37 Embarrassing-But-Necessary Products That are Popular on Amazon

There's no getting around it: Life can be gross sometimes. We all have our share of disgusting problems, whether that be uncontrollable sweating, a house covered in pet hair, an overly smelly fridge...I could go on and on.

While sometimes it feels like these are simply facts of life, I have some good news for you: The following 37 products were designed to solve our most embarrassing and most repulsive problems. I have some even better news for you: They're all available for under $30 dollars. This is one article that just might change your life for the better.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Or, it'll at least make it a whole let less humiliating.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Tonsil Stone Remover Tool That Clears Gross Gunk Out Of Your Throat

Let's start out with an especially gross one, shall we? You know those annoying little balls of mucus that get lodged deep inside your throat that no amount of swallowing or hacking can dislodge? This Airgoesin™ Upgraded Tonsil Stone Remover Tool takes care of that problem for you. Sure, it might sound slightly scary to stick this thing down your throat, but trust me, it's worth it. Seriously, just take a look at the product review photos, and you'll want to give this thing a try ASAP.

This ChomChom Roller Dog Hair That's A Must For Pet Owners

As the owner of a dog who sheds so much that I could probably make an entirely new dog just from the amount of hair currently in lying in piles around my house, I know how hard it can be to keep up with cleaning. This ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover easily picks up hair from couches, chairs, rugs and hardwood floors and stays sticky after countless uses.

This Chilly Mama Fridge Odor Absorber That Keeps Your Fridge Oh-So Fresh

Allow me to admit something embarrassing: I rarely clean out my fridge. In fact, sometimes it gets so filled to the bring with old produce and week-old leftovers that I can smell the contents without even opening the door. Luckily for me, there's a lazy solution for this problem: The Chilly Mama Fridge Odor Absorber. Just fill it with baking soda and this lil mama gets rid of those horrible smells in no time.

This Clorox Toilet Cleaning System That Transforms Stained Toilet Bowls

Raise your hand if you love cleaning your toilet! No one likes this job, and it's usually the one household cleaning task that my husband and I both avoid until we positively have to do it. That's what makes this Clorox ToiletWand Disposable Toilet Cleaning System my new favorite cleaning product. Not only does it get even the grossest jobs done, it's also disposable so you're not forced to keep that vile toilet brush around.

These Finger Covers That Let You Snack With Confidence

I'm what you may call a "professional snacker". Okay, so I don't actually get paid to snack, but it's one of my absolute favorite activities. Chips? Gotta have em. Popcorn? I eat it by the bucketfull. Cheese puffs? I always have an enormous bag in my cabinet hidden away so my husband won't eat them. These Finger Covers let me snack to my heart's content without fear of the dreaded "cheese fingers".

This TubShroom That Keeps Drains Running Smoothly

I have a lot of long, incredibly thick hair. It's constantly falling out of my head and covering every inch of our home, and tends to wedge itself so far into our drains that they're almost always completely clogged. After a friend told me about the revolutionary Tubshroom, we decided to give it a try. And let me tell you, it's made all the difference.

This Snake Hair Drain Clog Remover That Shows You The Horrors That Lie Beneath Your Drain

You'd be surprised at the types of terrifying things that are currently hiding within your pipes. No matter how many bottles of Drano you pour down your drains, sometimes you have to go one step further in order to obliterate the toughest of clogs. These Vastar Snake Hair Drain Clog Remover Cleaning Tools have a barbed design that grabs onto clogs and doesn't let go until they're out of your way.

This Pore Vacuum Cleaner That Banishes Blackheads

I'm a pale redhead with overly sensitive, acne-prone skin, and for years have tried everything possible to get rid of stubborn blackheads: scrubs, masks, motorized brushes....you name it, I've tried it. Since trying this Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum Cleaner, my pores have been completely blackhead free and have even shrunk to around half the size. And at under $30 bucks, it's a total steal. Beauty influencers, take note!

This Ear Washer Bottle System That's Disgusting But Useful

Oh look, another gross one! You're probably thinking to yourself right now, "I use Q-Tips to clean out my ears. I don't need an earwax remover. I'm fine!" But I've got some news for you: When you shove a Q-Tip in your ear, not only are you shoving the wax deeper and deeper into your ear canal, you're also risking sever damage to your ear drums. Use this Ear Washer Bottle System instead. Again, the product review photos are something to behold.

This ZIZZON Ingrown Toenail File and Lifter Set That Takes Care Of An Annoying Problem

Aren't ingrown nails just the worst? They feel awful, they take forever to go away, and it seems like your only option is to pay a $200 medical bill to have a doctor numb the area and pull out the nail with a terrifying set of medical pliers. Or, you could get this ZIZZON Ingrown Toenail File and Lifter Set for $9.99 and take care of the problem yourself instead.

This Tongue Scraper That Busts Bad Breath

I hate to break it to you, but your tongue is gross. No matter how often you floss, brush, and use mouthwash, the bacteria on your tongue remains, and the bad breath that results in that bacteria is so embarrassing it can be enough to make you never want to open your mouth again. But fear not, because this Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner gets rid of those nasty germs so your mouth is so fresh and so clean.

