30 Things on Amazon That Will Make Your Room Incredible

Whether you're still a resident of your parents' house, looking to transform your dorm, or just in need of a major master bedroom overhaul, we've cobbled together 30 cool things for your room from Amazon that can make your space incredible.

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This LED Curtain Is a Great Way to Bring Some Light to the Room

LED curtains lighting up a window.

via: Amazon

Your room is going to feel 100 percent homier if you use sources of light other than the fluorescent lights installed in the ceiling. These LEDs provide a soft, warm light that's super cozy and lovely. This is one of the many cool things for your room that will make it stand out and feel homey.

This Rainbow Maker Will Cover Your Walls in Tiny Rainbows!

A rainbow maker outside creating multiple rainbows.

via: Amazon

Stick it to your window with the suction cup and the solar panel will make the prismatic crystal spin. Whats better than cool stuff for your room than an item that can fill your space with rainbows?

Stay Organized with This Dry Erase Wall Calendar

A desk with a laptop and light on it with a dry erase board above the desk.

via: Amazon

It looks like a chalkboard but functions just like a standard dry erase surface. Use it to stay on top of your homework (and to keep track of breaks)! This is one of the cool things for your room that can make sure you get your to-do list done.

Leave Fun Messages with This Felt Letter Board

A felt board with a funny message on it.

via: Amazon

Whether you're sharing funny phrases or leaving passive-aggressive notes to your roommate who refuses to do their dishes, every message looks better on a letter board!

Show off Your Favorite College Memories with This Photo Display

A creative photo display using string and clothing pins.

via: Amazon/Stephanie

You can clip up photos of your friends back home as well as photos of all the new people you meet. It's also great for ticket stubs!

This Instant Camera Will Help You Capture New Memories

A green instant camera surrounded by other green items including limes and leaves.

via: Amazon

If you're in need of photos to display, the Fujifilm Instax is a great camera that's certainly up to the task. Photos develop in just a few minutes!

These Vinyl Wall Decals Can Be Easily Removed at the End of the Year

Triangle wall decals on a wall above a bedroom.

via: Amazon/Nayibe

Since you probably can't use any nails to hang stuff up, stickers are a good way to go when it comes to adding some decor to the wall. I like the modern look of these ones, but there are tons of designs to choose from! This is just one of the cool things for your room that will make a plan wall look high-class.

This Reading Pillow Is Great for Homework...or Movie Nights!

A woman leaning against a reading pillow while reading.

via: Amazon

You're probably going to be spending a lot of time sitting in your bed, so grabbing a supportive pillow to lean on is a fabulous idea. It's much easier to do all that reading if you're actually comfortable!

This Extension Cord Actually Looks Really Nice!

A nice looking extension cord stretched to the middle of the room.

via: Amazon

You're definitely going to need an extension cord. Why not get one with a little bit of style? This one comes in several different colors and patterns, all of which lend decorative pizazz to an otherwise kinda boring item.

This File Organizer Will Keep Things Organized

A file organizer with books and a phone piled into each slot.

via: Amazon

Use it to stack your books (or notebooks) into one neat pile. Being organized means that your room stays clean(er), plus you can sleep in later without having to worry about finding all your stuff before class. This is part of the list of cool stuff for your room that will help keep you organized.

This Cactus Cup Will Keep Your Writing Utensils Organized, Too

A cup shaped like a cactus with five pens inside.

via: Amazon

Bonus: The branches are magnetic! Great place to corral your paper clips!

And You Can Use This Pencil Case for When You're Going from Class to Class

A blue pencil case full of pens.

via: Amazon

It's always good to keep a few pens and pencils handy. (You don't wanna be the person who doesn't have a writing utensil on the first day of class.)

This Adjustable Organizer Is Ideal for Small Spaces

An adjustable desk organizer full of various office items.

via: Amazon

Some people are going to use milk crates or cinderblocks to build their storage solutions. Not you, though. You're classier than that. This adjustable is definitely one of the cool things for your room and desk that will help you stay organized.

