31 of Oprah's Favorite Things Perfect for Mother's Day

In an unpredictable world, it's comforting to know there's a few universal truths we can rely upon. The sky is blue. The world is round. And moms love Oprah.

So take a shortcut through the jungles of Amazon, and browse some of Oprah's Favorite Things that make spot-on Mother's Day gifts. And best of all, they're all under $50, so while she may not be shouting "You get a car! And you get a car!" she is shouting "You get a great gift idea! And you get a great gift idea!" and that's not so bad.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Set of Four Rainbow Glass Tumblers Make Any Beverage Feel Like a Celebration

"These hand-blown tumblers add major style to every party and contain just about every color in the you-know-what." - Oprah I'm not sure one could maintain a bad mood while using one of these beautiful Rainbow Glass Tumblers. If you frequently entertain, go ahead and buy a set for yourself. If you are frequently entertained elsewhere, delight your host with this unique and stunning gift.

Stash Your Keys and Cash AND Keep Your Drink Perfectly Cold With This Bindle Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

"Never mind that these bottles keep drinks hot or cold. They actually stash keys, a credit card, and money in the hidden compartment at the bottom. Bye-bye, heavy-bag-schlepping!" - Oprah If anyone reading this wants to buy me something from this list, please let it be this Bindle Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle. A water bottle with a secret compartment is so perfect, it's amazing that this is the first time I'm seeing it. Why didn't I invent this? It solves so many problems!

If Your Kids, Nieces, or Nephews Have Been to More Political Rallies in Their Short Lives Than Most Adults, They May Need a Little Activist Kids T-Shirt

"Kids are getting involved in politics like never before, so it’s not too soon to outfit your future potus in a statement-making Love Bubby tee or one-piece." - Oprah Let your little activist wear their activism with pride with one of these Little Activist Kids T-Shirts. Other available shirts and onesies include: "Speaker of the House" (which is hilarious for that kid who never stops talking), "Little Feminist," and "Always Fierce."

Make Someone Super Happy With Hilliards Hanukkah or Peppermint Bark

"This made-in-Massachusetts dark chocolate holiday bark is sprinkled with red and green or blue crushed candy, so you can color-coordinate your end-of-year festivities." - Oprah Here's one thing we can all agree on, no matter our faith or holidays of preference: peppermint bark is ah-may-zing. This beautiful gift box of Hilliards Hanukkah or Peppermint Bark would make anyone on your gift list giddy. The difference between the two are in color only. Both are made with the best white and dark chocolates, peppermint oil, and crushed candies.

Carl the Drinking Chocolate Snowman Melts Into 5-8 Cups of Delicious Hot Chocolate

"If Frosty were stuffed with mini marshmallows, he’d be like Carl here. Just place this hunk of a chocolate man into a pot of milk, turn up the heat, and watch him melt into a few mugs’ worth of rich cocoa." - Oprah There's almost nothing better on a cold winter day than a fresh, hot cup of cocoa full of little marshmallows. And Carl the Drinking Chocolate Snowman definitely takes what was already great and turns it up to eleven. If you want to delight some kids (or adults) Carl is your (snow)man.

You Might Want to Gift Yourself This Car Charger with 5 USB Ports

"Each of these X5 car chargers with an extra-long cord can simultaneously boost up five devices, from phones to tablets. Translation: Both front and backseat drivers can get some juice without coming to blows." - Oprah Here's another why didn't I think of that? product. With two USB ports on the plug itself, and an extra long cord ending in three additional ports, this Car Charger with 5 USB Ports makes all other car chargers look foolish. Of course you need to charge up the kids' devices on those long rides. This thing is brilliant!

This Beautiful Gradient Puzzle Comes in 7 Colors and 3 Sizes

"If any puzzle can help you reach nirvana, it’s probably one of these contemplative and colorfully ombré 500-piecers." - Oprah If you love someone who loves puzzles (or you hate someone who hates them) one of these gorgeous Color Gradient Puzzles would make the perfect gift. From a small 100 piece version to a sure to be vexing 1000 piece one, these puzzles are as lovely as they are maddening.

