37 Cleaning Inventions That'll Basically Do The Work For You

Spring has sprung! And you know what that means. It's time for some good old-fashioned spring cleaning. Here are some products that will actually make you look forward to the task.

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This Cleaning Slime Is Totally Awesome

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There's nothing more satisfying that squishing Cyber Clean into all the nooks and crannies of whatever you're trying to clean and then removing it to see it covered in gunk and grime.

This Broom Easily Removes Fur from Your Carpet

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Its rubber bristles act like fur magnets and remove pet hair from carpet, tile, hardwood floors, and linoleum. It also features a built-in squeegee for cleaning up spills or washing windows.

When the Angry Mama Gets Angry, Your Microwave Gets Clean

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Add a mixture of water and vinegar into the body of the Angry Mama, then pop it into your microwave. Using the power of steam has never been so easy (or entertaining).

This Grout Brush Gets All the Way into the Corners

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Use this brush in conjunction with either a fancy grout cleaner or just some water and vinegar and get ready to be amazed by how perfectly it cleans the grooves between tiles. Won't it be nice to see white grout again?

Put Your Kiddo to Work with this Mop Romper

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They're going to be crawling around on the floor anyway, right? Might as well make themselves useful.

Pet Owners Swear by the Schticky Reusable Lint Roller

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Use it to remove pet hair from your couch and clothes, or to pick up messes all over your house. Once the roller is filled, simply rinse it with water and it becomes sticky (or should we say "schticky"?) all over again.

These Dust Mop Slippers Clean While You Walk

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Once again — you're moving around anyway, right? Put those feet to work!

This Dish Tub Collapses for Easy Storage

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Not only can you use this dish tub to wash dishes or as a bucket for cleaning your floors; you can also pour ice in it and use it to hold drinks. The best part is that it folds completely flat and won't take up all kinds of cabinet space.

This Magnetic Spot Scrubber Is Basically Magic

Use the power of magnets to clean inside your odd-shaped vases, decanters, or glasses! Why didn't we think of this earlier?

The Scrub Daddy Is the Most Versatile Sponge Available Today

When it's cold, it gets firm and works for scrubbing stuck-on messes. Run it under hot water, and the Scrub Daddy is soft and pliable. How does he do it? We have no idea.

Unclog Your Drains with this Drain Snake

Look at that! Is that not the most amazing/disgusting thing you've ever seen? It totally is.

This Brush Can Reach into Even the Smallest Gaps

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It's ideal for cleaning out window tracks or any other hard-to-reach tiny gaps around your house. The other end of the brush features a scraper for messes that are super stuck-on.

This Magnetic Window Cleaner Makes Window Washing Easier Than Ever

Forget hauling out your ladder — all you need is the power of magnets. Seriously, we want every magnet-powered cleaning gadget in our house. ASAP.

The Tub Shroom Catches Hair Before it Gets to Your Drain

Simply pop it into your tub's drain hole and it'll catch every strand of hair that dares attempt to clog your pipes.

This Blind Cleaner Is the Best Tool for Your Dusty Blinds

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The microfiber sleeves are perfectly shaped to capture dust and dirt that gets trapped on your blinds. You can also use this tool to clean your A/C vents (both in your house and in your car).

This Cordless Hand Vacuumk Is Great for Small Messes

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Sometimes, it's just not worth it to haul out the giant vacuum cleaner. That's exactly when this hand vacuum shines. It has a wide mouth for picking up large debris, as well as a crevice tool for reaching into cramped areas.

This Wasp Trap Is Non-Toxic

via: Amazon / Jean Dasch

Hang it on your deck and say goodbye to wasps, carpenter bees, and other flying pests. The durable adhesive will hold up even when it gets super hot outside.

Clean out Your Gutters with this Leaf Blower Extension Tool

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Imagine being able to blow all the leaves and debris out of your gutters — while standing on the ground! This attachment makes that dream a reality.

This Weeding Tool Makes Even Cleaning up the Garden More Fun

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It's specially designed to pull weeds out by the root without having to dig a huge hole to get at them. Use it to remove thistles, dandelions, or whatever other pesky weeds are terrorizing your garden beds.

