34 Problems We All Have -- And The Inventions That'll Solve Them

Being a woman has never been an easy job, but there are few handy products that make it easier to deal with whatever life throws at us.  Adulting in general is hard and sometimes sucky, but living a modern grown-lady life is a whole 'nother level of balancing aspirations and obligations, work and home, social life and down time, all with eyebrows on-fleek.

Girl got 99 problems, but too much free time and never getting zits ain't some of them. So I rounded up a list of helpful products that'll keep you feeling your best, remind you to pamper yourself and make tedious tasks faster so you can get back to living your best life.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Whether you need a daily planner that prioritizes your mental health or a high-tech, painless hair remover for rogue chin hairs, you'll find something to make your day go smoother on this list.

We hope you find these popular products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

Problem: Ain't Nobody Got Time (Or $$) For Weekly Facials. Solution: This Scary-Good Zombie Pack Mask

While a weekly facial appointment sounds lovely, we are not all Beyoncé. Sadly. BUT! This Zombie Pack treatment mask promises to clear breakouts, visibly lift and hydrate, remove dead skin, brighten, shrink pores and balance skin PH in one go. Sure, you'll look like a backup dancer from Thriller for a bit, but the after pics from reviewers are hard proof it works! The mask comes in an 8-pack (plus application brush), so you'll be good to glow for a while!

Problem: Applying False Eyelashes Is Hard AF. Solution: Two Swipes Of This Amazing Mascara

If you've ever futzed around with trying to apply false eyelashes, you know that eyelash glue hurts like a mother when it gets in your eyes. And they're incredibly hard to apply evenly to both eyes. Now you don't need professional makeup artist skills to get insane lashes  - this Volume Mascara gives you an eyelash extension-esque look with two swipes!

Problem: Cracked, Scaly Feet. Solution: This Ancient Greek Foot Balm

Year round, women are expected to wear cute shoes that aren't so kind to our feet (stilettos, I'm lookin' at you). What to do when you can't hide your scaly toes and cracked heels away under fuzzy slippers? This Ancient Greek Foot Balm will have you back on your feet in no time with a mix of raw oils and skin softening ingredients. In fact, they offer a money back guarantee if your feet aren't transformed in 14 days!

Problem: Overplucked, Patchy Eyebrows That Need To Be Filled In Everyday. Solution: This Eyebrow Gel That Lasts 3 DAYS

I have like, zero eyebrows even without any plucking #blessed. After I read the reviews for this waterproof, smudge-proof Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel that is said to last THREE DAYS, I bought it kind of to disprove the claim. Readers, it works . The gel goes on smoothly but feels like little hairs when it dries and seriously lasts until you take it off with makeup remover. So much cheaper than microblading, and much less scary then tattooing your face!

Problem: Coffee Stained Teeth And Periodically Sensitive Gums. Solution: This Gentle, All-Natural Coconut Oil Toothpaste

We all love our heavy-duty whitening toothpastes to erase wine and coffee stains, but who really knows what those chemicals are doing to us long-term? Plus, strong synthetic whiteners can irritate sensitive gums which are extra tender around that time of the month. Good thing this mild-but-effective Coconut Oil Toothpaste whitens with all-natural ingredients that won't make your gums raw, and it comes in fancy flavors like Cacao Mint, Rose Cacao Mint and Sweet Cinnamon.

Problem: Annoying Acne, Even Though We're Well Out Of Our Teens. Solution: These Magical, Supersized Acne Patches

I got lucky and missed the teenage round of acne, but now I'm experiencing adventures in adult acne. Good thing zit treatment has advanced so much in the last 20 years - instead of Noxzema and Sea Breeze we now have these hydrocolloid acne patches . These ones are great because they have extra soothing ingredients like tea tree oil and calendula but most importantly, they come in bigger sizes which are perfect for that new crop of pimples that just bloomed on your forehead.

