37 Impossibly Clever Products That Are Straight-Up GENIUS

I love the thrill of coming across a product so smart you'll wonder how you ever got on without it. I've been deep in the Amazonian trenches searching for genius products to make your life easier, either by doing annoying tasks faster or more efficiently so you can get back to the fun stuff, or just making everyday life better by existing!

Whether you want to double your cabinet space or charge your phone faster, I've got recommendations for you!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Shower Curtain Lock Saves Your Walls

I've been looking for this exact product to help save our bathroom walls - we've already had to pay for a contractor to cut out and replace drywall that got wet due to water escaping the shower curtain. This magnetic shower curtain lock is so smart - you just attach the magnetic plate to the shower tile, then it holds the curtain in place during showers to prevent the water from going everywhere!

This USB Charging Wall Plate Does It All

It's hard to come up with a succint name for this USB charger wall plate with nightlight because it packs so many functions into one product! It conveniently gives you two outlets back since you can charge devices directly from the two USB ports, the top of the charger has a lip that'll hold your device during charging or so you can read a recipe while you're cooking, and a motion sensor LED nightlight helps you see where your charging cords are after lights out if you're using the charger next to your bed. See? Amazing!

This Self-Cleaning Broom Works Harder So You Don't Have To

The most annoying part of cleaning is having to then clean your cleaning implement when you're done. This self-cleaning broom does the hard work for you - you just sweep up the mess, then draw the bristles through the "comb" and voilà - you've got yourself a clean broom ready for the next round of crumbs! It comes with the dustpan and stands up on its own, so it's easy to store anywhere.

This Expandable Bookshelf Is For Bibliophiles

Although I've suggested my husband winnow down his vast book collection, we're still up to our ears in his favorite things. If you're living with an unreformed bibliophile or are one yourself, you'll love this expandable bookshelf because there's always room for more books! It's also great for college students who have to accomodate different size and quantity of textbooks each semester and have limited storage space.

This Eye Cream That Can Help Reduce Puffiness

The worst part of my morning is waking up with puffy eyes — but conversely, the best part is getting rid of them with this soothing eye cream. Not only does it help get rid of puffiness, but the tri-peptide blend also works to help firm up wrinkled skin. Dab it gently underneath your eyes, and its matte finish means you won't have to walk around looking glossy.

These Mug Stackers Double Your Cabinet Space

I've never seen these mug stackers before, but they're so smart! They let you easily and securely stack mugs on top of each other to effectively double your cabinet or counter storage space. This gadget gets a lot of love from people in small NYC apartments for its space-saving superpower!

This Salad Dressing Mixer Is My New Favorite Thing

I've had other salad dressing mixers in the past and liked them to varying degrees, but this OXO Good Grips Little Salad Dressing Shaker is the most satisfying I've ever used. It's a long name for a handy little product, but I'm happy to share this find because I've loved using it so much - besides how nicely it fits in the hand, the rotating spout is the best part. Something just so satisfying about the little "pop" when you break the seal to pour!

This Ionic Air Freshener Makes Your Car Smell So Fresh

Whenever I hop into the car I get to play a fun guessing game - is that Eau de Goldfish or Spoiled Juicebox? Lovely. What I need is this ionic car air freshener that works by producing negative oxygen ions to destroy odor-causing particles. It'll get rid of smoke smell and other funky odors, as well as purifying the air of dust, pollen and bacteria that could make you sick. This gadget can ride shotgun in my car anytime!

These Plate Holders Are Space-Saving Geniuses

When you've got a small city apartment or tiny kitchen in general, space is a precious commodity. Make the most of what you've got with these plate holders that let you conveniently store plates upright on the countertop or in cabinets. The plate stackers also get fantastic reviews from RV and boat owners who rave about how much space they're saving and wonder why they didn't purchase earlier!

This Hot Tool Holder Organizes Your Bathroom Counter

What to do when your hair tools are still too hot to put away, but you know they'll just end up hanging out on your counter forever if you don't take care of it now? This hot tool holder that clings to your countertop and doesn't take up any storage space is here to save the day! Made from pretty much indestructible silicone, it's heat resistant up to 500 degrees and can hold up to 20 pounds. That's like, as much as a small child weighs, so unless you've got a LOT of hair styling tools, it's gonna handle whatever you need stored!

This Microwave Egg Cooker Makes The Fluffiest Eggs

This microwave egg cooker is high on my list of "must buys" because it's just so easy to use and get great, consistent cooking results like fluffy, delicious eggs no matter how you like them cooked! Simply crack up to four eggs into the ceramic container, whisk in ingredients for an omelet or leave them out for scrambled or poached, then steam to perfection in a few minutes using the vented lid. If you need to make breakfast for a big crew (or just yourself), this is an amazing gadget to get food on the table, fast!

