37 Best Finds in Amazon’s Secret Section

I dug up some deals for you! Amazon's got a secret section full of bargains, and I just scoured it for the best-of-the-best. How about some candy-colored heart-shaped sunglasses for spunky outdoor selfies? While you're at it, this 12-pack of creamy, colorful lip liners would spice up those pics, too. And don't forget to show off your manicure. That is, after you apply these gorgeous stiletto nails for kick-ass claws.

Almost all these bargain picks are under $15, with some as low as $4 or $5. From beauty to technology to home decor, there's something for everyone -- at prices that are hard to resist.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

These 3D butterfly wall stickers bring movement and life to any room

I'd love to create a swirling pattern of these lovely little butterflies on the wall behind my bed. They're tiny (about 2x3 inches) and easy to apply -- and you get 100 of them in a pack for under $8! You can use them on walls, mirrors, furniture, giftwrap, or almost anywhere else you can think of. They're a great idea for special event decoration, like a birthday party or bridal shower.

This flowy chiffon cover-up is perfect over a tank top or beachwear

The sheer fabric and batwing sleeves on this cardigan make it totally casual-cute. It's lightweight and has the feel of a mid-length kimono, which adds flare to even the simplest outfit. Choose from a range of sizes and beautiful patterns. My favorites are the green floral and the black-and-white cheetah print.

You'll live a candy-colored, heart-shaped life in these sunglasses

These playful sunglasses are so much fun, and at the unbelievable price of $6.99! Choose from red, green, orange, purple, yellow, pink and three shades of blue. Or, you can go with basic black, which still makes a statement because of the kitchy design. Amazon buyers love these adorable oversized shades, rating them 4.7 stars!

These distressed metal lanterns are the perfect shabby-chic accessories

The perfect size to hold a tea light, these small blue lanterns are a lovely way to add personality to any room. You can display them on the dresser or coffee table, or hang them in clusters in a conversation area to create an intimate feel. Each small lantern is only $4.99! And if you're looking to vary the sizes for a more eclectic look, you can get the same style in medium, large and extra-large.

This gel nail polish is a gorgeous oxblood color

Essie is one of my favorite brands of nail polish, and this deep lustrous red shade -- called Spiked With Style -- is too lovely for words. For only $8 and change, you get this luxurious longwear gel polish that shines like crazy. Essie's gel color is a two-step system that requires no base coat. Just finish off the color with a gel topcoat.

Play with color and sparkle using this gorgeous eyeshadow palette

From nude pink to soft brown to berry shades, this palette has a beautiful array of color choices. There are 11 velvety mattes, four reflective shimmers, two copper glitters and one satin pearl. Smooth and creamy, these shadows can be yours for under $10!

Make your friends jealous with this too-cute cotton Friends T-shirt

Are you a Rachel or a Monica? Don't tell me you're a Phoebe! Well, whichever character you identify with most, this Friends t-shirt will suit the occasion. It's 95% cotton and has a classic cut, with that unmistakable Friends logo displayed across the front. Choose from black, pink or white in a range of sizes.

Soak off that gel nail polish easily at home with these nail polish remover clips

These fingernail and toenail clips sure do look freaky on! But they do the trick, replacing that awkward tinfoil you might otherwise use to soak off gel nail polish at home. Just clip them on your fingers and toes and let soak for about 5-10 minutes. The kit comes with a set for your hands, one for your feet and a bonus tool for scraping nails and pushing cuticles.

These easy-fan lash extensions will make you eye-battingly beautiful

You know the lashes are good when even professional lash artists are raving about them! That's the case with these fanning volume lash extensions, which come in at just $7.88. Amazon buyers say they're easy to work with, curl beautifully and hold up for weeks.

This stylish halter-neck tank top is soft, comfy and perfect for a warm day

Looking for a chic summer top that you can wear anywhere? This is it! Made of 95% cotton for total comfort, it's soft and flowy, with a stylish halter neck. Choose from more than a dozen colors and patterns! (I want the snake print, myself.)

Bedazzle your 'do with colorful sparkle using these delicate flower hairpins

For less than $8, get 20 of these beautiful flower hair pins in your choice of blue, green, red, purple, silver or gold. They're pretty enough for a formal occasion like a wedding, but could also be styled more casually for an everyday event. Check out the Amazon review photos for some really beautiful applications!

This table runner is the boho-chic look your dining room has been longing for

This cream-colored cotton table runner has a beautiful woven pattern with tassels at the ends. It's retro-modern and very streamlined, yet rustic. You could use this on the dinner table, or come up with other creative uses. Why not drape it across your dresser or fold it artistically in a basket filled with bath soaps and lotions?

