31 Things I Don't Own But REALLY Want on Amazon

We all have Amazon wish lists full of stuff we'd like to buy someday, right? As a pretty avid online shopper, I like to keep a list of things I buy whenever I have a little extra cash or just feel like getting myself a little something. Here are 31 things on my list right now — maybe you'll want to add them to yours, too!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This French Rolling Pin That Looks Super Classy

via: Amazon

I'll admit that I already have a rolling pin that works just fine, but I've always loved the French-style ones! This one is made of solid beech wood and comes with a lifetime warranty.

This Book That's Also a Planetarium

via: Amazon

And a musical instrument... And a perpetual calendar... Each page of this book is a different fully-functional tool made out of paper. I bought one for my brother for Christmas last year and ever since have wanted to get my own...

This Solar System Crystal Ball That's Just Straight-Up Awesome

via: Amazon

Who doesn't love space?! This miniature solar system always catches my eye. I love that it comes with a wooden stand so you can display it (whenever you're not holding it and admiring it up close, that is).

This Wall Mirror That Comes with a Macrame Hanger

via: Amazon

What can I say? I'm a sucker for macrame and I think the octagon shape of the mirror really adds some interest. Plus, it costs less than $20. The only thing keeping me from buying this right now is that I haven't picked out a place to hang it. Yet.

This Venus Fly Trap Terrarium That Doesn't Require Watering

via: Amazon/Reina Day

Or sunlight, or feeding. It's a completely contained, self-sustained little terrarium. I really enjoy having plants around, but it'd be nice to have one that's going to take care of itself.

This Geeoetric Planter That Isn't *Just* a Planter

via: Amazon

You could also use it to hold your keys, or maybe hang it by your desk and use it for pens and pencils!

These Bamboo Utensils That Look So Cheery

via: Amazon

These utensils look like they just can't wait to help you cook dinner, right? This listing is for a set of 5 — and the set costs less than $15!

These Notebooks for Recording All My Very Important Notes

via: Amazon

I firmly believe that one can never have too many pretty notebooks in their life. These ones are the perfect size to keep in your purse or bookbag.

This Dried Flower Necklace with Vintage Vibes

via: Amazon

Lovely, isn't it? There are several different color combos and pendant shapes to choose from, but this one is my personal favorite.

This Candle That's Inspired by Oscar Wilde

via: Instagram/Paddywaxcandles

Much like notebooks, I think you can never have too many candles, either (in fact, I'm writing this next to a burning candle right now!). This company has a whole line of author-inspired candles, and I kinda want one of each (this one smells like thyme and basil).

This Book Embosser That You Can Customize with Your Own Name

via: Amazon

Not only does this just seem classy AF, it also probably cuts down on the number of books you lend out that mysteriously go missing.

These Socks That Express My True Feelings

via: Amazon

You know when you're reading a book and some rando comes up and starts talking to you like some kind of monster? I'm guessing a pair of these socks would put an end to that.

This Melamine Tray That Would Add Some Color to Any Table

via: Amazon

I think this could work as a place to keep your remotes corralled, or as the perfect serving tray for cookies!

This Tea Maker That Dispenses Tea Right into Your Cup

via: Amazon

All you do is add your favorite looseleaf tea to the cup, pour in the hot water, and let it steep. Once the tea is ready, place the whole thing over a mug and the tea maker strains the tea for you!

This Throw Blanket That Looks Super Cozy

via: Amazon

I like to think I'm something of an expert when it comes to blankets (I have one nearby at all times). I love the fringe on this one, as well as the fact that it only costs about 15 bucks.

This Candle Set That Includes Four Different Scents

via: Amazon

And the little decorative tins they come in are so lovely!

This Felt Letterboard That's Perfect for Sending Snarky Messages

via: Amazon

(Or non-snarky ones. Whatever you're into.) You may have seen letterboards like this one all over Instagram; it's quite the trend these days. I like that this one comes in a variety of colors rather than the traditional black with white letters.

This Belly Basket That Comes in Three Different Sizes

via: Amazon

I'm a big fan of using baskets instead of plastic tubs for storage. They look nice and they're better for the environment! The large size would probably be the perfect place to stow all of my many throw blankets...

These Ceramic Planters That Have a Cool Geometric Design

via: Amazon

It'd be cool to have a few of these around the house. You could also pop a succulent in one and have a brilliant hostess gift in about 30 seconds.

This Kitchen Towel That's Almost Too Lovely for Words

via: Amazon

Tea towels are my weakness. I currently have way more tea towels than I'll ever have a use for. Still...one more can't hurt, right?