This Modern Carafe Is Mess-Free

I love the sleek lines of this modern carafe, but I love the fact that it's drip-free even more! The silicone and stainless steel pourer and functional pouring lip keep the liquid in your cup, not dripping down the side of the container. It'd be perfect for iced tea, orange juice or lemonade at your next get-together, you can even decant wine into it for a classy presentation! Over 2,000 reviewers highly recommend it, who am I to contradict them?

This Acupuncture Massage Ball Looks Scary, Feels Great

Yes, this squishy acupuncture massage ball with many spiky needles protruding from it may look like a medieval torture device, but according to reviewers, it's a fantastic reflexology tool! The spikes perform deep massage work to un-knot your muscles and induce total relaxation. Try it in meetings or on long commutes for a blissful escape.

This Silicone Brush Works On Veggies And Dishes

This nubby silicone brush is a pro at removing dirt from veggies like mushrooms and potatoes and those annoying pieces of cornsilk but the cool part is you can also use it on dishes to scrub every nook and cranny. Either way, it won't hold onto bacteria and odors like a regular sponge because it dries fully between uses. And you can just toss it in the dishwasher when it needs a deep cleaning, then it's ready to use again and again!

This Cable Organizer Creates A Mini Charging Station

Cable management is a giant pain, especially on my desk and nightstand where I charge all the things. This cable organizer keeps cords under control and creates a mini charging station where there's a place for everything! And it comes in a bunch of fun colors and neutrals that'll look great with any decor.

This Three Tier Cooling Rack Is A Huge Space-Saver

If you bake a lot, you're going to love this three tier cooling rack that lets you cool batches of cookies, cakes and pies all in one vertical space! It gets amazing reviews for durability and compact cooling efficiency from over 400 customers. Whether you're a Christmas and Easter baker or avid year-round, this cooling rack's a solid kitchen investment that won't break the bank.

These BBQ Gloves Make You Fireproof

Ok, maybe not fireproof, but definitely fire-resistant. You can use these cooking gloves to reach straight into a pot of boiling water to pluck out corn or potatoes, or flip meat on the grill without using tongs (your inner caveman is so pumped right now). They can handle temps up to 425 degrees so taking that hot pan out of the oven is going to be no sweat for these waterproof, slip-proof silicone wonder gloves.

This Shower Organizer Handles All Your Products Easily

Imagine a shower organizer that can handle all the different shampoos, conditioners, body washes and scrubs you own - it's not just a pipe dream anymore! It holds six bottles, has two shelves for bar soap or other products, and hooks for your razor and shower puff or loofah or bluetooth speaker. You can choose from six colors too so you'll get a perfect match for your bathroom fixtures!

This Copper Grill Mat Is Non-Stick

These copper grill mats are the best because they're non-stick but still let you get the grill marks on your meat or veg, and distribute the heat evenly so you'll get perfectly cooked food, every time. The set of two extra large mats work on all types of grills, from electric to gas to charcoal, and can handle heat up to 500 degrees. Stop flare ups and food from burning with these durable, reversible, reusable copper mats!

This Extra Fridge Drawer Gives You So Much More Storage Space

I'm always wishing I had an extra refrigerator drawer, and lo and behold, now I can! The durable food-grade drawer holds up to 33 pounds and hooks right onto your existing refrigerator shelf but runs smoothly on its own tracks. It fits in most standard-size fridges to give you more storage space instantly and conveniently!

This Tablet Wall Mount Holder is Your Home's Hub

This wall mount tablet holder lets you view your device right on the wall in a clean, modern look. It adjusts to fit a wide range of tablets and includes spaces for charging cables. Perfect to hold your tablet while you read a recipe during cooking, or for acting as the family control center showing weather, important events, and the day's schedule.

This Cereal Dispenser Promotes Kids' Independence

How much easier would it be if the kids could get their own breakfast without spilling cereal all over the floor? This dual cereal dispenser is ideal for families with kids or teens that go through cereal and snacks like water, since it's easily operated with the twist of a wrist. Now we just need a no-spill milk dispenser...

This Pet Hair Detailer Gets Every Stray Strand

We love our pets but don't necessarily want to wear their hair on our clothing. This pet hair detailer cleans up every last strand when you run it over your upholstery or clothes like a magic hair eraser! The durable detailing tips get every corner and curve on small or large areas and it's small enough to fit in your hand so you can throw one in your purse for touch-ups on the go.

This Spill-Proof Ice Cube Tray Eliminates Hydration Frustration

Our ice cube maker's on the fritz again, but I haven't bought standard ice cube trays yet because I find them inconvenient as I always spill everywhere when I'm transferring from the sink to the freezer. This no-spill ice cube tray solves my klutzy problem since there's only one opening where the water goes in, then you just pop the tray in the fridge - easy peasy.