This Book of Letters for a Year of Gratitude Includes 52 Letters So You Can Show Your Gratitude Every Week For a Year

"Well, I have at least one New Year’s resolution ready to go: I solemnly swear to mail one of these tear-out letters every week to thank a different special someone in my life." - Oprah With 52 different fold and mail letters, you will be inspired to share your gratitude all year long. Each letter includes a prompt like: It was incredibly generous of you to... It's the little things, like when... From you, I learned the importance of... If you or someone you know has been trying to be more mindful, present, and grateful, these Letters for a Year of Gratitude are perfect.

Remember to be Grateful With This Set of Four Cotton Dinner Napkins

"Remind relatives why you’re all sharing a meal with these white flour-sack napkins that get better with every wash. I love live thankfully." - Oprah Gratitude isn't just for Thanksgiving. This set of Cotton Dinner Napkins offers a beautiful and important reminder. We bring out our good napkins when we have guests, and we should remember to be thankful for our family, friends, and the bounty we can share. These would certainly make an excellent host gift!

These Empowered Bracelets Were Designed to be Gifted to Spread Love, Encouragement, Strength, and Positivity

"The words you see below are the ones I want my girls at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy to use to describe themselves. Now they can wear a delicate reminder right on their wrist." - Oprah Let someone you love know that you think they are strong or brave. I love the idea of these Empowered Bracelets. They can be worn alone or stacked together to create just the right encouraging and empowering message.

The Three Decorative Tins All Wrapped in a Lovely Box Make This Chai Tea Private Reserve Sampler a Terrific Gift

"I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love with a wonderful chai! Or three, to be exact: spiced oolong, ginger, and sweet cinnamon, shipped directly from India." - Oprah That's five "I'm in loves" from Oprah if you're keeping score. While this Chai Tea Gift Sampler might be Oprah's favorite, the company sells other tea varieties also, all from India. They have nothing but rave reviews so it seems like you can't go wrong here.

Menus: A Book for Your Meals and Memories is Maybe the Most Perfect Host Gift I've Ever Seen For That One Person Who Always Hosts the Most Amazing Meals

"Confession of a frequent dinner-party thrower: It’s hard to remember when you served what to whom. Jacques Pépin’s hand-illustrated menu diary lets you chronicle every time you’ve broken bread and who you shared it with. Merci, Jacques!" - Oprah I love the idea behind this book. Part menu, part guest list, part diary. If you or someone on your gift list is the hostess with the mostest, and food and meals are the centerpiece around which friends and family gathers, then Menus: A Book for Your Meals and Memories, by legendary chef Jacques Pépin, is the perfect gift.

This Professional Lasagna Trio Pan is Like Making a Buffet Right at Home

"When you have a family of varying appetites, these will come in handy. All three pan sections are lasagna-noodle size—great for that gang of vegetarian, gluten-free, and carnivorous eaters." - Oprah Why have one lasagna when you can have three lasagnas?? Or how about a lasagna, a baked ziti, and an eggplant parm? OMG, yes please! Who's starving now? Just me? I might need this lasagna pan.

Thrill the Foodie in Your Life With This Gourmet Truffle Infused Hot Sauce

"This spicy, black-truffle-infused sauce is the really delicious deal. But don’t just take my word for it: Stedman was a Louisiana Hot Sauce man for 30 years before he tasted this stuff." - Oprah You guys! It's Stedman's favorite hot sauce! The mystery man behind the woman we all know and love. And why wouldn't Stedman love this Gourmet Hot Sauce? The sauce is an infusion of ripe chili peppers, agave nectar, and black truffle oil. If you have an impossible to shop for foodie in your life, you just found his or her favorite gift.

Nothing Gets You Into Your Bottle of Wine Easier Than a Rabbit Axis Lever Corkscrew

"The Rabbit is the easiest corkscrew I’ve ever come across. Give one to friends with a nice bottle of wine, and they’ll never drink bits of cork again." - Oprah Nothing beats a Rabbit corkscrew, and this latest iteration, the Rabbit Axis Lever Corkscrew might be the best ever. With almost no resistance, you simply lower and raise the handle (the rabbit's ears) and the cork is out. Repeat and the cork is off the corkscrew. Like magic!