This Mold & Mildew Remover Gel That Transforms Your Bathroom

Because of the damp, humid environment of your bathroom, mold and mildew is just a fact of life. Sure, it's gross, but is there really anything you can do about it? Why, yes, yes you can! This Skylarlife Home Mold & Mildew Remover Gel Stain Remover allows you to pinpoint mold buildup in a way no other bathroom product has been able to do before.

This Keyboard Cleaner That Picks Up Dirt and Grime

If you grew up in the 90's, you probably remember one of the best toys ever created: Gak. It was a gross, neon-green colored slime that was fun to squeeze through your fingers, hide in your parent's bed and throw at your siblings. This HomeDoReMi Keyboard Cleaner is basically the "Gak" for adults that also cleans your keyboard and electronics. Just place it over whatever you want cleaned and all the dirt, grime and hair is magically pulled free.

This Nose Hair Trimmer That Grooms Your Nostrils

Grooming can be a very personal thing. Sure, you try your best to keep your nails looking trimmed and clean, your body free of odor, and any stray hairs immediately plucked from your face. But what about those treasure troves for unwanted hair: your nostrils? Since no one is going to come out and tell you that you need to trim your nose hair, why don't you just buy one of these ToiletTree Professional Water Resistant Heavy Duty Steel Nose Trimmers and take care of it yourself?

This Blinds Duster That Dusts Hard-To-Reach Places

Take a moment to think about all the blinds in your house right now. Are they completely pristine and free from dust? When was the last time you even dusted them? If the answer is "never", I completely understand. Dusting blinds is not fun, and it always seems like you're doing more damage than good. This Hiware Window Blind Cleaner is specifically designed to remove dust without breaking your blinds.

This Foot Peel That Gives Your Feet a Makeover

Sandal season is just around the corner. Are your feet prepared? If not, I suggest picking up this Exfoliant Foot Peel. One week after using this peel, layers and layers of dead skin and thick callouses will begin to fall off, and after two weeks your feet with be so soft and smooth that they'll like like, well, baby feet. It's a pretty accurate name, really. If you want to see this baby in action, check out the customer review images. Some truly incredible stuff.

This Pumice Toilet Bowl Ring Remover That Makes Your John Look Like New

Look, toilets are gross. There's really no getting around it. No matter how hard you may scrub, sometimes the stains are impossible to remove, and you just have to live with the fact that you have one of those toilets that your guests will avoid using at all costs. Until now, that is. This Pumie Toilet Bowl Ring Remover busts through stubborn stains and leaves your throne looking pristine.

This Nose Wax Fit That's Surprisingly Painless

If you're currently thinking to yourself, "How on earth could putting hot wax into my nose and then proceed to rip out the contents of my nostrils possibly be pain-free?" Sure, it may sound like the most excruciating thing imaginable, but 9 out of 10 customers swear that this NAD's Nose Wax doesn't hurt one bit. I, for one, can't wait to try it out for myself. Especially after seeing these review photos.

This Sticky Stakes Insect Trap That Sends Pests Packing

I recently decided to purchase an abundance of real plants to put around my home in an effort to make it a brighter, more peaceful environment. And while my house is now much more inviting than it was before, it also invited a number of unwanted pests. These Safer Brand Houseplant Sticky Stakes are made to stick directly into the soil of your houseplants and attract irritating bugs.

This Anti-Fungal Nail Solution That Makes Your Feet Sandal-Ready

Nothing says "summer" like slipping into your favorite pair of sandals! But if your toenails are less dazzling and more fungified, it's enough to make you want to burn every pair of open-toed shoes you own and stick to wearing socks 24/7. This Fungus Stop Anti-Fungal Nail Solution kills fungus completely so you can strut your stuff with confidence. Because wearing socks to the beach is not recommended.

These Odor-Absorbing Bags That Save Smelly Shoes

I have this horrible habit of wearing my favorite shoes without socks, especially when it's warm out. On hot summer days I'll take my shoes off and my husband will become so disgusted that he'll force me to leave them in the garage, and even then still complains about the smell. I recently bought these Mini Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags, which solved that problem and probably saved my marriage.

This Bottle Cleaner That Gets Rid Of That Musty Bottle Smell

How often do you clean your water bottle? For me, it's usually once every year or so. I drink a LOT of water, and am constantly guzzling bottle after bottle in an effort to stay hydrated. After a while, it starts to get that horribly musty smell that's impossible to get rid of with a sponge and soapy water. That's what makes these Bottle Bright Cleaning Tablets so handy. Simply drop one in and they do the dirty work for you.

This SweatBlock Antiperspirant That Puts An End to Pit Stains

I'm a naturally sweaty person. I know, it's embarrassing, but ever since middle school I've made a habit of walking with my arms glued to the sides to avoid showing the world my massive sweat marks. No over-the-counter drugstore deodorants worked, and I've even considered getting prescription deodorant in an effort to banish the unwelcome sweat. Luckily, I tried SweatBlock Antiperspirant instead. And it worked.

