37 Genius Inventions Every Grown-Up Needs in Their Life

In many ways, being a grown lady is awesome. For one thing, you are perfectly within your rights to buy another pair of boots, because, after all, even a slight change in heel height, shaft length, and toe shape makes this boot completely unlike any you already own.

On some days, being a grown lady is hard. From bills to pay to that leering guy in the coffee shop to undergarments that pinch, dig, or wander into uncomfortable places, being a grown woman is not always fun or easy.

Whether you're having a tough day or a great day, a few well thought out items and products can make your life infinitely more pleasant. We've collected 36 great looking products that are perfect for your grown lady life.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Add a Handful of these Dead Sea Bath Salts to Your Bath for a Relaxing, Detoxifying Soak

Grown lady life is stressful for a number of reasons. When you need to unwind, a relaxing soak is an excellent option. According to Herbivore, the manufacturer of these Dead Sea Bath Salts, they will "detoxify your body and clear your mind." The Pacific sea salt is infused with Cambrian blue clay which draws impurities from your skin, and essential oils - calming lavender and rejuvenating eucalyptus. You are sure to emerge from this bath as a new woman.

Every Woman I Know Deserves a Merit Badge and This The Grown-Ass Women's Club Journal

Part journal, part pep talk, and part humor book,The Grown-Ass Women's Club is for all the awesome women out there slaying it every single day. The subtitle, "Be Awesome. Earn Badges." is literal here. There are merit badges in this book for silly things (that are still badass) like getting a drastic haircut, and more seriously badass things like breaking the glass ceiling. You might need to buy a copy for every woman you know.

Novelty Socks are Like an Inside Joke You Have with Yourself

Just because you're a grown lady doesn't mean your feet need to always act that way. Why not wear a fun pair of novelty socks? After all, you do have mood swings. With sayings like "Kick this day in its sunshiny ass," the inside joke you have with your own feet will set the mood for your day. A fun pair of socks is a great add-on gift or stocking stuffer too.

I Never Realized How Poorly Designed Umbrellas Were Until I Saw These Double Layer Reverse Umbrellas

I don't usually use an umbrella because they are more trouble than they're worth. Sure, you stay dry while you're out in the rain, but then you're stuck carrying a soaking wet nightmare. And there is literally no way to close a standard umbrella while getting into a car without becoming more drenched than you would have been sans-umbrella, in just a raincoat, in the first place. I can't be the only one who would love to get her hands on one of these Reverse Umbrellas Give this as a gift and make some grown lady you know very happy.

Dry, Cracked, Unsightly Heels Don't Stand a Chance Against These Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks

If you suffer from dry heels and feel like you've tried everything, these Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks are going to be your new favorite thing. These socks are made of a breathable, super stretchy cotton and have an open toe design so your feet won't overheat if you decide to sleep in them. Inside, there's a gel pad infused with dry skin killing moisturizers. The socks are totally washable and reusable, and can be combined with any lotion of your choice. Your heels will look better than ever!

Turn Your Home into a Spa with This Facial Steamer

Grown lady skin sometimes needs a little extra TLC. This facial steamer will open and unclog your pores, ridding your face of any lingering dirt and makeup; it seemingly melts away dead skin cells; and it leaves your skin soft, clear, and ready to absorb your skin care products. You should be able to see results after one use. Your grown lady skin will feel less grown up once it's clean and clear and moisturized with this ultimate home spa treatment.

Keep Your Polish Where You Want it With Latex Tape Cuticle Guard

This stuff is basically brilliant for anyone who does her own nails at home. With a brush just like a polish brush, you paint this pink Latex Tape Cuticle Guard around your nails, covering your cuticles. Then proceed with your nail polish as usual. Those stray dabs or blobs of polish on your cuticles are nothing to worry about. When you're finished, simply peel off the latex barrier and you're left with perfect nails. Not one drop out of line!

Take Advantage of Cold Weather Accessories With This Winter Soft Knitted Beanie

You might love the cold weather or you might hate it, but there is no denying that the cold weather brings the year's best accessories and wardrobe options. Cozy, figure forgiving layers, so many boots, scarves of every size and stripe, and, of course, great hats. A grown lady in a cold climate can't have too many hats. It's an inexpensive way to stay current and on trend. This year, why not go for a cute Soft Knitted Beanie adorned with a fluffy faux fur pom pom? With 29 different color combinations, it might be hard to pick just one!