Problem: The Mid-Day Oil Slick. Solution: This Korean Sebum Drying Powder

Any lady with oily skin knows about the dreaded afternoon oil slick, when suddenly your makeup's sliding off your face and you're shining bright like a diamond (but not in a good way). This genius Korean Zero Sebum Drying Powder is your quick fix to help skin stay matte all day long and matte, and you can even use it to freshen up greasy roots if you're trying to prolong your blowout!

Problem: Yucky, Dead Skin In Hard-To-Reach Places. Solution: These Extra Long Exfoliating Shower Cloths

Dull, dead skin is pretty unsightly and happens in some inaccessible areas, like the middle of your back. Unless you've got a regular shower buddy, you'll need these exfoliating shower cloths .  These extra long cloths get the hard-to-reach places and gently sweep away dead skin so you don't get clogged pores and body acne. And they dry really quickly so there's never that mildewy smell that can sometimes plague products like shower poufs.

Problem: Hard To Reach Every Last Drop Of Precious Product. Solution: These Spatty Daddy Spatulas

It's so frustrating when you can see that last little bit of expensive face cream stuck at the bottom of the jar but you can't reach it! Even if it's the inexpensive stuff, you paid for it so you're entitled to every last drop! These Spatty Daddy mini spatulas can reach every nook and cranny of your product bottles and you get the satisfaction of getting your money's worth out of that miracle cream.

Problem: Perennially Cold Feet. Solution: These Cozy Microfibre Fluffy Socks

As a lady, I feel like I can speak on behalf of my gender when I say our feet are always cold. In the middle of summer I'm wearing socks inside everyday, sometimes even to sleep. These cozy microfibre fluffy socks look like a gift straight from heaven, and they come in tons of colors and patterns to suit everyone.

Problem: Amount Of Hair Stuck In Hairbrush Rivals That On Head. Solution: This Genius Self-Cleaning Hairbrush

If you haven't cleaned your brush lately, you'll be surprised at the sheer amount of hair collected in the bristles. With two long-haired girls in the house, our brushes seriously look like fuzzy little Ewoks, ready to trundle off into the forest. This ingenious self-cleaning hairbrush takes all the work out of picking hairs out of your brushes - simply press a button and the bristles retract, letting you grab all the matted strands in one go. What a time to be alive!

Problem: So Much Product, So Little Storage. Solution: This Rotating Cosmetic Organizer

Whether you're a devotee of the latest 57 Step Korean Skincare Routine or just can't say no to another lipstick even though your collection rivals Sephora's, you need this rotating cosmetic organizer .  It has oodles of storage - seven layers of adjustable trays that accomodate at least 30 makeup brushes and 20 bottles - and lets you see all your products easily since it turns in a full circle.

Problem: Chapped, Flaky Lips. Solution: This Essential-Oil Sugar Lip Scrub

It seems like chapped lips are inescapable in every season: in summer the sun and heat dry them out, in winter the freezing air saps moisture and causes rough, flaky lips that are anything but kissable. This sugar lip scrub with essential oils not only smells delicious, it really works - just ask over 700 reviewers who gave it a perfect five stars! It comes in five yummy flavors like vanilla latte, lime ginger and spearmint.

Problem: Foundation Settles Into Fine Lines, Making Them More Noticeable. Solution: This Velvety Skin Primer

Foundation and concealer are supposed to provide a smooth canvas for makeup but more often than not, they settle into fine lines and make wrinkles stand out even more.  But not if you apply this DHC Velvet Skin Coat makeup primer first! It minimizes lines, erases pores and mattifies oily skin, all of which helps makeup go on effortlessly and stay all day. It also works on dry or sensitive skin with no irritation - reviewers are raving about this miracle product!

Problem: Makeup Brushes Are Hard To Clean. Solution: This Stick-On Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

Have you ever tried washing makeup brushes with no cleaning tools? Product residue just never stops coming out, no matter how long you wash them - it's impossible to get the water to run clean! This makeup brush cleaning mat makes the process a lot easier and faster. Just stick it to the bottom of your sink with the suction cups on the back, then use the textured surface to deep clean your brushes.