This Battery Organizer Is Your Junk Drawer's Worst Nightmare

My junk drawer's an unholy mess of loose change, nail clippers, stray elastics and of course, random batteries that may or may not work. This battery organizer is here to kick butt and take names - it holds 93 batteries of various sizes and includes a battery tester so you can get rid of those that've run out of juice.

This Car Vent Organizer Is The Perfect Co-Pilot

There's only so much the cupholders and center console can hold before bits and bobs take over the car's front seat. No worries - this car vent organizer holds all the things you need at your fingertips during a drive - sunglasses, CDs, gum, your phone, basically everything that used to go in the cupholders so now you have somewhere to store your coffee!

This Snap-In Shower Curtain Makes Clean-Up A Breeze

Your shower curtain gets amazingly manky, what with soap scum and mildew. I love throwing mine in the washing machine but detaching it from all those metal rings is a P.I.T.A. This snap-in shower curtain (like the kind they have at hotels) makes it easy to switch in and out for cleaning.

This Car Purse Sling Is Like A Car Seat For Your Bag

Every time I stop short my purse flies off the seat and spills all over the floor. This car handbag holder creates a sling for your bag to nestle into so it won't go flying - it's actually safer for everyone if your bag's secured! There's even a small pocket for your phone, charging cords, umbrella or anything else you need at your fingertips.

This Portable Snack Jar Is The Ideal Eats Organizer

I love variety in my snacks, and I don't like using a bunch of plastic bags to keep each separated. With this portable snack jar, you can have your dip and eat it too, along with veggies and some chips, all in separate containers! Pick your favorite color, it comes in a million choices.

This Silicone Baking Set Makes The Cutest Cakes

This set of 36 silicone baking cups gets your ready for the next big bakeoff since you can make tons of single-serving cakes, muffins, cupcakes or breads in fun shapes. The pans are heat-resistant to 450 degrees, and baked goods pop right out of the non-stick flexible silicone when done.

This Drain Weasel Is Disgustingly Awesome

I have two girls with more hair between them than I know what to do with, and it mostly ends up in the washing machine filter, caught in the rugs or stuck in the drains. At least I can do something about the clogged drains - this flexisnake drain clog remover kit contains a rotating handle and five micro-hook refill wands to clean out hairballs of all size. Seriously, the user photos made me throw up in my mouth but it'd be so satisfying to clear that gunk out!

These Furniture Protectors Thwart Kitty Nails

My aunt has a new kitten who can't wait to get her claws into the new sofa, so these furniture protectors would definitely come in handy to protect the upholstery! This pack includes four large and four extra-large transparent plastic protector sheets that attach to your furniture with tiny pins that won't leave noticeable holes and are tough enough to stand up to insanely-sharp kitty claws.

This Drawer Organizer Is Type-A Approved

My dresser could definitely use some organization help, and this drawer organizer set is a simple way to get the unexciting job done. There's a place for everything to be put away quickly and painlessly - the set includes four bins with multiple sections to hold socks, ties, underwear and bras. Just imagine being able to open your drawer and seeing everything laid out in order instead of a tangled jumble of cloth!

These Walnut Scrub Sponges Are Stink-Free

In addition to being conveniently-shaped to efficiently clean glassware and corners of pans, this set of two walnut scrubbers are 40x more durable than ordinary kitchen sponges! Even better - they're naturally antibacterial, so they won't harbor bacteria and stink like them either. With a nearly 5-star rating, you know they must be good because how many people are that passionate about sponges?

This Fast Wireless Charger Knocks 10% Off Charging Time

This sleek wireless charger works like magic - just set your device onto the metal surface and the hidden coils provide a large charging area to juice up your battery up to 10x faster. It conveniently lets you charge your phone vertically or horizontally, so you can watch videos or listen to music while it's on the wireless stand.

This Double-Sided Brush Gets Your Glassware Sparkling

How smart is this double-sided glass washer that suctions onto the side of your sink? It lets you quickly and thoroughly wash glassware with one hand without worrying about breakage because of the suction cup's strong hold. If you drink as much tea as my household, you know how hard it is to get those stains out of mugs - this cleaning brush makes it a snap!

These Laundry Balls Save Water And Energy

We all know how eco-friendly dryer balls are since they cut drying time, but did you know laundry balls also save water and energy by more efficiently scrubbing clothes? They also soften fabrics naturally so you don't have to use chemicals, which makes the Earth happy. This set of six laundry balls can be reused again and again to get your clothes cleaner, faster!

This Couch Caddy Is Perfect For Spillers

If you're anything like my kids (and ok, me), you're an unrepentant spiller of beverages, especially on hard-to-clean surfaces like the couch. This Cozy Cup Pillow is a genius invention for people like us - it holds two drinks, remotes and snacks so your Netflix session doesn't require a clean-up in aisle You. It also works in the car to hold kids' snacks on road trips!