28 Kitchen Gadgets That Are Basically Genius

Twenty-eight brilliant kitchen innovations that'll make you say: I want that.

We hope you find these kitchen gadgets as brilliant as we do. We've picked them out to share because we love them, not because we're being paid to. However, 22Words does participate in the Amazon affiliate program, and can receive a share of sales from links on this page.

The Wand Dispenser Oils Up Your Food Without Making A Mess

via: Yuppie Chef

Chef'ns oil wand can make you a DaVinci of olive oil. Find it on Amazon

The Twist Whisk Will Save On Valuable Drawer Space

via: Joseph Joseph

Open it up, and it's a traditional whisk. Fold it flat, and it's a flat whisk perfect for mixing sauces and gravies. Oh, and it will actually fit in your drawer. Find it on Amazon

This Handheld Spiralizer Makes Zucchini Noodles On The Cheap

via: Chef'n

It's compact, reliable, and will keep you neck-deep in zoodles (zucchini noodles) until the cows come home. Find it on Amazon

This Cute Ship-Shaped Lid Will Steam Your Food And Entertain Your Mind

via: Fred

Seriously, why should pot covers be boring? Find it on Amazon

The Smart Funnel Helps Save The Last Of Your Most Viscous Kitchen Liquids

via: Harold Import Company

Perfect for transferring viscous kitchen liquids like soap, or even edibles like honey and molasses. Find it on Amazon

This Popular Pizza Wheel Sharpens Itself

via: Chef'n

Bet you never thought about having to sharpen your pizza cutter before, huh?Well, with this self-sharpening job from Chef'n, you still won't. Find it on Amazon

These Bunny-Headed Salt And Pepper Grinders Magnetically Attach To Your Fridge, Heart

via: Chef'n

There's a plethora of adorable salt-and-pepper shakers on the market, but these may be the only gloriously cute salt-and-pepper grinders out there. Find it on Amazon

The Slotdog Takes Humble Hot Dogs From Drabulous To Fabulous

via: Slotdog

More slots = more delicious hot dog real estate to crisp up on the grill = more spaces for mustard and relish to hide = delicious. Find it on Amazon

This Pistol-Shaped Pitter Will Pit Cherries And Olives For Days

via: Chef'n

Stop spitting your pits like a monster, and pit those cherries before you feast. Find it on Amazon

One Of These Iconic Victorinox Paring Knives Will Cut Your Food For Decades

via: Swiss Army

Hands-down one of the best paring knives on the market. And it's under $10. Find them on Amazon

The Popular Tivolo Pancake Pen Will Upgrade Your Pancake Game Immediately

via: Tovolo

Now THIS is how you pancake. Find it on Amazon

This Folding Mandoline Slices Veggies Even Thinner Than Its Storage Profile

via: Chef'n

Nobody NEEDS a mandoline. They're just really nice to have. And with the fold-a-way design of the SleekSlice, you can fit it anywhere. Find it on Amazon

This Specially-Designed Chopper Lets You Make Delicious Chopped Salads With Ease

via: Chef'n

Stop paying salad shops for those delicious chopped salads, and make that deliciousness at home. Find it on Amazon

This Impressive Gadget May Be The Greatest Juicer Ever Engineered

via: Joseph Joseph

Leveraging the power of the simplest of tools (the inclined plane, or screw), the Helix provides immense crushing power to juice or rice anything you throw at it. Find it on Amazon

You Can Make Ice Cream Sandwiches At Home With This Glorious Gadget

via: Chef'n

Some inventions are unnecessary, but still, necessary. This is one of them. Find it on Amazon

This Tiny Device Is A Massive Innovation In Herb-Stripping Technology

via: Chef'n

Who wants to walk around all day with rosemary-scented hands? Well, some of us. But for the rest, this stripper does the job quickly and cleanly. Find it on Amazon

The GarlicZoom Chopper Is Basically A Toy Car That Minces Garlic

via: Chef'n

Make chopping garlic fun again. Find it on Amazon

With The Emulstir, Homemade Salad Dressings Are Just A Twist Away

via: Chef'n

Save serious $$ (and calories) over the store-bought alternatives. Find it on Amazon

Liberate Every Kernel With The Wildly Popular Chef'n Cob Corn Stripper

via: Chef'n

No kernel left behind! Find it on Amazon

Yes Specialty Pickle Forks Do Exist, And They Are Awesome

via: Chef'n

Do you need a pickle fork per pickle jar? No. But are they nice to have? Yuuup. Find it on Amazon

This Collapsible Colander Is Easy To Clean And Even Easier To Store

via: Chef'n

Odds are you don't use a colander every day. So why should it take up valuable cabinet space? Maximize your storage space with this collapsible colander. Find it on Amazon

This Pull-Powered Chopper Makes Veggie Prep Fun

via: Chef'n

Get your workout in while simultaneously making guacamole, salsa, or chopped salad.  Find it on Amazon

This Delightfully Simple Cheese Slicer Cuts Four Different Widths Of Cheddary Deliciousness

via: Chef'n

Oh, and it's designed to slice with just once hand. Keeping the other hand free for, I'm assuming, feeding yourself the cheese you just sliced. Find it on Amazon

If You're Not Dressing Your Carrots Via A Carrot Sharpener Then You're Doing It Wrong

via: Monkey Business

Because sharp carrots taste better. Find it on Amazon

The C-Pump Soap Dispenser Makes Post-Raw-Chicken-Prep Handwashing Clean And Easy

Not only does it look cool and weird, the C-Pump also makes a lot of sense. Find it on Amazon

You Can Make Butter At Home In Minutes With This Super Simple Kit

via: Chef'n

Who needs a churn? Turns out you can shake your way to deliciously creamy home made butter. Find it on Amazon

Moving And Shredding Meats Is Actually Fun With These Popular Shredding Claws

via: Bear Paw Products

There's a lot of imitations, but these are the originals. They're heavy plastic with sharp shredding claws, and they're even dishwasher-safe. Find it on Amazon

Slice Bananas At Lightning Speed With The Bananza Banana Slicer

Something about this bothers me. But the design IS genius. Find it on Amazon