Problem: Dry, Damaged Hair From All We Put It Through. Solution: This Argan Oil Hair Mask

Over-bleaching, heat styling, going a little too long between trims: we've all abused our hair at some point, probably starting with Sun-In all the way through Brazilian keratin treatments. Point is, your hair needs some long-overdue TLC and this hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask is the way to get it! It works on any texture and thickness to restore, strengthen and add jaw-dropping shine, whether your hair's coarse and curly or baby fine and limp.

Problem: Handbags Are A Bottomless Pit. Solution: This Felt Bag Organizer

Things like lip balm and keys have a tendency sink to the fathomless depths of handbags, never to be seen again. Or you might regularly switch between purses or tote bags depending on the occasion, and remembering to transfer all your stuff to a new bag is annoying. Problem solved - this sturdy felt bag organizer holds all your essentials and has multiple compartments so everything is easy to find on the first try! I love a customized solution, too: not only can you can choose from three sizes and eight colors, the middle section is removable so you can adjust it to fit your storage needs.

Problem: Messy, Boring Paperwork. Solution: These Sassy File Folders

Paperwork's boring enough, at least have some fun with your office supplies! These fun folders are just the snarky sunshine you need to make it through the soul-killing task of filing and making your desk presentable. Plus, if your boss doesn't have the same awesome sense of humor as you, just tuck these away in your filing cabinet and they'll be your own inside joke.

Problem: Phone Battery Always Running On Empty. Solution: This Portable Power Bank

Ever been stuck in traffic in crappy weather with both kids in tow, helplessly watching your phone's battery drain before your very eyes? Me either, asking for a friend. In case you often find yourself in stressful battery situations, this mini portable power bank will save the day. This small but mighty charger is only a bit bigger than a tube of lipstick, but carries enough juice to fully recharge your phone, fast! More good news: it comes with an 18 month warranty and is available in five stylish metallic colors.

Problem: So Much Stuff, Everywhere. Solution: This Stylish Extra-Large Storage Basket

Real talk: I have a basket-buying problem. Especially if they look as good as this extra large cotton rope basket . This minimal beauty's beyond versatile - I'd use it for a cute laundry basket, bathroom towel storage, living room catchall, toy storage, kids' books, cozy blankets next to the sofa - it'd look great in basically every room! It comes in three perfect neutrals that go with any decor, but my favorite is the white with black thread.

Problem: Smudgy Device Screens. Solution: These Cheerful Screen Cleaning Wipes

My phone and tablet screens are virtually a mosaic of smudges from sticky kids' fingers, and whenever my husband uses the laptop it looks like the kids got to it, too! Trying to buff out the dirt with a dry cloth is maddening, but I'm scared to use Windex in case it gets inside the devices and short circuits something. These screen and eyeglass cleaning wipes promise to erase all the smudges and grime naturally, with no alcohol and they come in eight different scents. Plus the cute packaging greatly reduce any ill will towards my beautiful, messy family.

Problem: Dry, Ragged Cuticles From Stress-Picking. Solution: This Milk & Honey Cuticle Oil

I'll admit to using an Exacto knife as an improvised cuticle trimmer: desperate times, desperate measures and all that. Now that I'm older and wiser, I don't engage in such barbaric activities and want to atone for my grooming sins. That's where this heavenly-smelling, revitalizing cuticle oil comes in. What's more soothing and pampering than milk and honey, I ask you? The answer is nothing, and more than 540 five-star reviews agree!

Problem: Sluggish Skin & Poor Circulation. Solution: This Body Brush Set

People have long-sworn by dry brushing to reduce cellulite, improve circulation and remove dry, dead skin. In case you require a little extra exfoliating power, this body brush set comes with a polished lotus wood boar bristle body brush, a long- handled shower brush, scrub gloves, a konjac sponge and a pumice stone to put you on the fast track to soft, glowing skin all over.

