37 Fun Items That Will Transform Your Outdoor Space

It's that time of year again where we're all hanging out in the backyard, so let's make it a little more fun to be out there! Whether you're staycationing or just enjoying your outdoor space, I've rounded up 37 fun items that'll transform your backyard into the coolest one around. From an inflatable movie screen to a trampoline sprinkler to the best lawn games, we've got what you need to make the outdoor oasis of your dreams.

Need a way to keep bugs from bugging you, a supersized slip and slide and a Bluetooth speaker with outstanding range? We've got those too! These outdoor products will help you make the most of your backyard all season long so it's an even more enjoyable place to be. I'm not an outdoorsy person by any stretch of the imagination, but with these 37 fun outdoor items, I could be converted! Read on if you want to jazz up your backyard so it's the coolest one in town with these fabulous outdoor products.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Inflatable Screen Makes Your Backyard Movie Nights


Want the best backyard in town for watching movies? Grab this 14-foot inflatable movie screen so everyone has a great view! It sets up super quick in two minutes and includes everything you need, like the blower, stakes, and rope ties.

This Solar Windchime Changes Colors!


Let this solar windchime charge up during the day, then watch in wonder as it rotates through a fabulous display of color once the sun goes down! It's waterproof so outdoor-safe and uses wind power to spin around for an entertaining show. The LED lights last for six to eight hours on one charge, too!

These Tiki Torches are Bluetooth Speakers

Imagine these tiki torches surrounding your patio or outside space to provide gentle light, but then amaze guests when they actually turn out to be Bluetooth speakers! You'll get the best of both worlds with these hybrid gadgets. They've got over 2,500 stellar reviews for sound quality, ease of use, and battery life!

This Solar Lantern Casts Interesting Shadows


Add a little ambiance to your backyard with these solar lanterns that have clever cutouts to cast interesting shadows all around. This one's cutouts are leaf-shaped, so you get a cool nature pattern splashed in light on your wall and ground. These automatically turn on once it's dusk and glow for eight hours so they'll outlast your party!

This Firepit is Incredibly User-Friendly


My mom has this firepit in her backyard and it couldn't have been easier to set up - just unbox it and start a fire, basically! It's great for roasting marshmallows or hot dogs, which the kids do at every opportunity. I like the mesh cover that provides safety from stray sparks.

These Telescoping Roasting Sticks are Great for Firepits


Along with the firepit above, my mom got these telescoping roasting sticks for the kids to use when toasting marshmallows or cooking hot dogs over the fire. They're so easy to store since they collapse down into a small size! And I love that they're color-coded so no one gets the wrong stick by accident.

These Drink Covers Keep the Bugs Out


Enjoying a glass of wine or other drink al fresco can be a wonderful experience, but only if the bugs leave you alone. No one wants that nasty surprise of finding one floating in their beverage! These silicone and mesh drink covers pop right over the top of your cup to prevent any critters from taking a dip.

This Cooler Table is So Handy


A useful side table during its downtimes, this cooler table transforms into the ultimate party guest when it pulls double-duty as a surface to set drinks and food while chilling drinks down below! Place a couple of these around your deck or patio, and you're good to go for all sorts of events, from pool parties to movie nights for the kids.

This Sprinkler Pad Keeps Kids Entertained for Hours


Want to keep kids busy for literally hours on end? Get this sprinkler pad that will keep them cool and occupied! It's a big 68 inches, so there's room enough for a few kids to splash to their hearts' content.

This Collapsible Cornhole Game is So Fun


We have this collapsible cornhole game, and it's one of the kids' favorite things we pull out whenever the weather turns warm. Since it collapses down, it's super easy to store in the garage or basement in the off-season, then pops right back up when it's time to play! The fabric's also durable and rip-resistant and has put up with the kids' wear and tear for a few years now with no signs of stopping.

This Inflatable Pool is Ginormous


This is no tiny kiddie pool, adults can fit in this huge inflatable pool, too! It comes in two sizes, 95 or 120 inches long, so you can customize it to your space or the number of people who'll be using it. And it also has a helpful sun canopy to help shade little ones.

