37 Amazon Products We Recommend to Family & Friends

Have you ever run across a product that you simply cannot stop gushing about? Within a year everyone you know has one because you keep gifting it or they bought it so they don't have to hear you talk about it anymore? You know what I'm talking about.

These are those products.

We've pulled the 37 items that make us go completely ga ga so that you can understand the joy of the perfect item too. Just watch out: if you buy them you may find yourself telling everyone you know that they need it too. They're just that good.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These super-cool noise-canceling headphones come in green, purple, red, blue, yellow and white.

via AmazonMore than 51,000 Amazon buyers rate these Bluetooth headphones 4.4 stars. They'd make an ideal gift for any friend, but because they come in so many fun colors, they're a particular treat for your stylish friends. These headphones have active noise-canceling technology, and there's a built-in microphone for hands-free calls. You get 30 hours of playtime on a single charge with these babies!

Charm Them With This Bracelet Addition

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Surely you've seen someone throw their hands up to make the "heart" sign. In jewelry form, it's an interesting departure from your typical heart-themed jewelry. This sterling silver charm will fit on existing charm bracelets from companies like Troll, Chamilia, Kay, Carlo Biagi, and Zable or use this as an opportunity to start a new collection. She'll be, let's say, charmed.

This Soap Holder Is Exfoliating

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I love using nicely scented soap in the shower, but I don't love how it gets all gummy and soupy after sitting in water for a while! These soap bags do a great job of keeping soap usable, and you can get the most for your money since it works with small scraps of soap, too. As a bonus, the material is exfoliating, so you get a twofer when you wash up! Pair it with a beautiful soap for the perfect gift.

This Roller Stamp that Keeps My Identity Secure

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Before I bought this Identity Protection Roller Stamps Wide Kit I had no idea what to do with my important papers. I never threw them out since I was worried about identity theft, and my basement was slowly filling up with papers. This thing allows me to block out my information in one quick (and fun!) step. If you have friends with the same problem, this is a great mini gift.

This Liquid Eyeliner Is a Premium Beauty Fave

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I've got this Stila liquid eyeliner in about four different colors, and I love it. It's so much easier to apply than many other liquid liners, and I find it doesn't smear. They've got several beautiful variations of gray, brown, and black, plus midnight blue, paradise pink, and white. Whether your friends like a classic look or something more wild, they can find it with this eyeliner.

This optical illusion spinner looks beautiful on your desktop

via AmazonUnlike some spinners, this metal ball has a flat base and is designed to sit on your desktop rather than rotate in your hand. As it twirls, the etched swirls on the ball create an optical illusion, making it a mesmerizing focal point. Having something like this to look at occasionally during a Zoom call can help cleanse your visual palate after endlessly staring into the faces on your monitor.

A Makeup Organizer That Rotates For Easy Access

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I thought my vanity was organized, but then I got this rotating makeup organizer — and boy, was I wrong. Not only does my entire makeup collection fit on it (brushes, compacts, eyeliners, nail polishes, etc.), but it also rotates so that you don't have to crane your arm to reach distant items. The shelves are adjustable so that you can move them around to fit bigger bottles, and the whole thing easily wipes clean if it ever gets dirty. For your makeup loving friends it's the perfect gift.

This Compact Power Strip Is Handy for Travel

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With three outlets and three USB ports, this Compact Power Strip is a must-have for travel. It's made by Anker, a well-respected brand known for high-value, low-cost peripherals. I love that the placement of the ports means large chargers don't run into each other, so you get access to every port no matter what.

This Caddy Corrals Your Cleaning Tools

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Washing dishes is a fact of life; yes, even if you own a dishwasher. That means you need a scrub brush or sponges ... or both. But, where to store them? This two-in-one kitchen sink caddy gives these cleaning tools their own space, which keeps them out of your way while they dry in a sanitary kind of way. The design of this caddy won't take up a ton of room, either. A good housewarming gift for new homeowner friends.

A Small But Mighty Grill Scraper

via AmazonAs a person who grills religiously, I'll tell you first hand that not all grill scrapers are created equal. This tiny and inexpensive grill scraper cleans better than scrapers that cost 3 times more. You won't have to worry about losing bristles as you do with a regular brush, which eliminates the chance of them getting in your food. It can clean grills of all types so it's a perfect gift for just about anyone who enjoys some outdoor cooking.