Problem: Unorganized Makeup. Solution: This Lay N'Go Cosmetic Bag

When you've only got so much time to slap on some makeup and get out the door, you don't want to waste time searching through multiple makeup bags with so many tiny pockets to find your favorite eyeliner. This Lay N'Go cosmetic bag makes mornings so much easier since you can see all your makeup at a glance and when you're done, just zip the drawstrings shut and everything's bundled up securely. I've seen these types of quick-cleanup bags for LEGO and other small toys, but this is a much smarter way to store cosmetics!

Problem: Tired, Aging Eyes. Solution: These Gold Collagen Eye Masks

You know how aging rockstars always wear sunglasses, even inside? It's because age shows the fastest around the eyes - you can Botox foreheads and inject lips with filler to turn back time, but tired eyes don't lie. Get ahead of the game with these Grace & Stella anti-wrinkle + energizing gold collagen eye masks that promise to reduce fine lines, puffy eyes and dark circles with regular use. Noticeable results without going under the knife or needle sound good to me!

Problem: Rogue Chin Hairs. Solution: This Painless Hair Remover

After a certain age we start to notice stray hairs sprouting up in areas they are very not welcome, such as the chin or neck. Plucking is painful and time-consuming to search and destroy each rogue hair. Since we've all got better things to do, this discreet Flawless Hair Remover if your new weapon in the fight against unwanted follicles. This lipstick-sized gadget uses "Butterfly Technology" to painlessly erase hair by "microscopically paring it down through a spinning head". Happy reviewers say it works on everything from peach fuzz to upper lip to coarse chin hairs. Smooth move!

Problem: Cold Hands, Always. Solution: This Zippo Rechargeable Hand Warmer

I wear fingerless gloves when I'm working at my laptop year-round because my hands turn into icy cold, stiff typing sticks. When I worked in an office setting, sometimes the only relief was the fleeting warmth of paper hot from the printer. With this Zippo hand warmer , I can wait at my kid's bus stop on the chilliest days or watch late-fall soccer games without my hands freezing off. The best part is it's rechargeable, meaning no messy or dangerous chemicals needed to refill it!

Problem: No Time To Shower After Lunchtime Workout. Solution: These Shower Sheets

Whether the locker room shower's questionably clean at best or you just ran out of time after your workout, it's not really socially acceptable to show up at your desk after a sweat session still dripping and stinky. You need these YUNI Shower Sheets , which are essentially extra large wet wipes for your body. This set of 12 soft wipes has aloe, peppermint leaf extract and neem oil to naturally cleanse, refresh and de-stinkify you in a hurry. Also great for camping, music festivals, long ass flights or whenever you want to feel so fresh & so clean.

Problem: Trying To Grab All The Grocery Bags In One Trip. Solution: These Grocery Bag Hooks

I don't really know why we try to transfer every grocery bag from the trunk to the house in one go or how much time it really saves, but it just feels more efficient (even if my fingertips are turning blue).  These grocery bag hooks are a much smarter way to get every bag in one trip. The handle's covered in thick foam that provides a good grip and lets you carry large loads comfortably, no more cutting off circulation! They're small enough to store in your glovebox or purse, or just keep them with your reusable grocery bags.

Problem: Pedicures Are Expensive & Hard To DIY. Solution: This Hands-Free Foot File

Pedicures are amazing, but really difficult if you've ever tried to DIY. All that bending over and trying to get enough leverage to effectively remove layers of dead skin and calluses. This PediSand hands-free foot file gives your back a much needed break since your legs and feet do all the exfoliating work. You can use it in the shower or sitting in a chair and easily smooth the hard-to-reach spots like heels and balls of your feet. This would have been a godsend when I was pregnant and unable to reach (or see) my feet, or for people with limited mobility or hand/wrist issues.

Problem: Keeping Track of ALL THE THINGS. For Everyone. Solution: This Panda Planner Journal

For some reason, women are always the keepers of schedules for everyone, every day. If you're not preternaturally organized, things definitely fall through the cracks. Plus, being responsible for everyone else is stressful and it's easy to keep putting yourself last. To keep everything running smoothly and more importantly, your mental health in mind, the Panda Planner is a daily planner, calendar and gratitude journal. I love the Gratitude page because there's space for an affirmation, your focus for the day, exercise and your top priorities as a reminder to take care of yourself amidst the demands and stress of everyday life.