This Vase That's Completely Collapsible!

via: Amazon

Having fresh flowers in your home is one of the best things ever, but vases take up so much space in the cupboard (and are sometimes too tall to fit properly). When this one is empty, it folds completely flat!

This Honey Jar That Even Comes with a Dipper

via: Amazon

A person with a honey jar is a person who has their life together, right? This glass one looks so elegant.

These Silicone Cupcake Liners That Are Totally Reusable

via: Amazon

They're also completely non-stick, and you can put them in the dishwasher. Wins all around!

The Squatty Potty That Folds up for Easy Storage

via: Amazon

I'll admit I've been fascinated by the Squatty Potty trend (they allow you to, um, do your business in a more natural squatting position), but I'm personally not thrilled with the idea of having a stool out in the bathroom 100 percent of the time. This one folds flat and can be stored in a cupboard between...uses.

This Poo-Pourri Gift Set Is Another Great Bathroom Addition

via: Amazon

You spray it in the toilet bowl before you "go." The Poo-Pourri forms a barrier that keeps unpleasant smells from escaping into the air. This set features sents like Deja Poo and Royal Flush.

This TV Backlight Kit Might Be the Most Magical Thing Ever

via: Amazon/emada

You just attach the LED light strips to the back of your TV, then use the included remote to choose one of 16 different colors!

This Microwave Popcorn Popper That Doesn't Even Require Oil

via: Amazon

Just place some kernels into the bowl and pop the whole thing in the microwave. In a matter of minutes, you'll have enough fresh-popped popcorn to share. Or not.

These Magnetic Wine Charms That Are Also Cute Little Dogs

via: Amazon

The point of these is to give each person a wine charm so they can mark their glass and not mix it up with anyone else's. But I would probably just put them all onto my own glass and fawn over how cute they all are.

This Carbonated Face Mask That Turns into Bubbles on Your Skin!

Bubbles! To be honest, I would want this bubbling face mask even if it didn't clean out your pores and leave you feeling refreshed. But it does, so...bonus!

This Alligator Oven Mit Because, Well, Why Not?

via: Amazon

Or is it a crocodile oven mitt? I guess that depends on whether you'll see it "later" or "after a while." Either way, I would like one. Or two.

This Night Light That Also Creates a Light Show

via: Amazon

And it plays music! This little gadget projects light and an underwater design onto your wall, which sounds like maybe the most relaxing thing ever invented. It'd be great for kids! Or for 28-year-old women. Just saying.

This Drain Cover

via: Amazon

This is an easy way to add inches of depth to your bathtub experience totally safely. It easily suctions over the drain and lets you luxuriate without worry. So get those bubbles going, light a candle, pick up your favorite book or magazine, and treat yourself to a deep, lovely, and relaxing bath. It has probably been a long time since you've had one of those, eh?

This Konjac Facial Sponge

via: Amazon

Buff away dead skin and blemishes from your face with this gently exfoliating facial sponge. People swear by it! The reviews for this little exfoliating sponge are through the roof! One reviewer wrote, "This is now an indispensable part of my skincare routine. I noticed an improvement in the evenness and brightness of my skin after just one use." That's a pretty sweet endorsement if you ask me.

This Heat Bag Sealer

via: Amazon

Do you need a little contraption that will seal up your Cheeto bag like new every time? Not exactly. Should you buy it anyway? Of course you should! The name of this game is Treat Yourself! This thing is super fun to use! With this heat bag sealer, you'll get that like little "Pop!" sound every time you open your snack bag. That's almost worth the money alone.

At Only $10, I Kind of Want a Pair of These Classic Polarized Sunglasses in Every Color

via: Amazon

I have one pair of good (AKA expensive) sunglasses for when it matters, and several other pairs to suit my mood, the lighting, the occasion. These others are inexpensive so they can be tossed into my purse, replaced as trends change, or accidentally left behind. I love these pink mirrored Polarized Sunglasses and might need to add them into my rotation.

I'm a Sucker for As Seen On TV Products and These Wonder Hangers are No Exception

via: Amazon

I'm actually not sure if I have seen these Wonder Hangers on TV, but they seem infomercial-esque. Look how much room they save! I want to have that moment of satisfaction when taking the second hook off the bar and all my clothes collapse to a neat, tiny parcel.

