37 Amazon Clothing Items That Are Trending Right Now

The weather is warming and as the season changes, so do the fashion trends – so, have you been keeping up with what's trending? From these high waisted yoga pants with pockets, to the undeniable must-have face mask, I've compiled a list of my favorite Amazon clothing items that are trending right now.

I take inspiration from my favorite celebrity fashion icons as well as the best-selling items from Amazon, because most of us are doing all our shopping online these days. I've found that I can get better value for money by shopping online, rather than paying the designer price tags for what the celebs are actually wearing. So, here are my top picks for what's trending right now… hopefully you have your credit card ready to go!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These High Waisted Yoga Pants with Pockets Are All the Rage


Let's face it, yoga pants are always trending, and these, in particular, are a number one bestseller on Amazon for several reasons.

Firstly, the price tag is a fraction of the price of other well-known yoga athleisure-wear brands. Secondly, they have super handy pockets on the side, and they are extremely comfortable while also flattering. Convinced yet?

This Waffle Knit Tunic Blouse Is Trending with Amazon Shoppers


These gorgeous waffle knit tops have had almost 30,000 reviews on Amazon and have been ranked an Amazon's Choice product because of their popularity.

They're perfect for mid-season weather because they're lightweight while also warm enough for when the sun goes down – no wonder they are so popular with shoppers.

These FitFlop Slide Sandals That Have Become the Casual Must-Have Shoe


These FitFLop women's slide sandals are not only heaven on the feet, but they've been a trending fashion show for summer.

Similar brands have completely sold out and these ones are selling like hotcakes too, so you better order yours fast.

This Little Black Dress That's Just Like Kendall Jenner's LBD

Getty Images / Amazon

The little black dress, otherwise known as the LBD, is a timeless classic that never goes out of style.

And as the weather warms up as we head into summer, this sexy spaghetti strap tank dress, which resembles Kendall Jenner's LBD, has been selling super-fast on Amazon. If black is not your color, there are also a range of other shades in the mini dress.

This Silver Metallic Party Dress That Kylie Jenner Made A Trending Ensemble

Getty Images / Amazon

Sure, Covid ruined the party scene for most of 2020, and we're still not completely out of the woods, but this silver metallic party dress that Kylie Jenner has made trend is still a must-have item.

Who doesn't want to get dolled up and have fun after dealing with a global pandemic? And this is the dress to do it in.

These Casual Crop Tops That Emily Ratajkowski Wears as A Staple

Getty Images / Amazon

The other fashion trend that the global pandemic has created is the acceptance of casual wear on any occasion.

Emily Ratajkowski is the queen of casual glam, and these crop tops match any outfit. Bonus: the price tag is super affordable.

These Knee-High Boots That Irina Shayk Wears All-Year Round

Getty Images / Amazon

High patent black boots are a dramatic fashion statement, but as Irina Shayk proves, you can wear them casually as well.

These boots on Amazon are a fraction of the price as our favorite celebs would be buying, but they're still amazingly comfortable and are a best seller.

These Slip-On Mules That Celebs Like Ana de Armas Have Made Trendy

Getty Images / Amazon

Slip-on backless mules are the ideal footwear to pair with dresses or jeans, and Ana de Armas proves how on-trend they are for any occasion.

You can spend hundreds of dollars on designer mules, or you can try these trending shoes on Amazon for less than $40. They have sturdy rubber soles and come in a range of colors.

These Beach Bags with Embroidery from Miami Swim Week Fashion Show

Getty Images / Amazon

If you've been planning your summer wardrobe for 2021, this beach bag is a must-have item for your list.

Beach bags are always a staple on the Miami Swim Week runway, and you can get your own lookalike trending bag on Amazon for less than $20.

These Retro Velour Tracksuits Brought Back into Style by Paris Hilton

Getty Images / Amazon

Remember when velour tracksuits were all the rage? Well, they are once again, thanks to Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

And they've never been easier to find than now because Amazon has all your favorite colors in the popular tracksuits for a super affordable price.

Spring Trench Coats Are Always on Trend

Amazon / Getty Images

Another timeless classic is the on-trend trench coat, and I love this one photographed during a fashion shoot in Spring 2021 in Paris.