Quickly Rid Yourself of Unwanted Facial Hair with This Facial Hair Remover

There is no way around the fact that ripping hair out of your face hurts. But with this Facial Hair Remover you can finish the job in a fraction of the time it takes to tweeze, and with none of the mess of creams and waxes. The hair is removed from the roots, leaving you baby smooth without damaging your skin. The coil design allows you to precisely navigate any area of your face, and cover larger areas quickly.

See All Your Stuff With This Tank Top and Leggings Hanger Combo Pack

Tank tops and leggings are the types of things we just accumulate over time. One can't have too many tanks and camisoles, and a great pair of leggings should not be passed up. But then how do you store all this stuff? I can't be the only one who digs through a million pairs of black leggings looking for that one particular pair of black leggings that are probably indistinguishable from the rest to everyone but me. This set of Tank Top and Leggings Hangers will change your whole world. Well, your closet anyway.

It's Time to See What All the Fuss is About With This French Red Clay Facial Sponge

If you've been shopping for beauty products in the last couple of years then you've undoubtedly noticed the trend towards Korean skincare lines. What is that all about, you wonder? Check out one of these French Red Clay Facial Sponges, made from the naturally occurring fibers from the root of the Konjac plant, native to eastern Asia. The fibers are rich in minerals and vitamins meaning the sponge is already infused with all sorts of good stuff for your skin. Use it alone or with your favorite cleanser and you'll soon see why everyone's going nuts over these things.

For Days When Buttons and Zippers are Just Too Much Wear These Totally Shaping Pull-On Skinny Jeans

The great thing about these pull-on skinny jeans is that they look like real clothes, but feel like yoga pants. Without the lumpy button zip closure of traditional jeans, you will look smooth and polished. Plus these have a built in tummy smoothing panel. BUT they still feel like stretchy, comfy, yoga pants. They're basically a miracle. With nearly 1,000 rave reviews, these might just be your new favorite jeans.

Keep Your Drawers, and Your Drawers, Organized With This Underwear Organizer

As a grown lady, you know you have several types and tiers of underwear that you sort through in order to find the perfect pair for any given day/outfit/mood. And how many bras do you dig through in order to find your one favorite one that you always wear? Keep all your undies easy to see and find with the Underwear Organizer that over 1800 other grown ladies have vouched for.

Protect Your Expensive Bras With These Bra Wash Bags

As you know, on any given day your bra might very well be the most expensive item of clothing you're wearing. Wouldn't it be nice if they lasted a bit longer? With time, our favorites lose their shape and their will to do their job. But with proper care, we can extend the lives of these mighty undergarments which provide us with comfort and support (well, support anyway) day in and day out. By washing your bras in these Bra Wash Bags you can ensure that they don't become entangled with other clothes in the washer, causing them to bend and stretch out.

These Little Wonder Woman Bags are Endlessly Handy

With a clear front, these little baggies make great organizers for toys, accessories, makeup, electronics, snacks, and anything else really! They're washable and reusable, so you can quit buying disposable plastic baggies, and they are TSA approved so you can use them for carrying your liquids and cosmetics when you fly! Made from sturdy, waterproof fabric, this set of Wonder Woman Clear Front Travel Bags includes three sizes to help you organize and tote all your little things.

This Capiz Shell Lotus Tea Light Holder is so Pretty, Everyone Should Have One

You're a grown lady and you have lots of practical things. How many purely beautiful and decorative things do you buy for yourself? This Capiz Shell Lotus Tea Light Holder comes in 8 different colors and each one is more lovely than the last. At around $15, you can get one for yourself, one for your mom or sister, one for some friends. Everyone deserves to have something beautiful for no reason other than it's so nice to look at.

Why Have Regular Pens When You Can Have Cats Gel Pens?

Who said pens have to be plain and boring? Why not add a little flair and kawaii to your writing? This set of six Cats Gel Pens are black gel pens with a superfine tip. So they are functional in addition to being adorable cats. Can't beat that! These would make a great stocking stuffer or add on gift for a teacher, student, or writer!

This Set of Korean Paper Sheet Masks Includes Nine Different Moisture Rich Masks

This Korean Mask Collection packs a big punch of hydration for the small price of only $8. No wonder people love them! This set includes nine different, super hydrating masks including a honey one especially formulated to infuse your skin with antioxidants, a cucumber one to soothe and soften, a tea tree one to calm and refresh tired skin, and a pomegranate one that brightens and smooths your complexion.

