Amazon Items to Buy Before Your Next Trip

It's time to make up for lost time and do some traveling. If you've got trips planned for the next year, you need to take a look through this list before you head out. We've found the top travel items, from luggage to footwear and everything in between. You'll be adventuring in style.

So make sure you scroll all the way to the end, because you don't want to jump on a plane without all the right accessories. We've compiled together over over 25 of the best gadgets and items to buy wether you're heading off on the road, or you are about to hop onto your next flight across the country.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Anti-Theft Bag Is a Smart Choice for Travel

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For peace of mind and practicality, this Anti-Theft Bag is a smart choice for travel or public transit. The crossbody design means it's hard to snatch, and the fabric of both the bag and strap are slash-resistant. The main compartment can be locked, and there's an RFID blocking card built-in.

These Transparent Pouches Keep Me Organized

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I bought a set of these Transparent Pouches last year, and I've found so many uses for them that I'm ordering a second set. I use them in my purse and work bag to organize makeup and other small things, and I also keep one in my car for odds and ends. They're absolutely perfect for travel too: add a few to your suitcase to keep small items organized.

These Sink Suds for Hotel Sink Laundry

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Handy for travel, dorm rooms, or quick laundry jobs anytime, these Sink Suds packets make hand-washing clothes a heck of a lot easier. Each packet provides just enough detergent for 2-3 garments and works with any temperature of water. If you're planning a long trip and won't have access to washer and dryer, these are great in a pinch.

These Trail Running Shoes are for the Minimalist in All of Us

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When you're traveling, there's a high likelihood that you're going to spend a lot of time on your feet. These minimalist trail-running shoes have "barefoot" right in the description, enabling you to really connect with the terrain around you. These come in so many cool colors and won't break the bank at right around $35 per pair. Minimalist shoes give you the feeling of walking barefoot, with a good amount of freedom of movement. You'll stay comfortable throughout even the longest trips.

This Luggage Scale Prevents Surprise Fees

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No one likes surprise fees, especially at the airport. Use this luggage scale to find out exactly how much your bags weigh. It'll measure up to 110 pounds, so you'll know if you packed too much to check your bag for free!

Organize Your Makeup Without Organizing It

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I like this one for a number of reasons. For starters, you can easily lay out this drawstring makeup bag to see everything you need all at one time. When it's time to leave, simply pull the bag closed, and you can transport all your brushes, compacts, and bottles with you. Plus it's compact enough that you'll barely take up any room in your suitcase.

This Carry-On Bag That's Seriously Versatile

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You can use this tote as a gym bag or even as a carry-on — the strap on the back makes it easy to balance on top of any rolling luggage you might have. It's made from tough nylon that won't rip, and you have the choice of three colors: pink, grey, or black. The right carry on is essential for any plane trip, so make sure you grab this one.

TheseStylish Polarized Sunglasses Can Be Worn by Men and Women

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Sunglasses are a summer must-have item, and these are a great buy because both men and women can wear them. If you're headed to a sunny locale, you'll want to make sure that you snag a pair to keep your eyes well protected.

My boyfriend first bought them, and I kept taking them to wear, so he ended up buying a second pair for me!

These Oversized Vintage Sunglasses Suit Every Face Shape

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I love oversized sunglasses because no matter how late you were out the night before, you still look effortlessly glamorous. These are my go-to glasses that are the perfect summer accessory with a vintage vibe. I like to pair mine with a summer dress or even jeans and a tank top. If you're checking out the nightlife while on vacation, or just spending time on the beach, these are a must have.

These Mini Perfume Spritzers are Great for Travel

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If you like to take your fragrance on the go, try these mini perfume spritzer bottles that are great for travel. You'll get a set of four bottles, each a different color that you can assign to different scents. And they're tiny enough to pop in your purse even if you're not traveling, so you can refresh your fragrance throughout the day.

These Garden Clogs Customer Reviews Say Are More Stylish Than Crocs

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Light-weight and low-priced, these Garden Clogs are the easiest shoes to slip on for light yard work or quick trips to the mailbox. They're made of waterproof rubber and come in 11 colors. Customers say that they're a great alternative to Crocs. If you're going to be in the woods, climbing through water, or managing interesting terrain, they're great because they're waterproof and breathable.