My budget doesn't stretch to Paris Fashion Week brands, though, so I bought this one on Amazon for way less, and it's perfect for rain or shine because it's waterproof and windproof.

This Super Soft Tank Top Is A Must-Have Wardrobe Staple


This is a new product on Amazon, but super soft tank tops like this are a trending wardrobe staple this year.

Soft casuals have been made famous by brands like Skims, and Amazon's The Drop has affordable outfits that are just as comfortable.

Wide Leg Jeans Worn by Celebs Such as Gigi Hadid

Amazon / Getty Images

In February, these wide-leg jeans that Gigi Hadid wore during Milan Fashion Week have become super popular for all-year-round fashion.

You can dress them up with heels or wear them casually with sneakers and still have a casual chic ensemble, loved by supermodels worldwide.

Brown Leather Jackets Are A Classic Staple, As Bella Hadid Proves

Amazon / Getty Images

When Bella Hadid stepped out in her brown leather jacket during Milan Fashion Week in February, it reminded me how much these jackets are always in style.

An animal-friendly and more affordable version is this faux leather tan jacket on Amazon. It gives you that on-trend look without the high cost.

Floaty Summer Dresses That Vanessa Hudgens Loves

Amazon / Getty Images

Summer is just around the corner, which means floaty summer dresses like this one are back on trend, as Vanessa Hudgens always proves.

There's nothing more effortlessly elegant than a light summer dress, which you can wear around the city or at the beach this summer.

Kimono-Inspired Wraps to Take You from The Beach to Casual Wear

Getty Images / Amazon

As Dakota Johnson has shown us, kimono-inspired wraps are perfect to wear around the house or to the beach.

It's such an on-trend look for summer that there are so many choices online, but this one is my go-to because it's an Amazon's Choice product with great reviews and ratings.

Black Blazers Are Always A Must-Have, Just Ask Dakota Johnson

Getty Images / Amazon

Dakota Johnson looks ready for business in this black blazer, which is any girl's must-have staple in her wardrobe.

This version on Amazon is a number one best seller with stellar reviews because it's both chic and comfortable and ticks the box for must-have blazers.

Classic Crisp White Shirts Are Meghan Markle's Staple

Getty Images / Amazon

Another staple in every girl's wardrobe – even Meghan Markle's – is this crisp white shirt.

She found fame on Suits, and Meghan's classic style with a business edge has made white shirts essential for every woman.

These Yoga Bike Shorts That Celebs Like Shay Mitchell Love

Getty Images / Amazon

Shay Mitchell somehow manages to look effortlessly glam while juggling mom duties.

I'm not sure how she does it, but I do know that these yoga bike shorts complete her outfit perfectly and are a totally on-trend item this year. Hence, why these ones are an Amazon bestseller.

Green Is the Hot Color for Bikinis This Summer… Just Ask Blake Lively

Getty Images / Amazon

Green is the new black this summer… that is for string bikinis, and Blake Lively proves how great green looks on the beach.

No matter what your skin tone is, green seems to flatter everyone, which is why I bought this triangle two-piece for a great price on Amazon.

Loose-Fit Super Soft Joggers Are an On-Going Athleisure Trend


Athleisure wear has been on trend for a while, but these super soft joggers became even more on-trend during the lockdown and the global pandemic.

Even though it's a new product from The Drop on Amazon, I can guarantee you'll love them as much as I do because of their super soft feel.

Spanish-Style Espadrille's Are an Effortlessly Chic Summer Must-Have


If you've ever done a summer in Spain, you'll know how popular these espadrille sandals are.

But to be honest, they're just as popular here, which is why these ones on Amazon have had thousands of great reviews and are flying off the online shelves.

These Super Fluffy Slippers That Can Be Worn as Sandals, Loved by Megan Fox

Getty Images / Amazon

Celebrities like Megan Fox have made these super fluffy slippers with rubber soles an on-trend shoe.

You can wear them inside as slippers or outside as sandals and this candy floss pink color that Megan wears is my favorite – check out what a great deal they are on Amazon!

Green Handbags Like Kaia Gerber's Are Trending Right Now

Getty Images / Amazon

I'm jealous of almost everything Kaia Gerber wears, and this green handbag is no exception.

It's so on-trend right now to wear a bright-colored bag to accessorize, and I found this classic satchel on Amazon for a fraction of the price of a designer handbag.

