-controlled remote now has a place in my home. Compatible with thousands of channels and popular streaming services and controlled with Alexa, it's made a huge difference in my quality of life. If only it also came with a Netflix subscription. A girl can dream.

This Awesome Wifi Extender Gives You Uninterrupted WiFi In Every Room


My parents' router used to be in their basement, and it was so difficult to get WiFi around other parts of the house- especially the second floor. For a birthday gift, I got them Amazon's eero whole-home router system. Not only does it work with any internet service provider, it also has Alexa compatibility and uses TrueMesh technology to intelligently route traffic. This avoids congestion, buffering, and dropoffs- even as your parents binge the Boys downstairs while your little sister plays video games upstairs. And no one lags. Talk about the future being right now.

These Super Cute Socks For Your Furniture!


How. Cute. Are. These? Remember those weird circles for the bottoms of your chairs, and they felt like cat hair glued onto sandpaper? Seriously, just check these out instead. Not only are they adorable, but you can stretch 'em out to fit many different types of furniture.

This Simple, Single-Cup Keurig Perfect For Any Desk


I'm a fiend when it comes to coffee. While I have a dedicated espresso machine (also on this list), sometimes I get so wrapped up in my work that I don't have the time (or rather, desire) to make that effort. That's why the K-mini is so handy. Its slim profile means I can keep it on my desk without taking up too much space, and then just pop in a K-cup when I need a fix. That being said, it would also be great for those of you who don't consume caffeine in animalistic amounts - or at all. Keurig has some awesome cocoa selections, which I bet would be super welcome after those of you coming in from braving the Canadian winters.

This Kindle Reader To Keep Your Bedside Table Clear Of Clutter


With the pandemic still underway, I'm still consuming books like a madman. The problem I have now, though, is that I don't have enough shelf available if I'm going to continue at this rate. Therefore, I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a Kindle. And you know what, y'all? I honestly love it. It doesn't mean I don't like books anymore, but having this handy, lightweight, backlit option to keep my favourite/current reads on is amazing. Plus, I can see the surface of my bedside table again.

This Mountable Arm To Hold Up Your Macbook


While I do most of my work on the computer, I also spend time on my laptop. Sometimes I'll use it as a fourth screen. With limited desk space left, the solution was this mountable tray to nestle it on. Do I use too many screens? Perhaps. I have a lot of tabs, okay?

This Home Office Shredder That Comes In Varying Sizes


As I mentioned before, paper documents aren't quite phased out yet. Until then, we just have to bite the bullet and hold onto the important ones in case we need them. The other option, if you have a scanner, is to make a digital copy, then pop the paper into this handy shredder. I used it on my old bank and credit cards, as well as notes that are either no longer useful or have served their purpose.

This Lamp With Touch Control, Dimming Options, And A Charging Station


I recently decided to upgrade the lighting in my home. One of my favourites is this 3-way touch control lamp that is dimmable and comes with a USB charging port. It's also fire resistant and comes with a 2 year warranty. And the best part is it looks beautiful while doing all that.

This Alexa-Compatible Smart Wall Plug Allows Voice Command On Your Devices


Before I bought some of the flashier gadgets with more functions, I had this smart plug. Without requiring a hub and still being fully functional using only the Alexa app, this plug allows you to add voice control to any outlet. I use it to turn the lights on and off, even put them on a schedule; it's been the perfect solution to the universal problem of getting cozy in bed but forgetting to first turn off the light.

This Surround Sound Home Speaker System Will Make Netflix That Much Better


For the richest viewing experience in any pandemic (and, you know, in general), I needed to go the extra mile and make sure the audio shines as much as the rest of the home. Logitech's home surround sound system is a bit pricier than a single Beats Pill, but it will pay back the cost with room-shaking audio that fills your home and your soul.

This Multi-USB Wall Charger Keeps Everything Convenient And In One Place


This wall charger has a very similar shape and size to a MacBook charger, making it space-efficient and aesthetically pleasing. The difference here is that it has 6 ports, fits into your bamboo charging station, and isn't picky about whether the device that's plugged in belongs to Apple or Android.

This Barista Express Espresso Machine So You Can Have Your Starbucks At Home


Ever since I bought an espresso machine, my life has changed completely. I never knew coffee could taste so creamy and decadent without having to spend 6 bucks at the corner Starbucks. But Breville's Barista Express lets you make yourself a cup or two (or three or five) the exact way you like it. It has a built-in grinder and comes with all the gadgets to make you feel like a pro.

This Invisible Tilting TV Mount From Amazon Basics To Free Up Some Space


I've really fallen into favour with minimalist designs, and one aspect of that is having counters free from clutter to keep cleaning simple and the space easy on the eyes. I got this articulating wall mount for my TV so that I could do just that. It's easy to set up with the included hardware, and it has a low profile for a low key appearance.

This Sad Lamp To Make Your Mornings Happier


Canada has plenty of great things going for it; free healthcare, snowcones, poutine. To balance all that out, we must endure 5 or 6 months of grim and grey winterscapes. Going that long without adequate sunlight can cause serious strain on your mental health, especially if you're prone to suffering Seasonal Affect Depression. That's where these light therapy lamps come in. They are set to mimic the sun's rays and all you need to do is soak in the light for about 30 minutes a day to feel rejuvenated and ready to go.

These Warm, WiFi-Capable, Voice-Controlled Smart Bulbs


You'll want to grab some of these smart light bulbs so that Alexa actually has something to work with. Dimmable via app and voice control, I easily connected these bulbs to my WiFi and watched it light up my future. I mean, room.

This Total Furniture Repair System Makes Wooden Furniture Look New Again


I have a couple pieces of wood furniture that I really love that have gotten nicked in the moving process, or otherwise bumped around and scratched up by the dogs. Without having quite honed an ability to repair furniture, I turned to an easier, faster option: wood markers. Honestly, I was a little skeptical at first, but they worked like a charm and you can't even tell unless I point it out. I also preferred this method because I know the wood will inevitably get scratched again, and having these on hand will be great.

This Set Of HDMI Cables Backed By Amazon Basics Lifetime Warranty


I mean, every home needs at least 6 or 7 HDMI cables, change my mind. At the very least, every home has more than one screen. I use 3 monitors for just my computer setup, so I grabbed a 2-pack when one of mine stopped working. These come in 1-, 2-, and 3-packs of varying lengths based on your individual needs. Plus, they're backed by AmazonBasics Lifetime warranty, which is perfect for more volatile environments such as those with children, pets, or your clumsy shadow.

This Smart Speaker Is The Perfect Plug-In Gadget


A smart speaker that plugs into any wall, I got this for my bathroom so that I could still use Alexa, without having the nagging worry that it could break from being on a wet surface. It lets me voice control everything in my "smart" home, such as turning on the lights, adjusting my thermostats, and locking the doors. A bonus is it can be used as an intercom, so I can yell at my dogs to get off the table without even being in the same room.