This six-pack of hand creams is filled with luxurious natural ingredients

For under $9, you get six travel-size tubes of ultra-nourishing hand cream in a variety of beautiful scents -- cherry blossom, rose, lavender, shea almond, green tea and ocean. Their small size makes them perfect to pop in your purse or tuck away in your office drawer so you always have a tube close at hand. The non-greasy formula is enriched with shea butter, natural aloe and vitamin E to make it extra moisturizing.

The bold print, lacy details and easy flow of this top make it the focal point of your outfit

I love the bold flower pattern on this sleeveless chiffon blouse. It's got lacy detail on the v-neck and around the arm holes, giving it a delicate camisole style that make it light and airy. And there are a bunch of colors and patterns to choose from. My other fave is the pink animal print.

These delicate silver headbands add just a touch of sparkle to your look

I could see wearing one of these pretty little headbands in an updo at a formal event or popping one on for a simple date night. They're that versatile. One has a delicate flower-and-leaves design with tiny rhinestones. The other has an interlaced silver pattern speckled with darling faux pearls. They look gorgeous in the Amazon reviewer photos, especially on the beautiful bride who wore one in her wedding!

These tiny cat chopstick rests are TOO CUTE

Okay, I need these playful ceramic kitties on my table. They'll add a smile to every meal. Though they're called chopstick rests, you can rest your silverware on them, too. Or simply use them as decoration. They come five to a pack for only $9.99.

Give yourself gorgeous claws with these long stiletto nails for at-home application

I'm not one to have long nails myself, since I type all day and they would constantly get in the way. That said, if I were going to have long nails, I'd love to have these ones. To me, they look sophisticated and bad-ass at once. Just scroll the Amazon user reviews for to-die-for pics of the nails in action. (The picture included here is one of them.)

Amazon buyers LOVE this five-pack of natural lip balms in vanilla, mango, green tea, pomegranate and peppermint

When selecting lip balm, you want to avoid something that's going to end up leaving your lips even dryer than they were to begin with. That can be the problem with balms that are full of artificial chemicals, dyes and fragrances. These Naturistick balms are free of all the bad stuff, using instead beeswax and natural ingredients. And they work great, according to the more than 3,000 Amazon buyers who rated them 4.7 stars.

This 12-pack of creamy, colorful lip liners is an amazing value

Talk about a bargain! With this set, you get 12 beautiful, highly pigmented lip liners for just $6.82! And according to buyers, these are smooth, creamy and long-lasting. They're full-length pencils -- much longer than the typical size. They're fine-tipped, and the colors go from dark red to bright red to pink to purplish-berry. You get all this for less than the cost of a single drugstore lip liner.

This lightweight makeup bag has two zippered compartments and a built-in mirror

I love a good makeup bag. I always somehow feel more put-together when my products are all organized and neatly displayed. This makeup bag does a great job of that. It's divided into two zippered sections. One has slots for makeup brushes and a couple of pouches, plus a built-in mirror. The other section is a larger open compartment for bottles and compacts. It's small (about 7x4x2 inches) and made of nylon, making it lightweight and easy to carry.

This adorable 18-piece manicure set is under $10!

If you're like me then you've spent a decent amount of time searching the house for your nail clippers or tweezers. Those handy little tools are so easy to misplace. That's why it's a good idea to have extras on hand. This all-in-one set is absolutely perfect. For one low price, you get 18 manicure tools, all in their own hard-shell case. You'll have everything you need to groom your hands, feet and face. And if you just force yourself to return them to their pretty little case when you're done, you'll never again have trouble finding them.

These silky satin pillowcases are oh-so-gentle on your hair and skin

Pamper yourself with these smooth, luxurious satin pillowcases. The polyester satin material creates less friction for your hair when you sleep, helping you wake up with smooth tresses instead of that frizzy electrified look. The smooth texture is also gentler on the skin for fewer wrinkles. You get two Queen-size pillowcases for only $8.99 -- and the colors are to-die-for! I'm in love with the deep, lustrous teal, and have half a mind to design my entire bedroom around it.

These 10 pairs of exfoliating bath gloves are rated 4.7 stars by Amazon buyers!

Say goodbye to that worn out old loofah and hello to this set of 10 exfoliating bath gloves! For just $9.99, you'll be all set to scrub your skin soft every night for the foreseeable future. You get an array of fun colors. They can be washed and reused, so this set should last you a long time.

Try your hand at nail art with this set of four acrylic nail brush pens

When I was a kid, I would try to paint patterns on my nails using a regular nail polish brush. Needless to say, the results were not impressive. It's hard to get any precision with a regular nail brush, but that's not the case with these sleek acrylic nail brush pens. These bad boys let you create patterns and pops of color in pink, gold, cyan, dark blue and black. They're rated 4.7 stars and come in at just $9.29.

