26 Practical And Genius Inventions You've Probably Never Seen

Twenty-six brilliant (and brilliantly simple) inventions that'll make life easier.

We hope you find these gadgets as brilliantly handy as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.


The Bottleloft Puts Magnets Inside Your Fridge For A (Space-Saving) Change

via: SLB Magnets

Magnets do many amazing things. They allow MRI machines to see the innermost workings of the human body, and now, they can levitate beer in your fridge. Find them on Amazon

OXO Added A Broom Comb To Their Dustpan And That Has Made All The Difference

via: OXO

No more of those disgusting balls of dust and hair building up on the end of your broom's bristles. Find it on Amazon

This Rotary Cleaning Brush Is Powered By Your Water Pressure

via: Brush Hero

Throw out that mop bucket and disgusting sponge. THIS is how you clean your rims. Find it on Amazon

The Critter Catcher Turned A Brush Into A Weapon Of Mass Bug Destruction

via: My Critter Catcher

That spider in the upper corner of your living room? His days are numbered. Find it on Amazon

This Plastic Claw With A Suction Cup Makes Defrosting Meats So Much Easier

via: Thaw Claw

So simple. So effective. The Thaw Claw just makes sense. Find it on Amazon

This Doggie Drinking Device Added A Water Bowl To A Bottle To Quench Canine Thirst Anywhere

via: Highwave

Let your dog drink with dignity! Find it on Amazon

These Squishy Bits Of Silicone Render Earbuds Immovable

via: Earhoox

Scared about losing your $160 AirPods? Fear not, dear Apple devotee: Earhoox are here. Find them on Amazon

Someone Put Activated Charcoal Deodorizers Into Shoe-Friendly Form And They're Insanely Effective

via: Remodeez

We've all got that pair of ultra-comfy shoes that just stink to high heaven. With a pair of Remodeez and a few days, they could be in wear-in-public shape again. Find them on Amazon

Bodum Put A French Press In A Coffee Thermos And It's About Time

via: Bodum

Call it the hand-powered Keurig. This single-serving French press-in-a-cup will keep you fueled by fresh coffee wherever you roam.  Find all colors of Bodum on Amazon

The Gropener Is A Bottle Opener That Can Be Operated With One Hand

via: Gropener

Yeah, it's name is a bit unfortunate, but its design is brilliant. Find it on Amazon

These Keepons Are So Much Better Than Croakies

via: Keepons

They're cheap, comfortable, and according to almost 1000 reviewers, they work. Find them on Amazon

The Lifestraw Makes Any Body Of Water A Beverage

via: Lifestraw

Even the clearest mountain stream can hide nasty contaminants. If you're hoping to get your outdoor drink on, pack a Lifestraw. Your guts'll thank you.  Find it on Amazon

This Super Simple Kit Adds Motion-Activated Lighting Anywhere For Cheap

via: eBay

Stop banging your shins on the bedframe and add some soft lighting to guide your way through the darkness. Find it on Amazon

Someone Added Magnets To A Sweatcuff And The MagnoGrip Was Born

via: Magnogrip

Stop storing screws in your pockets near sensitive areas. Keep hardware where it belongs: on your wrist, affixed by magnets. Find it on Amazon

The Robomop Is A Popular And Inexpensive Alternative To The Roomba

via: Robomop

Stop sweeping your floors and let this (basically) robotic Swiffer do it for you. Find it on Amazon

These Glasses Live On Your Keychain So You'll Never Forget Them

via: Thinoptics

You'll never lose your glasses again. Unless, of course, you also lose your keys. In which case, you've got bigger problems than lost glasses. Find them on Amazon

This Rolling Pin Has Built-In Depth Gauges For Perfectly Proportioned Pastries

via: Joseph Joseph

Stop eyeballing your pie crusts, and let the Joseph Joseph roller do the work for you. Find it on Amazon

Some Invented A Luggage Scale That Actually Fits In Your Luggage

via: Etekcity

And it's cheaper than taking a carry-on suitcase for a one-way flight. Find it on Amazon

These Simple Hooks Add Much-Needed Organization To Your Backseat

via: eBay

They're wildly popular, and wildly functional. Why don't they put these in cars to begin with? Find them on Amazon

ConAir's Fuzz-Busting Defuzzer Is The Cadillac Of Sweater Shavers

via: Conair

Never shaved a sweater? It's weirdly enthralling. Find it on Amazon

With The Sitpack You Can Pack A Seat In The Space Of A Soda Can

via: Sitpack

It's just over a pound, and the size of a water bottle, and it'll support your tired butt anywhere. Find it on Amazon

These Fiery Skulls Make Your Fireplace Morbidly Amazing

via: eBay

This is the 100% perfect way to intimidate your new neighbors. Find them on Amazon

This Pliable, Dry-able Rubber Can Fix Basically Anything

via: Sugru

It's like Silly Putty met chewing gum and had a wildly functional and versatile baby. Find it on Amazon

This Simple Plastic Device Lets You Read With One Hand So You Can Drink With The Other

via: ThumbThing

Unless you have mutant-level wide thumb pads, you can use one of these brilliantly simple gizmos. Find it on Amazon

The Triplelite Illuminates An Entire 180 Degrees

via: Triplelite

Didn't know you could illuminate an entire room with one flashlight? Well, you can. Find it on Amazon

Eureka Packed The Functions Of A Full-Sized Vacuum Into This Handheld Beast And Now No Dirt Is Safe

via: Eureka

Over 8,000 reviewers swear by the reliability, utility, and full-sized power of this pint-sized vacuum. Find it on Amazon