37 Amazing Things Under $10 on Amazon

I can't resist the call of inexpensive gadgets and cool things that cost less than a fast food meal - I literally could spend hours browsing the dollar store or the area previously known as Target's Dollar Spot. Amazon's like a supersized version of those bargain bins, and it's easy to get lost if you don't know what you're looking for. Good thing I'm here to be your trusty guide to dope things you can get on Amazon for under $10!

Whether you need an RFID passport holder with mini pen that comes in more colors than I care to count or the coolest hologram topcoat for DIY manis, I'm sure you'll find something to love on this deep-dive into Amazon's impulse purchases!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Kawaii Rainbow Nightlight Brightens Up Dark Nights

Technically these are probably meant for kids' rooms or nurseries, but I think this rainbow nightlight would look uber cute in any room to add a little cheer. It has a cool little techy secret too - you can flip a switch on the back and make the light voice-activated, so if your kid cries at night, the light can comfort them (and hopefully let you stay in bed!)

This Cooling Towel Makes The Gym Suck Less

The room my Barre class is in at the gym also houses the (very) hot yoga class, so is routinely about 100 degrees which makes for a clammy, humid workout sesh. This cooling towel would feel sooo exquisitely nice during and after a sweat sesh. To "activate" the towel, simply wet and wring it out - that's it, no scary chemicals or fabric additives, just good ol' fashioned evaporative technology!

This Toothbrush Cover Doubles As A Cup

Toothbrush covers can be fiddly to apply, but this flexible silicone cover slips on and comes off easily when it's time to brush your teeth. It also doubles as a water cup for rinsing after brushing, so you can steer clear of the questionably clean hotel water tap, just fill the cup instead of putting your face down there!

This RFID Passport Case Is More Organized Than Your Mom

It seems whenever I have to fill out one of those immigration cards on planes, there's never a pen handy - solve that problem with this handy RFID passport case that includes a mini pen for exactly that purpose! It also has pockets to hold tickets, boarding passes, credit cards and other ID so it's basically your personal concierge for international trips.

These HyperGo Wipes Take Bathing On-The-Go

There's not often time to take a shower after a sweaty commute or lunchtime workout, but these 12x12 oversized body wipes are the next best thing!  They're hypoallergenic, alcohol, paraben and fragrance-free and full of good-for-skin ingredients like vitamin E, oatmeal and aloe so sensitive users don't have to worry about an adverse reaction. You'll get a pack of ten huge wipes that'll last you weeks of gym sessions!

This Cute Sleep Mask Is Dreamy

Do you *need* a fuzzy animal sleep mask? Maybe not, but do you want one? A million times yes! Whether you choose from a fox, panda, bunny, seal, penguin, koala, alpaca or other unidentified small furry animal face, you'll be sure to get the cutest ZZZs around. There's also a frog version that's definitely giving off some creepy vibes, useful for freaking out your SO though!

These Tampon Flasks Let You Sneak Illicit Booze

What's the best way to sneak illicit booze into a festival or other venue where crowds gather for entertainment? These tampon flasks that look surprisingly like the real things, wrappers included. While we'd never condone smuggling booze in where you're not supposed to, you have to admit these are pretty clever!

This Makeup Brush Holder Is A Versatile Organization MVP

Organization's been a buzzword ever since Marie Kondo very neatly folded herself onto the scene, and this makeup brush holder wants your counter to live its best life. The three-tiered design holds pretty much any little thing that's cluttering your space - gel pens, cosmetic applicators, office supplies and more.

This Bread Squishy Is The Best Stress Reliever

How much do I want this teddy bear face squishy toy shaped like a loaf of chocolate-dipped bread? Answer: the most. Besides its aggressive cuteness, the best part the slow-rise stress reliever SMELLS LIKE TOAST. Welp, happy birthday/early Christmas to me! *Promptly adds to cart*

These Flour Sack Kitchen Towels Are Restaurant-Grade

Flour sack kitchen towels are the best around since they're ultra-absorbant and take a lot of abuse while still looking great. This pack of six 100% cotton tea towels are lint-free and bleach-safe so they'll be with you for the long haul. I'm partial to this sunny stripe, but you can choose from green, blue or a combination pack of colors!

These Dryer Balls Slash Your Clothes Drying Time!

Liquid softener builds up on your clothes (and in your washing machine) and traps manky odors, stop using it and get these all-natural wool dryer balls instead! This set of six dryer balls will cut your drying time up to 25% and provide the same fabric softening payoff - smart!

This Glass Tumbler Is Pure Class

It's hard to believe these glass tumblers with bamboo cover and straw are so inexpensive! You can choose from mint, aqua, coral, sky, denim blue or cool grey rubberized exteriors which protect against klutzy butterfingers (like me). This cup gets rave reviews for sturdiness, durability and gorgeous design!