These wire hangers for mason jars make it easy to create your own lanterns

Mason jars are a great way to add a rustic chic feel to your decor. You can fill them with office supplies, kitchen goods or candles and add a bit of flare to your room. These wire hangers give you the ability to take things one step further by hanging the jars in your home or yard. I particularly like the look of mason jars filled with strands of light and hung from the trees in the garden.

Hang this pink neon moon light wherever you want a pop of color and fun

This adorable light-up moon is perfect for the bedroom, but would make a great companion almost anywhere -- office, kitchen, bathroom, wherever. Choose from pink, blue or yellow. And because it can be powered by battery or USB, you aren't restricted to placing it near an electrical outlet. Let the soothing glow set the tone for your room.

Give yourself the perfect at-home manicure with these four crystal nail files

Home manicures are all the rage lately, what with the quarantine and all. To get the best of your home manicure, you want to be sure to have a good set of nail files. This four-pack of crystal nail files is just $6.99! You get black, blue, purple and red -- each made of tempered glass to help keep your nails from splitting and weakening. Each file has two sides to work with, and they come with their own color-coordinated holders. So cute!

Look cozy-cute around the house in these adorable polka-dot lounge pants

During quarantine, I've been pretty much living in comfy lounge pants. These ones are soft, breathable and lightweight. The drawstring waist and wide leg give them an easy-breezy feel. Choose from a range of sizes and lots of different stripes, florals and polka-dots.

These bold wood frames are the perfect way to showcase your favorite photos

I'm a sucker for rustic-chic decor. This two-pack of photo frames is the perfect accessory for that look. They're 4x6 inches, which is a great tabletop size (though they can be hung on the wall, too). Just shuffle through those pics on your phone and print out your faves. It's time they saw the light of day!

This colorful plaid shawl is just the look you'll be needing as temperatures drop

It's never too early to gear up for the coming season, and this plaid shawl is the perfect fall or winter accessory. I have trouble choosing the pattern I like best because there are so many cute ones. Browse the options and take your pick. They all come in at under $14!

Make your feet smooth as butter with this four-pack of pumice stones

The bottoms of your feet should not be as hard as your toenails. If they are, then you may be in need of a pumice stone. These handy little gadgets will shave off that dead skin, flattening calluses and smoothing cracked heels. Each of these four pumice stones has two sides with different levels of coarseness to suit your needs.

Have fun with shimmer, glitter and matte using this 15-color eyeshadow palette

Take your pick of colors -- blue, green, purple, orange, nude or naked. There's a 15-color palette for each, for only $9.99. There are six matte shadows, four shimmers and three glitters. The highly pigmented shades are buttery smooth and so much fun to play with. Go to town with glamour and have a selfie-party!

These scrapers will have your bowls and cutting boards clean in a jiffy

This product is totally simple but stunningly useful. Just slide one of these plastic scrapers along the surface of your cutting board or mixing bowl and scoop up the batter easily and cleanly. You get three different-sized scrapers with straight and curved edges, for only $10.99. They're lightweight, sturdy and BPA-free. You can also use them to spread icing or slice dough into sections. And because there are no sharp edges, they're great tools to teach kids about baking.

Mini chalkboard signs: a stylish way to keep things organized at parties and events

The next time you host a gathering, you can label all the tasty nibbles with these adorable little chalkboard signs. At 4x3 inches in size, these little wonders come with their own stands and are a great gift for any host or hostess. You get 20 pieces in the set for only $9.99. And of course, they're reusable. When you're done, just erase them and pack them away until the next event.

Apply your makeup with precision using this beautiful 12-piece set of brushes

This pretty set of makeup brushes costs less than $9! You get 12 brushes made of premium synthetic fiber, with beautiful white marble-colored handles and gold tips. The set includes eye shadow brushes, a foundation brush, an eyeliner brush, a mascara brush, a lip brush, a concealer brush, an eyebrow brush and more.

This USB C to USB adaptor works great for laptops, tablets, phones and more

Modern laptops, tablets and phones come with a USB C port, but sometimes you need to plug in a standard USB device, like a mouse. That's where a converter like this comes in handy. And since we all have multiple devices these days, it's nice to have multiple converters on hand. This one is a great deal at only $7.99. And Amazon buyers love it. It's got 4.6 stars on more than 4,000 ratings.

These yoga shorts are made of breathable, moisture-wicking fabric and have side pockets

If you exercise on a regular basis, you can never have too many work-out clothes. These cute yoga shorts are a steal at just $10.99. They're body skimming and have a flattering curved line on the back that showcases your hardworking rump. There's a wide elastic waistband and side pockets that you can fit your phone in.