These Spanish-Style Espadrilles Are Muy Caliente

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These Spanish-style Espadrilles will have you feeling like you're in Barcelona for the summer. Maybe you will be! Even if you're not headed to Europe, these are a great pair of shoes to pack if you want to have a nice going out outfit for your trip.

The Cutest Tote Bag to Add to Your Collection

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Okay, I have a confession: Tote bags may or may not be my new favorite trend. Whether I'm running errands or heading to a coffee study date, this tote bag is always over my shoulder. It's cute and practical, I know you'll love this as much as I (and the other 5-star reviewers) do. I like to have a solid tote bag with me when I'm traveling, because I know I'm likely to bring more stuff on day trips than I would at home. This one is cute and sturdy.

This Straw Handwoven Tote Is Boho Chic for The Beach

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This handwoven straw tote has enough room to carry all you need, and it's totally boho-chic, so you'll have the latest trend on your arm. It's the perfect size to throw all you need to carry for the day and the best part is that has cute colorful pom-poms. For any beach vacation it's a necessity.

Express Yourself with Face-Framing Style Cat Eye Sunglasses

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Sunglasses are sort of a daily requirement so I'm always on the hunt for cute and affordable options. I stumbled onto these retro cat-eye sunglasses and besides giving me all the Cardi B vibes, they come in a ton of really fun colors for not a lot of dinero. Leave one in your car, throw another in your purse and a third in your beach (gym?) bag, and at least pretend like you're in Florida. If you are going to Florida, then you definitely need a pair.

The Crossbody Bag Customers Call the "Perfect" Size for Phone and Essentials

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Made of soft synthetic leather, this Crossbody Phone Bag is designed to hold just what you need for comfortable, all-day wear. Perfectly sized for a phone and a few essentials, and comes in over 40 colors! It's a great bag for travel because the cross body design keeps it in eyesight, it's lightweight, and it's surprisingly spacious.

These Socks Like Slip-On are Great to Wear for Water Sports

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Venture outdoors with these slip-ons that are great for cycling, water sports, gardening, car-washing and jogging. Made with rubber soles, you can even keep a pair in your bag while hiking to protect your feet from any bruises. Any outdoor vacationer should have these in their bag: great to wade through rivers while keeping your feet safe from rocks.

This Vera Bradley Bag Makes a Very Cute Spring Everyday Purse

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Why is everything that Vera Bradley puts out just so damn adorable? This bag is absolutely perfect for spring, thanks to its bold floral print that can't be missed. It's great for traveling or days spent working at the coffee shop when you have a little extra gear to tote around.

These Pretty, Pastel Canvas Sneakers

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A classic style in fresh colors, just in time for spring outfits? Yes, please, and thank you! These Canvas Sneakers stand in nicely for Converse at a fraction of the price. They're my go to shoe which means I need a couple of pairs in different colors. They're also a great option for long, touristy days of walking.

These Bestselling Hiking Boots Under $50

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Sturdy and waterproof, these hiking boots are a fantastic value at under $50 a pair. They feature rubber soles, a cushioned footbed, and a mesh lining for breathability. Maybe your vacation is going to take you to the mountains (or at least up some steep hills). Then it's definitely time to grab a new pair of boots.

These Sandals are Ideal for Days on the Lake

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Another thing that I used to hate and then bought? Shocking (not)! These sandals have become my absolute go-to for adventuring. I've worn them while trekking up a creek, hiking, kayaking, and walking around town. They're super comfy, and they can withstand all of your outdoor needs. Don't spend the money on the name-brand ones and get these instead.

This Shoulder Bag Is Giving Me Major 2000s Flashbacks

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This shoulder bag may easily be one of the chicest purses that I have ever found on Amazon, and I can't get enough of it. It's very similar to the purses that were popular in the 2000s which have made a major comeback recently. While it may look small, it can hold a wallet, phone, and more comfortably. And how cute is the snakeskin?! Another awesome choice for a good travel bag.

The Makeup Bag That Costs Less Than $5

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They may not be the largest, but these bagsare still perfect for keeping all your brushes and compacts together while you're traveling. The print is genuinely cute — and if you don't like ducks? You've also got floral, as well as solid-colored options. Grab a few so that you can organize all your makeup on your trip.