37 Cheap Amazon Products With Amazing Results

Who says that more expensive products are better? While paying up for a luxury splurge every once in a while can be totally worth it, I love finding the products that I need on a budget. Nothing feels better than getting great things without the sticker shock. Cheap Amazon products may be easy to find, but which ones have amazing results (aka, which ones do you need in your house ASAP)? I scoured my recent orders, asked my family and friends, and got 37 cheap Amazon products that have amazing results.

Check out an affordable shower head that transforms your bathroom into a luxe hotel, a pouch that can keep your smelly socks from stinking up your carry-on, a gadget that can make you omelets in the microwave, and other cheap Amazon products that I love.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page

Get A Perfect Cup Of Green Tea With This Diffuser

I love loose leaf tea much more than I like tea bags, and adore this beautiful little loose leaf tea maker that lets me make a great glass of green tea on the go. The cup is double-walled, so I never burn my fingers on my piping hot cup of morning bliss, and the high-quality stainless steel means it's built to last. Simply fill up the top section with water, press the button in the center, and enjoy!

This Bathroom Shelf To Give Your Loo The Facelift It Needs

My bathroom looks a little bit run down, and this modern bathroom shelf adds a tiny bit of chic and some (much needed!) extra storage. The shelf is sturdy, easy-to-assemble, and I love the combination of wood-grain and industrial piping. I use it to keep some extra toilet paper and leave some space to set my phone down and to play some music while I'm in the shower.

A Sponge Basket For Extra Storage

This tiny basket can be used for just about everything. Seriously. Try it for TV remotes, rinsing fruits and veggies, storing sponges (so they don't just lounge on the counter), or to make sure your veggie peels don't go flying around the kitchen. I love that the plastic is high-quality and non-toxic, and it looks nice in my sink, too!

Serve Perfectly Heated Soup With This Microwavable Soup Cup

Getting an even heat on a cup of microwavable soup or noodles is tough. This soup cup makes it easy to evenly and easily heat up soups, noodles, drinks, and any other type of liquid leftover you need to make nice and toasty. The steam release tab and the cool-touch handle make sure that I don't burn my fingers when I'm making my dinner.

A Fancy Dispenser That Declutters And Makes My Shower Look Fancy

My bathroom doesn't have a whole lot of storage, and my bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and bath wash takes up a whole lot of space on my shelves. These dispensers squeeze just the right amount of shampoo into my palm, and make me feel like I'm showering in a fancy hotel. I also love how I can see how much conditioner I have left. Here's a hint from the reviews: use it to make sure that your kids don't empty out the shampoo bottles when you're not looking.

Take Any Shower To Fancy-Hotel Status With This Affordable Showerhead

Who says fancy shower heads need to cost an arm and a leg? This easy-to-install $12 shower head attaches easily and turns my little shower into a ~blissful~ spa experience. The pressure is amazing, and the chrome finish makes it look so much more expensive than its $12 price tag. Also, it's energy-saving, so you can enjoy your hot shower so much longer. Yay!

Disposable Cutting Board For Your Next Picnic

I'm so excited to show off these disposable cutting boards at my next picnic. Instead of struggling to chop a sandwich in mid-air, I simply tug a sheet of this disposable cutting board out, chop away, and throw it away when I'm done with my slicing. It's durable enough that it won't break under knives, but flexible so it's travel-ready.

Make ANYTHING Travel Sized With These Travel Containers

I hate scrambling to find my favorite shampoo, conditioner, bath wash, and body lotion in travel sizes before my big trip--I find the stuff that you get at hotels to be hit or miss. My mother introduced me to these little travel containers that can make ANYTHING travel sized. I use it for my shower materials, and to keep some hand and face lotion on hand. I love that it's leak free, so I never have to worry about getting shampoo all over my toothbrush.

A Mold For Diner Perfect Eggs. Every. Single. Time.

Somehow, every time I try to make a fried egg, it ends up looking all misshapen. I'm incredibly envious of those perfect circular eggs that diners cook up, and love that I finally find this silicone mold that makes it easy to cook perfect eggs. Already a sunny-side up pro? Use this mold to cook up pancakes, rice crackers, and hamburger patties.

Display Your Snapshots Beautifully With This Photo Mobile

So, technically, this beautiful mobile is designed for your baby to oogle gorgeous family photos while they snooze in their crib. But, I stick one of these mobiles above my desk for some fun office decor. My best friend got me a Polaroid for Christmas, and I'm always looking for cute and creative ways to display my snapshots of friends and family. Stylish and minimalist, this hanging gallery brightens every day!

Keep Your Stinky Socks From Smelling Up Your Bag With This Odorless Stash Pouch

Hauling dirty gym clothing around? No time to change after your hike? Don't want your whole carry-on smelling like sweaty socks? Yeah, me neither. This high-quality smell-proof bag really makes sure that you don't catch a whiff of any of its stinky contents. It's not magic--each bag contains activated charcoal that absorbs stinky orders, leaving nothing but fresh air. Check out more of the promising reviews on Amazon.