Problem: Coffee Going Cold. Solution: This Mug Warmer

If you tend to spend a significant portion of your day walking from your desk to the microwave (and back again), it may be time to invest in a mug warmer. (I say "invest." This one is 15 bucks.) It keeps your coffee (or tea or cocoa or whatever) warm, has an extra-long cord, and even has a cool marble-y decorative pattern. What more could you possibly want?

Problem: WTF To Do With Your Hair. Solution: These Headbands

Can't think of what to do with your hair? You can never go wrong with a chic headband! As a bonus, they also disguise any greasy roots (in case you neglected to pick up some of the dry shampoo I already told you about — seriously, get it!). This listing is for a set of four different floral headbands. I think they look really nice and they literally take like 15 seconds to put on. I'm a fan.

Problem: Never-Perfect Eyeliner Wings. Solution: This Eyeliner Stamp

Putting on makeup sure can be tricky! Anyone who’s ever tried to master the winged eyeliner look knows how quickly it can go from “passable" to “panda-eye." This clever little stamp takes all the guesswork and fine muscle movement out of the equation. Simply stamp on your wing and you’re good to go. The eyeliner itself is both waterproof and smudge proof.

Problem: Constantly Kinked Ponytails. Solution: These No-Crease Ponytail Holders

Everyone loves ponytails. They're the easiest way to keep your hair out of your face while still looking moderately put together. However, everyone hates having an unsightly kink right in the middle of their head when you take the ponytail holder out. These ponytail holders are coiled, so they won't leave that kink. They're still strong enough to hold your hair, though! No worries there.

Problem: Cute Shoes, Ugly Blisters. Solution: PreHeels Spray

In addition to having to walk around on your tiptoes all dang day, high heels can also cause hella blisters. (Seriously, it's like high heels were invented solely as torture devices. At least they look good!) This stuff is a spray that you apply directly to your foot before putting heels on. It creates a barrier between the shoe and your foot to prevent uncomfortable rubbing and painful blisters. A single application can protect you for about six hours.

Problem: No Spare Hours to Wash Your Hair. Solution: This Cult-Favorite Dry Shampoo

Look, sometimes you don't feel like washing your hair. Actually, it's supposedly healthier for your hair if you go a day or two in between washes (at least, that is what I tell myself on lazy days). Spritz your hair with this stuff, then run a brush through it, and you'll look like you woke up early enough to jump in the shower and dry your hair. Don't worry. I won't tell anyone you just used dry shampoo.

Problem: Dirty Diamond Rings. Solution: This Diamond Cleaning Stick

Not gonna lie — I spent a good 10 minutes just looking at the before and after photos in the customer reviews for this item. They are seriously amazing! Somehow, this diamond cleaner stick — which only costs about 5 bucks, by the way — makes jewelry sparkle as though it’s been professionally cleaned. It’s not just for diamonds, either. It can also be used on other precious and semiprecious stones. The tiny bristles on the brush allow you to reach every nook and cranny on your rings (and other jewelry) and leave them sparkling like new. This is one I’m buying for myself!

Problem: Too-Shallow Baths. Solution: This Overflow Drain Cover

If you’re going to be taking a bath, you deserve to go all out when it comes to relaxing. That means having the water cover your entire body (and not stopping below your knees or shoulders). In order to accomplish that, you want to cover the overflow drain cover on your tub. That’s exactly what this handy gadget accomplishes. Say hello to deeper, more luxurious baths!

Problem: Long Hair Clogging Your Drains. Solution: The Legendary TubShroom

Nobody knows exactly how it happens, but if you have long hair, you’ve undoubtedly wound up with a gigantic clump of hair in your shower drain. It’s inconvenient, gross, and pretty tricky to get rid of (although, stay tuned — more on that in a sec!). If you want to eliminate those clogs, the TubShroom is a great first step. It fits in any standard tub drain hole and catches hair — of any length — before it goes down the drain. I like that it keeps the hair hidden, too, unlike those drain covers made out of metal screens.

