35 Products So Satisfying, You'll Want To Try Them Immediately

These products might have you going, "Ewwww," at first, but then they'll have you going, "Ahhhh," by the end.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

These Effective Drain Snakes

This pack of three drain snakes will pull hair and gunk out of your drain like nobody's business. You're bathtub or sink will be up and running again in no time.

This Mesmerizing Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand is totally cool and weird and fun to play with. This kit comes with two pounds of what feels like perpetually wet sand, six cool castle molds, and a tray to keep it all in one place.

This Glass-Like Thinking Putty

via: Amazon

Don't even think about it. You definitely need this thinking putty that is totally clear, like liquid glass. You can squeeze it and play with it and it will help you think!

This Broom That Sweeps up Everything

via: Amazon

This natural rubber broom pretty much cleans anything you need it to. It's especially effective on pet hair, and in addition to its rubber bristles, it has a built-in rubber squeegee for cleaning up liquid spills.

This Volcano That Cleans Your Microwave

via: Amazon

Cleaning your microwave can be a whole project. But with the Kitchen Gizmo, it is super easy. All you have to do is add water and vinegar to this contraption, put it in the microwave and let it go on high heat for a few minutes. Then you'll be able to wipe it clean no problem!

This Rolling Touchscreen Cleaner

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This liquid-free, rolling touchscreen cleaner will remove fingerprints and smudges from your phones and tablets instantaneously.

These Gross But Cool Gel Toe Separators

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Sure, they look weird, but these gel toe separators are perfect for anyone who suffers from bunions, foot pain, or just wants to help realign your feet properly. They're perfect for when you do yoga or go on walks.

This Hair-Catching Tub Shroom

The tub shroom doesn't let a hair get by! It's super easy to install in your shower drain and even easier to clean out.

This Amazing Chop Wizard

via: Amazon

Chop and dice your vegetables into uniform shapes instantly with the Vidalia Chop Wizard. Your dinners never looked so good.

This Versatile Modable Glue

via: Amazon

With an eight-pack of moldable glue, you can fortify your charging cables, sneakers, and anything else you can think of instantly. The glue bonds to almost any material and sets overnight into a rubber-like material.

This Super Efficient Pineapple Corer

via: Amazon

Cutting a pineapple is one of the worst kitchen chores...or at least it was before you got this amazing handheld machine that cores and slices your pineapple in one fell swoop.

This Stress-Relieving Bubble Wrap iPhone Case

via: Amazon

What if I told you that you could have the satisfying experience of popping bubble wrap on you all the time?! Well, that is what I'm telling you, and this bubble wrap phone case is the answer. The bubbles are re-poppable so you don't have to worry about wearing it out.

This Grossly Cool Baby Foot Peel

Do it! All you have to do is let the natural fruit acids do their thing on your feet for an hour or so, and then a week later, dead skin will literally start flaking off your feet in chunks, leaving you with baby smooth feet.

This Nasty Microdermabrasion Machine

via: Amazon / Jaber A. J. Alsabah

No joke, this machine is a tiny high-powered suction cup that removes blackheads, dead skin, and other nasty, unwanted gunk from your face. You'll feel like a new person after using it.

This Sand-Free Beach Mat

The worst feeling is lying down on a beach towel only to realize it's totally covered in sand. That's where this beach mat comes in! Sand falls right through it, so you always have a sand-free surface on which to hang.

This Gooey Sticky Keyboard Cleaner

via: Amazon

This goop gets in all the nooks and crannies of your electronic devices and removes dust, dirt, crumbs, and other unseemly things. It can be used over and over again and lasts a good amount of time.

This Super Fun Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

via: Amazon / Stealth Squirrel

You could get a regular mud mask. You could. But you could also get this one, which bubbles up on your face into a hilarious and exfoliating foam. Yeah, I thought so.

This High-Powered Sonic Scrubber

via: Amazon

You'll no longer pull your arm muscles trying to scrub your kitchen or bathroom with this sonic scrubber. It's got five different brushes that work on all different surfaces, too.

This Awesome Magnetic Zen Garden

via: Amazon

Relax and become totally zen with this super cool magnetic zen garden. Instead of traditional sand, this mini zen garden has magnetic sand. It also comes with three magnet rocks and three metal and wooden tools.

This Liquid Peel-Off Barrier for Your Nail Art

via: Amazon

One of the biggest uh-ohs of giving yourself a manicure is always the nail polish that gets on your fingers. But with this liquid latex barrier, you'll never have a messy paint job again. All you have to do it paint it onto your fingers around your nails, wait for it to dry quickly, and then do your thing. Then, you get to peel it off afterward!

This Blackhead Pimple Extractor Kit

via: Amazon

Get serious about pimple extraction with this whole tool kit for removing blackheads. There's nothing so satisfying.

This Easy Peasy Corn Cob Stripper

via: Amazon

Cutting corn off the cob is a tricky task. There's no shortage of "hacks" for doing it, but none of them really seem to work. This corn cob stripper is super efficient and does a complete job.

This Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder

via: Amazon / Michelle

All you have to do is brush this charcoal powder on your teeth a few times a week, and you will start noticing results! 15,000 people who've reviewed this product seem to agree.

This Professional Food Chopper

Chopping doesn't get easier than this. no more cutting board and unreliable knife. Cut your veggies straight into a bowl with this innovated food chopper.

This Shower Curtain with Pockets

via: Amazon

Um, hello! How did they not think of this until now? This is especially useful for people with small or limited cabinet space.

This Slotdog Preps Your Frankfurters Like It's Its Job

via: Amazon

The Slotdog preps your hot dogs for grilling like no other product out there! It's so satisfying to smush them into that grate!

This Mandolin Slicer with 5 Different Blades

via: Amazon

A mandolin slicer will change your life. It's perfect for delicate cuts of vegetables that are super hard or even impossible to achieve with just a knife. And it's super fast!

This Peel-Off Charcoal Mask That Gets the Job Done

via: Amazon

There's nothing as satisfying as a peel-off mask that reaches into your pores and rips out all that gunk. All you have to do is rub this charcoal mask all over your face, let it dry, and pull it off slowly!

This Whisk Wiper Cleans in an Instant

via: Amazon

Oh man, cleaning whisks is the worst. Unless you have the Whisk Wiper, of course. This contraption works so fast, you'll want to dirty your whisk just so you can use it again.

This Electronic Foot File Transforms Your Feet

via: Amazon

The Amope Pedi Perfect is like a high-powered nail file for your dry feet. This one works on wet and dry skin, and it will leave your feet feeling soft as a baby's bottom.

This Adorable Edamame Keychain Toy

via: Amazon

Squeeze that adorable edamame for a most satisfying, stress-relieving experience. You get a pack of four so you can share with your friends!

This All Natural Teeth Whitener

via: Amazon

People swear by this all natural teeth whitening brush that you can carry with you anywhere. These Miswak clubs come from the Arak tree. All you have to do is trim the bar and chew it until it forms bristles, and then you scrub it on your teeth. You'll notice a difference in no time.

This Perfect Nose Hair Trimmer

via: Amazon

No batteries required for this easy-to-use handheld nose and ear hair trimmer. You just squeeze the handles to rotate the blades and let them do their thing.

These Blackhead Tweezers

via: Amazon

These curved, precise tweezers are made for removing unsightly blackheads perfectly and completely. You can make your very own pimple popping videos!

This Gallium Is Metal That Turns to Liquid in Your Hand

via: Amazon

Gallium is an all-natural metal that melts with just your body heat. It's easy to mold into different shapes and super fun to play with!