37 Amazon Products that Give Your Garage an Upgrade

When I sat down to write this, my thoughts immediately went to WWTTTMTD? Meaning, "What Would Tim The Tool Man Taylor Do?" If you're not old enough to remember the Tim Allen sitcom "Home Improvement" from the 1990s, I'm sorry. Not because you won't get the reference, but because you missed that gem of a television series. (Seriously, though, get crackin'. It's on Hulu.) Anyway, this list of products to give your garage an upgrade is something Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor would totally get behind.

This list has something for everyone: Inexpensive alternatives for those coveted WeatherTech floor mats, seat covers to give your car interiors an upgrade, creeper seats and benches for puttering around in your garage, and even games and a wall-mounted beer bottle opener to transform your car space to a legit man cave. Put all 37 of these products together and you've got a recipe for an instant upgrade of the space that's all your own (unlike the house, sorry).

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Vac Your Tracks


I don't mind washing a car, but that vacuuming part is for the birds. This portable, high-power car vac has everything you need to nail auto detailing, from flathead and brush nozzle attachments to a filter brush and spare HEPA filter. Throw it all in the included carrying bag and toss it in your trunk for the next time. This unit also has a 16-ft. power cord so no excuses about reach.

A Weathertech Dupe Without The Price Tag


Can't get WeatherTech floor mats off your mind but you don't want to spend WeatherTech money? I got you. These all-weather rubber floor mats from Motor Trend come in multiple colors, have a deep recess for catching dirt and grime, and can be trimmed to fit just about any vehicle. One reviewer said: "I am happy with this (much more affordable) solution because it was either these mats or some very expensive WeatherTech brand custom mats (those were $180). Easy choice for me!"

This Sunshade Safeguards Your Interior


Sunshades are a must-have in Florida, keeping your vehicle cooler while protecting your interiors from the sun. This sunshade from Magnelex comes in various sizes including one specific to Jeep Wranglers. (I guess it's a Jeep thing?) Your purchase also nets you a bonus steering wheel cover. When you're not using the sunshade, it'll keep nicely in the included storage bag.

Goop, There It Is


Cleaning doesn't have to be a bore. Unleash your inner child with this cleaning putty that digs deep into your vents, cracks, and crevices to remove every trace of dust and dirt. This option is both reusable and eco-friendly and will only set you back $7. The amount of amusement you'll get out of it — say, while you're sitting at a red light — is worth every penny.

Contain Your Oil Spills


You spent all that time and money on your garage, why ruin its appearance with oil-stained floors? This oil spill mat absorbs leaks and spills so that they don't soak through and damage your floors. Slip-resistant waterproof backing keeps the mat from sliding around and it's easy to clean, which means you can scrub it off and keep reusing it.

Put Your Name On It

Amazon / kaitlynne

Show everyone who's boss (or at least who's boss of the garage) with your very own personalized vintage tin sign. Made to look like an iconic route marker, you can customize it right on Amazon's website. (That's a super-handy feature that also extends to jewelry and gifts for the missus, fellas.) Made from heavy-gauge metals, it comes ready to hang.

Organization Is Sexy


Most women don't want your car, money, or gifts. We just want you to be organized. These wall-mounted storage bins will get you one step closer to being the man of her dreams. This 30-piece set has both small and large bins that attach easily to slat wall display boards. Bins hold 12 and 76 cubic inches of nuts, bolts, screws, pieces, and parts, respectively.

They'll Call You Mr. Clean


You know the type: The guy whose car always looks like he just came through the car wash five minutes ago. Don't hate that guy; be that guy with this interior cleaner and protectant made by Chemical Guys. This all-in-one spray is good for multiple surfaces, from glass to leather so you won't be hunting for various bottles. Grab this one and you're good to go.

Let's Hook Up


Remember what I was saying about organization? Things are simpler when you know where everything is and can find it — and return it — easily. This 10-pack of storage hooks comes in five different sizes to accommodate a variety of tools and other gear like ladders, chairs, bicycles, and more. Get things off of the floor and free up more room for those gadgets you've always wanted.

Don't Blow Your Cover


I'm going to be honest with you: I've never really understood the point of steering wheel covers. After all, your steering wheel is already covered, isn't it? Then, I read the reviews on this product: "I purchased a gently-used 2005 Ford F150 Lariat but the original steering wheel covering was in tatters from use and UV." Ah, ha! Snag this one with nearly 30,000 positive reviews and protect your purchase.

Light Up The Night


There's no better way to customize your ride than with lights. These interior car lights are a really inexpensive ($20!) way to achieve that and come packed with a ton of features: Waterproof design, car charger, music sync, and smartphone app control. The double-strip of lights has the ability to produce 16 million available colors or customize your colors to your heart's content.