This Trampoline Sprinkler Attachment is Genius


Our neighbors first got a trampoline, making them the cool house to hang at, then they got this trampoline sprinkler attachment, which made them the coolest people in the universe! You simply attach it to the top of the trampoline net then hook up the hose and get an instant water party. Heck, even I want to get in on the jumping action now!

These LED Pool Lights Create Ambiance


Want to make your pool look instantly more awesome at night? These floating LED pool lights look so cool illuminating the water in multiple hues. You'll get a set of six orbs that you can change the color of with a remote control, customizing the look to fit your mood or party!

This Sun Sail Provides Much Needed Shade


We have a small patio out back, but we hardly ever use it during the day because the sun beats down so relentlessly and there's no shade. What we need is this sunshade that simply attaches to your house or other structure and provides a much-needed cooldown. It comes in six sizes, a plethora of colors to match your decor, and has over 5,600 glowing reviews for quick install and how well it works!

Kids Love these Body Bumpers


What's a safe way to have fun roughhousing? This set of two inflatable body bumpers that cushion kids from knocking into each other too hard! The good news is they also fit adults so anyone can jump in on the fun.

This Backyard Water Slide is Huge


Remember the slip and slides of our youth? Think that, but on steroids! This huge lawn water slide comes with its own stakes so it won't get all bunched up or move around, and it's got double lanes so more than one kid can slide at a time.

This Hammock Chair is So Comfortable


Hammocks are great, but they take up so much room! This hammock chair is an excellent compromise - it's so comfortable and makes the perfect spot for chilling out with a good book. It's durable too and can hold up to 265 pounds.

These String Lights are a Must-Have


These classic dimmable string lights are a best-seller for a reason! They add such a warm glow to your outdoor space and are timelessly stylish. These come in three lengths so you can pick which one fits your space best, and they're outdoor safe so will stand up to water just fine.

This Giant Unicorn Sprinkler is Magic


This absolutely giant unicorn sprinkler is going to be the hit of the summer for kids and adults alike! It's simple to set up and start using, which the grown-ups love. Happy reviewers report the water flies out very far and wide from the unicorn's horn so multiple kids can bask in the glory and cool down at once!

This Bluetooth Speaker Has Amazing Range


This portable Oontz Bluetooth speaker gets high marks for its extraordinary range (100 feet) and great sound quality. It comes in a bunch of colors and is very affordable for the quality you're getting. It's also got a cult following - over 146,500 glowing reviews means this is going to be a great buy you'll never regret!

This Ladder Toss Game Sparks Friendly Competition


While the design of this ladder toss game looks deceivingly simple, it provides hours of friendly competition during family get-togethers or parties. It's incredibly easy to assemble, just pop the tubes into the brackets, and easy to take apart for storage. And it comes with its own carrying case so it's easy to take along to parties, too!

This Outdoor Rug is the Perfect Finishing Touch


When you're creating your outdoor oasis, you want to have all the comforts of home to make it as welcoming as possible. This outdoor rug does just that, and it's also highly affordable and easy to hose off if it gets dirty! It comes in three sizes and a bunch of colors, the hardest choice will be picking your fave.

This Inflatable Lounger Pops Right Up In Seconds


The uses for this incredibly comfortable inflatable lounger are endless - you can use it for naps while camping, take it to the beach or lake, or just hang out in the backyard. It inflates with no pump - just swish it through the air! And it comes in a bunch of colors and packs down small enough to fit in the included tote bag for portability.

This Market Umbrella Makes Your Patio More Comfortable


If you've tried hanging out at a table on your patio in the middle of the day, you know how scorching the sun can be. Give yourself some much-needed shade with this affordable umbrella that comes in stripes or solids to match your space. Just get a sturdy umbrella base, pop this in and you've got a much cooler place to hang out for meals or socializing!