A Migraine Relief Cap For Even The Toughest Days

I get tons of headaches from staring at a screen all day and sometimes it's great to have something to retreat into that can keep me cool, calm, and peaceful. This pretty purple cap makes it easy to retreat into a world of headache-free bliss. Stick your cap into the freezer, and the gel will get nice and cool. The fabric is stretchy and soft, so you stay comfortable. See if it works for you, too.

Omelets In Minutes With This Microwave Omelet Maker

Did you know that you can make omelets in your microwave? Yeah, me neither. This tool makes it easy to serve up a tasty omelet without breaking out a pan (because I'm bored of cleaning pans). Here's how it works--fold the gadget in half to steam your veggies, mix your eggs in the omelet maker, add your cheese, and fold. Voila! You've got yourself a delicious omelet.

Oven Chips In Minutes With This Microwave Chip Maker

This handy gadget helps you make delicious oven chips in minutes--without waiting for your oven to heat up. Put in your thinnest slices of potato (or get fancy and try other starchy veggies!) and get ready to snack on delicious chips. I love that this is a less-messy, much-healthier alternative to deep fried chips or snaking on packages of potato chips. Plus, I just feel super fancy.

Decorate On A Budget With These Gorgeous Mason Jars

Amazon has the best selection of cheap home decor, and, when I saw these stylish mason jar decorations, I knew I had to have them. Got a friend or family member that loves fairy lights? Flowers? Rustic-chic? Yup--this cute decor has got all of it. My sister uses these mason jars outside, too, to give some soft, atmospheric light in the night time.

Clean Your Makeup Chemical-Free With These Makeup Removal Cloths

I've got very, very sensitive skin and cringed every time I had to clean my makeup off with abrasive face washes or disposable makeup removers. These cloths change. The. Game. Just add a few drops of your favorite cleanser or some water to this super soft microfibre towels, and wipe off your makeup--stress free! They're powerful, too. I can get even my toughest lipstick off in just a few swipes.

No More Loose Laces With These No-Tie Shoelaces

With these nifty gadgets, I can transform ANY sneaker or pair of boots into super comfortable slip-on shoes. Simply attach them to the laces of any shoe and stop tripping our your untied shoes. They're perfect for travel, running, and my sister loves to put them on her kids' shoes to make getting ready in the morning 10x easier.

A Collapsible Basket That Can Double As A Tray

This collapsible basket takes up almost NO space, and can be used for just about anything. Holding cold beverages at a picnic? Check. Washing clothing? Can do! Flattening into a tray to serve your loved one breakfast in bed? Yup. Seriously, this multi-functional gadget is amazing, and the comfortable handles make sure that I can carry stuff around the house without any struggle.

A Stylish Kindle Case To Use Your Kindle And Stay Cute

I can't wait to get a bunch of these stylish Kindle cases for every one of the Kindle-lovers in my life. It lets you read your Kindle hands-free, and is totally adjustable. My favorite style is the cute palm trees and flamingos. But, with eighteen different styles to choose from, there's a pattern for everyone's tastes.

Peace of Mind All The Time With This Identity Theft Guard

Throwing out documents with my bank information and address can feel a little bit stressful, and ripping up bank statements feels not secure enough. This identity theft guard gives me the peace of mind I need to sleep more soundly at night. They're much smaller and quicker than a paper-shredder, so I'm excited to bring them to the office.

Stop Your Herbs From Drying Out With This Herb Saver

Fresh herbs are a great addition to every dish, but I waste so much money on throwing out herbs that go bad only a few days after I purchase them. This affordable gadget works simply--put in your herbs of choice, add some fresh water into the bottom, and refresh every 3-5 days. Your herbs stay fresh for up to three weeks. This herb saver is a money-saver.

Keep Your Guac Fresh Long After Your Party With A Guac Lock

My mother loves making guac for every get together with friends and family, but ends up making too much that spoils so quickly. She introduced me to this guac-lock that make sure that her guacamole stays fresh long after everyone has gone home. Now, I can snack on my homemade guac for so much longer.

A Mini Tri-Pod That Climbs Up Walls Like Spiderman

This tri-pod is a huge step up from the inflexible and bulky stuff that I once used. Its flexible legs let it adhere to uneven surfaces easily, and the magnetic feet let it attach to anything magnetic at any angle you want (so cool.) I love that it's light-weight enough to be tossed into my backpack for awesome photos on-the-go.

No More Scratching, Scraping, or Scrubbing With This Food Squeegee

If you're trying to avoid scraping, scrubbing, or touching that yucky-wet-food-mess at the bottom of your sink or the surface of your plates, this food squeegee is a kitchen must-have. It's high-quality, non-slip, and can clean off dirty-dishes and sink-messes easily. Hint from the reviews: use it on your counter-tops to keep them dry after washing-up.