These Wineskin Bags Make it Easier to Stock Up at That Lovely Vineyard

You're a grown lady which means you get to do grown lady things like drink grown lady wine and bring some home with you from vacation. But it's hard to transport wine, and very expensive to ship it. Enter these brilliant Wineskin Bags. Seal your wine bottle in the protective baggie and pack it in your suitcase. The bottle shouldn't break, thanks to the protective bubbles, but if it did, the bag's double seal and thick vinyl exterior should keep it all locked safely inside.

For the Softest Skin Possible, You're Gonna Wanna Try This Shea Sugar Scrub

With varieties such as passion fruit and guava, and pomegranate acai, these Shea Sugar Scrubs definitely sound good enough to eat. But, don't. The sugar in these is good for you because instead of eating it you rub it all over your body in the shower. Along with the shea butter and other super moisturizing ingredients like safflower seed oil, evening primrose oil, orange oil, avocado oil, and macadamia oil this body scrub will leave your skin polished and ridiculously soft. At just $6-$8 per tub, you might just need to get a couple. This has stocking stuffer written all over it.

Fit All Your Plugs at Once With This Power Bar

Not only is this 3 outlet adapter great looking, which is weird because it's an outlet adapter, but it's also freaking brilliant. We all have surge protectors and power strips that are only half full because of the large plugs that don't fit in next to one another. Those days are now behind us.

There's More Than Meets the Eye in This Mesh Beach Tote Bag

A mesh beach bag? Brilliant! No more lugging half the beach home with you. But this Mesh Beach Tote Bag has a few more tricks up its sleeve. First, it zips, which is huge when it comes to tote bags. AND it has a separate (not see through) zippered front pocket. Next, it comes with a handy fold-up waterproof mat that's honest-to-goodness big enough to accommodate a couple of grown adults. And finally, it has an insulated cooler on the bottom that can hold up to two six packs!! Seriously, this is the one beach bag to rule them all.

With an Easy to Follow Stretching Guide Included, This Stretching Strap Will Help You Get the Most Out of Your Stretches

One of the great things that comes along with being a grown lady is mysterious aches and pains. OK, so they're not at all great, and sometimes there's no mystery. If you're feeling sore from a tough workout, or simply from picking something up awkwardly, these Stretching Straps will help you zero in on just the right spot to stretch. The 75" strap has 10 integrated loops for hand or foot holds. Regular use will improve your flexibility and feel oh so good.

Save a Fortune on Expensive Spa or Dermatologist Treatments With This at Home Derma Roller Cosmetic Needling Instrument

If you've had any kind of cosmetic needling or laser resurfacing treatment before then you know that they are expensive, time consuming, and ah-mazing for your skin. Now you can reap the benefits without the negatives with this at home Derma Roller Cosmetic Needling Instrument. Covered in 0.25mm titanium micro-needles, this roller will dramatically improve your skin. Check out the remarkable results in the reviewers' photos!

This Inspiration Bangle Bracelet is Like Wearing a Pretty Pep Talk

This attractive bangle has the words "You are Braver than you Believe Stronger than you Seem and Smarter than you Think" imprinted on it, so it's like wearing a little pep talk. Wear it yourself when you need a little encouragement, or give it as a gift. The Inspiration Bangle Bracelet comes in gold, rose gold, silver, and white and in both adult and child sizes. At only $16, this makes a sweet gift for a child or teen in your life!

No More Lumps and Bumps With this Belt With No Show Square Buckle

Don't fix one problem (pants falling down) by replacing it with new problem (your belt buckle makes you look lumpy)! Perhaps you have accepted the bulging lumpiness of a belt buckle as a fact of life, but it doesn't have to be that way. The

Everyone Knows One Person Who Would LOVE This Blood Of My Enemies Ceramic Coffee Mug

What is there to say about this except that it's awesome? You know exactly who would love this Blood Of My Enemies Ceramic Coffee Mug, don't you? Why not buy it for her? She totally deserves it. (It's OK if you are the "her" in this scenario.) For $15 you can let your badass friend or sister feel like a badass super villain when she sips her morning coffee. Whether she's slayed her enemies at work, school, or through political canvassing, she should have a chance to revel in her victory.