This Bug Zapper Really Works


Mosquitoes are the bane of my existence come the warmer months, they just seem to love something in my family's blood that keeps them coming back for more. This year, I'm taking my revenge with this powerful bug zapper that works incredibly well. It's quiet and extremely effective on those flying annoyances that can make being outside uncomfortable.

This Raised Dog Bed Cools Them Off


Don't forget your pup when it comes to enjoying the backyard! Patio pavers, concrete, or pavement can be way too hot for dogs when it's warm out, so try this raised dog bed that keeps them cooler thanks to airflow. It comes in sizes from small to extra large and a handful of colors, so you can choose just the right one for your furry family member.

These Hanging Planters are So Chic


Every year it seems like I buy hanging plants with those plastic baskets that always crack so I have to throw them out, leaving me high and dry for next year. This year, I'm treating myself to these durable hanging planters that'll last season after season. They have handy drainage holes so plants stay happy, too

These Wall Planters are Great For Balconies


If you don't have a ton of outdoor space but still want to make things look nice, try these wall planters that let you have a vertical garden. I'd fill mine with herbs or succulents for a healthy wall of greenery. You'll get a set of two for even more green!

These LED Curtain Lights are Incredibly Pretty


Want to add some magic to your outdoor space? Try these LED curtain lights that create a cascade of twinkling lights whether you hang them vertically or drape them in swags from the ceiling. The indoor/outdoor lights come in two sizes, 10 feet or 20 feet, so you can get the look you want easily.

These Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks Smell Great


While citronella candles may be effective in keeping skeeters away, they're not my favorite scent. This is why I was so happy to come across these mosquito repellent sticks that yes, contain citronella, but also cedarwood, peppermint, lemongrass, and rosemary for a heavenly scent that still keeps bugs away. You'll get a set of 12, so you'll stay bug-free for a while!

These Drink Stakes are Like Extra Hands


if you're out in the backyard, at a music venue, or the beach, you probably don't have a table nearby to rest your drink on. That's where these drink stakes come in! They can hold full bottles to wine glasses with ease, acting as an extra pair of hands while you can relax.

This Umbrella Light is So Smart


If you've got a patio umbrella set up in your backyard, it's kind of hard to string lights on it. Good thing someone smart invented this umbrella light, which uses batteries so you don't have to worry about running power to your outdoor space or dealing with plugs. It provides just the right amount of light so you can have a pleasant dinner or drinks outside after dark.

This Portable Bar Brings the Party


How smart is this portable bar that brings the party wherever you go? It comes with three fabric wraps too, from tiki and football for casual parties to a sleek black for more formal events. And it comes with its own carrying case so it's easy to take the party with you whether you're in the backyard or on the beach!

This Pool Float Has Over 41,000 Rave Reviews

Amazon / Vanessa

People are raving about this versatile pool float that's got over 41,000 glowing reviews right now on Amazon. You can use it as a lounge, a chair, or a stomach float while you enjoy your pool. People love the inflatable headrest that keeps your head above water but your body cooled off.

These Drink Floaties Give New Meaning to Pool Party

Amazon / Amazon Customer

Unless you want to stay right next to the side of the pool, it's hard to balance your drink on your pool float. Until now - check out these drink floaties, which keep your drink within easy reach wherever you are in the pool! You'll get a set of three and lots of styles to choose from, I'm partial to these cute flamingoes.

This Bubble Machine is Tons of Fun


Everyone loves bubbles, no matter how old or young they are! This bubble machine gives you a steady stream of your favorite poppable orbs, with eight spinning wands that produce over 3,000 bubbles a minute! It comes highly recommended since it won't tip, is super stable, and produces all the bubbles you could want for ages.

This Thermacell is My #1 Defense Against Bugs


This thermacell is #1 in my defense against mosquitoes and other flying nasties this summer. It works by fuel heating up the core, which activates odorless insect repellant that disperses to create a 15-foot radius of bug-free air. I'm getting a couple to use together to cover my whole patio!