This Smart Notebook Will Help You Quit Wasting Paper

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I have a habit of making DIY, to-do and grocery lists but decided I would do it in a more eco-friendly way. This reusable notebook is extremely smart as I can write using a marker and erase using a damp cloth. Then I scan it and it's all done. For your note-taking buds, this is a lifesaver.

These Silicone Lids Mean No More Plastic Wrap

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Every time I go to store leftovers or anything that needs covering in the fridge, I'm reminded how much plastic wrap we're using (and that it's always time to buy a new roll)! I was psyched to find these silicone lids, which stretch to fit over many sizes of food containers and even the food itself, like a watermelon half! They come in multiple sizes, so they'll work for jobs large or small, and they really eliminate the need for plastic wrap or aluminum foil. My parents gifted me a set and I absolutely adore them.

This Zink Polaroid Camera Has A Built-In Photo Printer

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It can be a drag to have to upload pics to print them from your instant Polaroid camera, but not with this one! It has a built-in ink-free printer that creates full-color, smudge-proof 2x3 photos to hang up all over their rooms or to create fun art collages. It comes in seven fun colors and has a selfie mode or timer for group shots! Simply fill it with photo paper and get snapping! This is a great gift for a bridal party or even a family with a new baby.

Be Always Prepared To Repair With This 4-in-1 Pocket Screwdriver

via AmazonHave you ever needed a screwdriver but just didn’t have one with you? I added this pocket screwdriver to my personal fix-it foray once I had to call my dad and borrow his one too many times. With this handy tool, you’ll have a cheap but versatile option that comes with two double-ended bits that are also magnetic, making holding and maneuvering screws much easier. They even have a nonslip texture to maintain a grip when working. For the price, you’ll have a tough time finding a tool as reliable as this multifaceted mini-screwdriver.

This Pepper Spray Is Pocket Sized And Powerful

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I've had pepper spray on my keychain for years now as a safety precaution, and I highly recommend it to everyone, especially ladies. This pepper spray, in particular, is small enough to fit on your keychain and comes in a bunch of cute colors, making it a cute yet practical addition to your keys.

This Beeswax Food Wrap Works So Well

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Have you tried this beeswax food wrap yet? It's amazing stuff and has totally eliminated the need to wrap or store food in aluminum foil or plastic wrap. It's pliable, so you can bend it to any shape you need, whether you're covering a bowl or wrapping a sandwich. And it couldn't be easier to clean, just wipe off with warm, soapy water! I can't stop telling my friends they need it

These White Cotton Gloves Are Great for Nighttime Hand Moisturizing

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I bought this pack of 10 gloves (5 pairs) to wear on my hands at night and lock in the moisturizer. They're thin and just slightly stretchy. And they're easy to wash by just popping them in the machine. My friends were so jealous of my beautiful skin that I bought them some of their own.

This Craft Storage Set Is So Compact

via AmazonWith all the little doo-dads that go along with crafting for kids or adults, there's a bunch of little things to store that can easily get lost or buried somewhere. I love this craft organizer for holding anything from beads for the kids to sewing supplies for me. It's super helpful to see everything at a glance, so I know when to stock up!

This Personal Blender Does It All

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If you want to take your shakes or smoothies on the go, try this personal blender that includes everything you need to be on your way. Simply fill the bottle with your ingredients, pop it on the base, then blend away. When you're done, just take the bottle off and be on your way. Minimal mess and tons of convenience since this plugs into a USB outlet for true travel readiness. Buy one for your fitness buds as the perfect present.

New Eyelash Growth With An Old Formula

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I have — and love — my lash extensions, but who wouldn't want stronger, healthier natural eyelashes? That's what this eyelash serum that uses castor oil from Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals is all about. Castor oil has been used for hundreds of years to help with thinning hair. This serum uses 100 percent pure castor oil and works for not only lashes but also thinning brows.

This Solar Lantern Is A Bright Idea

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If you're using your outdoor space at night, you're gonna want lighting. This tall solar lantern is an excellent choice because you don't need to be near any plugs, you can place it wherever you want to shed a little light on the subject. It's weather-resistant and made for the elements, so you don't have to worry that its good looks won't hold up! I like to gift it to friends who are moving into a home with great outdoor spaces.

Protect Your Delicates in the Wash With This Set of Six Mesh Laundry Bags

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I use these mesh laundry bags to protect my bras when I wash them. But they're great for lots of other things, too. I use them when I travel to separate underwear, tights, and other delicate items. They're super lightweight and breathable, so they're perfect for that. You get three large bags and three small bags for $9.99. Or, you can choose from lots of other package options.