Problem: Never Finding Q-Tips When You Need Them Most. Solution: This Ultra-Cute Holder

I go through more Q-tips than I ever thought I would. They're the perfect tiny tool for cleaning up mascara smudges and the lipstick I always get outside the lines. Rather than keeping an unsightly cardboard box on your counter, you could keep them in this cute little lilypad-inspired container. It even has a lid to keep them all sanitary!

Problem: Painful Ingrown Hairs. Solution: This Wildly Popular Serum

Razor bumps. Who needs 'em?! Nobody, that's who. That's where this magical elixir comes in. It's both alcohol- and paraben-free and it works to soothe and moisturize irritated skin. Whether you're suffering from ingrown hairs, razor burn, or just some dryness, this stuff is exactly what you want to be reaching for. It's also suitable for all skin types!

Problem: Never Remembering to Water Plants. Solution: These Auto-Water Globes

Whether you're going out of town for a couple days or just tend to have a bit of a laissez-faire approach to gardening, these water globes will help you out and keep your plants from dying a miserable death. Just fill them with water and they will automatically drip into the planter whenever your plant is thirsty. This listing is for two globes costing less than $15 — quite the reasonable price for the peace of mind they provide!

Problem: Broom and Dustpan Storage. Solution: This Clever Broom Holder .

You typically use your broom and dustpan at the same time, so it only makes sense to store them together, right? Mr. Brooman can help you do that. It…or he…is a little gadget that clips right onto your broom handle. One arm extends out to so you can hang up your dustpan, and his collar features a hole so you can hang the whole contraption up on a wall hook!

Problem: Straight-Up Jagged AF Nails. Solution: This Futuristic Glass Nail File .

Maybe I've been living under a rock, but did you know that they make nail files out of glass now? I surely did not. Apparently, they work much better than the old sandpaper-y ones I've been using for years. They also just look much classier. It's super annoying to realize that you've got a wonky nail whenever you're out and about. Carry one of these around (maybe in one of those cute bags we just looked at?) and you're in business.

Problem: Skin-Irritating Makeup Removal. Solution: This Basically Magic Makeup Removing Cloth .

I'll admit it. I don't always take my makeup off before I go to bed at night. I know. It's bad! There are all kinds of bacteria and other gross stuff in makeup and it's super bad to go to sleep without cleaning your face. But it takes forever! Right? Nope! Not if you have one of these things — and this is a listing for two of 'em! All you need to remove your makeup is water. That's it. Just get one of these cloths wet and run it across your face. It'll take you like two seconds and future you will thank you.

Problem: Constantly Tangled Jewelry. Solution: This Roll-Up Jewelry Case

I tend to keep my jewelry in a plastic baggie whenever I travel, and I always regret it. I end up spending more time detangling necklaces than I thought was even possible. This travel pouch provides several separate zippered pockets for your jewelry and rolls up so it can easily fit in your suitcase. There’s also a little loop you can use to hang the holder up once you get to your destination. Pretty genius!

Problem: Ridiculously Painful High-Heel Feet. Solution: These Specialty Shoe Inserts

Whoever invented high heeled shoes clearly had it out for those who wear them. Luckily, these insoles make high heeled shoes actually wearable and pain-free! They don't just provide a little bit of cushion; they actually rotate your heel bone up so that your weight is more evenly distributed throughout your entire foot — not just on your tippy toes. For those events where heels are an absolute must , these insoles are, too.

Problem: Slipping Straps. Solution: These Cushions

If my straps are even a micrometer too loose, they slip off my shoulders alllll day. It's so annoying. And embarrassing! On the other hand, if I over-tighten them, they dig into my shoulder blades as if they're trying to squeeze my arms right off my torso. These silicone cushions solve both problems. Simply thread your straps through them and put your bra on as you normally do. The silicone keeps them in place and also provides a little bit of cushion to prevent pain.