This Skin Tag Remover is an Easy DIY Device That Will Save You a Trip to the Dermatologist

If you don't know what a skin tag is, consider yourself blessed and scroll on. For the rest of us mere mortals, this Skin Tag Remover will save you a fortune in copays at your Dermatologist. The clever little device pops a tiny rubber band around the skin tag, which effectively cuts off the blood supply. In a day or two, the skin tag falls right off. Is it gross? Yes. But it works, costs next to nothing, and is fairly painless. Warning: Amazon reviewers included photos.

This Gel Bead Full Facial Mask Can Be Used Hot or Cold

Place it in the refrigerator, the freezer, or even your microwave to get the effect you want from this Gel Bead Facial Mask. Whether you're trying to relieve puffiness and inflammation, a headache, or sinus pressure, you will find relief - and look awesome - in this mask. Users swear the mask helps with migraines and head colds, in addition to being great for puffy eyes. The gel beads conform to your face for a perfect fit.

Don't Hide Away All Your Pretty Things When You Can Display Them With This Wall-Mounted Jewelry Organizer Shelf Instead

One can never have too many ways to store jewelry. This Wall-Mounted Jewelry Organizer Shelf not only lets you store and hang your favorites, but you also get to display them and easily see what you've got. Longer necklaces need unconfined hooks that jewelry chests and drawers just can't offer. The shelf even has little holes all around to hang your longer dangly earrings. You get to see all of your favorite things all the time!

If You Polish Your Own Nails, You're Going to Love This Clever Wearable Nail Polish Holder

Painting your own nails is a task requiring surprising amounts of dexterity and coordination. Sure, you might be a rock star when you polish your left hand with your handy right hand, but what about when it comes time to polish the right? One wrong move with your clumsy left hand and your carpet could be a goner! This Wearable Nail Polish Holder helps you hold your polish upright and conveniently nearby. You’ll wonder how you ever painted your nails without it. I sure do!

Give Yourself a Ton of Storage AND Some Extra Outlets With This Set of Bed Risers with USB Ports and Outlets

A high bed feels luxurious for some reason. It's also a terrific way to gain some extra storage space! These Bed Risers with USB Ports and Outlets are in a league of their own because one of them has actual USB ports and electrical outlets! This is so brilliant and convenient! Who ever thought of this makes the most out of every last inch of their living space. Not only will you gain a full bed size x 7.5 inches of usable storage space, but you also will gain outlets where you need them.

If You Bring a Lunch From Home and You Have a Sense of Humor, You're Going to Love This OUT TO LUNCH Insulated Lunch Bag and Others From This Brand

It looks like takeout, but it's not. This insulated lunch bag has a strong magnetic closure and is guaranteed to make you the envy of the lunch room. The OUT TO LUNCH Insulated Lunch Bag is only one of the design options. You can also get a lunch bag that says "HUMAN ORGAN FOR TRANSPLANT" in bold red print on a white background, just like a real transplant container. (So real one reviewer explains that someone called the cops when she left it in her parked car.) Or a set of off-putting fake out take out bags with restaurant names like "Budget Sushi" and "Lucky Flying Golden Phoenix Jade Dragon Chinese/Vietnamese/Italian Restaurant."

This Set of Nesting Hen & Chick Dry Measuring Cups Will Look Great on Your Counter

You can't have too many sets of measuring cups or too many things that are silly enough to make you happy every time you see them. These nesting Hen & Chick Dry Measuring Cups fit the bill for both categories. Open the hen to reveal the egg. Open the egg and there's a little chick inside. Each half of each figure is an accurate dry measure from 1/4 cup up to 1 full cup.

This Bra Underwear Storage Bag Ensures Your Bras Retain Their Shape When You Travel

As a grown lady, you have undoubtedly spent a fortune on your undergarments. On just about every single day of my life, my bra is the most expensive item of clothing I'm wearing. While we all carefully pack our expensive fancy clothes if we have an out of town event, we throw our expensive bras into our suitcases with little thought. At best, we stuff them full of socks and undies, hoping they keep their shape. Instead, take care of your investments! This Storage Bag will keep your bras safely packed when you travel.