This Car Detailing Brush Is A Quick Fix

Whenever I'm stopped at a red light or in traffic, I get to behold the glorious dustiness that is my car dashboard and console. I fruitlessly try to wipe it off with my hand or a leftover fast food napkin but that usually makes it worse. What I need is this car detailing brush that easily whisks away dust, pollen and whatever else has collected on the dashboard, and the opposite end cleans vents in a snap. Traffic can finally be productive!

This Tinted Moisturizer Provides Dewy SPF Protection

As a pale person who doesn't like to wear a lot of foundation, I adore this SPF moisturizer makeup. It comes in a case with a squishy cushion that holds the ultra-creamy makeup, you just pat it on your face with the included baby-soft applicator for a flawless finish that prevents sun damage with SPF 50! K-beauty knows how to make weightless, easy-to-wear sunscreens, for sure.

This Pack Of Neon 80s Sunglasses Is Pure Fun

Beer isn't the only 12-pack that would make summer BBQs or pool parties more fun - check out these neon 80s sunglasses that come in a bundle big enough to share! Be the most bodacious party host when you hand out these radical glasses at weddings, bachelorette parties or any gathering that could use a totally tubular upgrade.

This Glow In The Dark Tooth Case Is Damn Genius

This glow in the dark tooth box would've come in incredibly handy last time my daughter lost a tooth. The "tooth fairy" (i.e. my husband) fumbled the tiny tooth after finally locating it under her pillow and we spent a good 20 minutes searching her bedroom floor with headlamps and flashlights. Guess who found it first thing the next morning and wondered why the tooth fairy left said tooth under her bed?

This Caffeinated Shaving Cream Is A Wake-Up Call

Sure we know caffeine goes in your mouth, but did you know it also works wonders on your face? This caffeinated shave cream reduces redness and smooths out your skin so you get the closest shave. And it's TSA travel-compliant so you can take it with you!

This Reusable "Downstairs" Toupee Is The Cat's Meow

Kitty carpets, not just for Hollywood starlets anymore! These made-in-the-USA beauties come in three fashionable colors to match or clash with your curtains! (The hot pink one's the most fun). Reviwers love them as bachelorette party gag gifts and risqué Halloween costumes alike!

These Travel Cosmetic Containers Are TSA-Approved

Not only are these leakproof silicone cosmetic containers cute as heck, they're TSA-compliant so you can bring your expensive products along without worrying about being ordered to toss the whole bottle because it's a teensy bit over the approved limit, not that I'm still bitter or anything! This set of three containers even comes with a tiny spatula to help transfer makeup or skincare products easily.

This Wine Aerator Makes Any Bottle Taste Expensive

This 5-In-1 wine aerator also acts as a leakproof stopper, pourer, filter and re-corker but aside from all that, it makes even a cheap bottle taste ah-mazing. It's perfect to take on picnics since it won't spill and keeps the bugs out of your vino. The cool thing is you can also use it to seal in the freshness on bottles of liquor, sparkling water, soda - even oil and vinegar!

These Bag Clips Protect Your Carbs

Ah, carbs, my favorite food group. The anticipation of opening the bread bag to grab a fresh slice is perhaps one of life's best little pleasures, but it can quickly turn to utter disappointment if someone in the house didn't seal the bag correctly. Make it easy to protect the carby freshness with these simple-to-use bag clips. They come in a pack of three and are also great for sealing bags of nuts, beans, dried fruit, cereal, rice and other grains. I use mine for bags of frozen fruit and veggies!

You Never Know When You'll Need An Emergency Horse

Now I know this emergency horse is a little out there, but hear me out: you never know when you'll need to make an extremely realistic animal noise in an inappropriate situation. Choose from a neigh, whinny, snort or gallop to amuse/piss off the people around you! Says a satisfied reviewer: "Sure I've alienated all my friends and they hate me at work BUT this is a must have item - one just never knows when they'll need an emergency horse. I love it."

These Tattoo Sleeves Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Whether you need instant faux tattoo sleeves to complete a rocker costume or bring new meaning to casual Fridays, this set of six pull-on nylon/spandex sleeves has you covered.  You'll get an assortment of designs, from skulls and dragons to tribal and tigers that get rave reviews for looking pretty real. A garter on top keeps them from slipping, and the spandex stretches to fit a range of arm sizes!

This Pet Odor Eliminator Candle Makes Your House Smell So Fresh & So Clean

We love our four-legged friends but don't necessarily want our houses to smell like Eau de Litterbox. These pet odor eliminating candles replace wet dog and pet accident smells with gorgeous scents like lavendar green tea, sunwashed cotton and fresh citrus. Choose from 10 fresh scents in sets of three to keep your house smelling great for a long time to come.