Yes, Beer


If there's just one thing you buy from this list of garage goodies, make it be this wall-mounted beer bottle opener. If for no other reason than the pile of 40 caps it'll hold magnetically. I mean, c'mon, that looks a little like a piece of art, doesn't it? Install the opener atop the cap catcher and watch all of your hard work (*cough* drinking beer) pay off in a nice little stash of lids.

Add Games To Your Garage


While you're adding interesting things to your garage walls, make room for this double-sided dartboard set. On the front, a standard dartboard; on the back, a target ring dart game. This 15-inch set also comes with six brass-plastic darts so you'll be up and playing in no time. If you're going to spend time in your garage, you might as well have fun while you're there.

Don't Trash Your Floorboards


You'll look like a full-grown man with this car trash can inside your vehicle. Why, you ask? Because instead of a floorboard full of discarded coffee cups and drive-thru napkins, you'll have everything neatly contained in this little guy. Waterproof in design, the interior also features four snaps to keep a two-gallon trash bag in place. This find is also available in a three-gallon capacity.

Get Lit


There won't be any more dark corners in your garage if you throw $25 at these four-leaf LED garage lights. Twice as bright as traditional garage lighting, this unit features 360-degree light coverage with no dark areas and no glare. As simple as installing a light bulb, you won't even need any tools to get this thing up and running. Each of the four lights is fully adjustable as well.

You Need This Creeper Seat


I'm not saying you're a creeper, O.K.? All I'm saying is that this creeper seat would be a fabulous addition to your garage, especially if you do a lot of work on automobiles. The six swivel casters make it easy to maneuver and it converts simply from seat to bench to fit any maintenance situation. And hey, if your old lady puts you on the sofa, you might just prefer to snuggle down on this padded wonder.

You Have The Power


If you hold this 300W power inverter over your head and shout, "I have the power," He-Man style, nobody would blame you. Made for in-car usage, this power source has dual AC outlets and two USB ports for charging everything from your laptop to your Nintendo Switch to a CPAP machine. (Don't roll your eyes; I know some of you have one.) A built-in fan prevents overheating.

Wipe On Leather Conditioner


Armor All has been beloved by gearheads and regular folks (like me) for years. These leather care wipes are ideal to keep on hand to safely remove dirt and grime from your car's interiors while also cleaning, conditioning, and protecting your leather. Wipes have definite convenience points, too, since you won't have to find a rag to apply. Just swipe, toss and go.

Cloudy Headlights No More


Foggy, dingy-looking headlights are, like, my worst fear about car ownership. This headlight restoration kit restores vehicle headlights that have succumbed to oxidation, yellowing, scratches, and that hazy film. And, it's not just cosmetics concerns this kit addresses. You can improve your lights' brightness and your visibility for less than $17. All three steps necessary are included here.

Transform Your Interior


Have you ever priced what it would cost to replace your car's interiors? If you have, you know. If you haven't, take it from me — it's expensive. This full set of car seat covers can transform your vehicle's interiors for less than $28. Available in solid black, gray, or beige, or a variety of two-tone designs, you can protect against stains in style with an easy-to-install system.

Organize The Junk In Your Trunk


While you're cleaning up your car and getting your garage in enviable shape, don't forget all that stuff you've tossed in your trunk with an "out of sight, out of mind" mentality. This trunk organizer is robust with eight pockets of different sizes that attach to your backseat quickly and easily. Made of high-quality waterproof material, the mesh nets are sturdy and the edges are stitched to hold up to wear and tear.

A Desk When You're Not In Drive


I can't tell you how many times I've found myself needing to connect to my laptop or eating a burger (I mean, more burgers and laptop work, to be honest) while sitting in the driver's seat of my vehicle. This steering wheel desk snaps onto your steering wheel (not when you're driving, please) to give you enough space to send that email or put ketchup out for your fries.

Wireless Charging On The Go


Why should you have to choose between mounting your phone and charging your phone when you're in the car? This Waitiee unit does both: Mounting on your dashboard or air vent and delivering a charge simultaneously. Ideal for iPhones or Android devices, this wireless car charger has an easy, one-button open/close and works even with phones still in their cases.

Get Hitched


Show your patriotic pride with this metal American flag hitch cover. Available in both black and chrome, this cover installs in seconds by snapping on to your hitch — no pins or clips required. This version fits a 2-inch receiver and would make a great gift for anyone who has ever chanted, "USA! USA!" at a sporting event. You know who you are.