This Brush Cleaning Mat Makes Short Work of Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

If you want to get every last bit of makeup off your brushes, you're going to need more than just a cleanser. This Brush Cleaning Mat fits into your sink and stays in place thanks to suction cups along the back side. Simply rub your wet brushes on the various bumps and ridges and watch how much more color washes out of them. Keeping your brushes clean helps prevent breakouts and muddy makeup applications, and extends the life of the brushes themselves.

Keep Your Cords and Cables Exactly Where You Want Them With These Cable Clips

Constantly having to search the floor of your car or by your bedside table to retrieve your fallen charging cable is for amateurs. You're a grown lady now. Charge like a boss by keeping your cords exactly where you want them. These Cable Clips stick on to any surface and ensure your cords stay put. You can get them in classic black, or in a variety of fun colors.

This is Not Your Grandma's Shower Cap

Just because you don't necessarily want to wash your hair every day, doesn't mean you don't still want to shower every day. But a shower cap, really? If you're balking at the idea, know that this is not your grandma's shower cap. It's not plastic with a tight elastic that will leave a red ring around your forehead. Instead, this Shower Cap is made of mold and mildew resistant lined nylon, and it's machine washable. The oversized design accommodates even the longest and thickest hair, and the edge fits securely around your head, making sure your hair stays well and truly dry.

This Skin Brush Treats and Prevents Ingrown Hairs and Razor Bumps

Sometimes it seems like you can't win. You shave or wax before a beach trip, only to find that you've replaced bikini line hair with bikini line red, itchy bumps. Urg! This Skin Brush promises not only to relieve existing bumps, but also to prevent them. The exfoliating bristles can be used on your most sensitive skin. Grown ladies have found success using this brush on their legs, bikini line, and armpits, and grown men use it on their faces and necks. All the grown people can be smooth and bump free.

This Brush Color Removal Sponge Allows You to Switch Colors Without Muddying Your Makeup

When it comes to makeup application, a clean brush is key. But if you're the type of grown lady who likes to use a few different shadows, blushes, bronzers, and other powders, that could mean a large and expensive collection of brushes. This handy Brush Color Removal Sponge cleans your dry makeup brush in between colors, so you can use the same brush for all your shadows, and still achieve the look you're going for.

This Makeup Sponge Set Works as Well as Much More Expensive Brands, for a Fraction of the Cost

If you are the type of grown lady who wears makeup, especially any kind of liquid makeup, then a good beauty blender is a must. One of these sponges, dampened with water, will give you a flawless finish to your foundation or BB cream application. Use a dry sponge for any powder applications, or to help remove or blend in any areas where there's a bit too much. This Makeup Sponge Set comes with 5 sponges. With proper care, and normal daily use, a sponge can last you a few weeks. So this affordable set can give you months of flawless makeup applications!

Despite Its Funny Name, Anti-Monkey Butt is a Massive Hit With People Who Prefer Not to Sweat and Chafe

Even grown ladies have nooks, crannies, and folds where uncomfortable heat, friction, and sweat happen. Keep yourself comfortable with Anti-Monkey Butt. This powder goes on smoothly and contains calamine to help ease any discomfort or rashes. It was originally designed by dirt bikers to keep their sweaty nether regions more comfortable. It works on your feet to prevent blisters, in your bra to ward off underboob sweat, and anywhere else you need a little help to maintain your grown lady dignity.

Next Time You Feel a Pimple Coming on, Nip it in the Bud With a Simple Pimple Patch

Unfortunately, just because you're a grown lady doesn't mean your pimple days are behind you. These little adhesive patches deliver a powerful hydrocolloid treatment to your oncoming pimple, drawing out whatever is clogging up the works, and speeding up the healing process. Best of all, the Simple Pimple Patch is nearly invisible once it's in place, allowing you to cover and protect your pimple while it heals.

This Hanging Closet Organizer for Purses Will Save a Handbag Maven a Ton of Space

When it comes to handbags, there are two types of women: those who have one everyday purse that they use until it falls apart and they're forced to replace it, and those who have a ton of bags and regularly switch them out based on mood, outfit, occasion, planetary alignment. If you fall into the latter category, you need a good purse storage method. Shoving them into a drawer or a shelf isn't ideal. However, hanging them on this nifty Hanging Closet Organizer for Purses allows you to scan your collection at a glance to pick the perfect bag for the day. This organizer is also great for scarves and pashminas.