White Blazers Are the Perfect Summer Accessory as Shown by Nicola Peltz

Getty Images / Amazon

Nicola Peltz is one on-trend celebrity who has the power to influence millions, and her white blazer has been no exception.

This white blazer on Amazon is a best seller and has had almost 8,000 good ratings by happy shoppers.

Headbands Have Made A Comeback Thanks to Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman

Getty Images / Amazon

The poet has become an icon for a new generation of Americans, and her style is influencing young women all across the country.

And this headband she wore at Biden's inauguration is now an on-trend accessory for all age groups.

White Wide Leg Pants Like Jennifer Lopez's

Amazon / Getty Images

Wide leg pants are super flattering, which Jennifer Lopez proved in this white ensemble.

These palazzo pants can be worn both casually and dressed up with heels and are definitely a must-have item for summer.

Lily Collins' Faux Leather Leggings Are a Best Seller

Amazon / Getty Images

Leggings have been a must-have for years, but these faux leather leggings are a best seller on Amazon for a reason.

They can be worn casually to a sports game like Lily Collins wears hers, or they can be dressed up with heels and a blazer.

Super Soft Cashmere Is A Spring Must-Have, Just Like Priyanka Chopra

Amazon / Getty Images

This snug yellow top with blue trim is the ideal sweater to snuggle into spring or fall.

Priyanka knows how to add a little color to her wardrobe, and Amazon's knit version will cost you less than $45. It's a one-size-fits-all top, so you don't need to worry about whether it'll fit.

Military-Chic Is an On-Going Trend, Just Ask Shiva Safai

Getty Images / Amazon

She's a fashion icon in Los Angeles and manages to make a military jacket look as feminine as a cocktail dress. Khaki greens and military fashion are so on-trend this season that there are a lot of options to choose from.

But this army-style utility jacket on Amazon is my favorite, and it's a best seller under casual jackets.

Kendall Jenner's Mini Pink Handbag Is A Trending Accessory

Getty Images / Amazon

You might not be able to splash out thousands of dollars for Kendall Jenner's designer mini handbag, but here's an alternative for less than $20.

This bag has been ranked as Amazon's Choice under mini pink purses, and the top handle clutch and crossbody strap offer multiple ways to wear it.

Casual Elegance Like Gemma Chan's White Denim Overalls Are So Hot Right Now

Getty Images / Amazon

Gemma Chan knows how to mix casual denim with elegance, as she did here for a Calvin Klein event.

Denim overalls are a '90s throwback that is on-trend again, and some sizes have almost sold out. So, get yours fast!

Selena Gomez's Essential Flat Loafers Are This Summer's Go-To Look

Getty Images / Amazon

Flat loafers are essential for any woman on the go, and Selena Gomez proves how stylish they can be with the right outfit.

Amazon's Essentials store has an on-trend look for under $25, and they can be teamed up with leggings, dresses, or even shorts.

Follow Zoe Saldana's Lead with This On-Trend Black Tote Purse

Getty Images / Amazon

A black tote purse with a long gold chain to cross over the body is a classic look from day to night that is so popular at the moment.

Zoe Saldana pairs hers with an evening dress, but it can also accompany a more casual outfit. Amazon stocks a collection for less than $17, which will leave you looking like the actress.

The Classic Pantsuit That Inspires Kourtney Kardashian's Sexy Style

Getty Images / Amazon

Kourtney Kardashian likes to keep her style elegant yet sexy, without too many accessories. And this pantsuit is her on-trend look that doesn't cost a fortune.

The cocktail knit jumpsuit is less than $35 and will give you Kourtney's go-to look.

Olivia Wilde's White High-Top Sneakers Are A Must-Have Shoe

Getty Images / Amazon

Olivia Wilde has access to any fashion items she wants, and she knows a good thing when she sees it – such as these casual white high-top sneakers.

Talk about a great deal on Amazon! No wonder these trending shoes are so popular; just check out the price tag.

Salma Hayek Face Mask Is an Undeniable Trending Accessory

Getty Images / Amazon

There's no denying that the newest trending accessory of the past year is face masks.

There are so many to choose from, from surgical masks to PPE gear, but let's face it – these face masks that look just like the one Salma Hayek wears are the most flattering and fashionable for the face.