This Speaker Sounds and Looks Beautiful

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Here's my spa night: I draw myself a bath infused with epsom salts and essential oils, I turn down the lights, and I hit play on my retro French pop playlist, which streams gently from my iHome bluetooth speaker along with a soothing emanation of colored light, changing from pink to purple to blue to green to yellow. All is right with the world. I particularly love this speaker because it doesn't look like any other speaker I've seen. It's beautiful and produces great sound.

This T-CORE Power Bank 20000M That's Oh-So Convenient

via AmazonSomething I find invaluable in 2020 is a device that makes charging on the go both feasible and quick. I almost always find myself trying to conserve battery on a trip outside the house. That’s why the T-Core Power bank is an excellent option for either yourself or an impromptu gift this holiday season. Having a convenient charging method will always be appreciated. I’ll be picking this one up due to its compact design that is only a fraction of the size of an iPhone X. Capable of charging your phone up to five times, it’s the last mobile charger that you could need for the foreseeable future.

Pasnity Foot Massage Roller

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First up, here's a package deal for all your foot massage needs: a roller, plus two spiky massage balls. All three can give your feet a deep- tissue massage. The cool thing is, these tools can be used to alleviate more than just foot pain; they can also be used on your legs, hand, wrist, shoulders, and neck. My friends and I are always swapping recommendations for recovery tools, so you know I'm sending these their way.

These velvet house slippers with fur pom-poms are dainty and beautiful.

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These pretty little velvet house slippers make a sweet gift. I think the little fuzzy pom-poms on top look retro-chic. The slippers are affordable ($16.99-$18.99) and come in four colors: pink, silver, black, and wine red. They have a flexible memory foam midsole and fleece lining, with an anti-slip outsole. You know your fashionable friends will love them.

This Dog Toy Can Withstand Even The Toughest Chewers

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I think there are very few people out there whose dogs don't absolutely destroy toys in the first five minutes of playing with them. I know mine do. It's gotten to the point where I won't buy them new toys often because they don't stand a chance. When I do buy a new toy, I make sure it's like this one. It's made with 100% eco-friendly rubber, is BPA-free, and can withstand even the toughest chewers.

This Cell Phone Holder and Light Ring Are Perfect for Selfies, Video Calls and More

via AmazonThis is everything you need in one handy device that you clip right onto the edge of your desk or table. There's a 24-inch gooseneck cell phone holder that you can adjust to just the right angle. Plus, there's a 24-inch gooseneck light ring with three light modes and 10 brightness levels. Choose from black, white, or rose gold.

This Bacon Maker Works In The Microwave

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Yes, bacon is delicious but makes such a splattery mess when you cook it in a pan. Cook smarter with this microwaveable bacon tray that leaves basically no mess to clean up since the lid contains splatter! Over 1,000 reviewers love it for giving them the crispiest bacon ever. You'll definitely want to share this perfect gadget with your friends.

This Dinner Tray Gets Kids To Actually Eat

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With little kids especially, getting them to actually eat dinner is a monumental task. This dinner tray will help - promise! It worked on my own kids when I was encouraging them to try bites of new foods or ones they thought they didn't like. And at the end, there's a covered container that holds a surprise dessert! I'll definitely be getting some for my nieces and nephews.

I Use This Foam Puzzle Floor Mat as a Blocking Surface for My Knitting

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These foam floor tiles are great as an exercise mat or a cushioned play area, but I use them as an enormous blocking surface for my knitting projects. (Blocking = soaking and pinning into shape to dry.) They're less expensive than traditional blocking mats, and you get about five times more space to work with. You can use them for almost anything that needs a little extra cushion.

These Storage Baskets Are So Chic

via AmazonI've always wanted my pantry to look as perfect as an Instagram influencer's, and these storage baskets are a small step I can take towards getting a drool-worthy final product. I love them for storing my kids' snacks so they can grab and go, plus it makes packing their school lunches a lot easier when I can instantly see what we've got in stock. You'll get a set of two narrow baskets that are stackable to save space if you've got a small pantry like I do (ok, it's really a closet but still holds food!)

This Aloe Peel Mask That's So Fun To Take Off

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There's something so satisfying about a facial peel. This aloe mask is hydrating and good for chasing away redness. Plus, it goes on a rich, clear gel, dries for a few minutes, and then you can gently peel it away to reveal your fresh, hydrated skin. It sucks out impurities like a vacuum, so your pores are perfectly clean and ready for toners or moisturizer. Have a spa night and gift this mask to your friends.