Every Grown Lady's Car Should Have Headrest Hooks

We've all been there: you slam on your brakes and your purse, which had been sitting on your passenger seat, goes flying onto the floor. Of course it wasn't closed properly and the contents have spilled out everywhere. Never lose the contents of your purse again with these handy Headrest Hooks. Of course, the hooks can be used to hang other things - like your groceries, jacket, kid's bag... It can also be turned around so that you can hang things on the front side of your passenger seat if you mostly drive solo.

This Set of 10 Snail Tea Holders Would Make a Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Of all the beverages in the world, tea has the best accessories. As a die hard coffee drinker, I am often envious of tea's extra little niceties and ceremony. If you ever need a small gift, or want to round out a host gift, look no further than this adorable set of Snail Tea Holders. It's impossible not to fall for the simplicity and charm of these little guys that sit on the edge of your cup, and unobtrusively hold onto your teabag.

Caffeinated Mints Exist Because Adulting is Hard

Kill your post-lunch breath and your post-lunch fatigue in one fell swoop. With 40mg of caffeine in each little mint, these Caffeinated Mints are perfect in every single way. Your afternoon slump doesn't stand a chance. Two mints contain as much caffeine as your average cup of brewed coffee. You're a grown lady now, which means you carry a purse full of daily essentials and a bunch of other stuff. These mints deserve a spot in that purse.

Create More Closet Space Out of Thin Air With the Wonder Hanger Max

Prepare to be amazed by how much space the Wonder Hanger Max can save you! The genius contraption works quite simply: hang up all your clothes in the designated slots, you can even double up, then take the second hook off the bar, and, voila! The hangar collapses all your clothes into a neat, tiny parcel! Now picture your closet full of these babies. It's a beautiful sight.

This Key Holder Wakes Up When It's Holding Your Keys!

When you put your keyring in the owl's talons, his eyes open up as he vigilantly guards them. When you take them away, his eyes close. Is that not totally adorable?! It is.

Make the Most of the Space Under Your Bed with These Storage Bags

There may not be any monsters there, but the mess under your bed is still probably pretty scary. These storage bags have a clear vinyl top so you can easily see what's inside. Use them to store extra linens or anything else you'd otherwise just kick under there.

This Kitchen Hanger Is Another Great Storage Solution

You can use it to hold a sponge in your sink, spoons by your stove, or even put it in your bathroom to hold soap or your scrubber. Its versatile design means it can be used in just about any room in your house.

You Can Make a Whole Salad in a Minute with This Salad Bowl

Put your vegetables in, run your knife through the slots, and ta-da! Salad! This bowl will make your more excited about salad than you've probably ever been before. You can also use it to wash your vegetables. Or fruit!

These Purifying Bags Absorb Funky Odors

They're filled with activated bamboo charcoal which absorbs whatever nasty odors happen to be around it. Tuck them in your shoes, your closet, your car, or anywhere else that could use a bit of freshening up.

These Mug Hooks Magically Make More Cupboard Space

You probably have way more mugs than any one person needs, but they don't need to take over your entire cupboard. Install a couple of these handy hooks in your cupboard and voila! More mug space!

This Funnel Is Foldable!

By now, you've probably caught onto the fact that we're into things that collapse. This funnel is no different. Think of all the drawer or shelf space you'll save!

These Stainless Steel Straws Are Absolutely Brilliant

If you've decided to cut plastic straws out of your life (they're bad for the environment!), don't worry! You can still enjoy drinking your drinks through a straw. These reusable straws also come with a handy brush to make cleaning them easy as pie.

This Popcorn Popper Makes the Perfect Amount of Popcorn

All you have to do is add some popcorn (and a little bit of oil if desired) and put the popper into the microwave. Within a few minutes, you'll have a bowl of perfectly popped popcorn to enjoy as you binge Jane the Virgin on Netflix.

This Pen Holder Is Another Great Desk Accessory

This faux grass pen holder is a perfect way to bring a little life to your desk without having to worry about watering it. It holds all manner of writing utensils and will probably make you smile every time you use it.

These Water Bulbs Water Your Plants So You Don't Have To

Fill these bulbs with water, stick them in your houseplant, and reap the benefits of planning ahead. They'll automatically drip water into the soil as it dries so you can give yourself a break.

Say Goodbye to Desk Mess with This Keyboard Shelf

It fits right over your keyboard to give you some much-needed tabletop space for your sticky notes, coffee mug, and other office accouterments.