The Gutter Getter Gets Gutters

via: Amazon/Christopher Smith

If you don't opt for the leafblower attachment, maybe this scoop is more your speed. It's designed to fit easily into your gutters and scrape everything out in one fell swoop.

The Rubbermaid Power Scrubber Adds the Elbow Grease So You Don't Have To

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It's basically like an electric toothbrush for your house. The oscillating head scrubs 60 times per second! Use it to scrub grout, bathroom fixtures, tools — basically anything you were using that gnarly old toothbrush for.

The Fluidmaster Flush 'N' Sparkle Kit Cleans Your Toilet Whenever You Flush!

via: Amazon/The Doug

Everyone hates scrubbing the toilet...but what if you didn't have to? When you install this device (which takes just a couple minutes, btw), it'll start cleaning your toilet bowl every time you flush it.

Replace Your Paper Towels with These Swedish Dish Cloths

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They're made from plant-based cellulose fibers. When you soak them in water, they become soft and pliable for easy clean-up. You can wash them in your machine (or zap them in the microwave). When they eventually wear out, they're 100 percent compostable.

This Reusable Scouring Pad Is Another Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Supply

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It's made from cotton and a non-toxic hardener which gives it its scouring power. Use it on cast iron, glass, ceramic, or stainless steel items around your home. Plus, they come in adorable colorful designs.

The Ringer Is a Must for Cast Iron Owners

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You know you're not supposed to use soap on your cast iron, but what do you use when you've got baked-on messes? This little chainmail "cloth" is perfect for scrubbing your cast iron skillet without damaging the seasoning.

The Hanger Hamper Makes Laundry Much Easier

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Finally, a way to transport hangers that doesn't involve you dropping half of them on your way to your laundry folding zone. This hamper keeps your hangers in a neat, easy-to-reach stack for whenever you need them.

Cut Down on Your Electricity Bill And Use this Foldable Drying Rack

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Hang your wet laundry on this thing rather than running your dryer and enjoy the savings. The rack is made from lightweight steel that is easy to move from room to room. It folds flat for compact storage.

This Folding Board Makes Folding Laundry Faster (and More Fun)

Use it to fold towels, shirts, pants, and pretty much everything in between.

Make Your Junk Drawer Make Sense with These Drawer Organizers

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Use them to create sections of your drawers that are otherwise just filled to the brim with various items. They adjust to fit most drawer sizes and are very easy to install.

This Collapsible Drying Rack Can Be Mounted Directly on Your Wall

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It has a small footprint while you're using it and an even smaller one when you're not. It's a great tool for maximizing space.

These Air Purifying Bags Will Keep Your Closet Smelling Fresh

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They're filled with activated bamboo charcoal which absorbs all the odors floating around your closet (or car, or bathroom, or entry way).

This Brush Set Can Be Used to Clean Every Room in Your House

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Our favorite detail on this brush set is the wiper blade built into the handle of the smaller brush. It's perfect for wiping dust and dirt from teeny tiny crevices all over your house.

Stick This Air Freshener Wherever You Need It

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Put it right at the source of bad odors and enjoy living without the stink. These air fresheners are designed especially for use in small spaces like cars and RVs.

This Toilet Brush Even Cleans Under the Rim

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With traditional toilet brushes, it can be hard to feel confident that you've really gotten every inch of the bowl clean. The Mr. Siga brush features a small brush extension that gets all the way under the toilet bowl rim.

These Plant Stakes Put an End to Bugs in Your Plants

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Bugs climb up the stakes and get stuck on the yellow "leaves," keeping your plants healthy and bug-free. Best of all, they contain no pesticides.

These Magic Cleaning Eraser Sponges Work Like a Charm

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All you need to do is add water and these sponges will remove basically any kind of mess you're dealing with from your walls, countertops, or other surfaces throughout your home. This pack of 50 sponges costs less than $25.

This Steam Cleaner Turns Water into a Powerful Cleaner

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Clean your entire house (indoors and outdoors) without any harsh chemicals. Just add water, let it heat up, and get ready to be amazed by the grime the steam from this machine can cut through.