This Desk Lamp Looks Super Sleek

A white desk full of modern office items.

via: Amazon

It adds a nice pop of color and also provides plenty of light for late-night reading.

This Desk Fan Will Keep You Cool

A living room with a brick wall and a modern organization sleeve.

via: Amazon

Use cool stuff for your room to stay cool with this fan. You might want to consider getting one for you window and a cool retro one like this for your desk!

This Bedside Caddy Will Keep All Your Stuff Handy

A bedside caddy attached to a bed full of books and magazines.

via: Amazon

This will be especially useful if you choose to loft your bed! Keep your remotes, journals, books, snacks, or whatever else in the convenient pockets.

This Wall Hanging Adds a Chic Vibe

A wall hanging and plant.

via: Amazon

Not to say there's anything wrong with hanging a bunch of movie posters in your room, but if you want to switch things up a little, this wall hanging is a cool (and very affordable) option.

This Storage Basket Is Another Handy Tool

A metal storage basket.

via: Amazon

You really can't have too many storage solutions when it comes to life. This wire basket would be great for books, food, or all the stuff in your bathroom.

This LED Light Strip Will Make Your TV Look Awesome

A green LED light strip behind a TV.

via: Amazon/Steven Kearney

Add some style to your next movie night. These LED light strips can be installed in minutes and emit 16 different colors to match the mood of whatever you're watching.

This Laptop Cover Also Comes with a Keyboard Cover

A laptop with a gold colored cover and keyboard cover that is also gold.

via: Amazon

Keep your laptop protected and keyboard clean! This case is available in several different colors, all of which will make your computer stand out from the crowd.

This Tissue Box Holder Is Just Straight-Up Whimsical AF

A tissue box holder that looks like a house.

via: Amazon

Sure, you could just pull tissues from a flowery box. But wouldn't you rather pull them from the chimney of a tiny house? Of course you would.

This Retro Flip Clock Has a Cool Look

A clocking displaying the time 12:03 AM.

via: Amazon

It's part retro, part modern, and completely useful as a way to tell time. That's pretty much what you're looking for in a clock, righ?

Keep Track of the Days with This Perpetual Calendar

A blue perpetual calendar next to a toy robot.

via: Amazon

This would be a cool thing to set up on your desk or a shelf. It looks much more modern and is way more interactive than a standard calendar.

A Single-Cup Coffee Brewer Might Be a Lifesaver

A person brewing a fresh cup of coffee with a green single-cup coffee brewer.

via: Amazon

If you're not already hooked on a morning cup of coffee, a few all-nighters and early mornings will change that. This coffee maker makes a single cup at a time so nothing goes to waste. Speaking of which, get the reusable pod, too ! It's better for the environment!

These Push Pins Are More Fun Than the Standard Design

Push pins wit flower designs holding papers on a cork board.

via: Amazon

Why not bring design into even the smallest details in your room? These pushpins will secure your photos and notes with style.

These Drawer Dividers Will Make Laundry Day a Breeze

Drawer dividers holding various pieces of clothing.

via: Amazon

Having limited space means you have to get clever about storage. These drawer dividers make it easy to find what you're looking for.

This Wall Hanging Is Another Great Decor Option

A wall hanging with a desert scene hanging above a bed.

via: Amazon

Wall tapestries have been a standard dorm decor item for years. Why not jump on the trend (and make it your own)?

These Ramen Cookers Work in the Microwave

Two top ramen microwave cookers.

via: Amazon

You're probably going to be eating a lot of Ramen — nothing wrong with that! These cookers let you make the stuff right in the microwave in just a couple minutes!

This Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Will Make Your Showers Better

A waterproof bluetooth speaker stuck on a wall in a shower.

via: Amazon/Katie

Starting your day with some tunes (or a podcast!) is a great way to put yourself in a good mood before class. This speaker easily pairs with your phone and has great sound quality.

This Over-the-Door Organizer Would Be Great for Snacks!

An over the door organizer full of snacks and other household items.

via: Amazon/Claire Godfrey

Take advantage of over-the-door storage wherever possible! This organizer would be great for snacks, cords and cables, books, or anything else you need to keep track of.