26 Brilliantly Handy Gadgets That Make Life Easier

From a self-cleaning hairbrush to a necklace that doubles as an eyeglass holder, these amazing products all share one important feature: they'll make your life immediately easier. You'll be wishing you found out about these 26 brilliant inventions way before now.

We hope you find these popular products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. 

This Portable Outlet That Protects As It Charges

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Charging your devices while traveling can be a huge pain, especially when you're worrying about power surges ruining your electronics. This portable outlet doubles as a surge protector, so you can keep your stuff fully charged without the risk.

This Organizer Case That Holds Your Essentials

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Keep your MVP items in their proper place with this super handy organizer case. Simply tuck them under a few elastic straps and you're good to go!

This Egg Cooker That Gives You Perfectly Cooked Eggs in Minutes

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Elevate your egg game with this Rapid Egg Cooker. It automatically shuts off when the eggs are done, so it's completely fool-proof.

This Car Seat Gap Filler That Keeps Your Car Cleaner

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There are few things more annoying than dropping something into that small crack between the seats in your car. This seat gap filler totally eliminates this universally irritating problem.

This Digital Tape Measure That Makes Any Project Easier

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Never bungle a home improvement project again with this digital tape measure. The durable weather-proof construction makes it safe to use year-round, and the easy-to-read digital design means your measurements will be as close to perfect as possible.

This Portable Dog Bowl For Thirsty Pups on the Go

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Keep your furry friend hydrated while out on a walk, at the beach, or at the dog park with this handy portable dog bowl. Simply squeeze to fill the bowl with water.

This Bag Sealer That Keeps Your Snacks Oh-So Fresh

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Your chips are important to you, so why not start treating them with the respect they deserve? Down with stale snacks!

This Rolling Pin With Adjustable Sizes

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Who has enough kitchen space for multiple rolling pins? This one gives you four sizes in one so you get the perfect dough thickness every time.

This Kitchen Tool With 5 Uses in 1

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If there were a Nobel Prize for kitchen tools, this one would definitely win. It has so many uses that I can't even name them all, and pretty much allows you to throw out all your spatulas, wooden spoons and strainers.

These Tough and Extra-Long Cords That Charge Your Devices Faster

Are you sick of your devices taking forever to charge? Do you constantly complain about your cords falling apart just from everyday wear and tear? These cords will be your new BFFs.

This Personal Heater That Keeps the Chill at Bay

I'm constantly cold, and constantly complaining about it. This heater was made for chilly offices or that one room in your house where the heat never full reaches.

This Shower Liner With Built-in Storage

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This product is so simple yet brilliant that I can't believe I'm just discovering it now. It's perfect for small showers with zero storage space where you're constantly knocking your bottles of shampoo and body wash onto the floor of the tub.

This Bug Grabber That Takes Care of Creepy Crawlies

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Arachnophobes, rejoice! Your days of squishing spiders in a tissue while screaming in terror are over.

This Mug Warmer That Makes Sure You Never Have a Lukewarm Sip

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This mug warmer is perfect for the office when you don't have time to run all the way back to the break room to heat up your cup.

This Electric Kettle That Heats Water in a Fraction of the Time

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This kettle boils water 85% faster than a traditional stove burner and comes in a ton of fun colors. I want them all!

This Hair Brush That's Self-Cleaning

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Simply pull the back of the brush and the bristles disappear inside, forcing the hair to fly off without you even touching it. It's fun AND practical!

These Seat Hooks That Give Your Car Major Storage

These clever car seat hooks keep your bags from spilling while providing more leg room for backseat passengers. Brilliant!

This Lint Roller That Puts All Other Lint Rollers to Shame

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The Sticky Buddy will ruin all other lint rollers for you forever. It picks up pretty much anything and is surprisingly addictive.

This Multitool That May Just Save Your Life Some Day

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Be prepared for just about anything with this crazy useful multitool. Because you never know when you'll need to cut rope, unscrew something, or, most importantly, open a beer.

This Foot Rest That Makes Shaving Easier

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Shaving your legs in the shower can be a slippery nightmare. That's why this adjustable foot rest might just be a literal life-saver.

This Iced Coffee Maker That Gives You Your Cold Brew Fix

If you're as obsessed with cold brew as the rest of the world, you're going to need this magical coffee maker, which allows you to make great-tasting hot or cold coffee and store it in an air-tight container in just one product.

This Phone Mount That Fits Easily Into Your Car Vent

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Does anyone even look at maps anymore? No. They Don't. That's what GPS is for. So it's pretty much guaranteed that you need this handy phone mount, which easily clips into your vent for hands-free use.

This Necklace That Doubles as an Eyeglass Holder

Everyone will swoon at the understated elegance of this necklace, and when you show them the hidden secondary feature of holding your eyeglasses, their heads might just explode from awesomeness.

This Handheld Steamer That Obliterates Wrinkles in a Flash

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This product is perfect for those people who tend to leave their clean clothes in the dryer until they wear them and are too lazy to go through the ordeal that is ironing.

These No Tie Laces That Turn Any Shoes Into Slip-Ons

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Who has time to tie your shoes every time you put them on? These super handy laces work on pretty much any lace-up shoe and save you tons of time.

This Drink Organizer That Takes Lounging To A Whole New Level

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Netflix and Chill will never be the same. I need one of these for every room in my house!