36 Genius Gadgets That Should Cost More Than $20 (But Don't)

It doesn't take a lot of money to make your life better.

Here are 36 products that can solve your problems for less than 20 bucks.

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The Thumb Thing Is a Must for Bookworms

Simply place the Thumb Thing on your thumb and voila! You only need to use one hand to keep your book open. This thing gets two thumbs up from us.

This Reverse Umbrella Is Absolutely Genius

It folds up the opposite way of most umbrellas, making it much easier to enter and exit your car or a building. Plus, it keeps the water inside the folded-up umbrella rather than dripping it all over your floor.

This Foldable Purse Hook Keeps Your Bag off the Ground

This tiny hook easily attaches to a table or desk and can support bags weight upward of 10 pounds.

The Tweexy Keeps Your Nail Polish Within Reach

If you don't have a solid flat surface nearby, Tweexy is the perfect place to put your nail polish bottle. It holds all brands of nail polish and can easily be moved from one hand to the other without smudging your manicure.

These Drain Snakes Might Be the Most Satisfying Cleaning Products Ever

Simply insert a drain snake into any clogged drain and pull it back out. You'll be amazed by what these things pull out.

Keep Your Fries Handy with This Car French Fry Holder

Easily transform one of your car's cup holders into a french fry holder. Just as nature intended.

These Car Hooks Keep Your Bag Within Easy Reach

You could also hang your umbrella or a garbage bag from them. They're super easy to install!

This Dog Food Reminder Will Bring Peace of Mind to Your Home

If you live with mutliple people (or are maybe just a little forgetful), chances are you've wondered whether the dog has been fed enough (or too much!). This handy reminder can be mounted pretty much anywhere in your house to serve as a physical reminder.

This Lick Brush Will Make Your Cat Love You

Haven't you always wanted to lick your cat? OK, maybe not...but it's actually one of the ways that cats bond with one another. Now you can get in on the action without having to worry about hairballs.

This Cactus Humidifier Plugs Right into Your Computer's USB Port

Or your car's! This adorable humidifier is great for people who are traveling or simply want a more portable option. It also has an automatic shut-off feature.

These Produce Life Extender Pads Keep Your Food Fresh for Longer

All you have to do is cut these foam pads to fit your fridge drawers or shelves and your fruits and veggies will last much longer. The liners enhance air circulation in your fridge and keep things from turning rotten before their time.

This Knife Sharpener Will Keep Your Knives in Tip-Tip Shape

Real chefs know that sharp knives mean fewer injuries and faster prep time. Before you start cooking, run your knife through this handy gadget and you'll be good to go.

You Can Cook Spaghetti in Your Microwave with This Pasta Cooker!

Who has time to fill up a pan of water and wait for it boil? Not you! Use the microwave! This pasta boat even has a built-in strainer and you can measure servings using the handle.

Or, Use This Microwave S'mores Maker to Cook up a Treat

It's not always convenient to build a campfire, but that shouldn't keep you from enjoying s'mores. All you need is one of these things, some water, and, of course, the ingredients for s'mores.

Make Even the Cheapest Wine More Fancy with This Aerator

Buy this aerator (for $5!) and before long, you'll be swirling your glass and talking about your wine's legs.

These Dip Clips Make So Much Sense

Lots of people like dips, but it's annoying to have a puddle of Ranch dressing take over your plate. Keep it in one of these handy clip-on dip cups instead.

Clean While You Cook with This Hanging Garbage Bag Holder

Cooking can be messy. With this handy garbage bag holder, you don't have to let peels pile up on your countertop or drag your heavy garbage can over to you. Just attach it to a drawer right next to you and keep on preppin'.

Tame Your Unruly Pile of Garbage Bags with This Bag Dispenser

You can mount it to a wall or inside a shelf for convenient, easy access to your collection of grocery bags. This model holds up to 30 of them.

The Shoe Slotz Organizer Is a Great Space Saver

Using Shoe Slotz means you can fit twice as many shoes on your shelf — and isn't that the dream?

Get Sneaky with This Bracelet Flask

It looks like jewelry, but this bracelet is hiding something even better: booze! This flask comes with a tiny funnel and can be stored in the fancy wooden box in which it's shipped.

This Tri-Fold Mirror Will Light up Your Life

Or your face. If you're short on counterspace, this mirror is a lifesaver. It folds down to a small 6" x 5" whenever you're not using it. The built-in LED bulbs are just a bonus.

Avoid Bathroom Smells with a Travel-Size Bottle of Poo-Pourri

Science has finally solved one of humanity's biggest problems: Smelly bathrooms. Simply spritz the bowl before you go and the special formula creates a barrier to lock smells in. This stuff has more than 10,000 Amazon reviews, so clearly those scientists are onto something.

This Drawstring Makeup Bag Makes Putting Your Makeup Away Easier Than Ever

It lays flat when it's open and putting everything away is as simple as cinching the drawstring.

Put an End to Junk Drawer Chaos with This Battery Organizer

Keep all your batteries from rolling around or getting lost with this handy organizer. It even has a removable battery tester so ou can make sure you're only keeping the good ones.

And Keep Your Storage Closet Clean with This Double-Sided Wrapping Paper Organizer

It can hold up to 12 rolls of wrapping paper, as well as a bunch of ribbons, gift bags, and tissue paper. No more crumpled tubes of paper getting crushed in the back of your closet!

These Bag Holders Provide a Helping Hand

Clip a storage bag onto one of these things and leave both of your hands free to spoon leftovers into it. It's a simple design but solves a problem you've probably been dealing with for years.

This Power Bank Is Small Enough to Store in Your Pocket

It provides enough power to provide two full charges to an iPhone 62 (or at least one to a Galaxy S7). With a handy power bank like this one, you won't have to worry about being stranded somewhere with a dead phone.

These Braided Charger Cables Last Way Longer Than the One That Came with Your Phone

They're specifically designed not to break or fray at the ends, which is something Apple apparently didn't think was important when they were designing the default cable...

Drift off to Dreamland with This White Noise Machine

This little sound machine cranks out 6 different high-quality sounds, including rain, brook, and thunder. You can let it run all night or program it to turn off in 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

No Jar Lid Is too Tough to Open When You Have a Jar Opener at Your Disposal

No one should come between you and your pickles. This listing is for durable jar grips in three different shapes to meet the challenge of any type of jar.

This Outlet Shelf Instantly Gives You More Counterspace

This shelf can be installed over any standard single outlet and has a built-in shelf that's ideal for holding your phone or one of those fancy home control devices. There's also a channel through which to thread the cord so you don't get everything all tangled.

These Silicone Baking Mats Eliminate the Need for Nonstick Spray or Parchment Paper

Simply place one of these mats on your cookie sheet and your cookies, cake, or whatever else you're baking won't stick to the pan. (As you can see, you can also use it for chocolate-dipped strawberries.)

This Magnetic Phone Mount Will Seriously Change Your Life

It comes with a thin piece of metal that you place inside your phone case, then you clip the mount on your car's air vent. Whenever you're in the car, just pop your phone onto the mount. There's no adjusting and your phone is always perfectly within sight for following directions.

Keep Your Headphones in This Handy and Stylish Organizer

No more tangled cords! Just wrap them around this stylish leather organizer and put them in your pocket. Next time you need them, simply unwrap and go!

These Nose Vents Put an End to Snoring

These things are scientifically designed to maximize airflow through your nasal passage while you sleep. Also, they're nearly invisible.