Broadcast Your Business With This Light-Up Sign

With the shortage of rental cars available across the country, there's never been a better time to drive for a rideshare service than right now. This light-up LED rideshare sign will let you advertise your business in a colorful way that patrons won't miss. Available in white and a host of other colors, this low-profile light has a six-foot cable. It lights things up nicely, too, even with tinted windows.

You're On A Roll


If you don't want to commit to an entire creeper seat, maybe this padded mechanic's stool is a better fit. Featuring a soft, padded seat, a segmented tool tray, and 360-degree swivel casters, this option will give you the best seat in the house as you work on your bikes, cars, and trucks. The black option has several pull-out drawers and a cup holder as well.

Be Prepared For Any Emergency


Maybe you were never a Boy Scout, but its "Be prepared!" motto is still a good one to live by. This emergency roadside toolkit goes beyond simple jumper cables to include tire repair tools, traction ropes, gloves, and more. There's even a mini shovel in case you need to dig yourself out of a muddy situation. This is 124 pieces of emergency relief.

Give Drivers The FingerThumb


Give folks a piece of your mind — or at least a finger — as you navigate the roads. This green thumb's-up lighted sign is a unique way to say "thank you" to your fellow drivers for being friendly and hospitable in traffic. I suppose this replaces the universal "hand up" way of saying thank you when someone stops to let you turn or lets you squeeze in, in front of them. Now if there were only a thumb's down version ...

Wrap It Up


Aprons aren't just for the kitchen, guys. This waxed canvas apron is perfect for those dirty, grimy jobs in the garage and in and around your cars to keep your clothing clean as a whistle. The adjustable cross-back strap design eliminates neck pain while the large front pockets give you quick and easy access to tools. Long straps can accommodate up to a 50-inch waist.

Crack The Code


I didn't realize how handy a code reader was until I discovered I have one built into my car. I read the code and called the garage (and, yes, I Googled it, too) so they knew exactly what was going on. If you don't have one built-in as I do, snag this code reader for right around $20. It's a worthwhile investment so you know whether that code is urgent or if it can wait for a few days.

"Avengers, Assemble!"


We talked quite a bit about things you really need if you're into cars or spend a lot of time in your garage, but we haven't talked about too many gadgets that you don't particularly need, but are cool to have. This Captain America-themed start-stop button cover fits the latter. Not only does it protect your button from scratches and debris, but it just looks cool. Be sure to shout, "Avengers assemble!" every time you open it.

Just A Heads Up


There's something to be said for a gadget that lets you keep your eyes on the road. I mean, that's the most important thing, obviously. This heads-up display unit gives you speed, driving direction, voltage, driving time, low voltage alarm, over speed alarm, satellite time, altitude, and more in one low-profile package that won't take up a ton of space. This gadget with a 2.2-inch display is universally compatible with all vehicles.

Protect Your Ride From The Elements


A full-vehicle car cover doesn't have to cost a fortune. This sedan-length model clocks in at right around $36 to protect in numerous weather scenarios including wind, rain, snow, and sun. It is made of wear-resistant and tear-resistant material and has an elasticized hem and fixed buckles to ensure it won't go flying off into the sunset. It also comes in models for hatchbacks and SUVs.

A Sticker Safeguard For Your Threshold


How many times have you looked at your vehicle's door guards and winced at all the scratches and abrasions on it? (If you have kids, the answer is "an infinite number of times.") These carbon fiber threshold stickers add a layer of protection from abrasion and scratches. A package of four is enough for both your front and rear doors and is made of anti-aging, waterproof material.

Let Me Console You


Fess up: Your center console looks like a disaster, doesn't it? Old receipts, fast-food napkins, change, and more are floating around in there like a cesspool of junk. This center console organizer is compatible with several Chevrolet models and has multiple dividers for everything from ink pens to change to that collection of CDs you've moved from car to car since 1996.

Broadcast Your Custom Logo

Amazon / Ashley

There's fancy ... and then there's custom logo projector fancy that displays an image of your choice when your doors are open. Some manufacturers have started adding this in the build process, but you can add it with this personalized Amazon option for less than $20. Reviewers generally echo this sentiment: "Very nice bright white light with custom logo. Logo is perfect, exactly as uploaded."

Add An Echo To Your Ride


If you don't have built-in "smart" features in your car, no worries. You can easily transform your ride with Echo Auto, an Amazon Echo device designed specifically for vehicles. Mount the small receiver and add Alexa to your car so you can do much more than just listen to the radio. This device makes it possible to stream from various apps and do useful things like make calls, check the news, pay for gas, and more.