The Colors and Style of This Set of 6 Porcelain Mugs Will Go With Any Decor

"How happy do these 20-ounce mugs make me?! I like the way the handle fits my hand, and they’re wonderful for any kind of soup on a rainy day or hot chocolate on a chilly night." - Oprah The only thing better than a cup of coffee is a bigger cup of coffee. This beautifully colored Set of 6 Porcelain Mugs will not disappoint. Enjoy bigger coffee, bigger tea, bigger cocoa.

This Lovely Goat Milk Bar Soap is Made on a Farm Instead of a Lab

"The botanicals, extracts, and goat’s milk in these hydrating triple-milled bars—in fig leaf, ylang-ylang and tuberose, apricot and honey tea, and honeyed grapefruit—come from a farm in upstate New York, not a lab in I-don’t-know-where." - Oprah These soaps are almost too beautiful to use. Almost. Made with goat milk, which has the same pH as human skin so it's super gentle, these great looking and smelling soaps are hydrating and help calm and protect your skin.

Gourmet Bundt Cake is Never the Wrong Thing to Bring

"I like having options—particularly when those options are already-baked red velvet or Key lime or triple-chocolate or ginger spice or lemon or coconut or sour cream coffee cake bundt cakes." - Oprah How can a mere mortal possibly choose between these We Take the Cake Gourmet Bundt Cake flavors? Lemon sounds great, but how about coconut lemon? We live in amazing times, people, where you can order a gourmet bundt cake and have it shipped to you. No one is sad to get cake in the mail.

Streamline What You Haul Around Every Day With the Harper Crossbody Bag

"Four RFID-protected card slots, two separate inside compartments, and a detachable crossbody strap, all in one cute little vegan leather bag, can mean only one thing: Gayle King, my purse-loving BFF, bought these for everybody she knows!" - Oprah You know how gold fish grow according to the size of their habitat? Well, the stuff you put in your purse is the same. If you have a big purse, it will be full and heavy. If you have a small purse, you'll just carry the essentials. This cute Harper Crossbody Bag is just right for your phone, shades, some cash, cards and THAT'S IT. Everyone else will have to carry their own stuff.

This 5-Speed Hand Mixer Comes in 8 Great Colors and With an Attached Storage Case

"Sure, most bakers own a mixer, but does it store its attachments in one sleek snap-on case? Fine...but is it violet? Not only am I saving cupboard space, I’m giving you the color purple! And other colors, too!" - Oprah Just because something is enormously useful doesn't mean it can't also be super stylin'. Kelly green? Bright red? Purple? YES please! Let all the things be colorful!

Pour This Organic Coffee Infused Vermont Maple Syrup Over Pancakes, Ice Cream, or Just About Anything For an Amazing Treat

"Wake up and drizzle the coffee. This java-spiked maple syrup, tapped from Vermont’s Green Mountains, will give your overnight guests an extra morning buzz." - Oprah VT maple syrup is pretty much a perfect food already. But infuse it with coffee? SIGN ME UP! This Organic Coffee Infused Vermont Maple Syrup comes in a wooden crate, making it gift-worthy, but you might want to keep it for yourself.

Look Great When You Work With These Blue Light Filtering Square Reading Glasses

These aren’t your grandma’s readers or sunglasses—unless Granny wears subtly glittered finishes that say “sexy librarian"! - Oprah Looking at a screen all day is hard on your eyes. And, if you're doing it within a few hours of going to bed, it can mess with your circadian rhythms causing insomnia or poor quality sleep. These cute Blue Light Filtering Reading Glasses come in 6 colors and keep the screen induced eye strain at bay.

With Options Like Rosemary, Juniper, and Lavender, These Terra by P.F. Candle Co Candles Might Be All the Aromatherapy You Need

"Lined up on a kitchen shelf, these soy wax candles in rosemary, lavender, olive, geranium, and juniper make days merry and bright in winter, and the pots become perfect planters in spring." - Oprah Between the lovely terra cotta pots and the variety of natural scents, these Terra by P.F. Candle Co candles might bring out your inner naturalist. The candles come in two sizes - 8 oz and 17.5 oz.