This Fuginator Scrub Brush That Targets Gross Grout

Grout is one of those things that seems to be much more trouble than it's worth to clean. Sure, it starts out white, but how many people are actually able to keep it looking as pristine and white as the day it was put in? Mine is more of a gray color, and that's mostly due to the fact that most cleaning products aren't able to get into the tiny grooves sufficiently.

The Fuginator Scrub Brush was designed to fit perfectly into grout and restore it to its former glory. 

This Gutter Getter Cleaning Scoop That Makes An Awful Job Fun

Okay, so maybe "fun" is a bit of a stretch, but cleaning your gutters is no longer the grueling task it once was thanks to this Gutter Getter Cleaning Scoop. As a new homeowner, the amount of awful household tasks seems to be never-ending. With this cheap and brilliantly designed tool, one previously dreaded task is now made about one hundred times easier than it was before.

These Subtle Butt Pads That Let You Fart Freely

Gas happens, and sometimes it happens in less than welcome places such as crowded subways, malls, and office buildings. But thanks to these Subtle Butt Disposable Gas Neutralizers, you can let 'er rip without having to worry about the shameful consequences. Simply place them in your underwear and enjoy the peace of mind of never having to admit to being the one who dealt it.

This ComfyPot That Clears Out Your Sinuses

Flue season brings with it the dreaded stuffy nose that seems to last for about six straight months. It's annoying, disgusting, and nearly impossible to get rid of. This ComfyPot Ergonomic Ceramic Neti Pot Sinus Rinse clears out your sinuses and immediately leaves you feeling refreshed and free of congestion. And for only $17.47, this is one investment in your health that won't break the bank.

These Finger Brush Teeth Wipes That Let You Freshen Up Anywhere

I travel a lot, and there's nothing worse than being stuck on a 20-hour flight without the ability to brush your teeth. Okay, so there are probably a few things worse than that, but it's definitely unpleasant. That's why I refuse to fly without a pack of these EZGO Deep Cleaning Teeth Wipes Finger Brush Teeth Wipes. No brush, paste, or water required! Just slip it on your finger, run it over your teeth and enjoy a fresh mouth.

This Poo-Pourri Spray That's A Bathroom Game-Changer

My husband and I only have one bathroom in our house, and I used to completely dread entering the lavatory after he was finished in there. But thanks to the magical product known as Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray, what used to be a harrowing experience is now one filled with a welcoming aroma of citrus, florals and herbs. I don't know how the inventors of Poo-Pourri did it, but I hope they never stop making this stuff.

These Underarm Sweat Pads That Save Your Favorite Shirts

I can't tell you how many shirts have been ruined from pit stains. But recently a friend (who also happens to suffer from heavy sweating) recommended these Kleinert's Underarm Sweat Pads, and my life has been forever changed. Just stick them directly onto the under arm area of your favorite shirts and never worry about embarrassing pit stains again. Seriously, where have these been all my life?!

This Squatty Potty That Makes 'Going' Way Easier

Sometimes, going to the bathroom can be hard. Why not make it instantly easier with this Squatty Potty Original Bathroom Toilet Stool? The scientifically proven design helps your movements go much more smoothly and the sturdy Polyurethane plastic construction ensures that it stays looking like new for years to come. ...but you might want to hide it in the bathroom closet when friends and family come to visit.

These Nail Clippers That Keep Clippings Contained

Containing your fingernail clippings can be a bit of a struggle, and there are few things more disgusting in life than stumbling upon a stray pile of someone else's clippings in your bathroom. Finally, some hero decided to solve this problem by inventing these No Splash Nail Clippers with Detachable Nail Catcher, which catches the clippings before they can fly all over the place. Brilliant!

This Cupping Therapy Set That Relaxes You In The Weirdest Way Possible

If you've never heard of "cupping", let me introduce you to your newest obsession. This EDGE Cupping Therapy Set uses pinpointed suction across different areas of your body in order to relieve muscle pain, nerve pain, joint pain, and chronic stress. I myself was dubious about this method at first, but after trying it once (and being pretty weirded out the entire time), I'm now a total believer.

This Pimple Popper Tool Kit That Lets You Pop Zits Like a Pro

I have a bizarre fascination with pimple popping. Whenever I see a new one pop up I immediately get in there and obliterate it, and I've even asked my husband if I can pop his zits for him (although he rarely lets me). This Becoyou Pimple Popper Tool Kit allows me to do this type of surgery on myself without using my grubbing, bacteria ridden hands.

This Vacuum Attachment That Gets Into Every Nook and Cranny

As I type this, I'm currently looking down on at my keyboard and am horrified by the amount of dust, grit, dog hair, and general filth embedded in the keys. This PetOde Dusty Vacuum Attachment easily fits onto any type of vacuum and helps you clean even the tiniest nooks and crannies such as couch cushions, car seats, blinds and, yes, computer keyboards.

Dry, Chapped, Peeling Lips Are No Match For This Collagen Lip Mask

Perfect for dry, chapped lips in need of pampering, this 20-pack of collagen masks will moisturize and soothe your lips. Yes, they look hilarious (so definitely take a selfie), but they also come loaded with aloe, strawberry extract, and other healing ingredients. Amazon customers recommend lying down while wearing them, since they don't stay in place without a little help from gravity.