Probably Every Car on the Road Should Have an Emergency Escape Tool

via: Amazon

As a mom, I spend my nights awake in bed thinking through unlikely scenarios in which my family is in terrible danger. A frequent flier in my morbid insomnia is the my car crashed off a bridge scene. I promise myself I'll buy one of these Emergency Escape Tools in the morning if I can just go to sleep. Then I'm tired the next day and I don't remember to buy one.

These Cooking Chopsticks

via: Amazon

These giant chopsticks are one of the most versatile, useful cooking tools out there. I totally need a pair. Every professional (or wannabe professional) chef has one. Whether you are flipping meat, scrambling eggs, or stirring noodles, these are super effective and easy to use. If I want to become a master in the kitchen, which I definitely do, a pair of cooking chopsticks are basically an essential tool.

These Reusable Silicone Straws

via: Amazon

I have a bunch of the stainless steel ones, but I miss being able to play with and chew on my straws. So, I need these soft and squishy silicone straws stat. Plus, I totally love these rainbow colors. However, if I am being totally honest, I would one hundred percent choose the yellow and green ones all day every day because those are my favorite colors.

These Silicone Baking Mats

via: Amazon

The worst part about cooking or baking is the cleanup. Silicone baking mats make cleanup wildly easy. Forget about soaking and scraping your pans ever again. They make sure your food slides right off. The prospect of cleaning a cookie sheet is sometimes enough to stop me from cooking or baking, to begin with. These amazing baking sheets would alleviate that problem in an instant.

This White Elephant Ring Holder

via: Amazon

Not only is this the perfect white elephant gift because it is an actual white elephant, but I genuinely think it is super adorable (here I go with the elephants again), and I own a lot of rings, so I would get a lot of use out of it. Elephants are just very smart and cute and I think many of the objects I own should be shaped like them.

These Perfect Pens

via: Amazon

Real story: I bought one of these pens and I fell in love with it so hard. It's the smoothest pen I've ever used. It's not dainty. It's got a thick ink stream. It's amazing. And then less than a week after I bought it, someone who shall remain unnamed borrowed it and lost it. I think I just need to buy a whole pack to ensure I always have one on me because this might be my favorite pen of all time.

These Sprout Bookmarks

via: Amazon

How adorable are these little sprout bookmarks? They can keep your place on the top of the page or right at the very line you left off on. I really like the idea of bookmarks, but I never quite commit to one kind. With a pack of these, I feel like they will become my bookmarks. I feel like they would also make me want to read more!

This Bench Scraper

via: Amazon

One of my biggest pet peeves about chopping veggies or other ingredients for a meal is how annoying it is to then transfer them from the cutting board to the cooking receptacle. This will all be made much easier once I have a bench scraper. Seriously, pretty much any time I'm cooking, I think, "Man, this would be so much better if I had a bench scraper."

This Oversized Plaid Scarf

via: Amazon

As the owner of one oversized plaid scarf, I am confident in saying that one is not enough. It is one of the best things I own, and I want another one. I use it not just as a scarf, but as a blanket and a pillow as well. It is amazing to bring on a plane because it will keep you warm and comfortable in literally all of the ways. If I had two of these things, I would be unstoppable.

This Wooden Elephant Phone Stand

via: Amazon

You are going to notice a pattern in this list. I have a thing for two animals: elephants and bears. I have reasons and they are personal. This little wooden elephant phone and pen holder is retro and adorable, and I just want it. I think it will look perfect at the desk I have that I don't actually work at because I prefer to sit on my couch with my puppy instead. https://amazon.com/o/ASIN/B06XPZYXZP/augwant-20/ref=nosim/mazon

These Toe Stretchers

via: Amazon

Sure, they might make you look weird, but YogaToes stretches and separates your toes to keep your feet healthy and strong. If you suffer from bunions or other foot pain like I do, these are for you. My sister has them and she totally swears by them, so I figure it's time for me to get a pair of my own. You know...my birthday's coming up!

This Meal-Planning Pad

via: Amazon

OK, this is like the perfect organized mean planning pad. I already do this every week (write down my meals, and then a shopping list based off of those meals), but I do it on plain old Post-Its. Which is unacceptable, especially now that I know this adorable pad exists. It's like this meal planning pad was made for me. And it's magnetic so you can stick it on your fridge!

I'm Morbidly Curious About the Wildly Popular Baby Foot Foot Mask Thing

When it comes to Baby Foot I'm equal parts scared, grossed out, and dying to try it. I'd need a week alone on a deserted island though because there's no way I'm dealing with all the skin on my feet peeling off for days in front of other people.