A Magic Gizmo That Removes Dog Hair In The Laundry

I love cuddling with my puppies, but I don't love all the little hairs that stay on my clothing, even after multiple washes. With this fur-catcher, I can snatch all the dog hair, and don't have to worry about prickly little guys ruining my black shirts. I can put a few of these into my washer or just swipe them across my clothing to get everything fuzz-free.

An Easy-Clean Hair Brush That Leaves My Brush Looking Brand New

I always have a tough time cleaning my brushes, and scraping those bits of hair and fuzz out of the bristles takes much longer than it should. This brush makes it easy to have a clean-brush without a struggle. Squeeze the buttons to retract the bristles, and pull out all that extra-hair easily. Plus--it's a nice brush, too! It gets my hair looking sleek right away. Oops... it looks like this item is unavailable at the moment but here is another similar product that we think you may also like.

A Five-In-One Cork That's Also An Aerator, Stopper, Pourer, Filter

This multi-functional gadget does it all. It's a cork, aerator, stopper, and pourer all in one. And, it's machine washable. Not a fan of wine? No worries. You can use this stopper on beer, soda, liquors, or any other bottle that you want to stay spill-free. Bring it to your next picnic to make sure that your beverages stay bug-free, dust-free, and fresh.

Bliss Out With Cold Therapy Socks

Do your feet get tired from standing or walking all day? Let us introduce you to cold therapy. Slide in an ice-pack, slip on these socks and experience some awesome relief from sore feet, swelling, and inflammation. I love putting these on after a long day of walking in the heat. My grandmother loves them, too!

Chop And Scoop Easily With This Tool

Sometimes, I lose some of my chopped veggies for the stir-fry when I pour them into the pan. These gadgets make it easier than ever to get all of my veggies drying away. This powerful duo lets me chop up my food and scoop it into the pan easily and quickly. The simple and effective chopper is heavy-duty enough the slice up everything and is here for the long-run.

No More Tangled Chords With This Charger Organizer

The space under my desk is a complete tangle of chords, and I hate rolling up my laptop charger and suffering through a bulky bag when I take my laptop to a cafe or traveling. This super-easy gadget simply attaches to the side of my charger, and lets me wind up the wire easily and keep my chords organized, managed, and tangle-free. Finally.

Drive With Peace Of Mind With This Safety Tool

This tool acts as a seatbelt cutter, and a window-breaker. It's light-weight and compact, so it can be attached to your keychain, and gives you just that extra bit of peace of mind while driving. I've never had to use mine, but check out the reviews to see a story of how this gadget helped out in an emergency.

A Bed Sheet Clip To Keep Those Suckers In Place

Nothing feels nicer than a perfectly made bed. Unfortunately, my bed sheets NEVER stay in place. I'm so happy I discovered these clips that make my bed sheets perfectly straight and hotel-level neat. I just clip them to corners of my mattress, and my bed survives my nieces bouncing on it all day, and I save so much time struggling with my sheets.

Stay Hands-Free With This LED Light Beanie

My dad stays up late in the winter, shoveling snow from our driveway. He stays so much safer--and I feel so much better--when he wears this affordable LED light beanie that gives great visibility, and keeps him comfy and warm. The LED lasts eight hours, and the USB port allows you to charge it in your car or on your computer. It's perfect for late night-chores, sunset walks, biking, repairing your cars, and more.

Keep All Those Electronics Organized (And Charged) With A Chic Charging Dock

Me and my family love our gadgets. Between the four of us, we have about a dozen iPads, iPhones, iWatches, and AirPods. I'm always looking for ways to organize and store my electronics in a way that's manageable and looks beautiful. With space for five electronics, this charging dock keeps my nightstand clutter-free, and I love that it comes with FIVE charging cables.

Give Your Achy Back Some Love With A Massaging Acupressure Mat

After a long day (and, let's be real, sometimes a long night) bending over my laptop screen, my back is tense and sore, and in desperate need of some sweet relief. If back pain is keeping me up at night, I lay out this acupressure mat and give myself a little massage. With the over 5000 ergonomically spikes designed to help relieve tension, this is the perfect place for meditation.

This Tape-Free Lint Roller is Genius!

I have pets, so a good lint roller is an absolute MUST-HAVE for my home. But, I hate the tape lint-rollers that stick to my hands and run out super quickly. Luckily, I found this awesome alternative on Amazon. It's double-sided, so I can swipe easily, and lasts so much longer than my tape-alternatives. Pet hair, crumbs, and lint comes off in just a few swipes.

A Closet Organizer That Doubles My Closet Size Instantly

I live in a tiny apartment, so I always need more space saving solutions to simplify my life. I recommend these to everyone I know who's about to enter college or owns a small house. If I buy a few too many sweatshirts, and I need some more space, I can make sure these cascade down. Or, if I'm feeling like my hangers need more organization, I can hang them horizontally. The winters in Boston are brutal, so I love that they're sturdy enough to hold heavy clothing without breaking.