These Jetsetter Mini Travel Neck Pillows Won't Take Up Too Much Space in Your Carry On Bag

"These hypoallergenic neck pillows with a washable cover make circling Detroit just another opportunity to nap." - Oprah When it comes to travel accessories, it's always a balance between efficacy and size. A travel pillow might make all the difference for your comfort, but are you willing to sacrifice the space required to carry one? With airlines being especially restrictive with carry-on luggage size, a comfortable travel pillow that's also super compact sounds too good to be true, but that's exactly what these Jetsetter Mini Travel Neck Pillows are.

Turn Any Boots Into Warm and Cozy Boots With These Winter Boot Socks

"Super-cushy Pudus slipper socks were a real crowd-pleaser when we wore them at my house last Christmas. Now we’ll give this year’s boot socks a try." - Oprah There's maybe nothing worse than having freezing cold feet. Fashionable boots are great, but not usually very insulating. And warm boots tend to not compliment your daily outfits. When you want form and function, look no further than these cute Winter Boot Socks.

The Kids Can Be Warm and Impossibly Adorable in These Animal Knit Hat

"I tip my cap to these completely cute, wonderfully wild hats that let your kiddo tap into his or her inner monkey, bear, wolf, and more." - Oprah If you've got kids on your holiday shopping list, these Animal Knit Hats are sure to delight them. If you have a gaggle of kids to shop for, you can make a whole menagerie! How cute would all the cousins or grandkids look as a collection of little wild animals?

If You Have Someone on Your List Who is Impossible to Shop For, a Grow Your Own Christmas Tree is Something They Surely Don't Already Have

"Y’all know I love a good tree. Plant the spruce seeds from this kit, watch them sprout into a little Charlie Brown Christmas twig of a thing, and then transplant it outside, where the sapling can grow big and strong—and be visited for years to come." - Oprah This is such a great idea for kids! I love the thought of returning to your tree year after year and watching it grow. This Grow Your Own Christmas Tree might become your favorite holiday tradition

Up Your Host Gift Game With These Beautiful and Simple Porcelain Serving Platters

"Instead of bringing your hostess a bottle of wine, put together an antipasto. Her surprise present: the porcelain platter with hand painted rim. Actually, they’re a lot like the dishes I have at home." - Oprah Is there someone in your family who always hosts your holiday gatherings? Help them flesh out their collection of serving dishes and utensils each year with your host gifts. These Hand Glazed Porcelain Platters are beautifully understated in their shape, design, and colors.

Whether You Choose True Vanilla, Forget Me Not, or Oprah's Fave Willow & Water, You Can't Go Wrong With Library of Flowers Bubble Bath

"Some people crochet, some collect stamps—my hobby is bathing. So believe me when I tell you that the Willow & Water scent has got it going on!" - Oprah Maybe it's your mom or your sister or your friend who's had an especially difficult year - we all know someone who deserves a bit of pampering. Let her indulge herself in luxury with this Library of Flowers Bubble Bath.

Because All Dogs Are Good Dogs, and Good Dogs Should Have Their Very Own Bathrobe, You Have to Have This Dog Spa Day Gift Set

"It’s time to wash your pug. This cheery set includes a personalized terrycloth robe, a shea butter shampoo/conditioner, and a double-sided brush. In Harry Barker I trust." - Oprah Whether you're shopping for your own dog or for that person who is all about their dog, this Dog Spa Day Gift Set is guaranteed to be the fanciest dog-gift of the year. It comes with a bathrobe for the dog!

This Sabatino Truffles Pasta Night Includes Truffle Oil, Truffle Infused Gluten Free Pasta, and Truffle Zest That You Can Sprinkle on Anything

"As long as Favorite Things exists, I’ll have a favorite truffle zest—and yes, I still carry around this one from Sabatino Tartufi in my purse. But a set that also includes white truffle oil and some doggone-good gluten-free truffle pasta? That’s what’s cooking." - Oprah If you've got a foodie on your list, or any truffle loving friends, this Sabatino Truffles Pasta Night is sure to blow their minds.