These Reusable Gel Eye Ice Packs Provide Convenient Relief

Like the cooling effects of cold cucumbers on tired eyes but would rather put them in your salad than on your face? Try these reusable gel ice packs instead. I love that they have a cloth backing so you won't freeze your face off but instead enjoy gentle, refreshing cooling action to depuff and brighten your tired eyes.

This Grill Stone Cleans Like Magic

Grills get filthy in the blink of an eye, and they're not the easiest things to clean (even if you scrape 'em down while they're still hot). Until now - these magic stone grill scouring bricks are made of 100% ground glass which works like a pumice stone to remove burnt-on food and encrusted grease from your BBQ. And it's super easy to use, only light pressure is needed to erase stubborn grime!

These Cat Sushi Molds Up Your Bento Box Game

Want to knock your kids' socks off and impress all his or her classmates in the cafeteria? Get this cat sushi mold which will up your bento box game infinitely. The kit includes a cat rice ball mold plus a nori seaweed press and silicone mat to cut the kitty faces out of seaweed. Purrfect for cat lovers and bento box creators alike!

These Chair Socks Protect The Heck Outta Your Floor

If your chairs' feet get cold in winter, you need these stylish chair socks. Just kidding! But if you want to protect your floors from scratches and divots, these fabric covers are just the thing. This set of 16 "socks" comes in black or brown to match your chairs' wood, and easily slips on to legs of many sizes thanks to the elasticized knitted wool fabric.

This Razor Blade Sharpener Extends The Life Of Your Disposable Blades

I've never come across this razor blade sharpener before and I have to say it's rather genius. Just run your razor down the Blade Buddy a few times before you shave and the blades will stay sharper, longer which is good news because for tiny strips of metal, razor blades are silly expensive. Happy reviewers report that it doesn't mess up lubricant strips if your razor happens to have one.

This Sloth Tea Infuser Is Insanely Adorable

I drink loose-leaf tea like it's going out of style, and TBH the metal strainer ball gets boring real fast. This adorable sloth tea infuser, though? Always fun! Simply put a spoonful of tea in his round little belly then dunk him in a hot water "bath" for the cutest cuppa ever.

This Weekly Pill Organizer Keeps You Healthy

If you take a lot of daily meds or vitamins, you're going to need a good weekly pill organizer and this is one of the best I've seen! Even though it has a small footprint, it has separate containers for each day of the week which are divided into Morning, Noon, Eve and Bed for each day. Perfect for you or an elderly relative that needs help managing (and remembering to take!) pills.

These Reusable Bamboo Straws Are Fun & Functional

We all know we should stop using plastic straws because environment, but stainless steel feels cold and clinical in the mouth. These reusable bamboo straws solve that problem with their natural, pleasing texture. They come in a few lengths for different height beverage containers and in packs of 8, 12, or 20 for your sipping pleasure.

This Lemon Squeezer Is Mess-Free

Two problems arise when you squeeze lemon over food for some extra flavor: a) wlemon juice plus tiny papercuts burn like heck, and 2) the impossible-to-find seeds are going to end up in your meal and they taste terrible. This set of lemon pressers protects your hands from a sticky mess and your palate from the bitter lemon seeds since you can squeeze as hard as you want and only juice flows out the bottom of the gadget. It also has a lid so if you don't need all the juice at once, you can refrigerate the whole thing and re-use later!

This Slim Cutlery Holder Organizes Even The Smallest Kitchens

If you're short on kitchen drawer space, fear not - you can still keep things organized and have room to spare with this slim cutlery holder. The unique vertical design features cutlery storage compartments that are stacked to save space, and has icons so you'll know where to put everything fresh out of the dishwasher. 400+ five-star reviews can't be wrong!

This Guacamole Bowl Is As Cute As It Is Useful

Have you ever seen a more perfect guacamole bowl? I have not, and I'm a pretty seasoned shopper. This dishwasher-safe ceramic avocado-shaped container not only looks great while it displays your amazing guac during snacktime, it comes with a serving spoon that fits perfectly between the lid and bowl so it's great for transporting to parties, too. It's big enough to hold guac for 7-9 people, invite all your friends!

These Double Dipper Bowls Are Perfect For Parties

Forget flimsy paper plates at cocktail parties or movie nights - with these two-sided bowls, you can keep your chips separate from the dip or serve two kinds of food in the same bowl! They're also great for kids' painting since one side can hold paint and the other water to wash the brush. These come in a pack of four so you'll always have one on hand when you need it!

This Holographic Top Coat Is Cool AF

Why use a regular clear topcoat when you could jazz things up with this holographic topcoat? This super fast-drying formula puts the finishing touch on your DIY mani with a cool 3-D effect thanks to silver holographic particles suspended in the polish. The best part is it's not impossibly hard to remove like other glitter polishes, it just comes off like regular nail polish!